Top 30 Assisted Living Facilities in San Jose

More than five million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s Disease. It is estimated that this number will reach sixteen million by 2050. Despite this harrowing reality, a majority of elders have not discussed retirement care options with their loved ones or lifelong partner. Given that one in three seniors dies of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia and that millions of people need assisted living services nationwide, it is important to open up a conversation about our plans and our family’s future in a caregiving community. In order to find the ideal fit, you need to make sure that your desired location ticks off several key-features such as quality living conditions, convenience and security, flexible pricing and qualified staff.

Renowned for their natural reserve parks, stunning wildlife and friendly, intimate neighborhoods, San Jose is an excellent retirement option for anyone looking to enjoy a quiet life in the comfort of a cozy home with plenty of nearby attractions to visit. If you have decided that San Jose is without a doubt your chosen city, the following guide may be of use to you. Below you will find an all-inclusive top thirty of the best assisted living facilities from this location.

30. Acacia Creek

34400 Mission Blvd, Union City, CA 94587

Acacia Creek is a retirement facility built by the Masons of California that offers independent services. Even though this is a community rich in Masonic values, non-Masons seniors are also welcome. Without having to worry about wasting time on daily activities such as home maintenance or housekeeping, the residents of Acacia Creek can make the best out of their day and participate in a multitude of recreational activities, special events that are planned by and for residents, day trips around the San Francisco Bay Area, game nights, on-campus exercise clubs, water aerobics, arts and crafts, music and choir practice or simply socialize with other active and engaged residents who are part of the community.

The amenities offered by this facility include a fitness center, indoor pool and spa, library, garden, dance floor, lounge and bar, carpentry workshop and even a film screening room.

29. A Home at Shaw

1545 Shaw Dr, San Jose, CA 95118

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This assisted living facility provides quality care at affordable rates. Located in a small, quiet neighborhood, A Home at Shaw is like a single, tight-knit family. The team here acknowledges how important it is for seniors to be heard, listened to and understood. They take the time to assess their patient’s health, to find out what they like, dislike, what they expect from the community and what their lifelong passions and goals are. This type of approach based on genuine social connection has been shown to increase happiness levels, as well as mental health (a key-aspect of overall wellbeing in old age).

A Home at Shaw will provide your loved one with daily assistance with their routines (eating, bathing, toileting, grooming, personal hygiene, and mobility), emotional support and medical attention whenever needed. The team of licensed professionals will be available on a 24-hour basis and intervene in case of any day-to-day issues and emergencies that arise.

28. JNJJ Care Home

673 Jennings Drive San Jose CA 95121

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This residential care home from the Santa Clara County offers a combination of memory care and assisted living services. With a professional, friendly staff that has a holistic, patient-centered approach, JNJJ Care Home puts forth shared and private bedrooms, separate baths and a common area for socialization and relaxation. The outdoor spaces are green, calming and secure. Three delicious, nutritionally-adequate meals are prepared and served by a talented team of cooks. Moreover, regular housekeeping and personal laundry services are also accounted for by the monthly fee.

The staff at this assisted living facility offers professional support with activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, toileting, eating and dressing, but also medication reminders, ongoing monitoring and 24/7 supervision by licensed experts. The qualified caregivers also ensure transportation to and from healthcare appointments or cultural venues. Residents are invited to participate in social and educational on-site activities.

27. Lincoln & Pine Care Home

1710 Lincoln Avenue , San Jose, CA 95125

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Lincoln & Pine Care Home is a small retirement community that is ideal if your loved one does not enjoy living in a big facility with large groups of people. The location ensures assisted living services in the comfort of a cozy, intimate apartment with a reduced number of residents and a dedicated team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals. The latter are trained to help your family member perform their daily routines, as well as to remind them of medication or administer it themselves. They also offer specialized care and emotional support, reassuring seniors when they need it and spending quality time with them to prevent loneliness and isolation.

Residents at Lincoln & Pine Care Home are encouraged to participate in a wide range of cultural and social events which keep them stimulated and engaged. They also benefit from housekeeping, linen and personal laundry services, as well as planned transportation and three delicious meals prepared every day.

26. Pruneridge Residential Care Home 2

2575 FOREST AVENUE, San Jose, CA, 95117

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This assisted living facility offers quality senior care, flexible pricing and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Centered on a holistic approach, the team at Pruneridge Residential Care Home 2 helps seniors complete activities such as dressing, eating, toileting, grooming and bathing. They also remind elders to take their medication, they place them on therapeutic diets with three tasty, nutritionally-rich meals per day, and ensure that they stay physically active, entertained and socially involved with the community. All of these elements combined help residents feel safe, at ease, loved and accepted, but also guarantee that they will receive immediate medical attention in case of any complications or life-threatening emergencies.

If you are searching for a quiet retirement home in a welcoming neighborhood, Pruneridge Residential Care Home 2 is a great, reliable option for you and your family. The staff will also keep you updated on your loved one’s condition, and allow frequent visitations.

25. Bellerose Senior Living

1701, 100 Bellerose Dr, San Jose, CA 95128

With over twenty years of experience in assisted living, Bellerose Senior Living puts forth a variety of stylish, secure apartments with kind, compassionate staff trained specifically to aid with day-to-day tasks and crisis situations. Featuring semi-private and private bedrooms, three delicious, well-balanced meals every day, internet access, personal care support, as well as 24/7 monitoring and alert security systems (that function both on and off the premises), this facility aims to create the best possible life for seniors suffering from a wide range of health conditions.

There are daily social and entertaining activities that promote connection, relaxation and a balance between comfort, freedom and active living. Two instances of transportation to and from medical appointments are guaranteed every month. Moreover, medication and care management is also covered by the flexible pricing, in addition to modern, functional furnishing, laundry and housekeeping services. Pets are also allowed at this facility.

24. Villa Verde

4751 Calle de ToscaSan JoseCA 95118 

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Villa Verde takes pride in its innovative, resident-centered approach. Recognizing that social connection and properly managed mental health are essential factors to aging well, the team here has found the perfect balance between privacy and security. They keep elders safe, consistently supervised and monitored, but they also allow them to lead independent lives, preserve their freedom and make personal choices regarding everything that matters to them. Each day, residents at Villa Verde get to spend quality time with the staff, but also with fellow seniors who share their interests, struggles and experiences.

The community offers assistance with personal care and daily routines, medication management, 24/7 support and quality nutrition (three delicious meals every day, rich in vitamins, minerals and fresh, unrefined produce). Additionally, Villa Verde provides families with independent living services, hospice care and supportive care. Small pets are also allowed at this facility.

23. Oakmont of San Jose

917 Thornton Way, San Jose, CA 95128

Oakmont of San Jose is a premier senior assistance community that provides excellent quality in terms of comfort, care, services and amenities. This facility offers assisted living and memory care services at the highest standard. The residents are well looked after and each of their medical and personal care needs are consistently met. They have the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle with personalized comprehensive support that promotes independent choice. The wellness center at this facility is designed to take into account each resident’s specific medical requirements.

The elders enjoy their chef-prepared nutritious meals in a restaurant-style dining room. They are served with kosher or vegetarian dishes if they prefer them. Snacks and refreshments are also available in the 24/7 open bistro. The seniors can watch up to two movies a day in the facility’s spacious movie theater or spend some time with their four-legged companions in the dog park. In case one of the residents wonders off, the staff is immediately alerted with the help of the security system.

22. All About Seniors – Kimberley’s Elder Kare

2770 Moorpark Ave San Jose CA 95128

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Kimberley’s Elder Kare offers personalized services to seniors from all walks of life and who suffer from a variety of chronic illness, pain or other health conditions. Focused on treating each individual resident with the care, undivided attention, respect and dignity that they deserve, this assisted living facility takes pride in the bed-and-breakfast, cozy and cheerful homes that they provide for their seniors. The apartments are impeccably clean, beautifully furnished and carefully constructed to ensure that its inhabitants are protected, sheltered, but not smothered by security or lacking in privacy.

The organization has high staffing ratios, private bedrooms, special diet adjustments, medication storage, wheelchair access and transfer, as well as a walker assistance. Additionally, residents receive magazine and newspaper subscription and delivery, support for the visually impaired, but also incontinence care, daily monitoring and housekeeping services. There are also daily exercise classes and other fun, stimulating group activities.

21. Bonnevie Residence Care

555A McLaughlin Ave, San Jose, CA 95116

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This residential home is a beautifully decorated assisted living facility with simple, comfortable design, a friendly, kindhearted staff and flexible accommodations and pricing. If you are looking for economical, but high-quality senior living services, Bonnevie Residence Care is the ideal choice. Only a few minutes away from fine dining restaurants, natural parks and major shopping centers, the facility has professional staff available on a 24-hour basis, a rich social and cultural activity calendar, as well as bedside care services and personal hygiene assistance (included in the standard monthly cost).
Bonnevie Residence Care ensures transportation to and from medical appointments or specific venues, housekeeping and personal laundry services, building and grounds maintenance, but also medication ordering, pick-up and administration. The rooms have a home-like, snug feel to them and the green outdoor spaces are calming and sheltered. The location is convenient and surrounded by exciting city attractions.

20. Somerset Senior Living

4322, 1050 St Elizabeth Dr, San Jose, CA 95126

Located in the quiet Willow Glen neighborhood, Somerset Senior Living is a retirement community that offers assisted living services to elderly individuals of San Hose. This facility is conveniently situated in close proximity to hospitals, shopping center and parks. The Somerset team aims to create a warm environment built upon understanding how residents can feel safe, comfortable and at home. Backed up by years of experience in healthcare and by the genuine desire to care for fellow human beings, the staff of Somerset make sure that the seniors are properly taken care of and are satisfied with their stay at the facility. In case of emergencies or special requirements, there is someone available to intervene and assist no matter the hour.

The residents are provided three nutritional meals a day along with frequent snacks. If prescribed by their doctor, their special diet requirements are met as well. The seniors are also provided assistance with daily living tasks, arrangements for medical appointments, planned activities, laundry and housekeeping services.

19. Lincoln Glenn Manor

2671 Plummer Ave # A, San Jose, CA 95125

Lincoln Glenn Manor puts forth a wide range of floor plans, including cottages, studio and one-bedroom apartments. The latter have fully furnished bedrooms, private baths, an in-room kitchenette with appliances and an elegant dining room. The team creates and manages a monthly events calendar which includes activities such as yoga, Tai Chi, arts and crafts, learning courses, off-site trips and outings, lecture series, group discussions, Wii sports, musical events, games and movie nights. Guest parking and dining are available. However, no pets are allowed at this facility.

There is an on-site barber shop and beauty salon, a party space, a common area for socialization, a television room, a stunning garden and an outdoor patio, but also a computer room and a comprehensive library. Lastly, residents can enjoy a variety of hiking trails and transportation to and from attractions and medical appointments. Housekeeping, laundry and private cleaning services are covered.

18. Melanie Biton Residence Care

3156 Stimson Way San Jose, CA 95135

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This is a unique residential home with a friendly, warmhearted owner who cares deeply for their residents and wants to see them succeed. Active since 1995, the small community is located in a quiet, calming neighborhood and has a truly homey, safe and reassuring feel to it. The building has shared and private rooms, separate baths and a fully-equipped kitchen, but also a common area where residents can meet, share experiences and form long-lasting friendships. The qualified caregivers are empathetic, kind, loving and trained to successfully respond to any emergency situation.

The owner of the facility is in charge of all the cooking, ensuring that residents receive three healthy, savory, homemade meals every day. Additionally, seniors are invited to participate in exercise classes, karaoke, bingo sessions, evening outings, card and domino games. Religious services are also included, as a church representative comes every Sunday for singing and bible sharing.

17. San Jose Senior Housing 2 – All About Seniors

1474 Pompey Dr, San Jose, CA 95128

San Jose Senior Housing 2 – All About Seniors is well-known for offering quality, customized assisted living services to elderly individuals all across San Jose. Featuring cozy, spacious homes with shared and private rooms, separate baths and a therapeutic, snug atmosphere, the facility has over twenty years of experience in senior living. The staff help residents perform activities such as bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing and eating, but also remind them to take their medication and offer genuine companionship, encouragement and emotional support.

The residential homes are encircled by stunning landscaped grounds, open backyards with sheltered patios, gardens and sunny decks, as well as several nearby attractions. There is also a memory care unit available for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients who require night assistance and a constantly secured perimeter. Lastly, non-ambulatory seniors are welcome, as the rooms are easily accessible and the building has wheelchair accommodations in place.

16. Caring Hearts Senior Care Home, Inc

3207 Tulipwood Ln San Jose, CA 95132

Caring Hearts is a warm and home-like residential care facility for the elderly that has been serving the seniors of San Jose for over a decade. This community offers assisted living services and can take in a maximum of twelve individuals at a time. It is a smaller environment that can follow the residents more closely and allow the staff to provide more personalized care. Moreover, the community works with health nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, lab technicians, podiatry technicians and others in order to offer their residents a complex level of care. They also organize daily activities and events that encourage them to socialize and be active.

The owners are open to the residents’ feedback and their families’ suggestions. They are also quick to address any concerns or issue. The house is bright, clean, has spacious rooms with plenty of storage space and is easy for persons with disabilities to move around in.

15. Regency at Evergreen Valley

4463 San Felipe Rd, San Jose, CA 95135

This popular independent and assisted living facility prides itself in its high-quality care and wide array of excellent amenities. Committed to providing value and a safe, trusting home for seniors and their families, Regency at Evergreen Valley features an innovative health and wellness program entitled Vibrant Life. The latter focuses on all five pillars of wellbeing and helps elderly individuals from all walks of life build the meaningful, thriving life that they have always dreamed of. Refined by experience and years of hard work, this organization has built a strong, enduring reputation as one of the leading names in home health and senior living.

The amenities at this facility include: private, spacious bedrooms, traditional, stunning furnishing, kitchenettes with mini refrigerators and microwaves, separate baths with easy access and beautiful outdoor spaces for relaxation. There is also a large common area with multiple entertainment options, where residents gather and participate in a variety of social and cultural activities.

14. Glenn Manor Residential Home

4463 San Felipe Rd, San Jose, CA 95135

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Glen Manor Residential Home is caring community for seniors that offers assisted living, independent living, nursing care, and memory care. The people of this facility keep the lines of communication open with residents and families in order to customize their services to fit their needs. This facility is prepared to take any senior who comes to their doorstep, whether they need a little bit of extra help with daily activities, they require closer supervision and assistance with more tasks or they are struggling with a memory illness. The Glen Manor team is fully equipped with the right tools and people to provide their residents the environment that they need in order to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life.

The staff is comprised of qualified therapists, a social service professional, certified nursing assistants, licensed nurses and dietitians. There is someone from the staff available at any hour to fulfill any requests coming from the seniors at late hours.

13. Harvy’s Home Care

410 Fieldcrest Drive San Jose, CA 95123

Harvy’s Home Care is a family-owned business situated in the county of Santa Clara, relatively close to restaurants, shopping centers, parks and the West Valley freeway. This community aims to offer seniors who suffer from memory illnesses the best possible care by treating them with dignity and respect. Understanding how important it is to form a relationship built on trust and respect, the team at Harvy’s Home Care go out of their way to create a safe and secure environment for their residents. Their programs, specifically designed for people suffering from different types of dementia, help the seniors remain active, engaged, but also to maintain and improve their mental capabilities. The staff provides help and assistance with bathing, feeding, dressing, transfer or medication management. The seniors are under close supervision 24/7.
This community serves healthy and nutritious food three times a day and fulfills the doctors’ or the seniors’ requests for special dietary menus. Moreover, the staff also provides assistance with laundry, linen services and housekeeping.

12. Belmont Village Sunnyvale

1039 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Belmont Village Sunnyvale is a retirement community that focuses on providing the best combination of comfort, care and active living. Sunnyvale team helps their residents bloom physically, mentally and also socially regardless of the type of service they opt for: independent living, assisted living, memory care or short-term care. As part of their memory care service, this community takes pride in its Whole Brain Fitness Lifestyle program that addresses elements such as nutrition, physical exercise, mental workouts, learning, stress, a strong social network and a sense of purpose. The staff is comprised of well-trained and dedicated individuals who help the residents with daily living activities and medication management.

The residents also have access to a fitness center and wellness programs, physical, occupational and speech therapy available on-site, Internet and email. The well-balanced and nutritious meals are prepared by hard-working chefs and are served in a restaurant-style dining room.

11. Golden Heritage Senior Living

1275 N 4th St, San Jose, CA 95112

This non-profit organization is the most sought-after, successful faith-based community of San Jose when it comes to senior care. Golden Heritage Senior Living primarily serves the South Bay Area and has years of healthcare and assisted living experience under its belt. The dedicated, multi-lingual staff can speak a wide range of Chinese dialects and Asian languages, ensuring proper communication with a diverse population of residents. In addition to personal and medical care, the facility offers support for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, but also transportation to and from appointments and meetings.

The security system at Golden Heritage uses new technology to constantly track and detect emergencies or situations where medical attention is required. Other amenities include free internet access, individually controlled air-conditioning and heating, elevators, private dining room for guests, outdoor, green courtyard, spacious parking, basic phone and cable services, oversized bathrooms, common areas on every floor, a chapel and central location.

10. BridgePoint at Los Altos

1174 Los Altos Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022

Situated only one minute away from El Camino Real on Los Altos Avenue, BridgePoint is an assisted and independent living community that offers the ultimate retirement experience. Focusing on developing physical strength and endurance, mental clarity, but also social connection and emotional intelligence, this high-quality facility is owned and operated by Kisco Senior Living, a leading name in home health with over twenty retirement communities on the market. Offering personalized care plans to elderly individuals with a variety of chronic conditions, BridgePoint at Los Altos employs licensed professionals on a 24-hour basis, as well as other health specialists and a dedicated personal trainer.

Here are some of the amenities you will find at this facility: planned social outings, cultural events, innovative wellness programs, customized medical attention and supervision plans, emergency response system for added security, on-site beautician services, three nutritious, tasty meals per day, weekly housekeeping and laundry services, as well as scheduled transportation and a computer center with internet access.

9. Sunrise Villa San Jose

4855 San Felipe Rd, San Jose, CA 95135

Featuring over three acres of stunning gardens, walking paths and green, lush grounds, Sunrise Villa San Jose guarantees all levels of care and is a popular retirement choice for seniors all across the country. The community is centered on memory care, short-term care, assisted and independent living and employs a friendly, highly skilled team of professionals who are prepared to intervene at all times or lend an ear to elders that need emotional comfort. They also aid their patients in completing daily activities such as bathing, eating, toileting and dressing and remind them or help them to take their medication. All of these factors combined create a safe, home-like environment where residents can feel at ease, accepted and understood.

Here are the main amenities put forth by Sunrise Villa San Jose: convenient location in an upscale neighborhood, luxurious living conditions, meaningful, life-enriching programs, three wholesome, savory meals prepared and served every day, trained staff availability 24/7, flexible accommodations, a wide range of floor plans and frequent laundry, linen and housekeeping services.

8. Atria Willow Glen

1660 Gaton Dr, San Jose, CA 95125

Atria Willow Glen is a resort-like senior care community set on seven acres of superb wooded property, with some of the apartments offering a view of a dry creek in the woods. Due to the convenient location, the residents have easy access to parks, shopping venues, medical facilities and the Main Post Office on Meridian. This facility offers top-quality independent living, assisted living and memory care services. With maintenance, housekeeping and meal preparation out of the way, the seniors opting for independent living have more time to spend in accordance with their own liking. Elders needing closer assistance with getting dressed, bathing or medication management are fit for the assisted living service. As part of their memory care service, the Willow Glen team focuses on individualized care, a carefully crafted environment, physical activity and social connection.

This community offers a wide range of programs and activities to keep their residents engaged such as theatre, choir, aquatic fitness, Tai Chi or educational, social, cultural and live entertainment events.

7. Fremont Hills

35490 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536

Fremont Hills is an award-winning senior living community with committed associates who devote themselves to offer elders and their families a caring and secure environment with the best services and amenities. The community features a warm contemporary setting, as well as personalized assisted living and memory care services. The former gets rid of the burdensome day-to-day activities and replaces them with community events and various social, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities. For the seniors who are part of the memory care program, the Fremont Hills staff create a safe and positive environment by instilling joy and a sense of belonging in the programs and activities they hold. They focus on what the seniors can do, and not on what they cannot do. The team includes specially trained memory care experts with certifications from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

The seniors can choose from studio suites to spacious one-bedroom apartments, including a modern kitchen or kitchenette. Other amenities involve programs and outings developed and organized with each resident in mind, an emergency alert response system, three nutritious, healthy and delicious snacks available at all times in addition to three well-balanced meals every day.

6. Merrill Gardens at Willow Glen

1420 Curci Dr, San Jose, CA 95126

Merrill Gardens at Willow Glen is a successful and reliable assisted living community that offers a unique combination of personal care support, medical attention and 24/7 supervision ensured by licensed professionals. The organization puts forth a wide array of floor plans, private bedrooms with modern, elegant furnishing (and the possibility to decorate it with personal belongings or memorabilia), a small fitness center with gym equipment, and a spacious common area with a grand piano and a pool table available for your loved one’s entertainment. There is also a comprehensive library, a private dining room for guests and a bright, open patio with a stone fountain and plenty of space for outdoor relaxation.

With over ninety-five senior apartments on display, Merrill Gardens allows you to choose from studio, two and one-bedroom buildings. Your family member will also be able to enjoy restaurant-style dining served on their schedule, physical, social and cultural activities and events, but also housekeeping, linen and personal laundry services. Additionally, respite care is offered for caregivers at this facility.

5. Belmont Village San Jose

500 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

This luxury retirement community offers resort-style living conditions, top-notch medical care and various accommodations that help your family member feel at ease, comfortable, safe, but also independent, content and fully engaged with life. The apartments feature spacious, tastefully furnished common areas with cozy fireplaces, private rooms with double beds, separate baths with easy access and modern kitchenettes with a wide array of high-tech appliances. The welcoming, warm lobby gives you a sense of peace and belonging as soon as you walk through its doors and are greeted by the friendly, supportive staff. There is also an events calendar you can read through that encompasses a variety of cultural events, educational seminars, and learning classes, as well as social and physical activities that promote personal growth and endurance.

Other amenities of Belmont Village San Jose include: bistro with tea, coffee and snacks available throughout the day, chef-prepared dishes, supervised fitness center, therapy services offered by specialists, full-service beauty salon and high-speed internet access.

4. Bon Homie IV

1583 Willowmont Avenue San Jose CA 95118

No Website

Bon Homie IV – Willowmont is a senior care community that offers assisted living, nursing care and memory care services in a well-maintained and pleasant environment. The home is clean and welcoming and the atmosphere is family-like with a maximum of six residents. The staff is kind, friendly and it fully embraces the core values of this community: respect for the individual, service with humility, commitment and integrity, responsibility and accountability, but also compassion and care. The caregivers help the residents with relocation, taking their medication, personal hygiene, and other routine tasks. The patients suffering from memory loss are kept under close supervision and have the opportunity to take part in activities that stimulate them and keep them engaged.

The residents get to enjoy three healthy meals a day and can opt for special diets as well. They can decorate their rooms with their personal belongings, furniture and ornamental items. They also have a beautiful garden at their disposal where they can enjoy the scent and beauty of nature.

3. Livermore Valley Senior Living

3356 East Ave, Livermore, CA 94550

This retirement community is widely-known for its kind-spirited, energetic, warm and compassionate staff. The members of this tight-knit family deliver its services in an impeccable manner, with genuine concern and love for its residents. With twenty available beds and a variety of health and wellness programs on display, Livermore Valley Senior Living offers a combination of memory care and assisted living services that ensures the highest level of freedom possible. Seniors here are always reassured that help is on-hand if necessary, but are still self-reliant, perform most activities without unnecessary assistance and are able to make their own decisions and lead a life that they are proud of and fully engaged with.

Recognizing the therapeutic importance of connection, the staff at this facility puts forth a series of daily social and cultural activities that improve mental health and overall mood in patients with chronic illness. Your loved one will also benefit from resort-style living conditions and exquisite dining with three savory, nutritious meals prepared and served every day.

2. Carlton Senior Living

380 Branham Ln, San Jose, CA 95136

This luxury retirement community offers seniors from all across San Jose the ultimate urban and senior living experience. Featuring spacious apartments with astonishing, scenic views, and bright outdoor spaces for relaxation, the facility puts forth studio, one and two-bedroom buildings with various floor plans. Each room has internet access, cable television and an emergency call system to ensure 24/7 security and monitoring. There is also an in-room kitchenette with modern, useful appliances and a dining room where healthy, delicious meals are served every day. The menu options are frequently rotated and can be adjusted for those who have special dietary preferences or requirements.

Carlton Senior Living provides personal care support, medication management, hospice care and a rich activity calendar, overflowing with cultural, social and entertaining events such as exercise classes, gardening opportunities, cooking courses, religious services, games, musical events, pet therapy, trips and nature excursions, but also social and dining meetings with overnight guests.

1. Pacifica Senior Living Union City

33883 Alvarado-Niles Rd, Union City, CA 94587

Pacifica Senior Living Union City is an outstanding assisted living facility that is the most popular and reliable luxury retirement community in San Jose. Providing medical and personal care to the highest professional standard, this organization takes care of its residents both physically and emotionally, but also ensures that they are intellectually stimulated and that they are never lacking in social connection, warmth and encouragement. The exceptional, kind-hearted staff goes above and beyond to assure that both seniors and their families have peace of mind and are able to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives based on self-love and acceptance.

If you enlist your loved one at this facility, they will join a genuinely caring community and receive consistent support to get in shape, participate in fun, engaging activities, learn new things and cultivate their lifelong passions. They will also be able to enjoy the comfort of an upscale home featuring private rooms with cable television and double beds, a common living area with a snug, lovely fireplace and a huge, elegant dining room where tasty, nutritionally-rich meals are prepared and served three times a day. The building also incorporates a movie theater, a large library with a multitude of intriguing titles, a fitness center with gym equipment and frequent housekeeping and laundry services. Dementia care and spiritual care are provided as well.