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In the United States, Philadelphia has the fifth-largest population, and as the population becomes older, so does the need for better healthcare. Because of this, being a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is one of the simplest ways to get started in a career in healthcare, even in these troubled economic times.

A Certified Nursing Assistant’s responsibilities include assessing a patient’s vital signs, measuring blood pressure, temperature measurements, observing a patient’s food intake and behavior, and keeping a patient’s medical record with documented observations.

There are several responsibilities that a CNA is responsible for, including changing bedpans, replacing catheters, and washing patients. A CNA must be able to give great care while being compassionate. As a result, many patients are unable to stand on their own, get into or out of bed, or use the bathroom on their own.

Patients’ homes, hospitals, and assisted-living facilities are all possible job locations for certified nursing assistants (CNAs). A CNA must be able to effectively convey to their supervisor any changes in a patient’s behavior or appearance that they have witnessed.

Students may finish the program in a matter of weeks or months and sit for the state certification test. When you successfully complete the certification test, your name will be added to the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry automatically.

Program fees vary from $800 to $2,000 on average. Materials, uniforms, and other costs are already included in this price.

At least 120 hours of thorough training are provided in Philadelphia via state-approved seminars that include laboratory work, class discussion, and clinical experience. Based on when these seminars are conducted, the program may run anywhere from a few weeks to a full semester.

It’s important to check with the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing before enrolling in a CNA training school in Philadelphia. In our opinion, the following are trustworthy:

American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter

American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter

Services provided by the American Red Cross in sixteen counties in Eastern Pennsylvania include emergency response training, seminars, certification courses, and other services. By way of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter, they assist the people of Philadelphia County. AED, CPR, First Aid, and Babysitting are just a few of the courses offered by the American Red Cross to help you be ready for your future job. The American Red Cross offers these workshops to help you learn more about how these abilities may be used by different kinds of nursing professionals.

Students will learn about many of the fundamentals of the nursing profession in this course. Among other things, it will educate students on how to assist patients and residents in moving about, how to raise a patient, and how sick patients’ muscular weakness shifts in balance.

Red Cross House, Powelton Avenue, will host this four-week seminar. This class is limited to a maximum of 18 students, with a student-instructor ratio of 1:10. NAT information sessions are generally free and mandatory. They vary in content and availability, but classes are available day & evening. Day classes start at 8:00 am and settle down around 3:30 pm while evening classes start at 6:00 pm and wrap up by 10 pm.

Students must pass a reading comprehension exam as well as background checks (fingerprints and a criminal record check). They must also demonstrate their ability to accomplish duties. The minimum age for participation is 16.

The course is priced between $1,200 and $1,300. Except for the uniforms and a wristwatch with a second hand, all supplies are included in the price. The cost of the exam to become a certified nurse assistant is also included in the program price. Those who are already working and earn no more than $8 an hour for a 20-hour workweek are eligible for financial aid.

New World Business School

The New World Business School is a community of Eastern European immigrants. It provides school and adult education programs, as well as community services to help underprivileged communities improve their economic standing.

The New World Business School provides comprehensive adult education programs, including Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Training. This program is designed for those who want to pursue a career in combining their knowledge as nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and/or registered nurses with their interest in healthcare. They provide a training program lasting up to 123 hours. It is built on a state-mandated curriculum that includes academic seminars, laboratory simulations, and clinical practice. The program also includes CPR and First Aid certification training.

New World Business School provides free state-certified test study sessions that include printed worksheets.  If you complete your program and pass the state-certified test, they will provide resume writing and job search assistance for you at no cost.

Prism Health Aide Training

Prism Health Aide Training

Prism is a vocational training institution that provides cheap, hands-on training and even assistance in finding employment. It’s a good place to start if you want to become a certified clinical nutrition assistant. Their CNA certification test passing rate has been achieved via a number of state accrediting processes throughout the years.

The curriculum, at first look, seems to be geared at preparing students for direct and personal patient care. Also, it encourages individuals with a heart for helping others to think about becoming nursing assistants.

The duration of the course is six months. Classes are offered both during the day and at night. Medical assistant classes at Prism Health Aide Training are available for anyone interested in learning more about the field of medicine.

Philadelphia Job Corps Life Science

Philadelphia Job Corps Life Science

Philadelphia Job Corps Center provides free education and training programs for low-income minors and low-skilled adults.  . Only the Philadelphia Job Corps Center provides six on-the-job career training choices, making it unique in the state. With these four options, you may earn your medical degree while also working in the healthcare profession. They may also be utilized to learn about other related industries, such as Clinical Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, and Certified Nurse Assistant.

A CNA training program is available at the Center for persons who have no previous experience or who are just beginning their career. Basic nursing skills (such as taking and recording vital signs and turning patients), infection prevention and control, safety, emergency procedures, and more are all covered in these courses.

Career-oriented training is the core of the 8-12-month long curriculum, which utilizes state-of-art technology in the classroom and in training materials. It’s still possible for students to utilize the library and have access to books and textbooks as well as a daycare allotment and allowance, clothing allowance for uniforms and safety equipment, and free meals (breakfast & lunch) as well as free transportation. Students may also participate in student groups and initiatives.

To be eligible for admission, students must fulfill all state standards (including a criminal background check), pass the core curriculum, reach the required academic level for arithmetic and reading, and obtain a high school diploma or GED (which may be done in the center).

Community College of Philadelphia

Community College of Philadelphia

Through professional seminars, workshops, and other activities, the Center for Business & Industry provides corporate solutions. A conventional college experience with a wide range of activities to help your company succeed. Career training is accessible to fulfill the demands of your workforce, whether you are attempting to develop your talents or just supply a competent and capable staff. Food Safety and Health Care Training is also available for business training, including the Nurse Aide program. The Center’s Continuing Health Education program includes a Nurse Aide training course.

For nursing students, long-term care, hospital, and nursing facility settings are frequent places to work. It’s here that students gain the critical abilities they’ll need to work in these kinds of businesses. Nursing assistant duties and responsibilities, nutrition, resident rights and protections, abuse and fraud prevention, infection control, resident psychological needs, and patient safety are all addressed.

There are a total of 124 hours of instruction. Both day and evening classes are available to students. Clinicals take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with lectures from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays. From 5:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the evening class meets for lectures and clinicals.

Two weeks prior to the start of school, students must submit their registration forms. High school graduation or GED; passing general physical exam and two-step tuberculosis test; background check; and proof of Pennsylvania residence are among the requirements for employment. $1,495 is the cost of the NA training program For the state competence test, a $102 charge must be paid individually.

Delaware County Community College

Delaware County Community College

The 133-hour certificate program at Delaware County Community College includes 60 hours of clinical training. This DCC program is designed to get you ready for entry-level employment as a nursing assistant. As they study to become nurses, they learn about the importance of leadership, time management, conflict resolution, and other critical life skills. This highly specialized sector needs individuals who possess these characteristics. After completing this course, your name will be added to the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry, making you qualified to work as a nurse aide in the state.

Following graduation, students may register with the American Red Cross to take state-level certification examinations for their profession, and DCCC is an authorized testing facility. Graduates are also included in the state’s Nurse Aide Registry upon completion of the program. The anticipated cost of tuition and fees ranges from $974 to $1,616 depending on the state of residence of the student.

Bucks County Community College

It is possible to take CNA programs at Bucks County Community College at many sites, allowing students from around the city the opportunity. They must complete 130 hours of classroom and clinical training to become a certified nursing assistant (CNAs). As a condition of employment, applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, as well as pass a background check.

There is a $929 fee for the course, which includes all textbooks and other materials required to complete the program. The state examination cost is not included in this charge. Packages of the program may be purchased in a variety of ways, either electronically or physically. CNA classes begin multiple times a year, usually in the fall or spring. Only those who have been awarded a grant or scholarship are eligible to take advantage of BCCC’s free CNA lessons.


For potential CNAs in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Aide Training School (P.A.T.S.) is an excellent option. They have a world-class training program for those who want to make a significant difference in the healthcare industry. Starting your training at P.A.T.S. might be the finest choice of your life if you are kind, empathetic, and like helping people.

Philadelphia-area CNA training has been provided by PATS for over 20 years, making it one of the finest in the Philadelphia region. A total of 105 hours of classroom and clinical instruction are required to complete the program. For six weeks, you may choose between daytime and evening classes, depending on your schedule. You will begin clinical training as soon as you have acquired all of the necessary abilities from the classroom. After that, you may sit for the state test to get certified as a Nurse Aide and have your name on the register.

Other CNA Training Options in Philadephia

Northampton Community College

Northampton Community College

Students who are unable to pay their tuition may get assistance from Northampton Community College. You’ll get up-to-date knowledge that will help you pass the exam, as well as the clinical experience you’ll need to do well on the test.

Holy Redeemer Lafayette

Holy Redeemer Lafayette

Daytime CNA courses are given at this nursing facility in southeastern Pennsylvania at different times throughout the year (night classes are not available). Holy Redeemer Lafayette’s curriculum combines classroom learning with hands-on clinical training in a nursing home, all under the guidance of RN instructors. Although the training is free, there is no assurance that it will lead to a job. Applicants who have not lived in Pennsylvania for at least two years are required to get an FBI criminal background check.

Nursing Aide Career Training

In only six weeks and 120 hours, NACT’s nursing program introduces students to the fundamentals of the field. Grooming and providing care for a patient in a secure, abuse-free environment are some of the subjects covered in the class. Resident safety and patients’ rights are also addressed. Admission is accessible to anybody who passes the admissions exam, is able to attend every class, and is confident in following instructions on how to care for patients as a nurse.

Breslin Learning Center

Breslin Learning Center

In order to help CNA students, Breslin Learning Center offers a wide range of financial assistance alternatives. Training fund members may get reimbursements after completing the criteria for nursing aide training, as can out-of-school students who enroll in the Philadelphia Youth Network Nurse Aide Training.

Lancaster County Career and Technology Center

Lancaster County Career and Technology Center

At the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, students must be 17 years old or older to enroll in the CNA course. Program fees vary, but those that participate may be certain that they are getting the best possible instruction. Individuals may sit for the state test after completing all 105 hours of classroom and clinical work.

Free CNA Training in Philadelphia

Students in CNA courses in Pennsylvania may be eligible for reimbursement of their tuition fees provided they maintain all of their payment receipts and stubs from the institution.

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital are some of the medical institutions where you may work.

The Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Department offers financial assistance to service veterans who want to enroll in certificate programs such as nursing assistants. The student is responsible for covering the cost of tuition, however, the office will refund him. There are a number of factors that impact how much a student is gaining from a course.

After completing your training course, if you get a job or are offered a position within 12 months, you may seek a refund from the training institution, providing it is Medicare/Medicaid approved. In certain cases, the money might be refunded in parts.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia , PAAmerican Red Cross- East Chapter 2221 Chestnut St215-299-4154
Philadelphia , PAChapel Manor Center 1104 Welsh Rd215-676-9191
Philadelphia , PAEntry Level Nurse Aide Program 6761 Germantown Ave215-843-4262
Philadelphia , PAHealth And Tech Training Institute 100 South Broad St, 10th Fl215-568-2220
Philadelphia , PAMercy Career & Technical Hs 2900 W. Hunting Park Ave215-226-1225
Philadelphia , PANew World Business School 9857 Bustleton Ave215-856-7316
Philadelphia , PAPhila Academy For Nurse Aide Trng 958 Bustleton Ave215-495-3473
Philadelphia , PAPrism Health Aide Training, Inc 8040 Roosevelt Blvd215-329-1322
Philadelphia , PAPhila Job Corps Life Science 2810 S. 20th St, Bldg 12215-471-9693
Philadelphia , PAPenn Asian Vocational Institute 6926 Old York Rd215-572-1234
Philadelphia, PACommunity College Of Philadelphia Corporate Solutions 1700 Spring Garden St C1-9267-299-5933