Top 30 Assisted Living Facilities in Houston

According to the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), approximately one million Americans live in some type of senior care community, and over 835,000 of them are part of assisted living facilities. This figure is expected to double by the year 2030. If your loved one is also in need of supportive services, you need to be able to recognize the key-features that constitute a quality organization for independent and assisted living. What you are looking for is an institution that provides quality and innovation, but is also the right fit for your budget and long-term goals.

Houston is a fast-growing city and one of the most affordable metropolitans to live in. Due to its unique energy, friendly residents and homey suburbs, the area has seen a significant increase in population over the past decade. Whether you are looking for a quiet neighborhood for your senior relative, a diverse location with museums galore or a luxury apartment in the middle of the city, Houston is a retirement option worth exploring further. With this in mind, below you will find a comprehensive list of the top 30 assisted living communities (renowned for their successful and reliable senior care) that might pique your interest.

30. Avalon Memory Care – Cypress Creek

9922 Grant Rd Houston TX 77070

Located in the vicinity of the Cypress Medical Center, this assisted living facility shares its award-winning programs with hundreds of satisfied residents and families. The pioneers of a unique personalized plan for dementia patients, Avalon Memory Care do not only tend to their seniors’ physical wellbeing, but also stabilize their emotional state and nurture mental health through a variety of social and personal growth activities. The staff provides assistance with bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, personal hygiene and eating, as well as help with medication, specific dietary recommendations and 24/7 supervision.

Here are some of the amenities your relative will enjoy if you choose this facility: fully furnished apartments with private bath, indoor and outdoor common areas, activity calendar, vegetarian and kosher meal options, on-site beautician and barber shop, but also assistance with mobility, impaired vision and hearing, dementia symptoms, incontinence, wandering, wheelchairs, canes, balance and depression.

29. Autumn Years II Assisted Living Facility

2111 Willow Lake Drive Houston TX 77077

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This residential care home provides a combination of assistance with tasks of daily living, medication support, 24-hour supervision and opportunities for socialization. Located near several city attractions such as the Minute Maid Park, Miller Outdoor Theater and The Houston Museum of Natural Science, the facility offers quality senior care at affordable rates. Allowing your loved one to relax and enjoy a comfortable, but engaging life, Autumn Years II is a resourceful option to explore when it comes to retirement.

With licensed care staff always on duty, an emergency response system and around-the-clock alert security, this community also employs the services of a registered nurse in case of a crisis situation to ensure that their residents are safe, immediately treated and well looked after. In addition to personal services, the staff members also offer regular check-ups, physical therapy, hospice care, memory support and medication reminders. The activity calendar includes ice-cream socials, board games, piano, guitar, karaoke, movie nights, book club and music therapy.

28. Sweet Home Assisted Living

13820 Eagle Pass St, Houston, TX 77015

Featuring all of the amenities of hotel living, a caring, compassionate staff and excellent assisted living services, Sweet Home is widely-known for its devotion to improving quality of life. Helping seniors find hope and gratitude during difficult times, this community is here to support its residents both externally and mentally. The staff provides psychological support, counseling and the relief of knowing assistance is available whenever needed. A registered nurse is also on duty for eight hours every day in order to monitor and ensure the patients’ safety.

All caregivers are responsive, empathetic and highly trained, owning First Aid and CPR certifications. Entrusted with permanent supervision, they also remind seniors of appointments, medication regimens, social activities and cultural events they may want to attend. The building incorporates both private and semi-private rooms, a comfortable patio, a media room, cable TV, pet accommodations and a common dining room.

27. Bedford Residence

11718 Bedford St, Houston, TX 77031

Providing excellent senior care for over three decades, Bedford Residence is here to meet the specific needs, preferences and expectations of elderly individuals who require medical and personal assistance. With a knowledgeable and compassionate staff on-call 24/7, as well as specialized security systems in place, the facility offers private and shared rooms, transportation services, diet planning and meal preparations (with accommodations available at the senior’s request).

Promoting a stress-free, active lifestyle, this long-standing community helps its residents feel secure and sheltered, while still retaining their freedom and flexible schedule. If you enlist your relative here, they will be able to enjoy a home-like atmosphere alongside friends and thoughtful caretakers that encourage them to stay healthy and strong. The amenities include common living areas (where residents can interact with each other and share feedback with the staff), full kitchens, separate baths and communal dining. Bedford Residence also provides respite care, dementia care, special needs accommodations and hospice care.

26. The Village of River Oaks

1015 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77019

With a breathtaking view of the River Oaks, this retirement community offers all levels of care, as well as grand hotel living conditions. Its location is remarkably convenient, as the building is situated near a wide variety of amenities and attractions, including the theatre district, museums, natural parks and the River Oaks Center. Offering a full range of lifestyle options, The Village is known for its exceptional individualized services, which include flexible accommodations, concierge, weekly housekeeping, linen and valet services, but also a personalized care plan for each of the residents.

The building includes a formal dining room, a bistro and outdoor terrace, a fitness and wellness center, indoor spa and heated pool, guest parking, a multi-purpose town hall, a common area, a comprehensive library and a private dining room. In addition, your loved one benefits from scheduled transportation, three gourmet meals per day, art workshops, resort-style living and 24-hour staffing.

25. Treemont Healthcare Center

2501 Westerland Dr, Houston, TX 77063

Treemont Healthcare Center is a resourceful choice due to its unique pricing flexibility. Their customized care plans can be implemented for a fixed monthly rate. This means that other additional services (accommodations, incontinence management, extra personal care necessities) will not cost you anything extra. There are no supplementary fees or unexpected payments to be worried about at the end of each month. Moreover, Treemont sets itself apart from all other assisted living communities because it does not have a move-in deposit requirement.

Helping seniors perform daily activities such as dressing, grooming, toileting, bathing and eating, the entrusted staff allow them to retain as much of their independence as possible. Kind and responsive, these professionals are prepared to handle any critical situation that may arise, and also provide you with regular updates on your loved one’s wellbeing. Drawing upon a tradition of excellence, Treemont Healthcare Center is one of Houston’s most reliable choices when it comes to assisted and independent living.

24. Brookdale Tanglewood

505 Bering Dr, Houston, TX 77057

This outstanding senior living community in Fort Worth offers a combination of dementia care and assisted living services. Located near Houston’s diverse attractions (museums, shopping centers, hospital and restaurants), Brookdale Tanglewood ensures that elderly individuals receive the customized care and medical attention they deserve. With shared and private rooms, fully-equipped kitchens, separate baths and a common area, the facility encourages connection between residents, as well as several fun events and activities for those who are interested.

Some of the amenities involved are dominoes, shopping trips, birthday parties, bingo, bible studies, walking clubs and salon visits. Each patient also has an emergency response system installed in their room and access to on-site postal services. The director is known to give families a compelling and intriguing tour of the facility, leaving a long-lasting impression on most of its visitors. If you are searching for a quality and budget-friendly option for your loved one, look no further than Brookdale Tanglewood.

23. Sun Rose Adult Home

10908 Willowisp Houston TX 77035

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Situated in the Harris, Fort Bent and Montgomery Counties, Sun Rose Adult Home is a cheerful, open-minded location that promotes a well-balanced, comfortable lifestyle for seniors all across Houston. With a kind, inviting and highly trained staff, the community is centered on interaction and connection (aside from its basic care services), ensuring that residents never feel alone, misunderstood or inconvenienced. Ready to assist at any moment, professional nurses are on duty in case one of the patients needs medical assistance. Moreover, the building incorporates a recreational area where residents are emboldened to participate in a wide array of social activities.

Your relative will benefit from three nutritious meals per day, an outdoor area for meditation, frequent family visitations with flexible accommodations available, constant supervision, help with daily routines, medication support and a snug living room with a large TV screen. If you are looking for quality, economical options, Sun Rose Adult Home is an excellent choice for you and your family.

22. The Cottage of Spring Branch

1842 Hollister St, Houston, TX 77080

With magnificent scenery and a devoted staff, this senior care community takes pride in providing the highest standard of medical and personal assistance to elderly individuals from all walks of life. The Cottage of Spring Branch grants special attention to each resident and helps them overcome the daily struggles of old age and disease. Their generous professionals ensure that your relative will transition smoothly to the new environment and become comfortable, happy and at ease in their new home.

With innovative systems designed for dementia care, respite care and assisted living, this facility places great emphasis on movement, socialization and mental health. Their amenities and services include: three tasty meals every day, daily housekeeping, small resident-to-caregiver ratio, incontinence care available (for additional cost), recreational and therapeutic activities, satellite TV, visiting physicians, medication supervision, linen and personal laundry services. In addition, the staff can assist with arranging and attending medical appointments.

21. Braeswood Homes Inc

3519 S Braeswood Blvd Houston TX 77025

No Website

Dedicated to serving the needs of seniors from all across Houston, this assisted living community also has locations in Montgomery, Harris and Fort Bend Counties. A comprehensive health assessment is conducted by the team before an individual is admitted, in which his history, medical needs, personal care requirements and diet adjustments are determined. After that, the new resident is assisted by well-trained caretakers in order to perform activities such as bathing, eating and toileting, but also to successfully adhere to their medication or treatment regimen. Care is also available for those recuperating from injury, surgery, illness or previous hospitalization.

Braeswood Homes Inc is a well-known organization that focuses on holistic health and improving quality of life. Their amenities include private and semi-private rooms, laundry and housekeeping services, three daily meals, wellness programs, planned transportation, diabetes management, constant supervision, security systems, rehab and physical therapy options.

20. Brookdale Galleria

2929 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056

Only a short drive away from Center at Post Oak and in close proximity to Interstate 610, Brookdale Galleria is a continuing care retirement community that combines assisted and independent living services. Featuring a wide range of floor plan options, a compassionate team of resourceful professionals and a calendar filled with enticing, senior-oriented activities, the facility’s can-do attitude has built a strong reputation for itself over the years. The pet-friendly building puts forth a variety of stylish apartments, as well as delicious meals cooked by talented chefs which are served in a restaurant-style dining room.

If you enlist your loved one at this facility, they will benefit from 24-hour supervision, medication management, assistance with tasks of daily living, but also valet parking, regular health assessments, Sunday brunch, a pub with happy hours, housekeeping and laundry services. This is an affordable, compelling choice for anyone interested in resort-like retirement.

19. Apex Oaks at Cypress Assisted Living and Memory Care

13702 Wimbledon Oaks Dr, Houston, TX 77065

This sixteen-apartment complex is well-known for its warm, loving environment and devoted team of skilled professionals. They go above and beyond to ensure that your relative is safe, healthy, nurtured, but also that they feel at ease, free and do not shy away from fulfilling their potential and enjoying life. Redefining senior living since its inception, Apex Oaks at Cypress accepts private payment and offers in exchange a multitude of services: personalized care and 24-hour assistance, meal services, physical, occupational and speech therapy, fitness programs and doctor visits. In addition, your loved one will benefit from social and leisure activities, educational seminars, arts and crafts workshops, live entertainment, discussion groups, holiday parties and guest speakers.

The building at Apex Oaks incorporates several walking paths, a stunningly arranged outdoor garden, high-tech safety systems installed, access to community nurse, pharmacy delivery, a protected, enclosed courtyard and regular laundry and housekeeping services.

18. Spring Branch – Oak Forest Care Homes I

9619 Truscon Dr Houston TX 77080

No Website

Spring Branch, Oak Forest Care Homes I is a residential facility that offers quality care and flexible accommodations for disabled and older adults. For a fairly low cost, you or your family member can receive full assistance with activities such as bathing, eating and dressing, as well as help with your medication regimen (and necessary diet adjustments). Specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each resident, the health and wellness plans at Spring Branch ensure that seniors are treated with dignity, patience and respect.

A typical day under Oak Forest Care’s assisted living program includes an early morning with meditation time and treatment reminders, as well as a hearty, nutritious breakfast. Snacks and refreshments are available throughout the day, while seniors are invited to participate in social gatherings, exercise classes or other fun activities that engage and excite them. Two other well-balanced meals are provided, and residents are left to unwind in the evening, spend time with pets, friends and family, but also to return to an impeccably clean room for a good night’s sleep.

17. Ella Springs Senior Living Community

16700 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77090

From the moment you take your first step in Ella Springs, you feel a sense of peace, safety and positive energy. The spacious, bright lobby and welcoming staff members make you feel at home in an upscale building with luxurious, classy furnishing, innovative appliances and specialized security systems in place. There is no doubt that this community is interested in treating each resident as a separate, unique individual with different wants and needs. The team of professionals give their all every hour of the day to provide the highest standard of senior care for your family. If you are looking for a small, first-class retirement home, this place should certainly be on your list.

Ella Springs features several elegant dining rooms where exquisite, frequently changing dishes are served, as well as private, tastefully-decorated bedrooms where your relative can bring and keep important memorabilia. The building also includes an art movie theater, a barbecue pavilion, a variety of walking paths and a dog park.

16. The Village of Meyerland

4141 N Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77025

Offering a combination of memory support and assisted living services, The Village of Meyerland is a worthy competitor when it comes to exceptional senior care. The hard-working, professional team always put in extra effort to get to know their residents, understand their condition, fears, desires and lifelong aspirations. They devise and implement personalized care plans that are tailored for their specific medical and personal needs and that improve quality of life long-term. The building has an adjacent full-service salon, a formal library, a bistro, balconies with astonishing skyline views and an on-site therapy center.

Your loved one will enjoy fine dining every day, being able to choose from an assortment of delicious dishes and exotic cuisine. They will also be able to choose between studio, one and two-bedroom apartments, all with traditional, but elegant furnishing, thermostat, kitchenette, ample storage space, walk-in showers, safety bars, nine-foot ceilings and private baths.

15. Avista Home

 9014 S Ferndale Pl Dr, Houston, TX 77064

Featuring a wide array of fully furnished homes, this assisted living organization provides your family with plenty of thoroughly-crafted, stylish apartments for you to choose from. If your senior relative is finding it harder and harder to live by themselves in their current house, Avista Home is a worthwhile investment that ensures your family member receives the care and attention they need and deserve.

Offering several nutritious meals, assistance with activities of daily living, 24-hour staffing, supervision and medication support, this community is renowned for its homey, snug setting. The building has a common living area with a cozy fireplace, a strikingly beautiful green garden, full maintenance assured by the team and frequent laundry, linen and housekeeping services. Aside from these elements, Avista Home also provides transportation, wheelchair accessible spaces and appliances, referral to specialists and other healthcare professionals, wellness and nutrition programs, as well as socializing activities.

14. Loving Care Cottages

14977 Terrace Oaks Dr, Houston, TX 77068

This residential home from Hudson is a small, quiet and highly acclaimed community which primarily focuses on holistic, patient-centered care. With traditional, classy furnishing, a common living area, separate baths and green, lush surroundings, Loving Care Cottages holds a maximum of sixteen seniors. They remain a tiny, but well-known and appreciated facility in order to offer special attention and intensive, compassionate care to each and every individual in the house. The warm, kind-hearted team have become known for their gentle approach and expertise, establishing a solid, trusting bond with the seniors and building a close family over the years.

Centered on long-term care, this assisted living organization has over thirty years of experience under its belt. It is located in a friendly, peaceful residential neighborhood and it incorporates a beautiful, sheltered outdoor park, 24-hour staffing, but also a private party room, ambulation and escort services. Small pets are also allowed at the facility.

13. The Shores at Clear Lake

19400 Space Center Blvd, Houston, TX 77058

The Shores at Clear Lake recognizes the importance of genuine connection in the recovery and improvement of seniors with chronic or acute health conditions. With a team of dedicated professionals on duty 24/7 and specialized security systems installed throughout the entire building, their services are delivered in an impeccable manner, inspiring seniors to become more involved in their lives and keep their close bonds with friends and family. The savory food is cooked by a professional chef and served in a restaurant-style dining room, ensuring that all nutrient needs are met every day.

Residents at The Shores report feeling uplifted and emboldened to change for the better, as well as becoming more adventurous and not letting a day go to waste without trying something new. All of this is done through the community’s holistic program, Vibrant Life, which touches upon every component there is to health, including spiritual, intellectual and emotional.

12. The Terrace – Champions

14050 Cutten Road, Houston, TX 77069

No Website

Providing high-quality, holistic care for seniors all across Houston, The Terrace – Champions has all of the key-elements of a successful senior living community: 24-hour supervision, shared and private rooms, a common area for socialization, educational classes that promote proper nutrition and healthy activities, meal preparation and service, and a licensed nurse available on the promises seven days a week. All of these features ensures that residents feel at ease, relaxed and equipped to handle any challenges that appear as a result of old age or due to their physical condition.

The staff at The Terrace is ready to answer any of your questions before admission, as well as keep you updated on your loved one’s wellbeing. Economical, reliable and secure, this facility offers full-time medical attention, useful amenities and opportunities for your relative to blend in, meet new people and build long-lasting friendships.

11. Fairbanks Court Assisted Living

7810 Trentway St, Houston, TX 77040

Fairbanks Court is renowned for its unique approach to senior care. Each resident undergoes a comprehensive assessment before admission conducted by a team of professionals. This determines the senior’s overall health, medication regimen, dietary preferences, but also their personal needs, goals and expectations from the facility. Once the seniors have been enlisted, they will receive around-the-clock support with their routines, but also medical assistance when necessary. Additionally, the rent cost will cover utilities such as heating, water and electricity.

Residents are encouraged to come forward with any request that they have or constructive criticism regarding how the community can improve or changes they would like to see. All of these ideas are then discussed in meetings and some are implemented and adopted by the staff members. The latter are open-minded, kind and always interact sincerely and respectfully with the residents multiple times a day. The maximum capacity is sixteen residents, all of which are very close to the team. This is also the reason why Fairbanks Court is considered a tight-knit family.

10. The Abbey at Westminster Plaza

2855 Westminster Plaza Dr, Houston, TX 77082

One of Houston’s most acclaimed assisted and independent living facility, The Abbey at Westminster Plaza is a family-operated business that provides five-star hotel conditions to elderly individuals from all walks of life. The fifty-five plus community puts forth cozy, spacious one and two-bedroom apartments with private baths, wood flooring, high ceilings, kitchenettes, large windows, granite countertops, plantation-style blinds, crown molding and ample storage room. Aside from these resort-like conditions, the facility also offers cable TV, delectable, chef-prepared meals, an ice-cream parlor, indoor heated swimming pool, a bistro, parking garage, fitness center, dog park, sports lounge, movie theatre and library. Your loved one can also enjoy a day at the community’s spa or try out the hydro-therapy pool.

The Abbey at Westminster Plaza offers the ultimate experience of upscale senior living. The facility also allows frequent “house calls” by dentists, podiatrists, physical therapists, geriatric physicians and other specialists.

9. The Solana Vintage Park

19929 Chasewood Park Dr, Houston, TX 77070

Offering a combination of assisted living services and Alzheimer’s and dementia care, The Solana Vintage Park tackles the concept of health from a whole, all-inclusive perspective. At this facility, each resident receives guidance to cultivate physical strength and fortitude, to engage in intellectually stimulating activities, to regularly check in with their emotions, look after their mental health and strengthen close relationships with family and friends. These pillars of wellbeing work together to prepare seniors for upcoming health challenges, but also build a social support network for them that is useful and caring during life’s hardships.

Aside from these services, the team at Solana Vintage Park assists the elderly in day-to-day activities such as bathing or eating, offers relevant reminders and medication assistance, transportation services, linen, laundry and housekeeping services, as well as memory care accommodations and activities. The staff is available at any hour and will resolve any concern or physical issue the resident might have.

8. The Village of the Heights

1407 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008

Home to hundreds of elderly people, this large assisted living community has found the ideal blend between comfort, security and active living. Allowing seniors to retain their independence while still keeping them safe, The Village of the Heights conducts an in-depth health assessment for every resident before they are admitted. After a personal history has been registered, the staff members work hard and collaboratively to determine what the most suitable care plan is for each individual. In conjunction with the facility’s several wellness programs, this personalized plan is implemented and adjusted over time in accordance with the patient’s feedback.

In addition to assistance with eating, bathing and grooming, seniors receive linen and personal laundry service, rehabilitative care (if necessary), scheduled transportation, physical activities, therapeutic diets with specific nutrient requirements, weekly housekeeping service, a calendar of various cultural events and escort services. Other amenities include nine-foot ceilings, thermostat in each suite, cable TV and internet, walk-in, anti-slip showers, extensive storage space and large windows that allow natural lighting to come in the rooms.

7. Brookdale Spring Shadows

9889 Kempwood Dr, Houston, TX 77080

Located in the northwest side of Houston, Texas, this assisted and independent living facility is here to ensure that your loved one can benefit from a worthwhile retirement option. It features private and semi-private room, an elegant dining room, delicious daily meals, transportation services, common areas for socialization and relaxation, laundry, linen and housekeeping services. There are also six styles of studio apartments that cover anywhere between 365 and 555 square feet to choose from. Additionally, your family member will be able to individually control heating and air conditioning, as well as bring pets for comfort and personal belongings to decorate their rooms how they see fit.

Other amenities at Brookdale Spring Shadows include cooking classes, exercise programs, bingo, live entertainment, music therapy, pet therapy, jewelry making courses, art workshops, on-site religious services, gardening opportunities, meditation time, morning walks, themed dinners and dancing events.

6. Elmcroft of Braeswood

2555 S Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77025

This warmhearted and welcoming senior living community is one of the most sought-after assisted living facilities in Houston. Their all-inclusive pricing and multiple lifestyle options, as well as their excellent services have built a strong reputation amongst families over the years. With a wide array of floor plans to choose from, carefully constructed apartment designs and attentive, 24-hour awake staff, Elmcroft of Braeswood offers all levels of care, including memory care, independent living services, respite care, personal care and skilled nursing.

The building is secured through an emergency response system that alerts medical staff in case of a crisis situation. Residents also benefit from restaurant-style dining with three nutritionally-complete, delicious dishes every day. They are also encouraged to participate in one or more of the facility’s signature programs (Heartland Village, Vitality Club, Second Wind Dreams). Here are some of the activities conducted at Elmcroft of Braeswood: chair yoga, movie nights, outdoor gardening, pet therapy, bird aviaries, watercolor painting classes, morning stretch, craft projects and nature excursions.

5. Belmont Village West University

2929 W Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77025

Active since November 1998, Belmont Village West University offers the highest standard of senior care in a kind and dignified manner. Seniors are frequently asked to share their experience with the facility and ideas on how to improve it, as well as vent any concerns or frustrations they may have. The team of devoted professionals puts the individual first and responds with compassion, understanding and expertise every time. In addition, the home-like, luxurious setting allows residents to feel pampered, looked after and loved. There is a full calendar of various activities and events, all of which are designed to promote personal growth and socialization, encouraging bonds and close connections between the elderly.

The facility’s location is also convenient and resourceful – it is situated near the West University residential area and is in close vicinity to multiple shopping centers, medical institutions, intriguing attractions and exquisite restaurants. If you are looking for a quality community with an advantageous location, Belmont Village West University should be your first choice.

4. Village on the Park at Steeplechase

12102 Steeple Way Blvd, Houston, TX 77065

Offering a variety of living options and all levels of care, this nationally recognized community puts forth spacious luxury apartments with private bedrooms, common lounge areas, restaurant-style dining, large TV, game rooms, solarium and a craft center. Resembling the inside of a grand hotel, Village on the Park at Steeplechase grants residents more freedom than most assisted living facilities – each of them has a pet-friendly, private bedroom, a separate bath and their own outdoor space (a stunning patio or a porch). Moreover, all utilities (except telephone) are covered by the monthly rent cost.

Your loved one will benefit from linen, laundry and housekeeping services, receive assistance with activities of daily living, medication support and apartment maintenance (this includes heating, plumbing and air-conditioning). There is also an outdoor pool where seniors can enjoy a good workout or some relaxation time, an elegant dining room where they will be served three savory meals every day, an ice-cream parlor and trash pickup services five days of the week. Transportation to events and appointments is assured by a first-class limousine.

3. Atria Westchase

11424 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77082

Renowned for their hospitality, good-natured staff and exceptional senior care, Atria Westchase provides a wide array of amenities: private bedrooms, concierge, community laundry service, town care service, worship space, support groups for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, planned transportation, comprehensive library and a full-service spa and beauty salon that offer manicures and pedicures. Allowing residents to live like celebrities, this facility also accepts specific meal accommodations such as vegetarian, kosher or ethnic dishes, and uses wristbands, as well as an emergency response system to ensure the continued security of the seniors.

Your family member will also be able to enjoy a resident garden space that is reserved specifically for them. Lastly, escort and transfer services are available (for additional cost), and linen, laundry, housekeeping and newspaper delivery are also accounted for. The community is fairly small which ensures that each elderly individual is treated with the utmost of care and respect.

2. Belmont Village Hunters Creek

7667 Woodway Dr, Houston, TX 77063

Belmont is one of the leading names on the market when it comes to assisted and independent living. Its solid reputation makes it the number one choice for visitors all across Houston. Although it is a significant investment, Belmont Village Hunters Creek is worth every penny – seniors can relish in grand hotel living conditions, receive exquisite, delicious meals each day, have private rooms and baths, as well as sophisticated lounges for socialization, and enjoy an unmatched collection of activities and events that keep them healthy, stimulated and engaged with life.

The team at this facility is known for its upbeat, patient and warmhearted spirit, always tending to seniors, spending time to get to know them and ensuring that they feel loved and accepted. Here are just some of the amenities you will find if you enlist your family member in this community: professionally supervised fitness center, frequently rotated menu choices, swimming pool with salt water and heating system, convenient wireless internet, tech center, bistro, full-service salon and therapy services.

1. Elmcroft by Cy-Fair

11246 Fallbrook Dr, Houston, TX 77065

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