Top 30 Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville

Unlike most nursing homes and traditional senior residences, assisted living facilities are constantly adapting their service quality, policies and procedures to changing needs. They take over the burden and inconveniences of maintaining a home, as well as help with relieving the weight of performing daily activities and chores when struggling with a chronic health condition or old age. This type of care has been proven to reduce loneliness, depression, isolation and anxiety in elderly individuals and offers a variety of self-growth programs and opportunities to socialize. Safety, transportation and meals are all accounted for so that residents can enjoy a quiet, fulfilling time in the company of like-minded people.

Jacksonville is the perfect retirement city for its phenomenal weather alone. But the sunny, warm climate of this location is not its only perk – there are over 1,300 golf courses, hiking trails, fishing spots, Pickleball venues, beaches, canals and lakes. There is also a multitude of healthcare options available and a unique selection of nearby attractions such as Dunedin and Boynton Beach. If you are interested in retiring here, below you will find the top thirty assisted living facilities with a track record of positive reviews and feedback that might be worth a visit.

30. Mason House

8005 Renault Drive North Jacksonville FL 32244

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Operating since 2012, Mason House is a six-bedroom retirement community that focuses on activity engagement and socialization. Aside from quality assistance with day-to-day routines and medication support, the staff at this facility encourages seniors to share their stories, preferences and feedback, but also to spend quality time with family, friends and fellow residents. Their philosophy places great emphasis on mental health and the social aspects of it, ensuring that elders do not feel neglected, alone, misunderstood or isolated. However, physical wellbeing is never overlooked, with residents being encouraged to follow therapeutic, nutrient-dense diets, regular exercise regimens, ongoing assessments and physical therapy.

The home has over 2,000 square feet and employs a licensed doctor who visits the community once a month to check up on residents’ overall health and adjust their treatment and care plan according to their medical needs. Each room has phone service and there is wireless internet throughout the entire building. Additionally, seniors enjoy free cable television, a pool table and a bright outdoor terrace.

29. Anam Parc at Tanglewilde

4294 Tanglewilde Dr S, Jacksonville, FL 32257

Located in a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by natural landscape, Anam Parc at Tanglewilde is a homey assisted living facility that accepts a reduced number of seniors. With only five beds and a carefully chosen, dedicated staff, the building is situated in Mandarin, a prominent, friendly area in Duval County known as “a tropical paradise”. The team’s approach is centered on memory care, providing extensive accommodations for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, frontal lobe dementia, Lewy body dementia, alcohol-induced dementia and other forms of memory loss.

The facility is owned by three licensed professionals, each of whom has over twenty-five years of experience in geriatric and dementia care. The staff members undergo specialized training in order to be prepared for a whole host of emergency situations. They also are qualified to handle any behavioral issues that arise as a result of memory loss. This ensures that residents are always safe, looked after and at ease.

28. A1 Care Systems

6613 Shady Oak Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32277

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A1 Care Systems is part of an enormous flat plateau encircled by St. John’s River. With mild temperature, landscaped surroundings and friendly, welcoming neighbors, the facility is an ideal choice if your loved one enjoys quiet spaces with scenery views and living with a small group of people. The care offered here is personalized for each elderly individual and ensures that they are not only physically healthy, but also thriving in all other areas of life. Residents are emboldened to pursue their passion, strengthen their relationships with family and other seniors, hone their crafts and spend time relaxing and enjoying the perks of retirement.

This residential home features shared and private bedrooms, an outdoor courtyard, a lounge area where seniors interact, an exercise room for fitness classes and a swimming pool. There is also a comprehensive library with an extensive collection of interesting titles and an on-site barber shop and beauty salon.

27. Beach House Jacksonville AC & MC

1315 2nd Ave N Jacksonville Beach FL 32250

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This assisted living facility offers a wide range of amenities, medical support and personal care services, including assistance with activities of daily living and rehabilitative therapy. Located in Duval County, Beach House Jacksonville accepts seniors with a whole host of acute or chronic health conditions. This location is ideal if your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or any other form of dementia. The community is highly trained and ready to assist with practical issues or to help manage behavioral problems, prevent isolation and wandering off. They are also equipped to provide emotional support and treat residents with care, dignity and understanding when they are lost, confused or having an episode.

Beach House Jacksonville puts forth luxurious private suites with internet, telephone services and television. It also features alcove, one or two-bedroom apartments with elegant, but functional furnishing, patios, courtyard areas and multiple dining and activity rooms. There is also a chapel, a fitness center, movie theater and several lounges with cozy fireplaces.

26. Sweet Alice’s Place, Inc

2317 W 25th Street Jacksonville, FL 32209

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Renowned for its homey, intimate atmosphere, Sweet Alice’s Place is a residential care facility that provides personalized care and assisted living services. Residents here receive professional help with activities such as eating, bathing, toileting and grooming, but also dietary accommodations, transportation options and support with medication. Three tasty, nutritious meals are provided every day, along with healthy snacks and drinks. Licensed staff ensures 24/7 supervision, assessments and monitoring. The caregivers are empathetic, kind, responsive and well-informed, prepared to answer any of your questions and to come to the aid of their residents.

Sweet Alice’s Place puts forth comfortable, fully furnished apartments with separate baths, and shared or private bedrooms. Housekeeping and laundry services are also covered by the monthly rent fee. Additionally, the residential home has lenient visitation policies and is in close range to a wide array of local attractions from the county of Duval.

25. Noble Gardens of Jacksonville

7024 Wiley Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

This assisted living facility offers quality senior care that is family-oriented, reliable and life-enriching. Featuring well-trained, compassionate staff, weekly activity calendars and rehabilitative care options, Noble Gardens of Jacksonville puts forth a wide array of private suites. The latter include spacious rooms with double beds, a stunning courtyard with a beautiful fountain, a bright and airy dining room, but also a common area with a piano where fellow residents can socialize, relax and have fun. The home also employ a registered nurse who is on-call 24/7, licensed professionals who supervise your loved one day and night and intervene in case of emergencies, as well as several in-house physicians, psychiatrist, podiatrist and rehab specialists (including for occupational, language and physical therapy).

Noble Gardens of Jacksonville also has an individual memory care unit designed for patients who suffer from dementia. Moreover, it offers day respite care and a series of activities that keep seniors and their families healthy, happy and engaged.

24. The Green House Residences

6209 Brooks Bartram Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32258

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This retirement community from Duval County offers a combination of memory care and assisted living services. The facility provides professional support for seniors who need additional help performing daily activities such as eating, toileting, dressing and bathing, but also ensure that residents feel reassured, safe and accepted. The Green House Residences are located in the countryside, in the quiet, welcoming neighborhood of Bartram Park. Although your loved one can enjoy the perks and serenity of country life, they are also in close vicinity to city attractions, a medical center and shopping areas. There is also a strikingly beautiful natural reserve named Julington-Dublin Preserve, that covers over 2,000 acres of land.

The facility employs a group of highly trained professionals who are responsive, knowledgeable and ready to assist your relative whenever they require medical attention, help with their routines or if they have any concern, issue or feedback to give. The community’s two houses have twelve bedrooms each and also put forth private bathrooms.

23. Lucas Caring Hands

10975 Campus Heights Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32218

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Lucas Caring Hands is a small, cozy assisted living facility located in a friendly, calm neighborhood. It provides individual care in a homey atmosphere where residents feel at ease and comfortable, but also stunning natural surroundings and a warm climate. The community accommodates only five seniors, ensuring that the relationship between them and the staff is genuine, strong and of primary concern. The team invests all of its time helping their residents with chores, daily routines, emotional struggles, medication and socialization. There are planned activities, nearby restaurants and amenities, as well as an exterior deck with seating and a screened lanai for elders to relax in.

The owner of this facility is a retired police detective and army veteran named Gladys Lucas. After her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Gladys came face to face with the importance of consistent, 24/7 healthcare. As a result, she founded her own organization where she could offer seniors and families the medical attention, compassion and support that they deserve.

22. Grand Mary’s House

4828 Evanston Road Jacksonville FL 32208

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Grand Mary’s House is a modest residential home with a heartwarming staff that prioritizes security while still promoting independent choice. Providing assistance with daily activities such as bathing and eating, the facility creates a supportive environment for seniors to live in, where they feel accepted, understood and well looked after. They tend to physical and dietary needs, but also help with transportation, meal preparation (three healthy, tasty dishes every day), and scheduling medical appointments. Laundry and housekeeping services are also included in the monthly rent cost.

The community is situated near a variety of hospitals, cultural venues, shopping centers and fine dining restaurants. In addition, residents have access to rehabilitative therapy and receive regular visits from physicians or other health specialists. Your loved one will also be encouraged to participate in weekly activities and to make themselves feel like home by decorating their room with personal belongings.

21. Mi Casa Adult Living Facility

6856 St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32217

Since its inception in 2008, this assisted living facility has been providing a safe, comfortable and home-like environment for seniors from all walks of life. Accepting residents with a wide range of health conditions, Mi Casa Adult Living Facility offers a combination of personal care and assisted living services on a 24-hour basis. The staff performs a series of health assessments before your loved one is admitted, monitors them at all times and adjusts treatment or personalized care options according to their progress. Three well-balanced meals are also prepared every day, alongside housekeeping and personal laundry services.

The highly dedicated team of professionals at Mi Casa Adult Living Facility has over twenty years of experience in geriatric care and ensures the highest quality for your family member. They conduct several recreational activities every week and assure seniors are assisted in their daily routines. The facility also provides memory care, physical therapy, counselling and incontinence management.

20. The Inn at Aging Grace

2408 Soutel Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32208

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The Inn at Aging Grace is a retirement community that offers professional assistance to seniors with health conditions that prevent them from being self-reliant with certain activities. Accepting a reduced number of residents, the facility is located near shopping areas and a medical center. The staff is kind, responsive, well-informed and prepared to intervene in case of any emergencies. There are specialized security systems in place that help monitor seniors and alert the team if there is a crisis. A licensed nurse is also on-call 24/7 and there are regular visits by physicians so your loved one can undergo routine check-ups.

Your loved one will receive individualized attention and help with daily activities and they will no longer have to worry about security, mobility and doing chores or cooking. Three meals will be prepared and served every day, their room and laundry will be cleaned weekly and the apartment and grounds will be maintained by the staff.

19. Home For Me

5844 Windermere Dr, Jacksonville, FL, 32211

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Providing optimum senior care for a variety of health conditions, this residential home is centered on respect, compassion and connection. It offers a combination of personal care and assisted living services, ensuring three daily delicious meals, scheduled transportation and a series of stimulating activities, all of which promote physical endurance and mental strength. Aside from support with activities such as eating, dressing, grooming and toileting, the community places emphasis on socialization and maintaining healthy, solid bonds with family and friends. The home-like environment makes it easier for your loved one to transition and allows them to feel safe and reassured.

Home For Me puts forth shared and private rooms with separate baths, a common area for relaxation and outdoor spaces where seniors can meditate or enjoy a scenic view. 24/7 supervision and ongoing monitoring are also included in the monthly fee. The state-licensed facility has lenient visitation policies, cable television, gardening spaces and a large patio.

18. Noble House of Jacksonville

6561 San Juan Ave Jacksonville, FL 32210

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This assisted living residence is well-known for its quality services, affordable rates and engaging staff. The latter have substantial experience in geriatric care, but also human psychology, and they are prepared to handle seniors who suffer from a wide range of chronic or acute conditions, including memory loss issues. They are trained to manage crisis situations, calm down patients when they are confused or scared, but also ready to assist you with information if you are interested in a tour of the facility. With around-the-clock, watchful care, Noble House of Jacksonville ensures that your loved one is well looked after, but can still keep their freedom.

The facility puts forth private suites with stylish furnishing and high-tech appliances. It also offers day respite services for caregivers. For rehabilitative care, there are in-house physicians or specialists, including a speech, occupational and physical therapist. Lastly, there is a registered nurse ready to intervene at any time.

17. Anam Parc at Susanna Woods

4867 Susanna Woods Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32257

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Anam Parc at Susanna Woods is a five-bed assisted living facility that provides quality senior care and flexible pricing. Located in the beautiful, inviting area of Mandarin, the building features shared and private bedrooms with traditional, but elegant furnishing, as well as a green outdoor area. There is also a bright and classy living room with a fireplace, where fellow residents can interact, make friends and participate in the activities conducted by the staff. The latter have professional training and are qualified to assist your family member in taking their medication, eating, bathing, grooming and dressing. They are also experts when it comes to memory care, being able to tend to your loved one’s specific needs and ensure that they are safe and relaxed at all times.

Although all seniors are welcome to this facility, there is only a small number of residents that are accepted and the main focus is on Alzheimer’s and dementia care. The team also puts forth accommodations for other conditions involving memory loss, including Lewy body dementia and alcohol-induced dementia.

16. Brookdale Southside

9601 Southbrook Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256

If you are looking for luxury retirement options, Brookdale should be the first choice on your list. Putting forth a selection of upscale homes with excellent amenities, grand hotel living conditions and top-notch senior care services, this widely-acclaimed community makes staying fit, healthy and happy an easy and fun endeavor for elderly individuals nationwide. Brookdale Southside employs kind, attentive staff members with years of experience in geriatric care and a genuine desire to help residents. In addition, your loved one will receive three gourmet meals every day, housekeeping, linen and laundry services, but also transportation for medical appointments, social gatherings and cultural events.

The residential home at Southside features private, spacious rooms with double beds, deluxe common rooms with entertainment options and a bright dining room with large windows that allow natural lighting to fill the room. There is also an outdoor pool and a brilliant white gazebo with a breathtaking view of a nearby lake. Some of the activities encouraged at this facility involve massage therapy, cooking courses, Wii sports and water aerobics.

15. The Windsor at San Pablo

4000 San Pablo Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32224

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Windsor’s luxury apartments at San Pablo come in five distinctive styles and feature a kitchenette stocked full of organic produce and useful appliances (including a microwave and a coffee machine). The large bathrooms incorporate curbless showers and have easy access for seniors with disabilities. Moreover, there is an emergency security system with speaker response installed, fire, smoke and sprinkler systems, electronically controlled entrances and customizable heating and air-conditioning. There is also a theater, café, a covered porch, a whirlpool spa, snug fireplaces and a striking dining room with large windows.

All of the furnishing is ravishing and carefully selected, and the architecture is classical and imposing. The rooms are airy, spacious and with plenty of natural lighting. The outdoor area includes a beautiful fountain and green, lush surroundings. The seniors’ private rooms have double beds, freshly changed linen and homey, calming interior décor. There is also a landscaped enclosed courtyard, wall-to-wall carpeting and a screened lanai.

14. Camellia at Deerwood

10061 Sweetwater Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32256

This upscale home incorporates a large outdoor swimming pool, a huge dining area with raised ceiling and a magnificent chandelier, as well as a welcoming, tastefully decorated lobby where you are met by the warmhearted staff. The rooms are impeccably clean and have flawless design, allowing residents to feel pampered and secure. The building is located near a marvelous lake, which allows your loved one to enjoy a mesmerizing, unique view every day. St. Luke’s Hospital and The Mayo Clinic are only two miles away from the facility. The home is encircled by forest greenbelt and all utilities are covered by the monthly fee (including internet and telephone).

Camellia at Deerwood is the ultimate luxury retirement option, offering gorgeous studio, one and two-bedroom apartments with fully-equipped kitchens, private dining room, guest suites, lounges with billiards table, a gym featuring several fitness programs, transportation via an expensive car and spacious, deluxe bedrooms where seniors can keep memorabilia.

13. Astoria Assisted Living

319 Eldridge Ave, Orange Park, FL 32073

Nurturing independence and safety for each of their residents, Astoria Assisted Living promotes the right to privacy and individuality of every elder, treating them with dignity, patience and love. Focused on tending to their physical and mental health, the community offers an unmatched standard of senior care, in addition to resort-like living conditions. Aside from assistance with eating, grooming, dressing, toileting, medication, dietary requirements and ambulation, the facility ensures specialized memory care services.

Astoria Assisted Living offers both furnished and unfurnished apartments with shared or private bedrooms overlooking a superb waterfall. Meal services entail exquisite cuisine with frequently rotated menu options and chef-prepared, savory dishes cooked from local, fresh produce. Laundry, housekeeping, transportation and life-enriching services are also available. Pet therapy is encouraged and educational programs are conducted for family and friends. The emergency call system uses wireless internet for high-speed alerts and chauffeured limos are used for transportation to events and appointments.

12. Benton House at Oakleaf

417 Oakleaf Plantation Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32222

Benton House at Oakleaf is a widely-recognized assisted living facility that promotes an ideal blend between support and self-sufficiency. The staff here takes up daily chores and other tasks like cooking and cleaning, ensuring that seniors can relax and not have to worry about troublesome housework or not being able to perform their routines. Aside from personal care, the team offers medication management, meal services, linen and laundry services, but also special accommodations for disabled elders, Alzheimer’s or dementia patients and residents who have specific dietary recommendations. In addition, there are licensed professionals on-call 24/7 and there is supervision day and night. If there is an emergency or a senior has a concern or issue they need help with, the staff members are ready to assist and offer their expertise.

Here are some of the amenities at Benton House: daily stimulating activities for personal growth, volunteer programs and opportunities to work with local and renowned charities, exquisite dining, daily exercise classes and walking clubs, educational seminars, live entertainment and performance arts events, spiritual services and concerts.

11. Savannah Grand of Amelia Island

1900 Amelia Trace Ct, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

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Located on Amelia Island, this long-established retirement community focuses on a combination of assisted living services and memory care. The facility is situated in the Fernandina Beach and it features elegant, but functional furnishing, stunning views and landscaped surroundings. Only a quick drive away from Jacksonville, the residence offers restaurant-style dining, monitoring on a 24-hour basis, heating and air-conditioning, spacious private and shared rooms, scheduled transportation and a variety of life-enriching activities. The staff also helps with scheduling medical appointments, medication management and supervision, as well as linen and housekeeping services. All utilities are included in the monthly rent fee.

Savannah Grand of Amelia Island offers an extensive selection of lifestyle options and types of care, including assisted living, respite care, day services and memory care. Here are some of the activities seniors are encouraged to participate in at this facility: brain exercise and word games, movie night, trivia, happy hour, bingo, fitness classes, scrabble, catholic mass and jazz entertainment.

10. Queen of Angels

1645 Bartlett Ave, Orange Park, FL 32073

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Part of the Clay County, this well-developed assisted living facility offers personalized support to seniors and families all across Jacksonville. Centered on empathy and respect, the community understands the importance of mental health, freedom and maintaining some form of self-reliance when it comes to healthy aging. As a result, their philosophy ensures that each resident receives the highest standard of medical and personal care, as well as assistance whenever necessary without compromising independence. Residents at Queen of Angels report feeling safe, at ease and reassured, but also relieved of the hassle of daily chores and the worry of not receiving medical attention when needed.

Queen of Angels puts forth spacious, comfortable apartments with private bathrooms, common areas for socialization and relaxation, but also modern, elegant guest rooms and a strikingly beautiful open park. Three delicious, nutrient-dense meals are also served every day. Housekeeping, utilities and laundry services are included in the monthly rent cost.

9. Westminster Woods on Julington Creek

25 FL-13, Jacksonville, FL 32259

Renowned as a tropical paradise, Westminster Woods on Julington Creek is a luxurious retirement option designed for seniors who want to live in grand hotel conditions all day, every day. Featuring deluxe apartments and exquisite amenities, this upscale facility covers over seventy-five acres of land and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and stunning attractions such as the St. John’s River. The community provides both assisted and independent living services for families, as well as skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapy. It also puts forth two exclusive personalized care programs entitled Lifelong Learning and My W Life Wellness. These were created to ensure that residents are not only physically capable and healthy, but also thriving emotionally and mentally.

If you enlist your loved one at this home, you will find the following amenities: restaurant-style dining, individualized wellbeing programs, two outdoor swimming pools with specialized heating system, a computer center, a health resource center and fitness classes.

8. Brookdale Avondale

4455 Merrimac Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32210

A leading name in senior care for years, Brookdale remains a primary choice for elders and their families nationwide. Their focus lies on respecting individual choice and providing undivided attention and specialized care. With over four floor plans to choose from, the facility at Avondale contains fully furnished apartments, comfortable living conditions, separate bathrooms and a fireside living room. The design is homey and functional, whereas the staff is responsive, knowledgeable and ready to intervene at any moment. The team is not only trained to offer personal care and medication support, but it also knows how to interact with patients who suffer from dementia, memory loss issues or poor emotional health.

Brookdale Avondale organizes a series of activities that promote physical wellbeing, encourage socialization and facilitate relaxation. Residents have their own gardening space where they can plant and grow organic produce. In addition, there are several walking clubs and planned outings to a variety of cultural venues. There is also a Putt Putt golf course and an indoor lawn darts.

7. Allegro

3651 US-17, Fleming Island, FL 32003

Offering a wide array of services, amenities and social opportunities, Allegro is a highly acclaimed assisted living community. It is well-known for its dedication to improving the lives of seniors not only from a physical perspective, but also when it comes to their wishes, lifelong passions and aspirations. The staff members are compassionate and good-natured, performing their jobs out of love and care for their residents. Allowing elderly individuals to lead their lives on their own terms, Allegro promotes vitality, engagement and connection. Your loved one would be encouraged to contribute and make new friends, as well as enjoy resort-style conditions and exquisite dining (with frequently rotated menu options and savory, chef-prepared meals).

The rich homes of Allegro include a spacious, bright and classy dining area with a grand piano, common living rooms with snug fireplaces, aquariums and pool tables, an open porch, scenic views of a nearby lake and private bedrooms with cozy double beds.

6. Atria Park of San Pablo

14199 Wm Davis Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32224

Located between Jacksonville and St. Augustine, this alluring retirement community has built a strong reputation for itself over the years. Committed to providing excellence both in terms of quality and innovation, Atria Park of San Pablo puts forth pristine living conditions, a variety of social and cultural opportunities, delicious cuisine and high-quality medical care. The team here takes the time to get to know each resident on a personal level, learning what their likes, dislikes, wishes and expectations are. They assist them with their daily routines, as well as offer medication management and emotional support.

The facility is surrounded by lush, landscaped grounds and it contains private bedrooms, separate baths and a warm, welcoming common area with a fireplace. There is also a strikingly elegant dining room with traditional furnishing and an outdoor porch with seating. Additionally, residents can spend quality time in the library or in the entertainment room that features a pool table.

5. Wyndham Lakes

10660 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32257

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Wyndham Lakes is a luxury retirement option that has gained more and more popularity in recent years. With a wide range of floor plans and multiple lifestyle options available, the community places great emphasis on treating each resident as a unique individual, with personal wants and needs that need to be tended to. The members of the staff have undergone extensive training and are selected based on their integrity, expertise and honest desire to help. The residential home is spread out across fourteen acres of land and is encircled by natural landscapes.

The building incorporates private rooms and elegant, traditional dining rooms with large windows and a large number of tables. There is also a comprehensive library, an exercise room with fitness equipment, a theatre and common areas for socialization. There is plenty of green outdoor space where residents can meditate or relax. If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality assisted living facility in a calming neighborhood, Wyndham Lakes should be your first choice.

4. Elmcroft of Timberlin Parc

7620 Timberlin Park Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32256

One of the most renowned senior care communities, Elmcroft provides the ideal combination of privacy, comfort and active living. Their personalized wellbeing programs focus primarily on emotional and physical health, but also tend to the social component of healthy aging. As such, seniors are encouraged to participate in activities that boost strength and endurance, but also attend gatherings, cultural events and learn new skills or develop their older passions. All of this is done in a secure home setting that helps residents feel calm, accepted and rejuvenated.

The upscale home features private and shared apartments with accommodations for those with reduced or impaired mobility. The bedrooms are bright and spacious, and elders are allowed to decorate them with personal belongings or memorabilia. There is an airy dining room with large windows for natural light to come in, as well as a private dining room for seniors’ families, friends or guests. The staff is inviting and well-informed, trained specifically to help disabled people or patients who suffer from memory loss issues or decline in cognitive function.

3. Sunrise of Jacksonville

4870 Belfort Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Renowned for their signature health and wellness programs, as well as their unique fine dining, Sunrise of Jacksonville are one of the most popular choices when it comes to assisted living facilities across the nation. The community assures a variety of services, including assisted living, hospice care, respite stays for caregivers (only short-term), and assisted living. Situated near the Mayo Hospital and the St. Vincent Hospital, this facility employs designated care managers and utilizes exclusive, individualized health plans for residents. Using innovative technology, the team assures a continuum of care, but also a purpose-driven life and a secure, home-like environment.

The amenities at Sunrise of Jacksonville entail trained, professional staff available on a 24-hour basis, daily fitness, social and cultural activities, three gourmet meals cooked from fresh produce, weekly housekeeping and personal laundry services, daily trash removal, scheduled transportation and reliable programming (CareConnect and Live With Purpose). Community pets are also allowed at the facility.

2. The Windsor at Ortega

5939 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32244

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Taking pride in their unmatched grand hotel setting, The Windsor at Ortega offers the ultimate senior living experience. The team at this facility promotes and nurtures the individuality of each resident, but also provides indispensable support to their families, aiming to understand their unique needs and relationships. A monthly cost at this luxury community assures 24-hour staffing, ongoing health monitoring, all utilities (except telephone), weekly laundry and housekeeping services, assistance with eating, grooming, dressing toileting, ambulation and medication, meal services, regular maintenance and a calendar filled with self-growth activities and fun social or cultural events.

There are eight different apartment styles that you can choose from. All of them prioritize comfort and security, incorporating a specialized safety system and homey elements that create a soothing atmosphere. There is wall-to-wall carpeting, cinematic entertainment and television connection. Your family member can also customize heating and air-conditioning according to their preference. The kitchenettes are equipped with a refrigerator, cabinetry and microwave, and the showers have easy access. These are only some of the features and amenities that your loved one can enjoy at this facility.

1. Cypress Village a CCRC

4600 Middleton Park Cir E, Jacksonville, FL 32224

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Cypress Village is the ideal retirement community and Jacksonville’s first choice when it comes to assisted living. It offers a multitude of lifestyle options, unparalleled amenities and opportunities to create a dream life in a luxurious setting, alongside like-minded, caring people. Part of the Brookdale association, the facility prides itself in a variety of signature programs, including Optimum Life and Celebrates. The latter is an annual festivity that honors the longevity and proficiency of this life-enriching community. On the other hand, Optimum Life is an award-winning health and wellness program that has changed lives, built long-lasting relationships and helped seniors from all walks of life rediscover their passions and pursue old dreams.

The building is immaculately clean and features private rooms with spotless design. It is situated near walking paths with breathtaking views and a nearby lake encircled by natural, landscaped grounds. The kitchens are equipped with high-tech appliances and the dining rooms create an intimate setting that reminds residents of home. Three gourmet meals are prepared by a team of professionals every day, and housekeeping, personal laundry and linen change are also taken care of on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Your loved one can enjoy a variety of social, physical, educational and cultural activities or spend time in the extensively large heated swimming pool. Whatever their choice, they will not be bored or feel left out in this heartwarming, resort-style community.