Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is one of the hottest careers in healthcare.The reason is simple. Travel nursing offers registered nurses (RNs) the freedom to control their own destiny as well as seeing parts of America they could only dream about.

American Travel Health Nurse Association sais that because of the severe and growing shortage of RN nurses around the country, hospitals desperately need experienced nurses to help shoulder the workload. Travel nursing employment is growing continuously.

“Where to next?” is a common question travel nurses encounter. They have the chance to work in different hospitals and make new friends everywhere. From the mountains of Colorado to the sunny beaches of Florida, California or Hawaii. Or experience the excitement of big cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Chicago.

Travel Nursing Gives You True Freedom With Your Career

RN travel nurses enjoy a degree of freedom unlike anyone else in healthcare. They can choose assignments in any of the 50 states. As a travel nurse, you’ll experience every kind of nursing assignment – from small town rural placements in Texas, Missouri or Oregon to bustling modern hospitals in major cities.

Travel nursing assignments are generally short-term. Most last around three to six months but can stretch as long as a year. You then have time off to explore the city you are working in and take a vacation. Or catch up with family and friends between assignments.

There are many other perks with travel nursing too. You not only get to manage your own time and nursing career yourself but your salary is highly competitive, the job comes with benefits and you enjoy free housing too.

Travel nurses also have the opportunity to earn bonuses and on average earn about 10-15% more than a staff nurse. Medical and dental insurance is included and some travel nursing agencies provide 401 (k) and matching contributions.

Travel Nursing Has Many Perks

A housing allowance and relocation is generally all included in your package too. Many travel nursing agencies also throw in sweeteners such as as life, disability, and professional liability insurance, free or low-cost continuing-education courses and licensure reimbursement.

Everything will be set out for you when you meet with the travel nursing agency. They will handle your salary payments too to check when and how they pay you. Ask about direct salary deposits into your bank account or, if this is unavailable, how regular you checks will arrive.

You will need a RN nursing license that’s valid for every state and your agency will help you easily sort this out. It’s not a complicated process as long as you have a valid nursing license.

Many travel nurses base their assignment choices on the weather so they can enjoy a year-round mild climate. Other traveling RNs choose their assignments based on hobbies like hiking, scuba diving, surfing or the exploration of historical sites.

Many travel nurses find that the travel nursing tasks they experience from town-to-town, city-to-city and state-to-state has helped them to really grow as nurses. They’ve learned how different medical units operate and have obtained the type of nursing knowledge that simply can’t be taught in nursing schools.

Travel nursing experience looks good on your resume too. Travel nurses quickly learn to be flexible and adaptable in any situation which makes them even more valuable within the profession.

If you would like a nursing job that can take you all over America, pays well, provides free accommodation and offers you everything from small town assignments to bustling medical units in sophisticated hospitals, travel nursing could be just the perfect nursing job for you.

Travel Nurse Salary

If you are one of those individuals who are thinking of becoming a travel nurse, then you must be curious about what travel nurse salary is like. There are more than hundreds of people doing the travel nurse jobs and are employed in thousands of travel nurse companies. The general trend of the travel nurse pay scale is quite similar in most cases but the pay can vary depending on different factors. Therefore, it is better to ask the travel nurse companies, the agencies that recruit travel nurses and place them in different health care centers and other places. This article gives a generalized view on the travel nurse salary.

Due to shortage seen in the health care industry, travel nurses are now in demand all over the globe. This kind of mobile nursing career is one of the most rewarding careers that any interested individual can take. However, one first needs to obtain a degree on nursing and get himself or herself registered before one can engage in this profession. One can travel across the globe as well as country as this helps the registered nurses to gain different kind of experience that are not only fulfilling but also rewarding. One can have the opportunity of travelling while in the same time grow in his or her profession by working as a travel nurse. This is why the travel nurse jobs and travel nurse salary has been quite a popular topic nowadays. Usually, the assignments of travel nurse last around 3 to 6 months as the woks are usually short term. A great number of registered nurses are joining the travel nurse companies even though the travel nurse jobs are non-permanent jobs. It is because the travel nurse salary is a handsome one that comes along with allowances, bonuses and other benefits.

As stated by the Bureau of Statistics in the United States, 57 percent of the registered nurses are working in hospitals. The rest 43 percent of registered nurses are working in nursing homes, travel placements, home health, and employment agencies or in clinics. Like any other job, the travel nurse pay scale depends on the experience of the nurse as well as the area of specialty and the length of stay and location. However, the travel nurse salary, in most cases, can rival the salary of a registered nurse working in the hospital. This is one of the main reasons why many of the registered nurses are opting to shift to the career of travel nurses for better exposure and better pay.

Whereas a registered nurse who works in a hospital might earn an hourly wage of $25 on average, travel nurse salary varies in between $25 to $35.Also some mobile travel nurses earn $40 an hour. The average yearly salary of travel nurses is around $64000 and the registered nurses working in the hospitals get $66350 annually. Some of the travel nurses get $49000-$73000 annually. The annual Travel Nurse Salary usually depends on the working hours and location. The ones who are appointed in the metropolitan cities get the highest pay. One can earn more for the overtime. Also, most of the travel nurse companies provide housing fees, relocation fees, utilities fees as well as bonuses and other benefits to the travelling mobile nurses.

Most of the travel nurse companies have different kinds of travel nurse salary packages depending on the travel nurse’s experience and training. The more experience and training one gets, the higher the demand and pay is. The places that have higher cost of living have higher travel nurse salary range. Also, the travel nurse salary depends greatly on the specialty of the nurse. Working in larger companies will help to earn more salary whereas small facilities will provide smaller amount of salary and benefit packages. Also, while being in the same facility or agency, the pay rate might be different as different employees would get different rate depending on their type of work even though the average pay might be close. Years of experience as well as type of training, degree and education play a major role in getting higher or lower pay. Other factors such as demand and location also affect the travel nurse salary. Higher demand would lead to higher pay whereas lesser demand would lead to opposite situation.

Travel Nurse Salary: Benefits

The benefits of a travel nurse are usually greater than the travel nurse salary itself. Being a travel nurse makes one’s resume stand out as it means that the individual had exposure to different situations and thus have more experience than others. This profession helps the registered nurses to earn more knowledge and makes one’s skill stand out than others. Therefore, the benefits that one can get from this job cannot be measured in money. The experiences can help one to get higher wages and higher position sin future. This experience does not only help a nurse in professional level but it also helps in the personal level too. Also, the extra monetary benefits provided by the travel nurse agencies can help to add up nearly 245% more and sometimes even over that to the basic travel nurse salary.

Even though the travel nurse salary greatly varies due to the short term feature of the job, a travel nurse can get other benefits from this job as many of travel nurse agencies provide different kinds of insurances such as medical insurance and dental insurance. As the demand for travelling nurses are really high, the demand for this type of nurses are never scarce. The travel nurse jobs not only provide opportunity for the individuals to manage their profession in a better manner but it also helps to achieve one’s personal as well as professional goals in many ways. One should be careful in choosing credible and reliable agency to get the best out of this profession. Other bonuses are also added to the travel nurse salary package.