CNA Classes in Pennsylvania

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Nursing assistants and aides are often hired by health care companies to conduct basic nursing responsibilities. They normally work under the supervision of other health professionals and engage with patients and their families. Mobility help, bedside care, vital sign measurement and recording, feeding, and monitoring patient status are some of the responsibilities that may be assigned.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the nursing assistant training course should include at least 42 hours of classroom lectures and 38 hours of clinical training. After completing the course, one must pass a test to become certified.

The nursing assistant certificate is valid for two years and must be renewed. The Department of Health sends out notices 90 days before the expiry date. Follow these easy actions and rules to keep your license current and continue working as a CNA. If you live in Philadelphia, we have a separate post with information on where to locate lessons that could be of interest to you.

CNA Classes in Allentown

Lehigh-Carbon Community College

Lehigh-Carbon Community College

Allentown, Pennsylvania is home to Lehigh-Carbon Community College. This is known as one of the top educational training programs for CNAs, with excellent professors and all of the required information to help you pass your test and earn a job. This school’s Certified Nursing Assistant training program comprises a classroom discussion, skills training, and hands-on clinical experience. All students will get intensive instruction to ensure that they are as prepared as possible for the certification test and prospective job. They will be prepared with the requisite information and skills for success.

The course covers a wide range of topics, such as how to care for patients with certain medical disorders and how the body operates and structures. Medical terminology, infection control, nutrition, and other topics are covered. You’ll also learn about therapeutic communication and death and dying subjects, which can help you better assist your patients. Students will learn how to take vital signs, execute emergency care procedures, and care for patients or residents.

Lehigh-Carbon Community College offers CNA training in small classes. They provide GED credits to its participants, and anybody interested in enrolling in the course must pass a background check and a health exam. Training sessions are required prior to the commencement of the program. Students at this community college are eligible for tuition aid. Scholarships and grants may be applied for at the Financial Aid Office as well as throughout the enrollment process.

CNA Classes in Altoona

Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center

Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center

The Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania, provides Health Occupations for High School Students. This three-year program offers a variety of career training for work in the healthcare business, which may significantly increase your future job chances. Graduates will be able to pass the Nurse Aide Competency Test, allowing them to work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other medical settings. This is an excellent stepping stone to a fulfilling career as a nurse.

The Health Occupations program provides students with hands-on training in medical assistance and nurse aide skills. In the classroom, students will study procedures for exams, patient care, and therapy. Bed making, hand cleaning, gloving, collecting vital signs, situating patients, feeding, and bathing is all crucial ways to remain on top of patient care. The course also includes CPR instruction, AED usage, emergency treatment, first aid instruction, infection control, medical terminology, and legal ethics. In an emergency, this provides for better patient care.

If you wish to participate in the Health Occupations program, you must satisfy all of the requirements. You must be capable of reading and writing at a near grade level, adhere to medical ethics, and work independently. Applicants who have the physical capacity to move or lift patients must be invited to participate in the program. Scholarships and bursaries are available for suitable candidates, and training is offered once approved.

CNA Classes in Coatesville

Chester County OIC

Chester County OIC

Chester County OIC offers a Nursing Aide Training Program, which will prepare you to work as a certified nurse aide. The program will take you around 128 hours to complete and is intended to give you the information and skills required for success. Nursing theory, the role and function of a nurse aide, vital signs, infection control, personal cleanliness, nutrition, resident rights, restorative care, and psychological needs are among the topics addressed in this course. Up to 30 hours of preparation for the National Nurse Assistant Assessment Curriculum (NNAAP) test are included in the program. This institution has collaborated with Barclay Friends Nursing Home, which recruits persons for clinical experiences approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education-Bureau of Career & Technical Education.

According to Pennsylvania rules, the goal of this program is to offer fundamental skills and information for long-term nursing care for an older resident/client. To become a registered nursing aide in Pennsylvania, you must pass American Red Cross-approved certification examinations, which are available at the University’s West Chester site. This is an excellent approach to get official training for your new job.

The 12-week program is provided three times a year, with sessions consisting of eight weeks of theory, lab skills, and clinical practice. There are four weeks of work and internship placements. The timetable is determined by the group’s assignment, and you may be sent to placement or internship at any time of year.

The curriculum costs about $4,000 per student, which includes tuition and book expenses. Students must be Chester County residents and provide evidence of family income, birth certificates, and social security cards to be eligible for financial help. There are extra costs for CPR training, educational materials, liability insurance, and the NNAAP test. These extra costs must be borne by the student. Funding for extra fees may be available for a limited period via Chester County CareerLink, which administers Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I, through an Individual Training Account. Prospective students who do not qualify for the assistance program must pay the whole tuition before the first day of class.

CNA Classes in Media

Delaware County Community College

Delaware County Community College

Delaware County Community College offers an extensive number of programs, including a CNA program. This curriculum is intended for students who want to work in a long-term care facility. You’ll learn fundamental nursing skills such as taking vital signs, keeping residents clean, and assisting them with basic hygiene, eating, and other tasks. It is projected to require around 30 hours of lecture time, 23 hours of laboratory time, and approximately 38 hours of clinical practice. The curriculum lasts around ten weeks, and upon completion, you will be prepared to take the state board test.

Delaware County Community College’s training program is provided by skilled clinical teachers who are state-registered nurses. They have years of medical expertise and give tailored treatment to each student. Because of the restricted number of available seats, the admissions procedure at this community college became even tougher. Students are urged to enroll in review sessions in order to improve their chances of passing the license exam and enrolling in the CNA training program.

You must be at least 16 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to be eligible for the course. In addition, a background check, two-step TB test, and drug screening are necessary. The community college also provides immediate financial assistance to students starting their studies, such as scholarships, endowments, and loans.

CNA Classes in Edensburg

Admiral Peary Area Vocational Technical School

The CNA training course of Admiral Peary Area Vocational Technical School in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, will prepare you for a career working in hospitals, home healthcare settings, or long-term facilities. It is nationally recognized and offers advanced didactic & lab experience. This course will give you a chance to learn various skills related to nursing- patients, care, medical terminology, and more. Topics covered also include basic nursing care, anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. You will be prepared for 40 hours of clinical instruction from a staff of licensed nurses in area hospitals and nursing care facilities after completing this classroom and lab coursework.

An absence or lateness in class might affect a student’s chances of receiving a certificate of completion from this school’s CNA training program. It is also necessary to attend an obligatory orientation session to better understand the CNA curriculum and the profession as a whole. Students must also have a high school diploma, a criminal background check, a TB test, drug screening, and evidence of vaccination on hand before they can enroll.

This CNA training program is offered by Admiral Peary Area Vocational Technical School in order to encourage more individuals to enter the healthcare industry. Aspiring candidates may also take advantage of programs that don’t charge any fees in order to finish their education for free. Students who are interested in learning more about the school’s free CNA program should contact the admissions office.

CNA Classes in Scranton

Lackawanna College

Lackawanna College

Individuals interested in becoming nursing aides may have benefitted from our Lackawanna to College program. It is designed primarily for health care personnel with expertise in long-term care, and clinical supervision is provided. There are also a number of Registered Nurses that may assist you with your homework. The Pennsylvania State Department of Education has certified the credits, making it simple for graduates to appear for the certification test.

Lackawanna to College’s Nurse Aide Training Program is divided into three parts. The first consists of 96 hours of classroom and laboratory teaching, followed by 44 hours of hands-on clinical experience at a long-term care institution. Students will perform 32 hours of CPR training, go on tours of local healthcare institutions to gain a better concept of what the field is like, and practice lab hours for the national CNA test in the final phase. Students will be certified as Certified Nursing Assistants after completing all of their coursework and passing a certification test.

Lackawanna to College does not accept a large number of students. Their entry criteria include a high school diploma or GED, as well as a passing mark on an entrance test. In addition, candidates must submit to criminal history and physical background investigations. Students who have lived out of state or outside of Pennsylvania for more than two years should have their records checked by the FBI. Lackawanna to additionally provides free tuition help with certain terms and conditions.

CNA Classes in Harrisburg

HACC Central Pennsylvania Community College

HACC Central Pennsylvania Community College

Individuals interested in becoming Certified Nursing Assistants may pursue a certificate program at HACC Central Pennsylvania Community College. It is a very thorough and demanding 120-hour course that may be completed in 17 days to 29 evening sessions. Students have a lot of freedom in how they take their classes, and they may do so while still completing their other obligations. There is a strong emphasis on quality and attendance in the training, which has an influence on your marks.

As a Nursing Assistant training program student, you will learn how to take on the function of a nursing assistant. You will be able to gain clinical hours as well as hands-on instruction for usage in the field. Students will be well-educated in numerous areas of a nurse’s day-to-day existence, including anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, emergency procedures, and much more. They will be shown healthcare-related information from a medical establishment. This experience will always include a live teacher as well as the necessary assistance.

The State Board of Nursing and the Department of Education have both approved the Training Program. Graduates are eligible to sit for the certification test and become Registered Nurses. The course assists students in developing a solid knowledge basis in nursing. Because of the small class size, which decreases waitlists for this healthcare professional degree, a competitive admissions procedure is also accessible. Students must fulfill GPA criteria as well as additional prerequisites, depending on what is required for admission. HACC provides academic scholarships and awards to worthy and eligible students.

TLC Institute

TLC Institute is a training organization situated in Pennsylvania that has been in business since 1998. The organization provides educational courses in the long-term care profession.

The college offers a 100-hour nursing assistant training program. The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 established guidelines for the program’s development. The curriculum has also been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Classes are held every week from Monday to Friday and last 12.5 days. It contains information on how to provide excellent, rehabilitative care to residents as well as how to avoid abuse. Teaching is a key step in preparing students to pass the state competence test issued by the American Red Cross.

Currently, programs at the Institute for Health Care Improvement are available at over 25 sites around the state. The institution not only boasts a high success rate but also offers students remedial help if they do not pass the test on their first try.

They organize lessons on a regular basis at their facilities to minimize overstaffing and understaffing. The class schedule requires a minimum of eight students. The tuition cost covers teaching, textbooks, student manuals, and completion certificates.

Mountain Laurel Extendicare, Forest City Fox SubAcute, Clara Burke Fox SubAcute, Mechanicsburg Fox SubAcute, and Honesdale Carbondale Nursing & Rehab Center Extend are some of the places where the training program is available.

CNA Classes in Bethlehem

Northampton Community College

Northampton Community College

Northampton Community College has a Nurse Aide program which is an intensive 128-hour healthcare course that allows graduates to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Competency Examination (NNAAP) for placement in the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry. The program includes classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice in a local healthcare facility. Since it can be completed in a short period, students have to commit full-time to receive a certificate of completion and be able to take the licensing test. All instructors in this course are licensed and well-experienced Registered Nurses. They will ensure that students get the knowledge and skills they need to provide quality nursing care to their patients or residents. They will also assist these students and provide review classes to have better chances of becoming certified after the class.

Northampton Community College provides high-quality CNA training program which allows them to receive recognition for being one of the nursing schools having a high passing rate in the certification exam. Graduates often become competent and qualified nursing assistants who are employed in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and other skilled nursing facilities. The admission process in the Nurse Aide program takes several times a year.

Prospective applicants have to be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Since the nature of the program has a small class size, applicants are selected based on the first come, first serve concept. Those who reside outside the state of Pennsylvania must contact the State Licensing Board for reciprocity. Nevertheless, scholarship programs and grants are also available at this community college through their Financial Aid Office.

CNA classes in Pittsburgh

Community College of Allegheny County

Community College of Allegheny County

The Community College of Allegheny County offers a Nurse Aide training program which is approved by the state Department of Education. The course is designed to equip students for the certification exam and employability in various healthcare settings. It usually starts with a classroom instruction coupled with lectures and skills training, which is then followed by a hands-on clinical practice in an affiliated skilled nursing facility. Students will understand the nature of the profession, as well as the different nursing skills, and concepts which are essential in a CNA practice.

Before the start of the program, students are required to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent and undergo a physical exam with two TB tests. A proof of residency in the state of Pennsylvania is also required to apply. Participants of the CNA class should provide their uniforms and textbooks. Those who wish to withdraw should do so before the beginning of the course to receive a refund.

The CNA training program of the Community College of Allegheny County is a rigorous healthcare course that requires a full-time commitment. Although students can choose their preferred class schedules, they have to be committed to attending the classes regularly and meet the minimum grade requirement for graduation. Nevertheless, the community college provides a lot of financial assistance programs to deserving individuals. Interested students can visit their Financial Aid Office to know more about the scholarships, loans, or grants for the CNA training program.

American Red Cross – Pittsburgh

American Red Cross – Pittsburgh

The American Red Cross in Pittsburgh offers a CNA training program taught by specialists in the field. Building a connection with a client/family member, doing clinical evaluations and lab interpretation, as well as executing vital duties, are all important aspects of the curriculum for nursing students. It also includes a variety of nursing themes and skill training – this focus may boost students’ confidence and make them more competent.

During the day, classes for the American Red Cross’s CNA training program are offered. Working students must alter their schedules to meet their chosen job path. They must also avoid missing lessons since there are no make-up classes. However, since there are only a few seats available at American Red Cross programs, it’s critical to understand the qualifications and apply before the deadline if you want to be considered. Students who are interested in the program should also ensure that they satisfy the basic requirements.

Before they can take the exam and submit their papers, applicants must first pass the math test and sign up for an information session. Prospective students must fulfill a variety of requirements. They must pass a criminal background check undertaken by the Red Cross, as well as a physical form or TB test and a counseling session with a Red Cross Counselor.

Scholarships and scholarships for American Red Cross CNA training in Pittsburgh may be available, but applying might be challenging. If you need financial help, you should contact the institution’s admissions or financial aid office to find out how to apply. They will also assist you in understanding the criteria, such as section numbers and deadlines.

HCR ManorCare

HCR ManorCare

HCR ManorCare is a prominent supplier of short-term, long-term, and post-hospital care in Pennsylvania. Qualified persons may attend free Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) programs at the institution. This program is part of the overall training given and is intended to encourage more residents to work in healthcare sectors such as nursing assistants. HCR ManorCare will compensate interns/trainees and sponsor their employment when the training time is over.

Anyone interested in joining the HCR ManorCare CNA training program may do so for free. There is no previous experience or education required, but you must complete the application process online. If you are interested, be certain that you understand all of the course terms before submitting your application. They must be willing to work at a healthcare center for a certain amount of time and be able to empathize with patients. Additional prerequisites for processing your application include a high school diploma or GED equivalence, as well as passing the criminal background check, drug screening, and tuberculosis test.

Participants in the nursing assistant curriculum are obliged to work while learning. HCR ManorCare will help them succeed by assisting them with cash and study materials. When it comes to giving exceptional treatment, their teachers are the greatest in the business. They have extensive expertise and training in delivering long-term nursing care. This work provides amazing career opportunities, with a respectable income and a broad selection of benefits. They are also always on the hunt for creative people that can add to their corporate culture.

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Nurse Aide Training Programs are available through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. These programs are intended to assist individuals in becoming certified as nursing assistants and obtaining stable and gratifying employment. Residents of Pennsylvania who are jobless or want to change careers are urged to apply. Expert certified teachers will train them to prepare them for an upcoming certification test.

Anyone in Pennsylvania with a need for a CNA may take advantage of the state’s CNA training program. They provide free training multiple times a year in order to boost the number of persons working in healthcare. Individuals interested in applying must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, as well as pass a criminal background check and meet certain health standards. If they have a criminal background or a contagious condition, they will be denied admission to the program. Those who have a prior criminal record or a contagious condition should not be certified since the authorities are unlikely to recruit them.

Students who participate in the Nurse Aide Training Program offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education will not be required to pay any fees. Clinical training necessitates major sacrifices on the part of participants in order to attain their objectives. In addition, students must attend all of their courses throughout the semester without fail.

With the Nursing Assessment Program, you may begin a career in health care or any other field. The state Department of Education will offer you the necessary assistance to help you achieve your professional objectives. The institution will also provide educational opportunities and assist graduates in regards to finding a CNA job.

CNA Classes in Media

Fair Acres Geriatric Center

Fair Acres Geriatric Center provides free Certified Nursing Assistant training to aid future nurses. This is a fantastic resource for folks who want to acquire their certification but can’t afford to pay for the program. A formal written application, safety, and practical thinking questions, a test of reading rate and comprehension, a physical examination, state and federal police clearances, and Tuberculosis testing are all part of the pre-employment application process. After completing the procedures at Fair Acres, students may begin the CNA training program. However, employment in the facility is not assured.

Fair Acres Geriatric Center’s 120-hour Certified Nursing Assistant training program is accredited and recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. It is intended to give comprehensive nursing care teaching, including skills training, CPR certification, peer course review in each course segment, and a classroom instructional component. Classes are typically offered Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Students must arrive on time and remain punctual during the program. Students must be present in order to avoid being fired throughout their training.

Fair Acres Geriatric Center’s CNA training program is only available a few times each year. If you opt to enroll, you will have the opportunity to begin a rewarding career in healthcare. The organization offers competitive wages, fantastic benefits, and much more. They provide several options for advancement, including tuition support for additional study.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Pennsylvania

Allentown , PACedarbrook Lehigh Co Home 350 South Cedarbrook Rd610-336-5635
Allentown , PALehigh-carbon Comm. College 718 Hamilton Mall610-799-1206
Allison Park , PAA. W. Beattie Career Ctr 9600 Babcock Blvd412-366-2800
Altoona , PAAltoona Ctr. For Nursing Care 1020 Green Ave814-946-2700
Altoona , PAGreater Altoona Ctc 1500 Fourth Ave814-946-8469
Apollo , PAQuality Life Services 151 Goodview Dr724-727-3451
Baden , PAConcordia At Villa St. Joseph 1030 State St724-869-6314
Bala Cynwyd , PAThe Healthcare Training Institute Of Greater Philadelphia 1 Bala Avenue Suite610-295-5104
Bartonsville , PAMonroe Career & Tech Inst194 Laurel Lake Dr570-629-2001
Beaver Falls , PAProvidence Health Care 900 Third Ave724-846-8504
Bethlehem , PAFalcon Institute Of Health & Sci 3045 Avenue B484-809-0698
Bethlehem , PANorthampton Community College 511 East 3rd St610-332-6585
Bloomsburg , PAColumbia-montour Avts 5050 Sweppenheiser Dr570-784-8040
Bradford , PABradford Area Hs 81 Interstate Parkway814-362-3845
Bradford , PABradford Manor 50 Langmaid Lane814-362-6090
Bridgeville , PABridgeville Rehab & Care Ctr 3590 Washington Pike412-257-2474
Brockway , PAHighland View Health & Rehab 90 Main St814-265-1164
Brookville , PAJefferson Manor Health Center 417 Route 28814-849-8026
Butler , PAQuality Life Services 612 North Main St724-431-0770
Butler , PASunnyview Home 107 Sunnyview Circle724-477-1039
Cabot , PAConcordia Lutheran 134 Marywood Rd724-352-1571
Canonsburg , PAWestern Area Ctc 688 Western Ave724-746-2890
Carbondale , PAJust Believe Education Center 141 Salem Ave570-504-4787
Chambersburg , PAFranklin County Ctc 2463 Loop Road717-709-0778
Charleroi , PAMon Valley Career & Tech Ed 5 Guttman Ave724-489-9581
Cheswick , PAHarmar Village Care Ctr 715 Freeport Rd724-274-3773
Collingdale , PAOlalus Institute 320 Macdade Blvd610-237-7199
Conneautville , PARolling Fields, Inc. 9108 State Highway 198814-587-2012
Connellsville , PAConnellsville Area Ctc 720 Locust St724-626-0236
Cornwall , PACornwall Manor 1 Boyd St717-273-2647
Corry , PACorry Manor 640 Worth St814-664-9606
Coudersport , PASweden Valley Manor 1028 East Second St814-274-7610
Coudersport , PACole Memorial Hospital 1001 East 2nd St814-260-5246
Cranberry Twp , PASherwood Oaks 100 Norman Drive724-776-8100
Cranberry Twp , PAUpmc - Cranberry Place 5 St. Francis Way724-772-5350
Dallas , PAMeadows Nursing & Rehab Ctr 4 East Center Hill Rd570-675-8600
Drums , PAKeystone Job Corps Center 235 West Foothills Dr570-708-0608
Dubois , PAChrist The King Manor 1100 West Long Ave814-371-3180
Dubois , PADubois Nursing Home 212 South 8th St814-375-9100
Easton , PAThe Gardens At Easton 498 Washington St610-258-2985
Ebensburg , PAAdmiral Peary Avts 948 Ben Franklin Highway814-472-6490
Edinboro , PAEdinboro Manor 419 Waterford St814-734-5021
Elmhurst Twp , PASt. Mary’s Villa Nursing Home, Inc 516 St. Mary’s Villa Rd570-842-7621
Elverson , PAPeople Technical School, In. 148 Church Rd610-384-1361
Emporium , PAGuy And Mary Felt Manor 110 E 4th St814-486-3736
Erie , PAErie High School 3325 Cherry St814-874-6200
Erie , PAHealthcare Ventures Alliance 4631 West Lake Rd814-833-1609
Erie , PAEdinboro University 219 Meadville St814-732-1420
Erie , PAPleasant Ridge Manor 8300 West Ridge Rd814-474-5521
Erie , PALecom Senior Living Center 5535 Peach St814-454-2831
Everett , PABedford Co Technical Center 195 Pennknoll Rd814-623-2760
Exeter , PAHighland Manor Nursing Home 750 Schooley Ave570-655-3791
Fairless Hills , PABucks County Technical Hs 610 Wistar Rd215-949-1700
Fairview , PAFairview Manor 900 Manchester Rd814-838-4822
Folcroft , PADelaware Co Tech School 701 Henderson Blvd610-459-3050
Ford City , PALenape Technical School 2215 Chaplin Ave724-763-7116
Frackville , PASchuylkill Tech Center 101 Technology Dr570-874-1034
Franklin , PASugarcreek Station 351 Causeway Dr814-437-0100
Franklin , PAThe Caring Place 103 North 13th St814-432-4491
Gibsonia , PASt. Barnabas, Inc. 5827 Meridian Rd724-444-5504
Greensburg , PAGreensburg Care Center 119 Industrial Park Rd724-836-2480
Greensburg , PAHempfield Manor 1118 Woodward Dr724-836-4424
Greensburg , PASt. Anne Home 685 Angela Dr724-837-6070
Greensburg , PARedstone Highlands 6 Garden Center Dr724-832-8400
Greenville , PASt. Paul Homes 339 East Jamestown Rd724-588-7610
Greenville , PAThe Grove At Greenville 110 Fredonia Rd724-588-8090
Grove City , PAGrove Manor Nursing Center 435 North Broad St724-458-7800
Hamburg , PALaurel Center 125 Holly Rd610-562-2284
Hanover , PAHomewood At Plum Creek 425 Westminster Ave717-637-4166
Harleysville , PAPeter Becker Community 800 Maple Ave215-256-9501
Harmony , PAThe Grove At Harmony 191 Evergreen Mill Rd724-452-6970
Harrisburg , PAColonial Park Care Center 800 King Russ Rd717-657-1520
Harrisburg , PADauphin County Tech School 6001 Locust Lane717-652-3170
Harrisburg , PAHarrisburg Area Comm College 1 Hacc Dr717-221-1352
Harrisburg , PATlc InstituteBox 6567717-671-7110
Hazleton , PAPenn State Hazleton 76 University Drive570-450-3110
Hazleton , PAHazleton Area Career Center 1451 West 23rd St570-459-3172
Hazleton , PANsb Trainers 103 Rotary Dr570-582-4556
Hazleton , PAPenn State-hazleton 76 University Drive570-450-3110
Hermitage , PAHealth Link Services 2921 East State St412-981-7888
Home , PAThe Rapha School 17 Griffith Dr724-549-4700
Jamison , PAMiddle Bucks Institute Of Technology 2740 Old York Rd215-343-2480
Jeannette, PAWilliam Penn Care Center 2020 Ader Rd724-327-3500
Jefferson Hills , PASteel Center For Cte 565 Lewis Run Rd412-469-3200
Jim Thorpe , PACarbon Career And Tech Inst 150 West 13th St570-325-3682
Jim Thorpe , PALehigh-carbon Cc - Carbon Site 1100 Center St570-669-7010
Johnstown , PACommonwealth Tech Inst 727 Goucher St814-254-0400
Johnstown , PAGreater Johnstown Hs 222 Central Ave814-533-5601
Johnstown , PAGreater Johnstown Avts 445 Schoolhouse Rd814-266-6073
Johnstown , PALaurel Wood Care Center 100 Woodmont Rd814-255-1488
Kane , PAKane Area Hs 6965 Route 321814-837-6821
Kane , PALutheran Home At Kane 100 High Point Dr814-837-6706
Kingston , PAWest Side Ctc 75 Evans St570-288-8493
Kittanning , PAKittanning Care Center 120 Kittanning Care Dr724-545-2273
Lancaster , PAConestoga View Nursing Lp 900 East King St717-293-7240
Langhorne , PAGenesis Healthcare Crestview Center 262 Toll Gate Rd215-968-8167
Lansdale , PADock Woods Community 275 Dock Dr215-368-4438
Lansdale , PANorth Montco Tech Cte 1265 Sumneytown Pike215-368-1177
Laporte , PAHighland View Health & Rehab 918 Main Street814-265-1164
Latrobe , PAEast Westmoreland Ctc 4904 Route 982724-539-9788
Lebanon , PALebanon County Career & Tech 833 Metro Dr717-273-8551
Lebanon, PACedar Haven-lebanon Co Home 590 South Fifth Ave717-274-0421
Leesport , PABerks Career Tech Center West 1057 County Rd610-374-4073
Leesport , PABerks Heim Nursing And Rehab 1011 Berks Rd610-376-4841
Lewistown , PAWm Penn Hlthcare And Rehab Center 163 Summit Dr717-248-3941
Lewistown , PAThe Academy: Mifflin Co Sci & Tech 700 Pitt St814-658-3216
Lima , PAFair Acres Geriatric Center 340 N Middletown Rd610-891-5793
Lincoln University , PALincoln Univ Hlth Sci Academy 1570 Baltimore Pike484-365-7752
Lock Haven , PASusque-view 22 Cree Dr570-748-9377
Marienville , PASnyder Memorial Healthcare Center 156 Snyder Memorial Rd814-927-6670
Markleysburg , PAQuality Life Svc-markleysburg 252 Main St724-329-4830
Mars , PASt. John Lutheran Care Center 500 Wittenberg Way724-652-1571
Martinsburg , PAHomewood At Martinsburg 437 Givler Drive814-793-3728
Mcconnellsburg, PAFulton County Avts 151 East Cherry St717-485-5813
Mckeesport , PARiverside Nursing Ctr 100 Eighth St412-664-8860
Meadville , PACrawford County Ctc 860 Thurston Rd814-724-6024
Mechanicsburg , PACumberland-perry Avts 110 Old Willow Mill Rd717-697-0354
Media , PADelaware Co Comm. College 901 S. Media Line Rd610-359-5029
Mercer , PAMercer County Avts Box 152, 776 Greenville Rd724-662-3000
Mill Creek , PAHuntingdon County Ctc 11893 Technology Dr814-643-0951
Monaca , PABeaver County Ctc145 Poplar Dr724-728-5800
Monaca , PACc Of Beaver County One Campus Dr724-775-8561
Monroeville , PAWoodhaven Care Center 2400 Mcginley Rd412-856-4770
Muncy , PASusquehanna Health Nurs & Rehab Ctr 215 East Water St570-546-4040
Nanticoke , PALuzerne County Comm. College 1333 South Prospect St570-740-0489
Nanticoke , PAGuardian Hlthcare And Rehab Ctr 147 Old Newport St570-735-7300
Nazareth , PANorthampton Co. Home-gracedale 2 Gracedale Ave610-746-1900
New Berlin , PASun Area Technical Institute 815 East Market St570-966-1031
New Kensington , PANorthern Westmoreland Ctc 705 Stevenson Blvd724-335-9389
New Wilmington , PAThe Grove At New Wilmington 520 New Castle St724-946-3511
Newtown , PABucks Co Cc/nsg & Allied Health 275 Swamp Rd215-968-8482
Norristown , PADotlen Academy Of Science 837 Dekalb St610-277-8800
Oakdale , PAParkway West Avts 7101 Steubenville Pike412-923-1772
Oakmont , PAPresbyterian Sr. Care Nurse 1215 Hulton Rd412-435-8968
Oil City , PAVenango Tech Center 1 Vo-tech Dr814-677-3097
Olyphant , PARevolutionary Education Center 1619 Main St570-483-3600
Orwigsburg , PAOrwigsburg Center 1000 Orwigsburg Manor570-366-2999
Perkasie , PAUpper Bucks County Tech School 3115 Ridge Rd215-795-2911
Philadelphia , PAAmerican Red Cross- East Chapter 2221 Chestnut St215-299-4154
Philadelphia , PAChapel Manor Center 1104 Welsh Rd215-676-9191
Philadelphia , PAEntry Level Nurse Aide Program 6761 Germantown Ave215-843-4262
Philadelphia , PAHealth And Tech Training Institute 100 South Broad St, 10th Fl215-568-2220
Philadelphia , PAMercy Career & Technical Hs 2900 W. Hunting Park Ave215-226-1225
Philadelphia , PANew World Business School 9857 Bustleton Ave215-856-7316
Philadelphia , PAPhila Academy For Nurse Aide Trng 958 Bustleton Ave215-495-3473
Philadelphia , PAPrism Health Aide Training, Inc 8040 Roosevelt Blvd215-329-1322
Philadelphia , PAPhila Job Corps Life Science 2810 S. 20th St, Bldg 12215-471-9693
Philadelphia , PAPenn Asian Vocational Institute 6926 Old York Rd215-572-1234
Philadelphia, PACommunity College Of Philadelphia Corporate Solutions 1700 Spring Garden St C1-9267-299-5933
Philipsburg , PAWindy Hill Village Of Presby Home 100 Dogwood Drive814-342-6090
Pittsburgh , PACc Of Allegheny County 808 Ridge Ave412-237-4470
Pittsburgh , PACc Of Allegheny County- North 8701 Perry Highway412-369-4136
Pittsburgh , PAHighland Park Care Ctr 745 North Highland Ave412-362-6622
Pittsburgh , PAPittsburgh Job Corps Ctr 7175 Highland Dr412-441-8700
Pittsburgh , PASouthwestern Nursing Ctr 500 Lewis Rd412-466-0600
Pittsburgh , PASouthwinds, Inc. 2101 Greentree Rd412-446-1080
Pittsburgh , PAMarian Manor 2695 Winchester Dr.412-440-4424
Pittsburgh , PAUpmc Senior Communities 310 Fisk St412-864-3524
Pittsburgh , PAVincentian Home 111 Perrymont Rd412-366-5600
Pittston , PAWesley Village 209 Roberts Rd570-655-2891
Pleasant Gap , PACentral Pa Inst Of Sci & Tech 540 North Harrison Rd814-359-2793
Plymouth Meeting , PACentral Montco Tech Hs 821 Plymouth Rd610-277-2301
Port Allegany, PASeneca Highlands Ctc 219 Edison Bates Dr814-642-2573
Pottsville , PASchuylkill Center 1000 Schuylkill Manor Rd570-622-9666
Punxsutanwney , PAMulberry Square 411 ½ West Mahoning St814-938-6020
Quakertown , PAQuakertown Center 1020 South Main St215-536-9300
Quakertown , PABelle Haven Healthcare And Rehab 1320 Mill Road215-536-7666
Reading , PAReading Area Cc – 2 Gateway Ctr 10 South 2nd St610-375-8180
Reading , PAUnited Community Svc For Working Families1251 N Front St717-755-5001
Royersford , PAParkhouse Operating Llc1600 Black Rock Rd610-948-8800
Schnecksville , PALehigh Career & Tech Institute 4500 Education Park D610-799-1459
Scotland , PAInstitute For Caregiver Edu 3583 Scotland Rd717-263-7706
Scranton , PAAllied Services 303 Smallacombe Dr570-348-1445
Scranton , PACtc Of Lackawanna County 3201 Rockwell Ave570-346-8471
Scranton , PALackawanna College 501 Vine St570-961-7813
Scranton , PAMarywood University 2300 Adams Ave570-348-6292
Sellersville , PAThe Community At Rockhill 3250 State Rd215-257-2751
Shippenville , PAClarion Co. Career Center 447 Career Rd814-226-4391
Sligo , PAClarview Nursing & Rehab Ctr 14663 Route 68814-745-2031
Smethport , PASena Kean Manor 17083 Route 6814-887-5601
Somerset , PAPatriot, A Choice Community 495 West Patriot St814-445-4549
Somerset , PASomerset Co Tech Center 281 Vo-tech Rd814-443-3651
Souderton , PASouderton Mennonite Homes 207 West Summit St215-723-9881
Springville , PASusquehanna County Ctc 2380 Elk Lake School Rd570-278-9229
St. Marys , PAElk Haven Nursing Home Assoc 785 Johnsonburg Rd814-834-2618
St. Marys , PAPinecrest Manor 763 Johnsonburg Rd814-788-8488
St. Marys , PASt. Marys Area Hs 977 S Street Marys Rd814-834-7831
State College , PAState College Area Hs 653 Westerly Parkway814-231-1111
Towanda , PANorthern Tier Career Center 120 Career Center Lane570-265-8111
Troy , PABradford County Manor 15900 Route 6570-297-4111
Tyrone , PAEpworth Healthcare & Rehab 951 Washington Ave814-265-1164
Uniontown , PACherry Tree Nursing Center 410 Terrace Dr724-438-6000
Uniontown , PACommunity Training Institute 140 North Beeson Ave724-430-3027
Uniontown , PAFayette County Cti 175 Georges Fairchance Rd724-437-2721
Uniontown , PAMount Macrina Manor 520 West Main St724-430-1179
Upper Darby , PASuccessful Aging Nurses Assist 48 Garrett Rd484-461-9342
Upper St. Clair , PAFriendship Village Of S. Hills 1290 Boyce Rd412-941-3100
Warren , PAWarren Manor 682 Pleasant Dr814-723-7060
Waynesburg , PAWaynesburg Healthcare And Rehab Ct 300 Center Ave724-852-2020
Wellsboro , PABroad Acres Health & Rehab Ctr 1883 Shumway Hill Rd570-724-3913
West Chester , PAChester County Oic 790 East Market St, Ste 100610-692-2344
West Chester , PAPocopson Home 1695 Lenape Rd610-793-1212
Wexford , PAWexford Healthcare Center 9850 Old Perry Highway412-847-7153
Wilkes-barre , PAJolie Health & Beauty Academy 125 North570-825-8363
Wilkes-barre , PALittle Flower Manor Of The Diocese Of Scranton 200 South Meade St570-823-6131
Williamsport , PAWilliamsport Home 1900 Ravine Rd570-323-8781
Willow Street , PALancaster County Ctc 1730 Hans Herr Dr717-464-7050
York, PAYork County School Of Tech 2179 South Queen St717-747-2135
Youngsville , PARouse-warren County Home 701 Rouse Home Rd814-563-6469
Youngwood , PAWestmoreland Co Comm Coll 145 Pavilion Lane724-925-4082
Zelienople , PAPassavant Retirement Center 105 Burgess Dr724-452-5400