15 Best Hospital Overbed Bed Tables for Seniors

Limited mobility and chronic illness can lead to a significant loss of independence. Having to ask for help can become frustrating and disheartening over time. Moreover, being bedridden raises your risk of injury, especially if you are constantly trying to reach for different objects. A solution to this is to get an overbed table where you can keep your laptop, personal belongings, medication and food nearby. Useful whether you are in the hospital or receiving at-home care, this type of product can make it easier for your loved one to perform their routine activities, but also restore some of their independence.

Does my loved one need a bed table?

 If your family member is suffering from chronic disease or a serious injury that has a long recovery time, a bed table can be a smart investment. If they need assistance with activities like eating, this type of product can make it easier for them to enjoy their meals without constantly having to call for someone. An overbed table might be very useful if your loved one has work to do while in the hospital, as it allows them to keep track of their responsibilities from the comfort of their own bed. In addition, if they are struggling with walking or moving around on their own, a bedside table would allow them to have easy access to their belongings or medication. These items are generally portable and can be used both at home and in a hospital setting.

How to find the right overbed table?

 Hospital bed tables are economical, convenient, user-friendly and multifunctional. They can be used for working, writing, reading, storing medication and eating. They offer more flexibility and increased mobility for patients, as well as unique features that target different needs. The latter include lateral drawers, cup holders, built-in outlets, tilting mechanisms and handles for adjusting height.

There are different variations to an overbed table – some are wide and have more storage room, while others are longer and narrower in order to fit into smaller spaces. Design usually comes in standard C bases, low-profile U or extra stable H shapes. What you need depends on what health condition your loved one has, their level of mobility, but also how large a surface they need for carrying out their daily tasks. The table’s foundation will typically contain heavy-gauge steel and the top will either be made from hardwood or plastic. Each of these comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, as you will read further below. The most useful model for you is based on what you value most – portability, longevity, comfort, surface area or stability.

In addition to the basic features you are looking for, you will need to figure out if your table is a match in terms of weight capacity. Some models are very sturdy and can successfully hold a large amount of items, while the rest are lighter and can only handle a small weight (but come with other benefits like convenient storage and quick transportation). Many hospital bed tables include additional elements like spill guards, laminated tops and vanity kits. Some will have an extended surface that reaches all across the bed, whereas others are made up of two different parts (one static and one that swivels). You can also find items that work well with wheelchairs.

Depending on which brand you choose, the product will be made from recyclable content. These generally have a longer lifespan as well, meaning your loved one can use the table for an extended period of time without any considerable wear and tear. Some of the top materials include walnut, maple and oak. Many users report trouble with putting the table together, so make sure you find one with a quality instruction manual that allows for quick and simple assembly.

Here are some questions to help you determine what features you need for your table:

  • What are the main activities your loved one will perform using the table?
  • Do they need the space to eat, work, read or watch entertainment?
  • What are the essential items they will be storing on the table? Medication? Remote control? Tissues? Cell Phone?
  • Do you want your table to fit across the sleeping space or for the base to slide under the bed?
  • What material seems more suitable for your loved one’s needs: lightweight plastic or durable steel?
  • Does your family member have limited strength?
  • Do they struggle with mobility issues?
  • Do they have a caregiver that usually helps them out?
  • Do you want a table that tilts or a stationary one?
  • What height are you looking for (that will match your hospital bed)?
  • Does your loved one like to keep their drinks nearby?
  • Do they need a laptop or iPad for their work?
  • How easy is it for them to reach their medication?
  • Do you have a small or large space available for storing the table?
  • Do you want a rolling table or a fixed one where the top can be pushed away?
  • How often will your relative use the table?

The Best Hospital Bed Tables

 There are many factors to consider when deciding what table to purchase for your family. Below we will discuss the most popular and reliable models, based on key-aspects like durability, pricing, stability, convenience and ease of use.

1. Drive Medical Overbed Table with Plastic Top

This is a budget-friendly bed table that can be used both in a hospital setting and at home. Its primary feature is its plastic top, which prevents teardown and allows for a longer lifespan. It does not break as easily as standard tables and overall has less wear with repeated use (for instance, dropping it will not damage it). Unlike other materials, plastic does not require any painting, refinishing or maintenance to fend off rust. Compared to other models on the market, this hospital bed table is lightweight and convenient to move around. It also does not crack like its wooden counterparts.

The base is solid and H-shaped for increased stability. This way, your loved one never has to struggle with a wobbly table. Additionally, the tabletop allows for height adjustment. It only requires a slight push to be either lowered or raised. Once the handle is released, the top locks automatically and ensures the patient can sit in a comfortable position. Lastly, the foundation features swivel casters that make the product easy to maneuver. This is a smart choice if your family member has mobility issues and it also saves you a lot of time when it comes to unloading or setting up the table. A downside to Drive Medical’s model is that the surface is fairly slippery. If the table is rolled or moved, some of the items resting on it may fall off. On the plus side, the casters are solid and have a safety locking mechanism that helps keep the table in place.


  • Well-designed and sturdy
  • Fast and effortless assembly
  • Has increased surface space
  • Top includes a raised edge to collect spills
  • Easy to clean
  • Features two areas for placing drinks
  • Wheels roll well on hard indoor surfaces like linoleum
  • Affordable


  • Slippery surface
  • Can be slightly unsteady when rolled on carpet
  • Does not tilt

2. Overbed Table with Vanity Non Tilt

This model is sturdy and practical. It features a straightforward design and solid materials that guarantee increased durability. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it includes a small, but very helpful storage drawer on each side of the table. This makes it a wise decision if your loved one prioritizes convenience and needs a space where they can perform a variety of daily activities. Whether they need to work or want to have personal hygiene items or medication handy, the additional storage space allows them to keep essential belongings always within reach.

Aside from extra room and longevity, the bed table is height-adjustable and easy to maneuver. Each of the drawers come with a mirror, making this useful if your relative wants to apply makeup while sitting. In addition, the item does not wobble and it is secure once assembled. The handle does not need to be prompted in order to move the table up. This ensures that it does not tip over when the bed rises or if your loved one makes sudden movements. Although it has more storage area, the table itself is not large (the length is only 11 inches). Keep this in mind if you are looking for an item with different dimensions.


  • Secure, convenient and durable
  • Features two drawers on each side of the table for extra storage space
  • Height can be adjusted for increased comfort
  • More stable than other models (does not easily move when touched or pushed)
  • Portable, easy to use, store and transport
  • Low-maintenance
  • Drawers include two quality mirrors
  • Has an elegant walnut finish
  • Features an automatic spring assisted lift mechanism to prevent tipping


  • The table’s dimensions are fairly small
  • Does not roll easily on rugged surfaces like carpet
  • Set up instructions are difficult to understand
  • Higher cost

3. Invacare Hospital Overbed Tilt Top Table

This is a reliable table that offers more flexibility and diversity than its fixed counterparts. Many models have a sturdy foundation, but compromise on comfort because they cannot be inclined or moved. Invacare’s product allows your loved one to perform a variety of daily activities, including work and writing, from their hospital bed. The table can be tilted in any direction, featuring three different angle positions. This helps your relative feel comfortable while carrying out their routine tasks, but also ensures that their posture is not compromised.

The Hospital Overbed Tilt Top Table has a smooth design that is simple to use. In order to raise it you only need to give it a light touch. If you give it a downward tap it will automatically lock into position. Moreover, the base is made from steel, making the table easier to clean and treat, as well as more long-lasting. The foundation is also chrome-plated, which means that the alloy is covered with a fairly thin layer of chromium. This guarantees that the table will resist corrosion and prevents wear over time. Invacare’s item supports up to 25 lbs (when the weight is distributed evenly).


  • Durable, low-maintenance and secure
  • Can be tilted between 20 and 30 degrees in any direction
  • Surface is large enough for a laptop
  • Safe and easy to use locking mechanism
  • Plated metal parts without any pointed edges
  • Features casters with brakes that prevent unwanted gliding
  • Rolls easily on most indoor surfaces
  • Excellent customer service (replacements arrive very quickly)
  • Top is laminated
  • Wheels can be set not to turn
  • Features a lip around the edge that collects spills
  • Low cost


  • There is a slight lateral wobble when the table is moved
  • The instruction manual could be improved
  • The lip is fairly small and does not prevent items from falling off the table

4. Carex Overbed Table

Suitable both for at-home and hospital use, this model offers more versatility than most of its counterparts currently on the market. It features a quality frame and an extra large surface, which makes it very useful for performing a variety of daily tasks. From working to eating, Carex Overbed Table makes it easy to complete activities and move around. It is lightweight and made from plastic, requiring little to no maintenance. The unique C-shaped design allows patients to get close and comfortable at the table without any inconvenient space in between, making it a wise choice if your relative is a leftie.

The foundation is weighted to decrease the risk of tipping and includes two areas for holding drinks. There is also a recessed surface that collects spills and keeps items from sliding off. Additionally, this model has height adjustment options and works well with most wheelchairs. It can be used as a breakfast in bed table or for laptop support. Similar to regular hospital tables, Carex’s product easily slides under the bed for added convenience. This is due to its four caster wheels that ensure a smooth transition.


  • Large surface and solid construction
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Wheels move effortlessly on linoleum, wood and carpet
  • Wasy to lower and raise
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Grooved sections for storing drinks, pens, remotes or other items
  • Suitable for left-handed patients
  • Easy to sanitize and resistant to rust and wear
  • Height is adjustable
  • Also suitable for wheelchair use
  • Features footrests on the bottom
  • Low cost


  • Wheels do not feature a locking mechanism
  • Does not tilt
  • Top is not completely flat
  • Package does not include essential tools required to put it together
  • Cup holder is only ¼ inch deep

5. Silver Spring Adjustable Tilting Overbed Table

Featuring a unique H-shaped design, this model is durable, convenient and can easily slide under beds. It can be used as a desk or to eat meals on, as well as to keep personal belongings or medication within reach. The height is adjustable to comfortably fit various bed sizes. All you need to do is use the designated knob to bring the table to a different level. The swivel casters allow it to roll effortlessly on most indoor surfaces and come with a specialized locking mechanism. This keeps the table fixed and secure, but also gives your family member more control over their mobility.

Silver Spring Overbed Table includes a useful tilting feature that ensures easy access and a comfortable position in all settings. The product is made of high-density board and strong steel, which makes it more reliable and long-lasting as it isn’t prone to cracking, forming mold or warping like other materials are. It is also stain-resistant and requires little to no maintenance – a quick wipe using a damp cloth will get rid of any smudges and keep it looking spotless. The top has a laminated finish and the frame is powder-coated to protect against scratches, corrosion and rust. A disadvantage of this low-priced model is that it does not roll as smoothly as other tables.


  • smart design for increased stability
  • sturdy and long-lasting construction
  • stain and rust resistant, easy to clean and maintain
  • wheels have a safe locking mechanism
  • adjustable height and tilting feature
  • very low cost: one of the least expensive options on the market
  • fits different bed sizes


  • does not feature a lip around the edges to keep food or items from sliding off
  • wheels are light and small and do not turn properly when the table is moved
  • handle does not tighten well enough (pressure may cause the table to fold down)

6. Medical Adjustable Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Table

This model combines innovative design with comfort to create a reliable product that offers optimal support and convenience. Linking a unique two-part table with infinite height adjustment, Vaunn Medical’s product makes it easier for your loved one to work, eat or relax. It features 360-degree angle adjustment that guarantees more flexibility than regular bed tables. The top can be moved in a wide range of directions and used for holding food, drinks, books, medication and small electronics. In addition to providing more support, the item also promotes proper spinal alignment and ensures that your loved one maintains good posture, while still sitting comfortably.

Unlike traditional models, Vaunn’s bed table features a double tilt – the large part of the table can be inclined using the adjustment knob. The small tray is safely locked and can be used to keep glasses, pills or personal belongings nearby. The base is made of heavy-gauge steel and the frame is coated with powder for increased longevity and protection against wear, rust and stains. The wood grain top has a molded edge to keep items from sliding off and is laminated (making it much easier to clean). Lastly, the table comes with four caster wheels, two out of which have a secure locking mechanism.

The main advantages of this product are the ease of use, pricing and portability. The height is simple to adjust, even for seniors with limited strength. The two parts offer additional storage space and the materials are durable and require little maintenance. On the downside, the lever could be longer as it is hard to reach for some users.


  • smart design that offers more versatility and comfort
  • height is very flexible (can be adjusted between 28 and 47 inches)
  • two pieces, one of which can be tilted in any direction
  • handy second tray for added storage room
  • sturdy powder-coated steel construction that is low-maintenance and lasts longer
  • features four casters and a locking mechanism
  • supports up to 50 pounds (much higher capacity than regular bed tables)
  • excellent customer service
  • low cost


  • assembly instructions are not clear
  • table requires a lot of pressure to lower if it has been elevated accidentally
  • the stationary tray is slightly wobbly
  • the lip around the edges is hard and can hurt the user’s wrists if using a laptop

7. Vive Overbed Table

This is a reliable solution if your relative is recovering from surgery or they suffer from chronic illness. It provides a sturdy surface that is large enough to eat on, write on or perform other daily tasks. It can be used both for a hospital bed and with a wheelchair. The height can be modified anywhere between 28 and 39 inches through the adjustment lever. It is simple to use and requires little effort, making it a good choice if your relative has limited strength and does not have a caregiver to help them with it. The frame is durable, made from solid steel. It guarantees a longer lifespan as it is resistant to mold, rust and corrosion. Another benefit to this type of material is that it can securely support up to 50 pounds, considerably more than a traditional product.

Vive Overbed Table comes with a lifetime guarantee. The top is made from quality wood grain and is also laminated. The latter makes it very easy to sanitize and maintain, only requiring a quick wipe to disinfect and keep clean and elegant. The surface is slightly wider than what you would expect with regular models, giving your loved one more room to store personal items. It can also be used to keep medication nearby at all times. In addition, it features four swivel caster wheels which have a safe mechanism that stabilizes the table. A downside of this product is that the surface tips easily which might be inconvenient when you want to lean on it more heavily.


  • slim model with functional design
  • durable materials that are corrosion-resistant
  • easy to clean, move and use
  • larger surface than with regular models
  • features four caster wheels
  • quick and simple assembly
  • has lip around the edges to keep small items from falling off
  • comes with a lifetime warranty
  • low cost


  • does not roll well on carpet
  • does not tilt
  • wheels are made of plastic and can break over time
  • not as sturdy as other models

8. Days Height Adjustable Overbed Table

This is a simple overbed table that offers a smart solution for convenient at-home and hospital care. It is smaller than traditional models, lightweight and easy to move. It has a straightforward angle and functional design that allows for quick height adjustment. The modest size makes it a good choice for patients who have limited strength or mobility. Your family member can use it in combination with a chair or bed. The plastic surface ensures an extended lifespan and less damage with repeated use. It is also low-maintenance and much easier to handle than models made from steel or wood. Additionally, it features casters and ridges on each side of the table.

Days is a leading brand for senior care that is recommended by millions nationwide. Their product is very functional and affordable, requiring minimum effort to use. However, there are some disadvantages to this type of table: the top itself is fairly thin and flimsy, which makes it easier for items to slide off it. Moreover, the small size may not be ideal for your loved one’s needs (especially if they are looking to use the item for work). It also does not tilt and can only hold a little over 20 pounds (much smaller capacity than its standard counterparts). With that in mind, the Days Overbed Table is one of the least expensive alternatives on the market.


  • lightweight and easy to clean
  • height adjustment between 29 and 41 inches
  • features caster wheels
  • quick and straightforward assembly
  • low maintenance
  • well-constructed, simple design that is easy to use
  • economical


  • does not tilt
  • not as sturdy and wide as other models
  • wheels do not have a locking mechanism to keep the table in place
  • items can fall off the table fairly easily

9. Medline Overbed Table with Wheels

Medline Overbed Table is a reliable product for both home and hospital use. It is long-lasting and stands out due to its simplicity and pleasant aspect. Made of hardwood grain, the walnut top is very strong and can hold a lot of weight. The unique foundation shape allows it to be used with beds, but also in combination with wheelchairs. Although it does not have any bells and whistles like the other models, it is a quality alternative with practical design and budget-friendly pricing.

This table can be used for eating, writing and working (there is enough spade and width for placing a laptop on it). The height can be adjusted for extra comfort and there are ridges to keep small belongings from sliding off. It rolls over well on indoor surfaces like wood or linoleum and it does not leave any marks on carpets. The item features four caster wheels, two of which have a locking mechanism to keep the base fixed and secure.


  • well-built, sturdy with simple design
  • adjustable height between 29 and 42 inches
  • wheels roll well and hold tightly
  • strong base with hardwood top
  • brakes can be locked for added stability
  • quick and easy assembly
  • high enough for taller beds
  • holds up to 50 pounds
  • convenient and easy to move
  • affordable


  • surface is not resistant to moisture and stains can cause swelling
  • some users report a rattle noise coming from the release lever
  • requires more maintenance than other models due to the walnut finish
  • it has a slight tilt that makes it difficult to keep items unmoved

10. Coavas Overbed Table Medical Table

This is a high-quality and very discreet table that can be used in a hospital setting, as well as for home care. It is smaller than most models, but sturdy and stable. Featuring three different levels of height adjustment, it is does not take up a lot of space and can be placed as a bedside or used for eating and keeping medication handy. You can easily place a notebook and an iPad on it or turn it into a cozy reading space. The steel tube guarantees longevity and requires little to no maintenance. The material is also powder-coated to protect against rust and teardown.

Coavas Overbed Table is highly adaptable to different settings and combines comfort and durability with elegant design. The increased density of the fiberboard allows it to last longer over time and to hold more weight than traditional products. It is easy to use and move around, and it can be put together in as little as ten minutes. All of the necessary tools for assembly, as well as an in-depth instruction manual are included in the package. Each of the four caster wheels have a built-in locking mechanism that helps keep the table in place. This table is a smart alternative if you are looking for enhanced mobility, without having to worry about it being wobbly or flimsy. In addition to incorporating all of these useful elements, it is also one of the cheapest items currently on the market.


  • lightweight, discreet and convenient
  • intelligent design and durability
  • resistant to weight, rust and corrosion
  • comes with a 30-days unconditional return warranty
  • features four casters with locking mechanism
  • can also fit under couches and chairs
  • rolls well on indoor surfaces
  • very low cost


  • does not tilt
  • surface is not laminated
  • does not fold
  • smaller in size than most models (cannot place heavy objects on it)
  • height can be adjusted to a maximum of only 31 inches (not as tall as other models)
  • does not have any ridges to keep items from sliding off

11. Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch

Invacare offers a large, steady surface for your loved one to eat, relax or work on comfortably. It has a welded steel base that guarantees stability, as well as chrome plating to increase longevity and strength. With wide dimensions and a laminated top, the bed table provides enough space for daily activities and requires minimum maintenance. It is very easy to clean and the assembly only takes a few minutes. Your relative can quickly raise or lower it with a light upward or downward push. Additionally, the height can be adjusted anywhere between 28 and 40 inches.

What is unique about this model is its auto-touch feature – it has a spring-loaded locking mechanism that easily secures the table into your desired position. The walnut finish has an elegant look, but the table cannot be pushed to the side or folded for more convenient storage. Invacare’s product also includes casters for smooth transition and molded edges so that your loved one doesn’t accidentally injure themselves or hurt their wrists using the table. The item is high-quality, very sturdy and fits well under beds. It is also stronger than other models and can be leaned on more heavily. It is a good investment if your loved one requires a wider surface area that can hold a larger number of items.


  • chrome-plated hardwood top that lasts longer and is easy to clean
  • strong base with functional shape for increased stability
  • comfortable and convenient
  • transitions well on most indoor surfaces
  • features four casters (two with locking mechanism)
  • adjustable height
  • can be used both with beds and wheelchairs
  • rolls smoothly on rougher surfaces like carpet
  • quick and simple to put together
  • economical


  • does not have a lip or raised edge to prevent items from falling off
  • top does not swivel and the entire table has to be pushed out of the way to exit the bed
  • only holds up to 25 pounds
  • cannot be folded for storage

12. Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table with Wheels

Vaunn is a brand that is widely recommended by doctors and their product is a highly reliable option for patients with chronic illness or injuries that require long-term care. It is a smart choice if you need a table that rolls well on hard flooring. The wheels are specifically designed to promote better mobility and to transition smoothly over most indoor surfaces. Two of the swivel casters have a safety locking mechanism and the spring-loaded handle makes it easy to adjust the height. The table has flexible height adjustment (anywhere between 28 and 40 inches). Keep in mind that the description of this item is inaccurate – it states htat the table will support up to 50ls, but users report that it does not hold up more than 25lbs without breaking down or wobbling. Vaunn’s Medical Adjustable Table slides under beds and can also be helpful in combination with wheelchairs. Your loved one can use this item to eat, work, read and keep personal belongings or essential medication nearby.

The assembly is simple and only requires a few minutes. The casters can be removed for more convenient storage and the top can be folded. However, the base cannot be made compact so you will require more space to properly deposit the table. Moreover, the top does not swivel left or right, which means that your loved one cannot tilt it into a more comfortable position. On the plus side, Vaunn’s model is more slender than traditional tables and will easily fit in narrow spaces or under furniture. It is also portable and easy to transport and maintain. In addition, users report that customer service is very resourceful and professional, as well as quick to offer replacement parts or items if anything is defective.


  • hospital-grade product
  • well-constructed, long and narrow, fits better than most tables into small spaces
  • smart design with only one support leg for easy access under beds and furniture
  • adjustable height that can be easily accessed through a lever
  • sturdy and durable
  • can also be used with wheelchairs
  • features a small lip on the side of the table to keep items from falling off
  • top is laminated and easy to clean
  • proactive customer service
  • economical


  • instruction manual is not clear or well thought-out (you can check the reviews for more accurate details and fast assembly)
  • adjusting the height requires heavy pressure (not ideal for someone with limited strength)
  • does not tilt
  • taller than most tables (might be too high for electrical hospital beds)

13. Silver Spring Tilting Overbed Table

Silver Spring’s newer model of tilting overbed table features the same revolving H-shaped base design. It’s around the same width at 15.75 inches and around the same length at 24.5 inches. This model’s base height starts shorter at 26.75 inches compared to the older model’s 28 inches, but the old model’s extendable height is only 43 inches, while this model can be adjusted to 45 inches. This may sound like a trivial detail, but a difference of 2 inches will make the table more suitable for higher beds.


  • Adjustable height of up to 45 inches
  • Tabletop telescopes up to 9 inches out
  • Revolving H-shaped design for easy sliding under beds


  • The knobs require some strength to loosen and tighten

There’s an advantage to the revolving H-shaped base design. It will allow the table to become usable with low-profile bed frames. Two lockable and two regular caster wheels attach to the base’s crossbars directly and provide basic maneuverability to the overbed table. Though at 13 pounds, it’s easy to move the table as needed. The laminate tabletop and powder-coated steel frame keep the table light and sturdy enough to accommodate up to 50 pounds.

Both the tilting and height adjustment functions can be customized through star knobs. Anyone who has used star knobs before knows that these types of hand-tightened knob screws need someone with considerable strength to pop the threads loose and tighten the threads until the connected parts no longer wobble. The tilting table especially needs a tight adjustment to avoid accidental tilting. This means that even with the large size of the knobs, the elderly and patients may still need constant assistance for any minor adjustments on the overbed table.

14. Invacare Hospital Style Table on Bed with Adjustable Height Tilt Top and Wheels

Invacare’s overbed table has the same style as hospital overbed tables, but is more compact and basic. It has the same H-shape frame with a welded and powder-coated steel base and a wood-grain laminate tabletop. The base and tabletop look durable and it has a maximum distributed weight capacity of 25 pounds. The metal components’ and the laminate’s smooth edges are also welcome features especially for individuals that need to use the overbed table for their daily routine.


  • Light touch height adjustment and tilt-release lever
  • Molded table top edge
  • Lockable caster wheels


  • Shorter compared to similar overbed tables
  • More expensive than similar tables

One advantage that Invacare Hospital Style Overbed Table has over competitors is its tilt-release lever. With just a light touch, you can raise and lower the table between 28 inches to 40 inches. A downward tap will lock the table into position.

Though this overbed table model is shorter at a maximum height of 40 inches, it’s still suitable for hospital beds and even for home use. This lower height may not be comfortable for everyone, though.  And even though this overbed table is well-made and usable, it still comes at a premium price.

15. Auto-Touch Overbed Table

Another product from Invacare, this overbed table also features an H-shaped base and smooth swivel casters. The tabletop is a walnut wood-grain laminate with a particleboard core and smooth plastic edge molding that is 31 inches long and 3/4 inch thick. Overall, the tabletop is 31 inches long and 3/4 inch thick and can support distributed weight of up to 30 pounds.


  • Auto-touch feature
  • Maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs
  • Lockable caster wheels
  • Easy to assemble


  • This table is non-tilt
  • Shorter than other overbed table models

If you are searching for a highly customizable overbed table, this is not for you. This table is excellent for use as a basic table for eating and writing. It’s the typical 30 inches by 15 inches table but it can only be adjusted to a maximum height of 39 inches. This is not to say that this is a run-of-the-mill overbed table. It meets the HCPCS requirements for over-bed tables (Code E0274).

Perhaps the best feature of this Invacare overbed table is its auto-touch feature that locks the table into your desired position with a one-hand operation spring-loaded lock mechanism. This removes the need for screw knobs and multiple levers. And since this overbed table does not have any special features, it’s easier to assemble and easier to maintain in the long run.