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Illinois is a fantastic place to try out for a profession as a CNA since it has a population of 12 million individuals, 12.09 percent of whom are 65 or older. Furthermore, over 50 000 CNAs work in Illinois in a variety of settings such as health care institutions and private homes.

It is fairly simple to become a CNA in Illinois. Only 40 hours of work experience under the direct supervision of a registered nurse are required. They will be able to get certified after they have completed the test. They are then included on the state’s nursing aide register.

Nursing assistant training programs are often given by community colleges, high schools, vocational training centers, and other similar institutions. All include a mix of academic and clinical practice. CNA classes include a wide range of topics, including vital signs, personal care, anatomy, and medical terminology.

The first step toward certification is passing the CNA training course in Illinois. In contrast to other states, Illinois’ competence exam lacks a clinical component, which means you must pass a written exam.

More information about CNA courses in Chicago may be found on this page. All of the possible places for additional courses are listed here.

CNA Classes in Moline

Blackhawk College

For those interested in taking the Illinois Certificate Exam, Blackhawk College, Moline provides a basic nursing assistant training program. Nursing theory, Alzheimer’s disease research, and a variety of other subjects are covered in the courses. A typical course load includes 80 hours of classroom teaching and 40 hours of clinical experience. This prepares students for certification examinations and ensures that they are appropriately equipped to work as Certified Nursing Assistants.

Applicants must be at least 16 years old, have a minimum education of 8th grade, have a solid grasp of English, and take the Michigan Test. Before beginning clinical practice, they must submit all required documentation and immunizations.

The scholarship program will review the information you provide before determining whether or not you are qualified. You will be required to fill out and submit forms, which will then be examined.

CNA Classes in Danville

Danville Area Community College

Danville Area Community College

Danville Area Community College’s CNA coursework will thoroughly prepare you for the duties of a nursing assistant. This seven-week course contains 90 hours of classroom instruction to teach you all you need to know about this career. Two weeks of supervised clinical practice with trained nurses is provided as hands-on training. Students may also take a one-hour course on the specifics of being a CNA to check whether they are completely aware of what such a position demands.

To register for the course, all interested students must complete the application package with all necessary papers, pass the assessment test, and schedule their orientation and appointment. Tuition does not cover the lab charge, two-step TB test, textbooks, uniform, or additional expenditures such as the state exam fee and live fingerprint check.

CNA Classes in Elgin

Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College’s Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program can provide students with all of the fundamental knowledge about the tasks of a typical nurse assistant in a short period of time. Students will be informed about nursing safety, cleanliness, nutrition, infection control, and how to create interpersonal connections after finishing this 7-hour course. The curriculum will also prepare students to take the nursing assistant competence test, which will allow them to gain certification.

Professionals will teach you not just the theory but also how to use it in practice. In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you will get both theoretical and clinical training. When it comes to the level of training provided, the training school is competitive enough to be at the top, which typically offers students confidence in passing their certification test.

CNA Classes in Chicago Heights

Excelsior Healthcare Academy

Excelsior Healthcare Academy (EHA) enables busy individuals to join the health care field. Even people with no prior experience in providing patient care may benefit from this program of CNA training. Students will learn how to care for patients by assisting them with movement, situating them when they need aid with toileting or bathing, and moving them from bed to a wheelchair.

The four-week program begins on the first Monday and concludes on the final Saturday of the month. It is a full-time, rigorous course that meets five days a week. Clinicals will be held every weekend throughout the length of the curriculum.

During registration, the applicant must provide the following documentation: a state-issued ID, a high school diploma or equivalency certificate, or a college-level credential, and the authorization agreement for the obligatory background check. If you do not have a high school diploma, you may pass the Basic Skills Test in both verbal and basic maths. All relevant paperwork must be submitted two weeks before the start of class.

To be admitted, you must submit a completed application form, a personal interview with a staff member, a signed enrollment agreement and acceptance of these conditions, and a passing score on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and basic math tests. Along with this, you must obtain the results of the chest X-rays and a negative TB skin test.

People under the age of 18 may participate in the program with written permission from a parent or guardian.

This program’s tuition is $750, but that’s not the only expense. Background checks, fingerprints, books, uniforms, sphygmomanometer, and stethoscope, as well as CPR certification, will cost an extra $420 to fulfill your state’s regulations. Unfortunately, no scholarships are available for this course.

EHA offers job placement aid to all of its graduates. The school’s job placement program sends out weekly information on possible possibilities for graduates and connects students with potential companies. They also provide individual job-search assistance to their students. These are just a few of the many advantages they provide.

CNA Classes in Chicago

Harold Washington College

Harold Washington College

Participants in the Harold Washington College CNA program will be in a small, close-knit class with fewer students. This means students will get more personalized teaching from teachers and will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning approaches that emphasize discussion. Basic nursing assistant programs are licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Applicants are instantly eligible for employment after these steps are completed. This course is available at a college in Chicago, IL. It lasts 10 credit hours, teaches the fundamentals of patient care, and is situated in the center of downtown Chicago.

The training institution’s location is near to where many students go to school, making it perfect for them. Staff and students will benefit from the close proximity as well. You’ll be a vital part of the team if you have a healthcare degree from Harold Washing College. Visit their website for additional information and to apply now!

This post contains a complete list of Chicago CNA schools.

CNA Classes in Naperville

Envana Healthcare Training Center Inc.

Envana Healthcare Training Centre recognizes the importance of the position of a healthcare professional, and that is why they provide certified CNA training to each and every student. They follow state requirements while also providing extra services as needed. This 120-hour CNA training course includes 80 hours of classroom lectures and 40 hours of hands-on clinical training.

Friendly and experienced professionals teach how to perform fundamental nursing procedures and provide a focused learning environment to help you remember more quickly. The curriculum is structured into nine modules that address all theoretical components as well as teach the student how to perform 21 nursing skills. This program costs $800 and graduates will be eligible to take the CNA certification competence test. Passing this test will open doors to careers in many areas of healthcare, including acute and long-term care. Alternatively, some participants may opt to continue their studies by enrolling in higher-level nursing schools that recognize their certification from this institution.

CNA Classes in Joliet

Joliet Junior College

Joliet Junior College

The state has authorized Joliet Junior College Illinois as a CNA training facility. This training facility is well-known for its high-quality instruction and qualified professional teachers. Since 2015, the passing rate for CNA state certification has increased year after year. It has now surpassed 95%. More students are gaining an edge in their search for a medical profession, with considerable success.

The 7.5 credit programme costs around $1007.50, not including textbooks, uniforms, and materials. To enroll for this course, students must be at least 16 years old, have strong English skills, and provide their social security card. Before enrolling, prospective students should consult the school’s website for information on what to bring and how to prepare.

The certified nursing assistant program at Joliet Junior College prepares graduates to take the State Certification Exam. Once certified, a healthy future professional and respected member of the Joliet community is set on a path for success.

CNA Classes in Ullin

Shawnee Community College

SCC strives to prepare its students for the profession, and one way they accomplish so is by including a clinical component into their CNA curriculum. This is a demanding curriculum that involves 80 hours of theory and 40 hours of hands-on experience at a local hospital or clinic. The curriculum is six credit hours long, with an additional .5 credit for CPR certification. Students will learn how to give direct patient care as well as the duties, obligations, and problems that come with being a healthcare practitioner. The program is structured in such a manner that it emphasizes acquiring all of the relevant healthcare ideas and nursing abilities.

The program lasts for a whole semester. Lecture and lab lessons are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. over an eight-week period. Clinicals will begin a week after the course starts and will run three weeks, with class sessions held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. This course has a maximum capacity of 9 students.

The minimum age for acceptance is 16. All candidates must take the TABE exam and demonstrate reading skills up to the 9th-grade level. Participants must have passed a 2-step TB PPD test as well as a background check in order to participate in the clinical section of this program. Both should be finished by the first day of class.

In-district residents pay $115 per credit hour in tuition, while out-of-district residents pay $176 per credit hour. Tuition is abolished for students who reside within the district and are above the age of 60. There is also a laboratory fee, a state certification exam, and other program-specific costs.

SCC is a Certified Nursing Assistant Proficiency Exam testing location.

CNA Classes in Bolingbrook

Spectrum Nurses Training Inc.

Spectrum Nurses Training Inc. is a CNA school that offers weekend classes for people who have a hectic daily schedule. With the growing popularity of this trade, they can provide you with countrywide training and flexible possibilities, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and establish a successful career. Spectrum’s programs are taught by qualified educators and will prepare students for future opportunities.

The curriculum consists of four weeks of classroom and laboratory teaching followed by four weeks of clinical practice at Burgess Square Healthcare & Rehab Center. Students must complete 120 hours of classroom and clinical experience. Students may still arrange make-up lessons with their teacher; but, if they attend fewer than 85 percent of the sessions, they will be dismissed from the class.

Spectrum is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Registration is done in person with a picture ID and a Social Security card. You may also share the results of your tuberculosis test (due before the start of the clinical experience). When applying for admission, applicants must submit a $300 initial deposit.

This position does not need high school graduation or GED.

The cost of the course is $900, which is in addition to the semester registration charge. The following fees may also apply $65 for the textbook, $40 for fingerprinting (or $42 with a debit/credit card), and a $75 charge for the State Competency Exam. Spectrum’s American Heart Association CPR training costs $40 for those who do not have a CPR certification. The tuition price must be paid in full before the fifth week of the program, which is shortly before the commencement of the clinical experience section.

Unfortunately, there are no scholarships available in this program.

CNA Classes in Carterville

John A. Logan College

This 7-credit hour curriculum is focused on providing high-quality patient care. Graduates will be prepared to offer care and seek work in a range of healthcare settings, ranging from long-term care institutions to homecare settings.

Human anatomy and physiology, mechanics of the body, vital signs reading and monitoring, personal care, patient ambulatory transfers, rehabilitation, and death are all covered in the core course. CPR training is also given.

John A. Logan College only provides courses during the summer and autumn semesters. The courses are only available to full-time students. Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. are reserved for lecture and lab sessions. Clinicals take place throughout the last four weeks of your course. There are extra evening seminars for lectures and labs on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

You must meet specific admission criteria to be eligible for John A. Logan College’s (JALC) Allied Health Programs. They are determined by your admission test score, GPA, and in-state residence. One of the most significant issues to consider when developing a college policy is the need to impose constraints so that students may get comparable quality education while also having access to restricted facilities and resources.

A social security number is also required; this is critical for the processing of your background check. You’ll have to do a fingerprint test and go through certain TB procedures during the first week of school.

The program’s total projected cost is $1,459.25. Tuition ($805), course cost ($75), textbook and workbook ($79.25), scrubs ($100), student activity fee ($60), state certification test charge ($65), and other miscellaneous expenses are included.

Free CNA Classes in Illinois

Nursing institutions in Illinois do not often offer direct CNA training. Instead, they often collaborate with community colleges and vocational institutions that provide recognized programs. If you want to receive CNA training, you may inquire at these institutions (Modern Care Convalescent, Monmouth Nursing Home, Cahokia Nursing, Rehab Center, and others), which provide free classes to their members.

Joliet Job Corps gives financial assistance to 18-24-year-olds who have just graduated from high school. To qualifying candidates, they provide free CNA training, board, and accommodation, and regular meals. Job Corps graduates may obtain high-paying employment after graduating from these centers of excellence.

The City Colleges scholarship is only one example of how individuals may contribute to the cost of short-term programs like nursing assistants. You will be eligible to get $1000, which can be used to fund tuition for any state-approved CNA program.

If you are an interested candidate and satisfy the requirements for a scholarship, you will be able to take advantage of this program and ensure your future in this field is safe – which is advantageous to healthcare facilities. They will have a mutually beneficial connection after someone obtains the certification and either joins the firm as a direct employee or decides to work for them as an external contractor. It’s a lot stronger connection on both sides, and it may lead to leaps of success.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Illinois

Addison, ILCna-dupage Area Occup. Educ. System   301 S Swift Rd.630-691-7545
Alsip, ILCna-all American Nursing School   12250 S Cicero Ave708-396-8409
Alton, ILCna-calc Institute Of Technology   200 North Center Drive Suite A618-398-2252
Anna, ILCna-shawnee Cc Anna Center   1150 E Vienna St618-634-3277
Anna, ILDd Aide-community Integrated Living   201 East Chestnut Street618-697-1122
Anna, ILDd Aide-jr Centre, Inc   100 Florsheim Dr618-833-4956
Anna, ILDd Aide-r & J Country Living   221 East Ave618-833-7418
Arlington Heights, ILCna-william Rainey Harper College   2121 S. Goebbert Road847-718-7000
Arlington Heights, ILXilin Association   145 E Algonquin Rd708-310-2735
Aurora, ILCna-west Aurora High School-dist 129   1877 W. Downer Place630-301-6500
Aviston, ILCna-aviston Countryside Manor   450 W 1st St618-228-7615
Bakersfield, ILDd Aide-axxis Group Inc D/b/a Affinity   5914 Niagara Falls Court847-282-0256
Barrington, ILBarrington High School - Harper College   616 W Main St847-309-5271
Bartlett, ILCna-bartlett High School    701 Schick Rd630-372-4700
Bartlett, ILDd Aide-bartlett Learning-bartlett   801 Carillon Drive630-289-4221
Beardstown, ILCna-beardstown Senior High School   500 E 15th St217-323-3665
Beardstown, ILCna-lincolnland Comm. Coll - Beardstown   109 White Pine Ln217-786-4913
Belleville, ILCna-midwest Career Source   9100 Lebanon Road618-398-7362
Belleville, ILDd Aide-parents & Friends Of The Communi   212 South 32nd Street618-310-1549
Bellwood, ILDd Aide-bellwood Developmental Center   330 Eastern Ave708-547-7341
Benton, ILCna-benton Consolidated High School   511 East Main Street618-439-3101
Biggsville, ILCna-west Central High School   1514 Us Route 34.309-627-2377
Bloomington, ILCna-bloomington Career Center   1202 E Locust St309-829-8671
Bloomington, ILCna-heritage Manor - Bloomington   115 W. Jefferson St. Suite 401309-823-7127
Bloomington, ILCna-heritage Manor - Normal   115 W. Jefferson St. Suite 401309-823-7127
Blue Island, ILCna-med. Academy Of Business Tech., Inc.   13005 Western Avenue708-824-0225
Blue Island, ILCna-midwestern Career College-blue Islan   12840 Western Ave708-926-9470
Bluford, ILCna-bluford Unit School Distsrict #318   901 6th St618-732-8242
Bolingbrook, ILCna-spectrum Nurses Training   481 West Boughton Road Suite 400630-771-9069
Bolingbrook, ILDd Aide- Uc-cares Help At Home   684 W Boughton Rd #205815-322-2730
Bolingbrook, ILDd Aide-treaad   684 W. Boughton Road Suite 205
Bolingbrook, ILWestern Polytechnic Institute   595 N Pinecrest Rd708-960-0178
Bourbonnais, ILCna-kankakee Area Career Center    4083 N 1000w Rd815-939-4971
Breese, ILCna-central Community High Sch00l-breese   7740 Old U.s. Hwy 50618-526-4578
Bridgeport, ILDd Aide-rincker Resident Scvs-bridgeport   1216 Willow Dr618-395-7190
Brookfield, ILCna-the British Home   8700 West 31st Street708-485-5636
Calumet City, ILCna-amazing Care Systems, Inc   404 River Oaks Drive708-431-5076
Calumet Park, ILDd Aide-golden Community Living Center   12730 S Aberdeen St708-339-2129
Canton, ILCna-health Care Training Institute - Can   764 East Chestnut Street309-647-4540
Canton, ILCna-iris Home Health Services Llc   162 E Chestnut St309-649-6002
Canton, ILCna-spoon River College   23235 County Hwy 22309-649-6227
Canton, ILDd Aide-cubbull, Inc.   28953 N. Woodside Drive309-224-4093
Carbon, ILCna-lewis & Clark Comm College   400 South Station Road Glen618-468-4442
Carbon, ILCna-lewis And Clark Community College    400 South Station Road Glen Carbon618-468-4442
Carbondale, ILCna-carbondale Comm High School Dist 165   1301 E Walnut St618-457-3371
Carbondale, ILIdph Approved Independent Evaluator   Southern Illinois University618-453-4368
Carlinville, ILCna-heritage Manor Nursing Home   1200 University Avenue217-854-4433
Carmel, ILCna-oakview Heights Continuous Care & Rehab   1320 W 9th St Mt618-263-4337
Carol Stream, ILCna-achievers Healthcare Training Ctr   968 Army Trail Rd630-372-1990
Carterville, ILCna-john A Logan College   700 Logan College Dr618-985-3741
Carterville, ILDd Aide-christian Social Services Of Il D/b/a Caritas Family Solutions   10286 Fleming Road618-394-5900
Carterville, ILDd Aide-progress Management, Inc   1120 North Division Street618-985-8351
Carthage, ILCna-carl Sandburg Coll Branch Campus   305 Sandburg Dr309-341-5466
Centralia, ILCna-centralia High School   2100 E Calumet St618-532-2855
Centralia, ILCna-kaskakia Col Vandalia Ctr   27210 College Rd618-545-3243
Champaign, ILCna-parkland Coll Myna Thomp Bldg Hs Pro   2400 West Bradley Ave217-351-2286
Charleston, ILCna-eastern Il Edu For Employment, Paris   730 7th St217-348-0151
Charleston, ILCna-lakeview College Of Nsg-charleston   580 W. Lincoln Avenue217-709-0920
Chicago Heights, ILBrownstone Services Helping Those In Need   236 W 17th St708-431-1466
Chicago Heights, ILCna-excelsior Health Care Academy   523 S Halsted St773-297-2417
Chicago Heights, ILCna-prairie State College   202 S Halsted St708-709-3766
Chicago Heights, ILCna-uchange Home Health, Inc   1406 Park Avenue708-898-0196
Chicago Heights, ILDd Aide-millennum Gardens   116 North Normandy Drive708-754-5089
Chicago, ILAlberto Rosario Dba Ohanna Community Services   4931 W Thomas St773-313-6646
Chicago, ILCna- Malcolm X College - Keeler   1900 W Jackson Blvd312-850-7440
Chicago, ILCna-abbey Home Health Services Inc   4554 North Broadway Street 248773-784-8717
Chicago, ILCna-afforable Educational Services   2623 1/2 West 79th St773-863-0811
Chicago, ILCna-allied Healthcare & Training Center   5850 N Lincoln Ave. Suite 207-208773-989-5979
Chicago, ILCna-apex Home Health Services Inc   6160 North Cicero Avenue # 310773-202-1948
Chicago, ILCna-career Training Center Of Chicago   3525 W Peterson Ave T21773-583-8532
Chicago, ILCna-chicago Community Learning Center   4753 N Broadway #602773-506-1503
Chicago, ILCna-chicago State University    9501 S King Dr312-300-6984
Chicago, ILCna-chicago's Pluse Cpr Training Inc   3219 W 111th St773-445-2277
Chicago, ILCna-city College Of Education   2800 West Peterson Ave. Suite 105.773-506-0676
Chicago, ILCna-college Of Office Technology   1520 West Division Street773-278-0042
Chicago, ILCna-competent Healthcare   2820 W Montrose Ave773-249-4644
Chicago, ILCna-divine Basic Nsg Assist Training Pr   4554 North Broadway773-334-5564
Chicago, ILCna-doctor's Choice Home Health, Inc.   1133 S Wabash Ave312-447-0035
Chicago, ILCna-east-west University   816 S. Michigan Ave.312-939-0111
Chicago, ILCna-first Steps To Excellence Health Care Training Academy   1639 East 87 Th. Street773-437-5003
Chicago, ILCna-glencrest Nsg & Rehab   2451 W. Touhy Ave.773-338-6800
Chicago, ILCna-great Paragon Health Services, Inc   2640 W Touhy Ave773-274-7694
Chicago, ILCna-instituto Del Progreso Latino   2520 S. Western Ave.773-890-0055
Chicago, ILCna-lights Of Zion Ministries   11636 S Halsted St773-785-2996
Chicago, ILCna-magnificent Healthcare And Cpr Inc.   2046 West Devon Avenue773-856-3203
Chicago, ILCna-malcolm X College   1900 W Jackson Blvd312-850-7348
Chicago, ILCna-marshall Metropolitan Hs   3250 W Adams St773-534-6466
Chicago, ILCna-midwestern Career College   20 N. Wacker Dr. Suite 3800312-236-9000
Chicago, ILCna-midwestern Career College-roselle   100 South Wacker Dr. Ll1-50312-236-9000
Chicago, ILCna-northwestern Institute Of Health &    4641 N Ashland Ave773-506-2136
Chicago, ILCna-phalanx Family Services   837 W 119th St773-291-1086
Chicago, ILCna-polish American Association   3815 North Cicero Avenue773-282-1122
Chicago, ILCna-premier Institute Of Health Careers   11 East Adams Street Suite 200773-983-7786
Chicago, ILCna-renee's School Of Careers   9933 South Western Avenue773-233-7400
Chicago, ILCna-richland Community College   230 South Lasalle Street Suite 7-500217-875-7211
Chicago, ILCna-saints Mary & Elizabth Medi   2233 W Division St312-770-2357
Chicago, ILCna-samland Inst Of Allied Hlth Chicago   4320 W Montrose Ave773-283-0440
Chicago, ILCna-the Nirvana Institute Inc.   4650 South King Drive773-675-4000
Chicago, ILCna-tukiendorf Training Institute   5310 N. Harlem Ave. Suite 209773-774-2222
Chicago, ILCna-wright Coll - Humboldt Pk Voc Ctr   1645 N California Ave773-481-8922
Chicago, ILDd Aide - Nancy Home Care Agency, Llc   400 E 41st St #114b773-966-3003
Chicago, ILDd Aide - Pui Tak Center   2216 S Wentworth Ave312-328-1188
Chicago, ILDd Aide - Russell Young Jr Dba Universal Homes   3473 S King Dr #133773-563 0991
Chicago, ILDd Aide-a New Age Human Services, Corp    2953 North Nashville Avenue773-237-8793
Chicago, ILDd Aide-a Plus Autism Solutions   1212 W Flournoy St847-530-1444
Chicago, ILDd Aide-access Community Experience   4530 S Woodlawn Ave Unit 104708-271 3463
Chicago, ILDd Aide-aids Healthcare Foundation   5038 W Armitage Ave.773-385-9080
Chicago, ILDd Aide-amazing Home Health Care Service   70 West Madison Street 1406312-214-6115
Chicago, ILDd Aide-american Warriors, Inc   4025 South Brexel Boulevard773-858 7412
Chicago, ILDd Aide-christ Missionary Hha, Inc   P.o. Box 368218312-566-1888
Chicago, ILDd Aide-ctrs For Resident Alternatives   4852 South Cornell Ave773-680-4205
Chicago, ILDd Aide-divine Center   8351 S Marquette Ave773-721-6536
Chicago, ILDd Aide-dubois-douglas, Inc   1016 W Jackson Blvd312-288-8640
Chicago, ILDd Aide-envision Unlimited (Chicago Arc)   8 S Michigan Ave #1700312-346-6230
Chicago, ILDd Aide-exceptional Home Health Care Services, Inc   611 W Briar Pl Ste 4773-666-5062
Chicago, ILDd Aide-experranza Community Services   3422 N Kildare Ave773-427 5280
Chicago, ILDd Aide-gordies Foundation   6430 S Ashland Avenue773-434-3920
Chicago, ILDd Aide-hawkins Cila Care   8340 S Paulina St708-250-0603
Chicago, ILDd Aide-l Arche Chicago, Inc   2010 W Carroll Ave312-226-1273
Chicago, ILDd Aide-la Flor Social Services, Inc.   10455 South Ewing Avenue773-978-8725
Chicago, ILDd Aide-morning Glory Community Center   9202 S Parnell Ave773-488-2887
Chicago, ILDd Aide-mysi Corporation   3001 W. 111th Street Suite 103.773-840-4600
Chicago, ILDd Aide-north Ctr For/handicapped Childrens-chic.    5104 W Belmont Ave773-777-4111
Chicago, ILDd Aide-pactt Learning Center   7101 N Greenview Ave773-338-9102
Chicago, ILDd Aide-peko Healthcare & Consulting Ser   526 E 87th St312-912-7672
Chicago, ILDd Aide-random Acts Of Kindness Dev Ag   11346 S Parnell Ave773-264-2452
Chicago, ILDd Aide-soledad Social Services Corp   4944 West Diversey Avenue Apartment 1773-481-9194
Chicago, ILDd Aide-the Arts Of Life   2010 W Carroll Ave312-829-2787
Chicago, ILDd Aide-the Child Project   Po Box 528193773-875-5027
Chicago, ILIdph Certification By Nacep Exam   100 W. Randolph Street Suite 9 - 300217-785-5133
Christopher, ILCna-christopher High School   501 S Snider St618-724-2631
Cicero, ILCna-morton College   3801 S Central Ave708-656-8000
Clinton, ILCna-clinton Higher Education Center   140 Sunrise Court217-935-6791
Collinsville, ILCna-collinsville Area Vocational Center   2201 S Morrison Ave618-346-6320
Cook County, ILCna-indian Valley Vocational Ctr.   Country Club Hills815-786-9873
Cook County, ILIllinois Nursing Academy   Country Club Hills708-914-4990
Country Club Hills, ILCna-belken Academy   4029 175th St708-922-0711
Country Club Hills, ILDd Aide-a&v Homecare Services, Nfp   4113 W 176th Pl708-262-7128
Crystal Lake, ILCna- Mchenry County College - Secondary   8900 Us Hwy 14815-455-3717
Crystal Lake, ILCna-mchenry County Comm College-hybrid   8900 Us-14815-455-3700
D-170 Carterville, ILCna-john A. Logan College - Hs Program   700 Logan College Road618-985-9181
Danforth, ILPrairieview Lutheran Home   403 N. 4th Street815-269-2970
Danville, ILCna-danville Area C. C.--pleasant Meadows   2000 E Main St217-443-8868
Decatur, ILCna-decatur Area Technical Academy   Hickory Point Mall217-875-0061
Decatur, ILCna-decatur Public School-adult   101 W Cerro Gordo St217-424-3085
Decatur, ILCna-heartland Technical Academy   One College Park217-424-3070
Decatur, ILDd Aide-cra, Inc.   2017 Hoyt Drive217-429-9275
Decatur, ILRichland Workforce Consortium   College Park217-875-7211
Des Plaines, ILCna-jethro Hlthcre Sch & Placement Svc   650 W. Algonquin Road847-258-5783
Dixon, ILCna-salk Valley Community College-secondary   173 Il-2815-288-5511
Dolton, ILCna-adonis College Of Nursing   1313 East Sibley Blvd.708-841-2730
Dolton, ILDd Aide-uc-cares Home Health Services Llc   15225 Dante Avenue630-225-7231
Dolton, ILDd Aide-universal Living Care   15225 Dante Avenue708-323-2864
Downers Grove, ILCna-larlin Med Staffing And Trng Ctr   6912 Main St. Suite 110630-852-4007
Downers Grove, ILDd Aide-addus Healthcare Inc   2300 Warrenville Road847-303-5300
Du Quoin, ILCna-duquoin Community High School   500 E South St618-542-4744
Durand, ILCna- First By Medina -medina Manor   402 S Center St815-248-2151
East Alton, ILCna-school Of Medical Arts & Sciences   199 E St Louis Ave618-259-7781
East Moline, ILCna-united Township Area Career Ctr   1275 Avenue Of The Cities309-752-1691
East Peoria, ILCna-helping Hands Home Healthcare   111 W Washington St Suite 310309-699-4715
East Peoria, ILCna-il Cent College At Eureka Apostolic   1 College Drive309-999-4651
East Peoria, ILCna-illinois Central College   1 College Drive309-999-4651
East Peoria, ILCna-midwest Technical Institute   280 High Point Lane309-427-2750
East St Louis, ILCna-southwestern Il College-e St Louis   601 James R. Thompson Blvd618-236-1391
East St. Louis, ILCna-east St Louis School District #189   1005 State Street618-646-3700
East St. Louis, ILDd Aide-comprehensive Behavioral Health Center   505 South 8th Street618-482-7330
El Paso, ILCna-heritage Manor El Paso   555 E. Clay Street309-827-8004
Eldorado, ILCna-eldorado High School Se Il College   2200 Illinois Ave618-252-6376
Elgin, ILCna-elgin Community College   1700 Spartan Dr847-214-7304
Elgin, ILCna-elgin High School   355 East Chicago Street847-888-5000
Elgin, ILCna-j'renee College   415 Airport Rd815-444-7751
Elgin, ILCna-larkin High School   1475 Larkin Ave847-888-6996
Elizabeth, ILCna-jo Daviess Carroll Area Vocat Centr   950 Us Hwy 20 W815-858-2203
Elk Grove Village, ILCna-elk Grove High School   500 W. Elk Grove Boulevard847-718-4400
Elkville, ILCna-elverado High School   514 S 6th St618-568-1104
Energy, ILDd Aide-helia Health Care-energy   210 E College St618-942-7014
Eureka, ILCna-apostolic Christian Home Of Eureka   610 W Cruger Ave309-467-2311
Eureka, ILCna-illinois Nursing Academy   300 Reagan Drive708-914-4990
Evanston, ILCna-omega Healthcare Technical School   1325 Howard Street 308847-425-1190
Fairbury, ILCna-fairview Haven    605 N. Fourth Street815-692-2572
Fairfield, ILCna-frontier Comm Coll Fairfield Memoria   2 Frontier Dr618-842-3711
Farmington, ILCna-spoon River Home Health Care   48 N East St309-245-0723
Flossmoor, ILCna-zurik Healthcare Institute   3235 Vollmer Rd #103708-271-3537
Flossmoor, ILDd Aide-precious Care Home Health Care, Llc   3730 Aspen St708-960 0836
Franklin Park, ILCna-academy Of Healthcare Training   10035 Grand Ave Ste 200847-455-5000
Freeport, ILCna-careertec   2037 W. Galena Ave815-235-1652
Freeport, ILCna-highland Community College   2998 W. Pearl City Rd.815-599-3467
Galena, ILDd Aide-the Workshop   706 West Street815-777-2211
Galesburg, ILCarl Sandburg College   2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd309-341-5309
Galesburg, ILCna-carl Sandburg College   2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd309-341-5456
Galesburg, ILCna-galesburg Area Vocational Center   1135 W Fremont St309-343-3733
Galva, ILCna-black Hawk College   26230 Black Hawk Road309-796-5404
Geneseo, ILCna-black Hawk College Hammond Henry Hos   600 N College Ave309-796-5835
Geneva, ILCna-marklund Home   1s450 Wyatt Drive630-593-5466
Glen Ellyn, ILCna-college Of Dupage   425 Fawell Blvd630-942-8330
Glendale Heights, ILDd Aide-amma Care, Llc   203 Ahmed Ct630-519-1281
Glenview, ILCna-first Choice International   1245 Milwaukee Avenue # 301847-257-2527
Glenview, ILGlenview Terrace Nursing Center   1511 Greenwood847-729-9090
Glenwood, ILDd Aide- Genesis Cila Homes, Inc   441 S Dante Ave708-915 0920
Godfrey, ILCna-lewis & Clark Comm Coll-heritage Man   5800 Godfrey Road618-468-7121
Godfrey, ILCna-lewis & Clark Community College   5800 Godfrey Road618-463-5118
Godfrey, ILDd Aide-beverly Farm Living Options, Inc-godfrey   6301 Humbert Rd618-466-0367
Goreville, ILCna-goreville School District   201 S Ferne Clyffe Rd618-995-2142
Granite City, ILDd Aide-better Days Home Care   1635 West First St. Ste 112.618-877-2140
Granite City, ILDd Aide-s & R Home Health Care Llc    3600 Nameoki Road # 202618-501-4090
Grayslake, ILCna-lake Co High Schools Tech Campus   19525 W Washington St847-543-6037
Greenville, ILCna-kaskaskia College-greenville   209 N 3rd St618-545-3243
Hanover Park, ILCna-aon Allied Health Institute   2071 Irving Park Road 203630-685-2917
Hanover Park, ILCna-new Lake College   1300 Greenbrook Boulevard888-388-1759
Harrisburg, ILCna-southeastern Il Coll Gallatin Co Hs   3575 College Rd618-252-6376
Harrisburg, ILDd Aide - Neoly Home Care, Llc   3865 Seattle Slew Drive614-943-0728
Harvey, ILDd Aide-compassionate Sr. Support Services   15406 Lexington Ave708-359-2088
Harvey, ILDd Aide-home Sweet Home Health Care Services   15406 Lexington Avenue # 9708-890-5799
Havana, ILCna-spoon River College - Havana Ctr   324 E Randolph St309-649-6227
Hawthorn Woods, ILCna-omega Healthcare Technical School   6 Orchard Lane847-425-9089
Hazel Crest, ILCna-new Visions Home Health Care Inc   17065 Dixie Hwy Ste 13708-335-9340
Hazel Crest, ILDd Aide-good Shepherd Center   17314 Kedzie Ave708-335-0020
Hazel Crest, ILDd Aide-nucare, Inc.   16889 Anthony Ave708-335-3830
Hickory Hills, ILCna-tukiendorf Training Institute   7667 W. 95th St. Suite 302773-817-4515
Highland Park, ILDd Aide-assertive Mission Ltd   1133 Central Ave847-899-9411
Hillsboro, ILCna-hillsboro Community School Dist   1311 Vandalia Rd217-532-5184
Hillsboro, ILCna-montgomery Nursing & Rehab Ctr   9086 Il-127217-836-7639
Hinsdale, ILCna-adventist Hinsdale Hospital   120 N Oak St630-856-6054
Hoffman Estates, ILCna-ambria College Of Nursing   5210 Trillium Blvd847-397-0300
Homewood, ILCna-elim Outreach Training Center   1820 Ridge Rd708-922-9547
Homewood, ILDd Aide - Destiny Housing   18019 Dixie Hwy #1a708-663-4910
Homewood, ILDd Aide-topview Corporation   900 Ridge Rd708-699-4700
Homewood, ILDivine Touch Cila Homes, Inc.   18350 Kedzie Ave #204773-430-8668
Hoopeston, ILDanville Area College - Hoopeston   847 E Orange St217-443-8582
Hoopeston, ILHoopeston Center For Higher Living   423 N Dixie Hwy217-283-4170
Hoyleton, ILDd Aide-hoyleton Childrens Group Home   350 N Main St618-493-7382
Ina, ILCna-rend Lake College Ina Hybrid   468 N. Ken Gray Parkway618-437-5321
Jacksonville, ILCna-barton W. Stone Christian Home   873 Grove St217-479-3400
Jacksonville, ILCna-jacksonville High School   1211 N Diamond St217-243-4384
Jacksonville, ILCna-lincolnland Comm. Coll - Jacksonvle   32 N Central Park Plaza217-786-4913
Jerseyville, ILCna-jerseyville Nursing & Rehab Center   1001 S State St618-498-6496
Johnsburg, ILCna-johnsburg Comm Unit School Dist #12   2002 West Ringwood Road815-385-9233
Johnston City, ILCna-johnston City High School   1500 Jefferson Ave618-983-8638
Johnston City, ILDd Aide-villa House   1112 Washington Avenue618-983-8513
Joliet, ILCna-divinity Institute Of Allied Health   103 N Ottawa Street815-727-9050
Joliet, ILCna-healthcare Training Institute-joliet   Suite 100 Lower Level815-254-3738
Joliet, ILCna-homecoming Healthcare Inc   933 West Jefferson Street815-280-5174
Joliet, ILCna-joliet Jr Coll Joliet West Hs   1215 Houbolt Road815-280-2463
Joliet, ILDd Aide-service Inc   1740 W. Mcdonough St815-741-0800
Kankakee, ILCna-kankakee Community College   100 College Drive815-802-8828
Kankakee, ILCna-kankakee High School    1200 W Jeffery St815-939-0740
Karnak, ILDd Aide-m.a.p. Training Ctr-karnak   504 East 7th Street618-634-9401
Kewanee, ILCna-black Hawk College Kewanee   404 E 3rd St309-796-5357
Lansing, ILC E Home Agency, Inc.   708-296-1570
Lansing, ILCna-hugs, Inc   19112 S. Burnham Ave.708-418-5925
Lansing, ILDd Aide-dominion Cila Homes   3043 Ridge Road708-439-4805
Lawrenceville, ILCna-lawrenceville High School   2200 James St618-943-3389
Lena, ILCna-lena Living Center    1010 S Logan St815-369-4561
Lincoln, ILCna-heritage Manor Lincoln   1550 Castle Manor Drive309-823-7127
Lincoln, ILCna-lincolnland Tech Education Ctr   1000 Railer Way217-732-4131
Lincoln, ILHeartland Community College - Woodlawn   2201 Woodlawn Road217-735-1731
Lincolnwood, ILCna-dependable Nursing Home Health Serv    4656 W. Touhy Avenue847-677-2912
Lincolnwood, ILCna-international Career Institute   6425 N Hamlin Avenue847-929-6129
Lincolnwood, ILDd Aide-broomfield, Inc Dba Senior Helpers Of Ni   6600 Lincoln Ave #238847-679-7900
Lisle, ILDd Aide-may Homemaker Services, Inc   3333 Warrenville Rd Ste 267.708-289-2874
Litchfield, ILCna-lincolnland Comm. Coll. - Litchfield   1 Lincoln Land Dr217-786-2339
Lombard, ILCna-healthcare Inservices Inc Streamwood   837 S Westmore-meyers Rd #b-41630-620-1297
Lombard, ILHealthcare Inservices   837 S Westmore-meyers Rd #b-41630-620-1297
Louisville, ILDd Aide-countryview Terr - Louisville   52 Old Route 45618-686-4542
Lynwood, ILDd Aide - First Zion Homes   2601 Surf Ct773-610-8108
Lynwood, ILDd Aide - Victory Homes   20105 Redwood Ave773-507-6379
Macomb, ILCna-spoon River College -macomb Campus   208 S Johnson St309-649-6227
Mahomet, ILDd Aide-illinois Association Of Microboards And Cooperatives   104 Woodcreek Court217-586-4552
Malta, ILCna-kishwaukee College   21193 Malta Road815-825-2086
Malta, ILCna-kishwaukee Education Consortium   21255 Malta Rd815-825-2000
Manchester, ILDd Aide-lifeshare Management Group   60 Rogers Street Unit 2603-625-8825
Maple Park, ILCna-fox Valley Career Center   47w326 Keslinger Rd630-365-5113
Marengo, ILCna-marengo Community High School   110 Franks Rd815-568-6511
Marion, ILCna-marion High School   1501 S Carbon Street618-993-8196
Marion, ILCna-parkway Manor   3116 Williamson Cnty Parkway618-993-8600
Marion, ILDd Aide-liberty House   1304 West Mack Avenue618-997-9336
Markham, ILScott School Of Careers   3328 W 159th St777-706-5363
Massachusetts, ILDd Aide-the New England Ctr For Children, Inc   33 Turnpike Road Southborough508-481-1015
Matteson, ILCna-coalition Of African American Nurses   4747 Lincoln Mall Drive Suite 420708-983-1545
Matteson, ILCna-prairie State College - Matteson   4821 Southwick Dr708-709-3750
Matteson, ILDd Aide-dubois-douglas Centres   4747 Lincoln Mall Drive 301708-283-0886
Mattoon, ILCna-eastern Il Ed For Employ–westfield   1617 Lake Land Blvd217-348-0151
Mattoon, ILCna-lake Land College   5001 Lake Land Blvd217-234-5568
Mattoon, ILCna-mattoon Area Adult Education Center   1617 Lakeland Blvd217-235-0361
Mattoon, ILCna-odd-fellow Rebekah Home   201 Lafayette Avenue East217-235-5449
Maywood, ILCna-vital Signs Healthcare Training Institute   905b S 5th Ave708-979-5146
Mchenry, ILDd Aide-pioneer Ctr Of Mchenry Co   4031 W Dayton St815-344-1230
Mcleansboro, ILCna-community Unit School Dist #10   P.o. Box 369618-643-2361
Mendon, ILCna-john Wood Cc-mendon/north Adams Home   2259 E. 1100th St.217-936-2137
Metamora, ILCna-snyder Village   1200 E. Partridge309-367-4300
Metropolis, ILCna-five County Reg Adult Educ. Program   1102 W. Tenth Street618-524-3736
Metropolis, ILCna-shawnee Cc Metro Center   5385 Industrial Park Dr618-634-3277
Metropolis, ILDd Aide-krypton, Inc   10 A K Dr.618-549-8996
Midlotian, ILCna-royal Health Institute, Inc   4645 147th Street708-535-0277
Moline, ILCna-black Hawk Coll Rock Island Hs   6600 34th Avenue309-854-1875
Moline, ILDd Aide-respect Abilities, Inc   834 15th Avenue East309-281-1062
Momence, ILDd Aide-the Good Shepherd Inc   P.o. Box 260.815-472-3700
Morris, ILCna-grundy Area Vocational Center   1002 Union Street815-942-4390
Morris, ILDd Aide-il Valley Industries Inc-morris   1033 3rd Ave815-942-6133
Mounds, ILCna-meridan High School   1401 Mounds Road618-342-6778
Mount Morris, ILCna-pinecrest Manor Nursing Home   414 South Wesley Avenue815-599-3685
Mount Vernon, ILDd Aide-developmental Planning & Services Inc   Po Box 2369618-244-7701
Mt Carmel, ILCna-wabash Valley College   2200 College Dr618-262-8641
Mt Vernon, ILCna-mt Vernon Township High School   11101 N Wells Bypass618-246-5615
Mt Vernon, ILCna-rend Lake College   333 Potomac Blvd Suite B618-643-2325
Mt Vernon, ILDd Aide-tdl Group, Inc   #b 2025 Broadway St618-244-7701
Murphysboro, ILCna-murphysboro High School   50 Blackwood Dr618-687-2336
Naperville, ILCna-midwestern Career College-naperville   200 E 5th Ave #128630-536-8679
Naperville, ILDd Aide - Premiercare Consulting   800 W. 5th Ave. Suite 110630-579-4325
Naperville, ILDd Aide-instructional Aba Consults   1280 Iroquois Avenue #402-404331-229-8844
Naperville, ILDd Aide-little Friends-naperville   140 N Wright St630-355-6533
Nashville, ILCna-friendship Manor Health Ctr   485 S. Friendship Dr.618-327-3041
Nashville, ILCna-nashville Extension Center   450 N Kaskaskia St618-327-9136
Newton, ILCna-newton Community High School   201 West Ave618-783-2303
Niles, ILCna-advanced Med And Tech Institute   9120 Golf Road847-390-7083
Niles, ILDd Aide-at Home Mission, Nfp   7617 N Oketo Ave312-646 8099
Normal, ILCna-carepaks Health Services   209 Susan Dr309-454-1000
Normal, ILCna-heartland Comm College-hybrid   1500 West Raab Road309-268-8000
Normal, ILDd Aide-self Directed Support   1307 Heritage Road E309-242-8082
Norridge, ILCna-norridge Healthcare & Rehab Ctr   7001 Cullom Ave708-457-0700
Northbrook, ILCna-glen Oaks Nursing Home   270 Skokie Boulevard847-498-9320
Northbrook, ILDd Aide-auroa Home Care, Inc   2970 Maria Avenue # 210847-559-1222
Northbrook, ILDd Aide-center On Deafness   3444 Dundee Rd.847-559-0110
Northbrook, ILDd Aide-families Building Dreams Llc   2970 Maria Ave847-272-2222
Northbrook, ILDd Aide-homewatch Caregivers Northshore   900 Skokie Blvd847-480-5700
Northbrook, ILDd Aide-keshet   617 Landwehr Rd847-205-1234
Northbrook, ILDd Aide-mental Health & Deafness Reso   3444 Dundee Rd.708-559-0110
Oak Brook, ILCna-oakbrook Healthcare Centre Ltd   2013 Midwest Rd630-495-0220
Oak Brook, ILCna-pc Center Training Institute   2625 Midwest Rd630-705-9999
Oak Brook, ILDd Aide-breath Of Life Profess Serv Nfp   2725 35th Street630-570-5299
Oak Brook, ILDd Aide-oakbrook Healthcare Group, Inc   2210 Midwest Rd530-574-9400
Oak Lawn, ILCna-health Restoration Acad Of Med Arts   4241 W 95th St708-422-2481
Oak Park, ILCna-kwadwo Antwi Mensah (Kamith) Institute   6707 North Avenue708-848-1700
Oak Park, ILCna-oak Park And River Forest High School   201 Scoville Ave708-434-3749
Oak Park, ILDd Aide-brenda Graham D/b/a Holistic Health & Human Services Of Il   125 N Marion St Suite 202708-551-4371
Oak Park, ILLifespeed Behavioral Support Services, Llc   721 South Boulevard # 2312-404-7225
Oglesby, ILCna-illinois Valley Community College   815 N Orlando Smith St815-224-0443
Olney, ILCna-east Richland High School   1200 E Laurel St618-393-2191
Olney, ILCna-olney Central Coll - United Methodis   305 N West St618-395-7777
Olympia Fields, ILDd Aide-progressive Housing Inc   20180 Governors Drive Suite 300708-283-1530
Orangeville, ILCna-orangeville High School    201 S Orange St815-789-4289
Orland Park, ILDd Adie-pathways Therapeutic Services Inc   15255 S 94th Ave. Suite 500321-342-0631
Orland Park, ILDd Aide-caring Hands Cila Of Illinois   14475 John Humphrey Drive708-966 0608
Oswego, ILDd Aide-new Era Support Services Inc   123 W. Washington St. Ste. B-11630-636-6892
Ottawa, ILCna-il Valley C.c. - Ottawa   321 West Main Street815-224-0800
Ottawa, ILCna-ottawa Township High School   211 E Main St815-433-1323
Ottawa, ILDd Aide-solid Source Hc Resources.,llc   100 Superior St Unit 1815-830-4251
Palatine, ILCna-william Rainey Harper College   1200 West Algonquin Road847-925-6533
Palatine, ILCna-william Rainey Harper College   1200 Algonquin Rd847-755-3600
Palatine, ILCna-william Rainey Harper College - Hybrid   1200 West Algonquin Road847-309-5271
Palatine, ILCna-wm Harper Rainey College   1200 W. Algonquin Road847-925-6533
Palatine, ILDd Aide-abequa Home Health Care   1369 North Whspring Spring Circle630-696-2868
Palatine, ILDd Aide-abri Home Care, Llc   675 N North Ct Ste 240847-485-8829
Palatine, ILDd Aide-european Services At Home   49 W. Palatine Rd847-202-1249
Palatine, ILDd Aide-saze Community Services, Inc   670 N 1st Bank Dr708-979-3290
Palos Heights, ILDd Aide-granny's Blessings Home Care, I   12416 S Harlem Ave708-827-5434
Palos Hills, ILCna-moraine Valley Community College   9000 College Pkwy708-608-4330
Palos Park, ILDd Aide-life Styles Academy, Inc   10300 W 131st St708-480-2085
Pana, ILCna-pana Adult Center   14 E Main St217-562-6646
Paris, ILParis Community Hospital/llc   721 E Court St217-465-4141
Park Forest, ILDd Aide- Compassion Cila Homes, Inc   304 Springfield St773-419-2211
Park Forest, ILDd Aide-shine On Me Inc. Of Illinois   153 Nanti St708-743-7011
Park Forest, ILDd Aide-t O C Incorporated Of Illinois   430 Tomahawk St708-898-7953
Park Ridge, ILCna-americare Technical School   505 Busse Hwy847-825-8773
Park Ridge, ILCna-career Options, Inc   2644 Dempster Street847-297-3900
Park Ridge, ILCna-maine Township Hs East   2601 West Dempster Street847-825-4484
Pekin, ILCna-icc-pekin S Campus   225 Hanna Dr309-642-6601
Pekin, ILCna-pekin Community High School   1903 Court St309-347-4101
Peoria, ILCna-ers Inc Staffing And Health Care Svc   2210 W Townline Rd309-691-1839
Peoria, ILCna-il Apostolic Christian Skylines   7023 Ne Skyline Drive309-683-2500
Peoria, ILCna-methodist College   7600 N. Academic Drive309-672-5507
Peoria, ILCna-woodruff Career & Technical Center   1800 Ne Perry Ave309-999-4651
Peoria, ILDd Aide-aau Service Facilitation   P.o. Box 10752847-345-5561
Peru, ILCna-lasalle-peru Area Career Center   200 9th St815-223-2454
Petersburg, ILCna-porta High School   17651 Bluejay Road217-632-3216
Pinckneyville, ILCna-rend Lake College Hybrid   5680 State Route 154618-357-3742
Pinckneyville, ILCna-rend Lake College Pickneyville   5680 Il-154618-437-5321
Pittsfield, ILCna-john Wood Comm College - Pittsfield Education Ctr   39637 260th Ave217-285-5319
Pittsfield, ILCna-southeast Education Center   39637 260th Ave217-641-4570
Pontiac, ILCna-livingston Area Vocational Center   1100 East Indiana Avenue815-844-6113
Prophetstown, ILCna-lifetime Of Caring Trng Center   352 Washington St815-622-3550
Prophetstown, ILCna-prophetstown High School   79 Grove Street815-535-3452
Quincy, ILCna-john Wood Cc Mt. Sterling   1301 S 48th St217-641-4144
Quincy, ILCna-quincy Area Vocational Center   219 Baldwin Dr217-224-3775
Red Bud, ILCna-career Center Of Southern Illilnois   6137 Beck Rd618-473-2222
Red Bud, ILCna-southwestern Illinois College   500 West South 4th Street800-222-5131
Richton Park, ILCna-delrose Training Program   3717 Sauk Trail708-623-7649
Richton Park, ILCna-glenshire Nursing And Rehab Centre   22660 S Cicero Ave708-747-6120
Richton Park, ILDd Aide - Light Of Hope   22858 Millard Ave773-759-1297
Richton Park, ILDd Aide-gentle Hands   5319 Sawgrass Ave708-704-9773
Richton Park, ILDd Aide-luvkare Enterprises, Inc.   22538 Latonia Ct773-251-5454
Richton Park, ILDd Aide-redempta Service, Nfp   23049 Richton Square Road708-624-0002
River Grove, ILCna-triton College   2000 Fifth Avenue708-456-0300
Riverwoods, ILDd Aide - Center For Enriched Living   280 Saunders Rd847-315-9912
Robinson, ILCna-lincoln Trail College   11220 Il-1618-544-8657
Robinson, ILCna-twin Rivers Career & Tech System   301 South Cross Street # 235618-544-8664
Rock Island, ILCna-st. Anthony’s Nursing And Rehab Ctr   767 30th St309-788-7631
Rock Island, ILDd Aide-family Association Plus, Inc.   15742 Vine Avenue Harvey708-473-6420
Rock Island, ILDd Aide-friendship Manor Inc   3725 46th Ave309-794-0061
Rockford, ILCna-rock Valley College   3301 North Mulford Road815-921-3264
Rockford, ILCna-rockford Business College   1130 S Alpine Rd #100815-965-8616
Rockford, ILCna-rockford School Practical Nursing   5110 Auburn St815-966-3300
Rockford, ILDd Aide-heroes Of The Game, Inc   3028 North Trainer Road815-262-0699
Romeoville, ILCna-genesis Healthcare Institute   1411 West Airport Road815-439-3970
Romeoville, ILCna-wilco Area Career Center   500 Wilco Dr815-838-6941
Romeoville, ILCna-wilco Area Career Ctr   500 Wilco Dr815-838-6941
Rushville, ILCna-rushville Industry High School   730 N Congress St217-322-4311
Saint Anne, ILDd Aide-no Place Like Home Microboard,   2813 South Hieland Road815-954-5621
Saint Charles, ILDd Aide-infinity Aba Therapy & Autism Services, Inc   70 Renaux Blvd630-484-0298
Saint Louis, ILDd Aide-especial Needs Llc   11704 Lackland Indus Dr314-692-2424
Salem, ILCna-salem Community High School   1200 N Broadway Ave618-548-0727
Sandoval, ILCna-sandoval Comm Hs Dist 501    859 W Missouri Ave618-247-3361
Sauk Village, ILDd Aide - D Care Inc.   21816 Olivia Ave708-515-9295
Sauk Village, ILDd Aide-life Line Pillar Homes   22331 Strassburg Avenue219-629-3331
Schaumburg, ILCna-jcm Institute   1375 Remington Road Suite Q847-884-6502
Seneca, ILCna-seneca Township High School   307 Scott St.815-357-5045
Shelbyville, ILCna-shelbyville Manor   1111 W N 12th St217-774-2111
Skokie, ILCna-oakton Community College   7701 Lincoln Ave847-635-1461
Skokie, ILCna-zarem/golde Ort Tech Inst   5440 Fargo Avenue847-324-5588
Skokie, ILDd Aide - Igocare Inc. Dba Right At Home   8424 Skokie Blvd 212.773-775 4677
Skokie, ILDd Aide - Rightcare Foundation, Llc   8128 Lawndale Ave847-245-2130
Skokie, ILDd Aide-mulford Homes Inc   7701 Kenton Avenue847-568-9500
Skokie, ILDd Aide-the Douglas Center   3445 W Howard St847-674-4169
Skokie, ILOakton Community College - West Township Hs   7701 N. Lincoln Avenue847-635-1461
South Elgin, ILCna-south Elgin High School Sd U-46   760 E. Main Street847-289-3760
South Holland, ILCna-mid Point Health Careers Training In   16234 Louis Ave708-331-2800
South Holland, ILCna-prestige Nurse Aide Training Academy   841 E 162nd St708-331-4580
South Holland, ILCna-south Suburban College Oak Forest   15800 South State Street708-596-2000
South Holland, ILDd Aide - Harmony House   16708 Kimbark Ave312-656-7378
South Holland, ILDd Aide-new Life Residence, Inc.   2209 Collett Ln708-365-6750
Springfield, ILCna-capital Area Career Center   2201 Toronto Road217-529-5431
Springfield, ILCna-en Va Na Healthcare Trng Center   1 N. Old State Capitol Plaza Ste 333630-269-7431
Springfield, ILCna-fishes & Loaves Vocational & Literacy Ctr   2945 Stanton St. A217-529-3333
Springfield, ILCna-lincoln Land Comm College/hillsboro   5250 Shepherd Rd217-786-4913
Springfield, ILCna-midwest Technical Institute   2731 North Farmers Market Road217-527-8324
Springfield, ILCna-new Start Inc - Springfield   1200 N 5th Street217-522-3799
Springfield, ILDd Aide-hope Instit For Children/familie   15 East Hazel Dell Lane217-585-5232
Springfield, ILDd Aide-weber Care Corp   2520 Saint James Rd217-522-8406
Springfield, ILIdph Military Equivalent Training   525 W. Jefferson St. Fourth Floor217-785-5133
St. Charles, ILCna-a Plus Healthcare Training   459 Dunham Rd #100630-372-2442
St. Louis, ILDd Aide-advantage Nursing Services, Inc   523 N Taylor Ave317-428-2328
St. Louis, ILDd Aide-judevine Center For Autism    1810 Craig Rd. Suite 109800-780-6545
Sterling, ILCna-john Wood Comm College - Brown Co High School   500 E. Main Mt.217-773-3345
Sterling, ILCna-whiteside Area Career Center   1608 5th Ave815-626-5810
Streamwood, ILCna-avid Cna School   67 S Sutton Rd630-855-3977
Streamwood, ILCna-streamwood High School   701 W Schaumburg Rd630-213-5500
Stronghurst, ILCna-henderson Couonty Retirement Center   604 Oakwood Dr309-924-1123
Sugar Grove, ILCna-waubonsee Comm College Aurora Campus   Route 47 Waubonsee Drive630-466-7900
Sullivan, ILCna-mason Point   One Masonic Way217-728-4394
Swansea, ILCna-midwest Careet Source - Swansea   4460 N Illinois St618-744-7575
Tamms, ILCna-five Co Regional Vocational Systems   130 Washington Ave P.o. Box 70.618-747-2703
Taylorville, ILCna-lincolnland Comm. Coll - Taylorville   800 S Spresser St217-786-4913
Thompsonville, ILThompsonville Cusd #174   21191 Shawneetown Rd618-627-2446
Tinley Park, ILDd Aide-joseph Rehabilitation Center   2 Olympus Drive.708-420-3250
Trenton, ILCna-kaskaskia College Trenton Extension Center   520 E Broadway618-545-3243
Trevose, ILDd Aide-active Day In, Inc   6 Neshaminy Interplex215-642-6600
Tuscola, ILCna-tuscola Health Care Center    1203 Egyptian Trail217-253-4791
Ullin, ILCna-shawnee Community College - Anna   8364 Shawnee College Road618-634-3277
Urbana, ILCna-urbana Adult Education Center   211 N Race St217-384-3530
Vandalia, ILCna-okaw Area Vocational Center    1109 N 8th St618-283-5150
Varna, ILCna-midland High School   1830 State Route 17309-463-2095
Vernon Hills, ILCna-college Of Lake County In Vernon Hills-hybrid   1120 S. Milwaukee Ave.847-543-2337
Vernon, ILCna-rend Lake College Market Place   321 Potomac Blvd Mt618-437-5321
Vienna, ILDd Aide-glen Brook Of Vienna, Inc   2180 Mt Shelter Rd. P.o. Box 698618-833-4993
W Lyndon, ILCna-winning Wheels Inc   501 6th Ave815-778-3610
Warrenville, ILCna-american Health Career Institute, Inc   29w701 Butterfield Rd Ste 102630-836-9977
Watseka, ILCna-kankakee Comm College Watseka   1488 E Walnut St815-802-8828
Wauconda, ILCna-wauconda Health Care    176 Thomas Ct847-526-5551
Waukegan, ILCna-college Of Lake Co - Waukegan Site   111 N Genesee St847-543-2339
Waukegan, ILCna-state Career School - Waukegan   2770 Grand Ave847-693-3838
West Frankfort, ILCna-frankfor Comm Unit School District   900 N Cherry St618-937-2421
West Frankfort, ILDd Aide-centerstone Of Illinois Inc   902 West Main Street618-937-6483
Westchester, ILCna-best Step Academy   10448 W. Cermak Rd.708-710-5714
Westmont, ILCna-cmk Healthcare Training Center   6601 S Cass Ave Ste E630-725-0532
Westmont, ILCna-college Of Dupage-westmont Ct   650 Pasquinelli Dr630-942-8331
Westmont, ILCna-westmont Convalescent Center   6501 South Cass Avenue630-960-2026
Wheaton, ILCna-college Of Dupage - Dupage Co Conva    400 N. County Farm Road630-942-8330
Wheaton, ILDd Aide-cherubim Developmental Training   211 E Illinois St Unit 2.630-715-7278
Wheaton, ILDd Aide-range Of Motion   26w175 Meadowview Court630-871-8696
Wheeling, ILCna-northbrook College Of Health Care   1400 S. Wolf Road – Suite 104847-850-5700
Wheeling, ILCna-solex College   350 East Dundee Road # 200847-229-9595
Wheeling, ILDd Aide-sylvia Homes, Inc   1093 Creekside Court Apartment 2b847-922-4346
Wilmette, ILDd Aide-devora's Dream, Inc    2323 Old Glenview Road224-558-4509
Woodstock, ILCna-woodstock Community District 200   2990 Raffel Road815-206-4323
Woodstock, ILCna-woodstock High Sch00l   2010 Towne Lake Hills S Dr815-338-0312
Yorkville, ILAll Ways Caring Services, Inc.   624 W Veterans Pkwy Suite B217-398-4100