Top 30 Assisted Living Facilities in Indianapolis

More and more families are choosing assisted and independent living options for their loved ones. Equipped to provide specialized support with daily activities and handle emergency situations, the caregivers at these facilities assure high-quality services and a commitment to treating your family member as if they were their own. You can have peace of mind that your elderly relative will be looked after at all times, comforted in moments of need and always monitored by a licensed professional. With an increased number of communities emerging nationwide, it might be difficult to decide which home is the right fit for you and your family. Moreover, the facility needs to be consistent with its values in day-to-day scenarios, not only on paper.

When it comes to Indianapolis, there is a wide array of options available, from low-cost, modest apartments with a cozy setting to luxury homes with fine dining and incredible amenities. To find out which of these works best for you, read the comprehensive guide below, where you will find this city’s top thirty assisted living facilities worth your money and time.

30. Hellenic Senior Living of Indianapolis

8601 South Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN 46227

With a variety of floor plans available, Hellenic Senior Living of Indianapolis is a well-established retirement home that puts forth fully furnished apartments and professional assistance for seniors from all walks of life. After being enlisted, your loved one will undergo a comprehensive health assessment to determine their medical condition, personal care needs and dietary requirements. All of these will be accommodated and the residents will be supervised 24/7. A licensed nurse will be ready to intervene around-the-clock in case of any health complications or crisis situation. In addition, housekeeping, laundry and meal services will be covered by the monthly rent fee.

Hellenic Senior Living assures ongoing monitoring, regular check-ups, medication reminders and administration, restaurant-style dining, social gatherings and stimulating activities, cultural or musical events and planned transportation. The building includes a large dining room, lounges, an exercise room, a general store, individual mailboxes, a computer center and a multi-purpose room.

29. Arlington Place Health Campus

1635 N Arlington Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218

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Arlington Place Health Campus is a retirement community focused exclusively on medical supervision and supportive services. It offers a continuum of care, including assisted living, rehabilitative care, respite care, therapy, transitional care, skilled nursing and long-term care. The team’s innovative approach focuses on meeting individual needs, getting to know residents beyond their health-related requirements and building a strong, reliable bond between seniors and their caregivers.

The building has a classy, welcoming lobby with immense windows that allow an abundance of natural lighting, as well as a common area where fellow residents can interact. Three savory meals are prepared by talented chefs and served each day, alongside drinks, snacks and refreshments. The outdoor space is calming and surrounded by natural landscapes, allowing elders to relax, meditate or enjoy a scenic view of the lake. Wireless internet and an emergency response system are both installed. There is also a patio and an on-site barber and beauty salon.

28. Altenheim

3525 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46237

Spread across thirty-two acres of land, Altenheim is a reliable retirement choice that offers assisted living services in an intimate, home-like setting. Since its inception, the community has placed great value on the individuality and unique needs of each resident, taking a holistic and personalized approach to senior care. The staff at this facility guarantees professional help with activities of daily living such as eating, grooming, toileting, bathing, moving around and dressing, but also medication management, emotional support and opportunities for relaxation and socialization. If you enlist your loved one at this residential home, they will no longer have to worry about burdensome chores like cooking and cleaning. The premises will be secured and maintained by a team of professionals, and three well-balanced, delicious meals will be provided daily.

Altenheim puts forth fully furnished apartments with shared and private bedrooms, separate baths and spacious common areas with a variety of entertainment options.

27. Stonecrest of Meridian Hills

8549 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46260

This upscale residential home combines exquisite design with functionality, creating a unique retirement option for those who are interested in living in deluxe apartments. The rooms are immaculate and they have flawless interior décor. The contemporary furnishing and the attentive staff make residents feel pampered and like they are living in a grand hotel every day. The only downside to this facility is that it might be too pricey.

Stonecrest of Meridian Hills puts forth a variety of floor plans, private and shared bedrooms, as well as lounges and entertainment rooms where residents can participate in a series of daily activities that improve cognitive function, promote engagement, socialization and healthy aging. Aside from assistance with routines such as washing, eating and dressing, your family member will also receive help with medication, scheduling appointments and transportation. Additionally, meal services and housekeeping are accounted for by the basic cost. All utilities are covered.

26. Traditions at North Willow

1703 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260

This residential home is well-known for its quality services and affordable pricing. Offering a combination of assisted, independent living and memory care, Traditions at North Willow is a reliable choice if your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or any other form of dementia. The staff at this facility has been trained extensively to learn how to treat patients who suffer from memory loss in the most dignified, respectful and thoughtful manner. They know how to talk to seniors when they are confused, how to prevent them from wandering off and how to calm them down when they are having a crisis. They also cook a therapeutic diet for them which is meant to improve brain health and slow down the disease’s progression.

Here are some of the amenities you will find in this community: nurses on-site on a 24-hour basis, personalized care programs, emergency response system installed, pendants and pull cords for dementia patients, medication monitoring, comfortable living conditions and a clinic where residents can receive frequent check-ups.

25. Bloom at German Church

2250 Harvest Moon Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46229

This assisted living facility is a long-established retirement community owned by a small family. Located in a quiet, friendly neighborhood, the residence features private and shared rooms with modern furnishing, a cozy atmosphere, useful appliances and daily home-cooked meals. Since its inception in 1965, the aim of the community has been to provide excellent senior care at affordable rates.

Bloom at German Church has the following amenities: 24-hour security, activity calendar, exercise classes, nutrition monitoring, diabetic care, mail and newspaper delivery, internet, rotating menu options, nighttime assistance and supervision, on-site rehabilitative care (including a physical therapist, a podiatrist, an occupational therapist and a nurse practitioner) and health, wellness and life-enriching programs. All utilities are covered by the basic fee and they also cover personal telephone, transportation, pest control, housekeeping, laundry services, pharmacy services, periodic redecorating and repainting. Additionally, the team provides day care, respite care and counselling (via an on-site psychologist).

24. Park Square Manor

6990 E County Road 100 N, Avon, IN 46123

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Park Square Manor is an independent and assisted living facility that prioritizes security and health, offering reliable and safe homes to seniors from all across Jacksonville. The team’s philosophy entails constant hard work and effort to exceed seniors’ expectations and ensures that each of them receives undivided attention and personalized supportive services. The latter involve professional help with daily routines such as toileting, dressing and eating. Diet and nutrition are also considered essential components to healthy aging at Park Square Manor. As such, each elder follows a carefully constructed meal plan that was thought out to meet their unique nutritional needs, as well as reduce the decline in cognitive function.

The facility’s award-winning health and wellness program, Lifestyle360, focuses on the five pillars of wellbeing, including intellectual, spiritual and emotional. This ensures that your loved one is not only looked after physically, but that they are engaged with life, having fun and trying new things every day.

23. Kesslerwood Place

5011 Kessler Blvd E Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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This trustworthy and warm retirement community provides elderly individuals suffering from a wide range of health conditions the care and support that they deserve. Centered on assisted living services and memory care, Kesslerwood Place puts forth classy apartments with specialized security systems, private baths and spacious bedrooms. The furnishing is traditional, but elegant and functional. The location is clean, fresh and surrounded by green scenery. Moreover, there are large windows and doors throughout the entire building, creating an abundance of natural light. You can choose from studio and one-bedroom apartments with lounges, an activity room and an on-site salon.

The grounds are maintained regularly and community outings are frequently organized by the staff. Weekly laundry and housekeeping services are also included in the basic rent cost. Visitation policies are fairly lenient and accommodations can be made for guests. There are also several recreational, wellness and social programs available for residents to try out.

22. Forum at the Crossing

8505 Woodfield Crossing Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46240

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With years of experience under its belt, the team at this assisted living facility is well-known for its attention to detail, caring attitude and expertise. The members are highly trained and prepared to assist at any moment as well as successfully manage emergency situations. They take the time to get to know each resident and go above and beyond to ensure that they feel safe and at ease. In addition to assistance with daily routines, they help with medication administration or reminders, transportation, housekeeping, meal services and personal laundry. The community also offers independent living services, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, but also rehabilitation and skilled nursing.

Forum at the Crossing is the perfect choice if your loved one wants to still lead an active lifestyle and only needs minimal medical assistance. In addition, there is a healthcare center nearby where residents receive assessments and their care plan is routinely adjusted.

21. Oasis at 30th

5651 E 30th St, Indianapolis, IN 46218

Oasis at 30th puts forth private, one-bedroom apartments with exercise rooms, multi-purpose rooms and a computer center. With tasteful interior décor, 24/7 supervision and a calendar filled with stimulating activities ranging from cultural to spiritual, this assisted living facility is a reliable choice when it comes to early retirement. The kitchens are fully equipped with high-tech appliances and the private bathrooms have easy access for disabled people. There is also a room designed specifically for meditation, a resident care room and an adult day care center in the vicinity of the facility.

A monthly payment covers professional assistance, medication management, scheduled transportation, help with medical appointments, daily meal services, ongoing monitoring, recreational events and activities, on-site beauty salon services, personal laundry and housekeeping. Accommodations can also be made for elders who have specific dietary requirements, preferences or recommendations. Moreover, the community accepts private pay, Veterans Aid and Disabled Medicaid Waiver.

20. The Hearth at Stones Crossing

2339 S State Rd 135, Greenwood, IN 46143

With excellent amenities and an outstanding staff, The Hearth at Stones Crossing offers a combination of assisted living, memory care and religious services. Aiming to improve quality of life for elderly individuals who suffer from a whole host of chronic or acute health conditions, the team at this facility offers supportive services in a dignified, caring and thoughtful manner. 24/7 nursing, transportation, ongoing monitoring, housekeeping and meal services are all covered by the basic cost.

Here are some of the activities that residents are encouraged to participate in: Wii games, chair yoga, movie night, bingo, bible study, scrabble, crafting class, book clubs and trivia. The apartments are impeccably clean and feature functional furnishing with a smooth, modern finish. The kitchens are equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave, the dining area looks elegant and beautifully lit, and the common living room has a variety of entertainment options, including a pool table.

19. Elmcroft of Fort Harrison

8025 Doubleday Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46216

This renowned retirement community offers the highest standard of supportive services in a home-like, secure and comfortable environment. Finding the ideal combination between residential living and resort-style conditions, Elmcroft of Fort Harrison puts forth a wide array of floor plans and multiple types of care. The latter include personal care, independent and assisted living, respite care, memory care and skilled nursing. In addition, a licensed professional is always available and ready to intervene, day and night. There is a security alert system in place that notifies the staff of any complications, issues or emergencies that the seniors may experience. Transportation is also arranged for medical appointments, evening outings, cultural events and shopping sprees.

The building incorporates a classy outdoor space with seating, a spacious dining room with bright lights, a common area with a snug fireplace, a multi-purpose room with a pool table and plenty of large windows that immerse the location in natural lighting.

18. Bloom at Eagle Creek

5045 W 52nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46254

Bloom at Eagle Creek is a small, family-owned association that has built a strong reputation due to its dedicated staff members. The latter are always kind, attentive and prepared to offer their knowledge, advice and compassion. They offer professional support with medication administration, activities such as bathing and eating, but are also there if a resident feels confused, isolated or they have an issue they want to discuss. The rooms are airy, spacious and bright, featuring stylish, traditional interior décor. The kitchens are equipped with a microwave, cabinetry and a refrigerator and the private rooms include comfortable beds and can be decorated using the seniors’ personal belongings.

Since 1965, the team at Bloom has strived to offer high-quality services and have raised the bar both in term of proficiency and innovation. If you are looking for a tight-knit community where your loved one can enjoy fine dining and excellent living conditions, look no further than this facility at Eagle Creek.

17. Clearwater Commons

4519 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250

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Clearwater Commons is a reliable retirement option for seniors who are interested in active living, social connection and resort-style conditions. The facility puts forth a wide range of amenities, including personalized care plans, educational programs for families, 24/7 supervision and assistance, restaurant-style dining with exquisite cuisine prepared by chefs, spacious and luxurious rooms, wireless internet, transportation, an art theater and a computer center. Moreover, the building is in close vicinity to museums, parks, cultural venues, libraries, live performance locations, shopping centers and the Community North Hospital.

This widely acclaimed community offers memory care, respite care, assisted and independent living services, short-term stays and rehabilitative care (including physical therapy). There are also seminars available for family members and other useful resources put forth by the staff, all of which are meant to strengthen the bond between seniors and their relatives and help the latter understand their loved ones and their condition better.

16. Greenbriar Village

8800 Spoon Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Greenbriar Village is one of the most popular choices for seniors who enjoy being self-sufficient and want to keep as much independence as possible as they age. This facility allows you or your loved one to lead a relaxed, fun and engaging life, free from worries, daily chores, and troublesome activities that limit your leisure time. At Greenbriar Village you live every day as if you were on vacation, taking your pick from their unique selection of exciting amenities. The latter include daily gourmet meals, a breakfast bar, whirlpool tub and spa, private balcony or patio, phone entry system, central air-conditioning, free heat (only in specific units), elevator transportation and underground parking.

This community believes that sports, active living and having fun are the cornerstone to being a healthy, happy and thriving senior. As such, if you choose this facility, you or your loved one will be able to spend quality time in one or all of the following locations: the specialized fitness center, one of the many large tennis courts, the indoor golf court or the sandy volleyball court.

15. Brookdale Castleton

8480 Craig St, Indianapolis, IN 46250

This renowned independent and assisted living facility is part of the nation’s largest senior care community and offers multiple lifestyle options with a variety of floor plans to choose from. Ensuring 24/7 concierge, the staff at Brookdale Castleton guarantees that your loved one is supervised and monitored on an ongoing basis, but also that they are well looked after both physically and emotionally. The team members are highly trained professionals who are specialized in understanding the emotional needs of each resident, as well as their health condition and the specific accommodations it entails. There is also an exclusive dining program that includes daily gourmet meals cooked with expertise, heart and talent by a group of dedicated chefs. The menu options are frequently changed to avoid monotony.

The Castleton facility features spacious rooms with double beds, separate baths, a stunning gazebo encircled by trees and green landscape, an outdoor patio with seating, a private and a large common dining area with traditional, elegant furnishing. The building is located near a variety of luxury restaurants and the Community North Hospital.

14. Rosegate Assisted Living and Garden Homes

7525 Rosegate Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237

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Taking pride in their commitment to excellence, Rosegate Assisted Living and Garden Homes offer upscale living conditions and a group of warmhearted professionals that help seniors all across Indianapolis lead better, healthier and more fulfilling lives. The community recognizes the importance of socialization and takes time to get to know each resident on a personal level. The team goes beyond physical needs and ensures that the elders they care for feel safe, at ease, but also excited to discover new passions and ready to handle life’s challenges. If you enlist your loved one at this facility, they will receive several health assessments and be included in one of the staff’s holistic care programs.

Here are just some of the lifestyle options available at Rosegate and Garden Homes: Independent and Assisted Living Apartments, Auguste’s Cottage Memory Care, New Energy Wellness and Moving Forward Rehabilitation. The community also provides respite care, skilled nursing, long-term and hospice care.

13. Rittenhouse Village at Northside

1251 West 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260

This resident-centered community creates a unique senior living experience for elders from all walks of life. With a wide array of floor plans available, over twenty-five years of experience and several award-winning care programs under its belt, Rittenhouse Village at Northside offers a combination of memory care and assisted living services. The latter include specialized support with daily activities, medication management, ongoing assessment and supervision, transportation, concierge and a whole host of other excellent amenities. In addition, the village clubhouse atmosphere helps seniors feel at home and secure.

What differentiates Rittenhouse from its competitors is its dedicated staff and innovative programs that ensure a higher standard of care and personalized supportive services. Some of these care plans include Celebrations and Activities (from educational seminars and exercise classes to parties and games), Sensations – Dining (international cuisine and requests for homemade favorites) and Dimensions – Wellness (focuses on all components of health, including spiritual, intellectual and emotional). The facility also accepts companion animals and encourages pet therapy.

12. Morningside of College Park

8810 Colby Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Morningside of College Park is a highly acclaimed assisted living facility that offers the whole package when it comes to physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Covering over six and a half acres of land, the community puts forth month-to-month leasing and 24-hour nursing on site. Situated only a few minutes away from hospitals, banks and cultural venues, it is part of a quiet and friendly neighborhood. Some of the amenities and services include three chef-prepared meals every day, scheduled transportation, wireless internet, a huge dining room with stylish décor, an outdoor terrace and a strikingly beautiful gazebo.

Your loved one will also be able to enjoy massage therapy, billiards, telephone and basic cable, crafts workshops and a complete makeover at the beauty salon. There is also a chapel, a theater, a gift shop and a game room. Outpatient rehabilitative therapy and housekeeping services are included in the monthly rent fee.

11. American Village a CCRC

2026 E 54th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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American village a CCRC offers luxury homes and specialized assistance, but also resourceful and innovative care programs centered on a holistic approach and on personalized support. The upscale apartments feature spacious, bright bedrooms where residents can keep memorabilia, private baths, fully-equipped kitchens, dining areas and lounges for relaxation and socialization. They put forth a wide range of services, including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, independent living, outpatient therapy, respite care, skilled nursing and long-term care. Some of their award-winning wellness programs include Garden Homes, Hospice care for the terminally ill and Moving Forward Rehabilitation.

In addition to professional assistance with activities such as eating and bathing, the team at this facility provides help with medication reminders and administration, as well as emotional support. It also conducts a series of weekly activities that promote self-development and lifelong health. If you decide this is your desired facility, you can rest assured that your loved one will be safe, happy and well taken care of.

10. Traditions at Solana

7721 Battery Pointe Way, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Offering six levels of care and grand hotel conditions, Traditions at Solana is renowned for its dedication and welcoming, kind-hearted staff. It offers restaurant-style dining with chef-prepared meals, park setting, laundry facilities and services, scenic views, special holiday dinners, daily happy hour and an emergency response system with pendants and pull cords. There are also several health specialists who regularly visit the residents and make sure they are healthy. The lounge areas have comfortable seating and the residents’ rooms have lots of storage space, large beds and cozy blankets. Additionally, seniors can enjoy casual dining in an adjacent café, spend time in the movie theater or participate in the scheduled outings and social gatherings organized by the staff.

The team of Traditions at Solana provides medication management, ongoing monitoring and around-the-clock supportive services which include help with grooming, dining, bathing, mobility and dressing assistance. Pets are also allowed and encouraged at this facility.

9. Wellbrooke of Avon

10307 E County Road 100 N, Indianapolis, IN 46234

This innovative assisted living facility is one of the first choices for seniors when it comes to luxury retirement options in Indianapolis. Focusing on all aspects of wellbeing, the team at Wellbrooke of Avon goes above and beyond to ensure that residents feel relaxed, safe and pampered. It offers assisted living services, long-term care and rehabilitative therapy (including speech, occupational and physical therapy). When it comes to supportive services, your loved one benefits from resort-style living conditions, engaging activities, exquisite cuisine, hospitality, assistance with daily routines, medication support and a number of other excellent amenities. Housekeeping, maintenance, personal laundry and linen services are also included in the standard cost.

The private rooms have elegant beds with large windows and stylish furnishing. The dining areas are spacious, airy and have plenty of natural lighting and the common rooms have modern interior décor, entertainment options and an adjoined bistro with healthy refreshments and snacks available throughout the day. There is also an on-site barber and beauty salon.

8. Carmel Senior Living

13390 N Illinois St, Carmel, IN 46032

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This assisted living facility from Carmel, Indiana offers a combination of memory care and supportive services, as well as a variety of floor plans. Priding themselves in their hospitality and expertise, the community puts forth luxury homes with 24-hour concierge, security and monitoring. Accommodations are made for special dietary preferences, impaired mobility and memory loss issues. Transportation is also included in the monthly fee.

Carmel Senior Living excels at providing quality senior care. Their services ensure that your loved one receives undivided attention and professional support with activities such as bathing, eating, grooming, dressing, moving around and toileting. Incontinence management is also covered for an additional fee. Moreover, the space is immaculately clean and the living conditions are excellent. The latter include a common area with a snug fireplace and natural lighting, a welcoming lobby, private spacious bedrooms, a movie theater and other useful amenities that provide comfort, security or entertainment.

7. Meadow Brook Senior Living

11011 Village Square Ln, Fishers, IN 46038

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Featuring a variety of floor plans, Meadow Brook Senior Living offers quality senior care and flexible pricing. Your loved one benefits from regular health assessments, licensed professionals on site on a 24-hour basis, specialized security systems and personal care (including incontinence care, medication management and assistance with escorting). The community puts forth private apartments with modern furnishing, separate baths with easy access, kitchenettes, private dining rooms and an activity room with a billiards table. There is also an elegant courtyard and an outdoor patio where residents can meditate or relax, as well as an on-site beauty salon for makeovers and grooming.

The staff conducts individualized care plans and a calendar full of stimulating activities that promote mental and physical health. Aside from daily assistance and medication support, housekeeping, maintenance, laundry services and all utilities are included in the standard price. Meadow Brook Senior Living offers memory care, assisted living services and respite care. Pets are also accepted at the facility.

6. Country Charm

7212 US Highway 31 South, Indianapolis, IN 46227

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With a selection of uniquely-designed floor plans and a kind, loving staff with unmatched expertise, this retirement home is the ideal choice if your loved one appreciates the serenity, beauty and warmth of country living. Situated in the quiet, relaxing and landscaped area of Greenwood, Indiana, the community puts forth studio and one-bedroom apartments with traditional, elegant furnishing, cable television, dining areas and a convenient location, only thirty minutes away from restaurants, medical centers and local city attractions.

The homes have a strikingly beautiful lake view and a wide range of amenities, including 24/7 monitoring, licensed staff on-call, covered porches, wall-to-wall carpeting and a nearby gazebo. For added security, there are smoke alarms, emergency call buttons and a sprinkler system installed. The staff also conducts weekly activities such as lunch outings, bowling, exercise classes and educational seminars. Transportation to medical appointments, social gatherings or shopping centers is covered by the monthly cost. Country Charm is the perfect facility if your loved one enjoys nature and spending quality time with family and like-minded, caring people in a homey environment.

5. Forest Creek Commons

6510 South US Highway 31, Indianapolis, IN 46227

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This retirement community offers a unique, five-star senior living experience for elderly individuals all across Indianapolis. Centered on holistic, individualized care programs and the core belief that independence and dignity should be the cornerstone of caregiving and healthy aging, Forest Creek Commons puts forth modern, luxury apartments and a variety of floor plans. There are keyed entries, games and card rooms, comprehensive libraries, gardens, computer lounges, resident clubs and wireless internet available. Personal laundry services and housekeeping are also accounted for by the monthly cost. In addition, nutrition is of primary concern at this facility. Every meal is cooked from local, organic produce by a team of gifted chefs and the menu options are regularly rotated to assure diversity.

There are also volunteer opportunities for those who are interested, as well as an events calendar rife with stimulating, fun and entertaining activities that help seniors rebuild their lives. Aside from daily professional assistance, the staff also provides respite care, independent living services and short-term or seasonal stays.

4. Bickford of Greenwood

3021 Stella St, Greenwood, IN 46143

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Bickford of Greenwood takes in elderly individuals who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions. The soon-to-be residents undergo a comprehensive assessment before transitioning to their new home. During this evaluation, the team gets a better understanding of their physical health, but also becomes familiar with their likes, dislikes, expectations, wishes and specific requirements. Aside from fine dining, personal care and medication support, the staff at this facility also organizes a series of life-enriching activities that help residents get out of their comfort zone, learn new things, become engaged with the community and work on developing their passions. The apartments are spacious, bright and feature traditional furnishing with an elegant, classy design. There are private rooms with large beds, baths with easy access and common areas with warm fireplaces.

The community ensures personal care, memory care, mobility assistance, socialization, security, relaxation and leisure, maintenance, medication management and health care coordination.

3. Rosewalk at Lutherwoods Assisted Living

1301 N Ritter Ave Indianapolis, IN 46219

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Rosewalk at Lutherwoods Assisted Living is committed to treating your relative as if they are family and are always improving their expertise and conduct to successfully meet their needs. The team at this facility goes above and beyond to surpass seniors’ expectations – they do not only tend to their physical ailments and requests, but also encourage them to socialize, contribute and become engaged in a series of activities that promote lifelong health and happiness. They put forth comfortable studio or one-bedroom apartments with flexible pricing, landscaped surroundings and a convenient location. Moreover, they assess and monitor elderly individuals on a 24-hour basis, with licensed staff on-call at all times.

Here are just some of the amenities you will find at Lutherwoods: restaurant-style dining, brain fitness classes, financial aid, overnight guest accommodations, rehabilitative therapy, dietary adjustments (including vegetarian), food advisory council, outside patios and gardening, emergency response systems and wellness programs.

2. Worthington Place

10799 Alliance Dr, Camby, IN 46113

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Finding the ideal blend between assistance and independence, Worthington Place allows your loved one to experience the charm and comfort of luxury living without compromising your budget. With affordable prices and a dedicated team of professionals at your disposal, this community ensures 24-hour staffing, personalized care plans, innovative educational and wellness programs, assistance with daily routines, medication support and a whole host of thrilling activities. The latter either help residents unwind and have fun or focus on personal development and aid them in creating the life they want. Here are some of the events that are organized on a regular basis at this facility: karaoke, exercise classes, sightseeing excursions, pet therapy, church visits and picnics in the park.

The team at Worthington Place also assures respite care, transportation and short-term stays. For added security, there are emergency call systems in place and there is an on-site registered nurse. Moreover, safety features are included in every bathroom and all seniors undergo chronic disease monitoring.

1. Magnolia Springs Southpointe

4926 Sir Barton Way, Indianapolis, IN 46237

Magnolia Springs Southpointe is the first name you’ll hear when it comes to excellent senior living in Indianapolis. This is because of its one-of-a-kind team that invariably leaves a long-lasting impression on anyone who steps through the community’s front door. The members have solid training, licensing and experience, but also a warm heart and a genuine desire to see families and their loved ones healthier, more content and happy to be alive.

Providing unparalleled services in terms of both personal assistance and emotional support, the staff embraces the requirements, preferences, aspirations, quirks, needs and uniqueness of each elderly individual. They understand that successful caregiving greatly depends on the quality of the bond between senior and assistant, as well as on how much trust, openness and understanding there is between the two. With this philosophy in mind, each team member at Magnolia Springs Southpointe offers their undivided attention, support and honest hard work to assure that your loved one is leading the best life possible.

The amenities include: private and formal dining room, media center, bar and lounge, theater, outdoor areas (including shuffleboards, walking paths and courtyards), postal service, specialized security, maintenance and concierge, scheduled transportation and life-enriching activities. Aside from assisted living services, the facility also offers extensive memory care.