Top 30 Assisted Living Facilities in Dallas

With over one million people residing in retirement communities nationwide, assisted living has become the most popular and reliable form of senior care in the country. Offering a combination of personal care support, medication management and 24/7 supervision, it ensures that seniors with a variety of chronic health conditions receive the professional help they need while still allowing them to keep their privacy and independence. If your loved one requires these services but you are uncertain which facility might be best for them, take a look at the list below in order to better understand the key-aspects of quality senior living.

Dallas is a well-known melting pot with diverse population and a friendly, warm and accepting spirit. It contains a variety of intriguing attractions (including the largest urban arts district), modest living costs and favorable weather all year round. Home to the richest Americans, this location has more restaurants per capita than any of the other metropolitans. If Dallas is your desired retirement home, we have created a comprehensive list that features the finest, most successful assisted living facilities worth a second glance.

30. Avendelle Asissted Living Spanky

6906 Spanky Branch Dr, Dallas, TX 75248

Avendelle Assisted Living Spanky is an assisted living facility located in the far North Dallas, near Hillcrest Road and Campbell Road, in a quiet residential area. This community offers a home-like, intimate and comfortable in which residents are treated with care and compassion. In order to make sure that seniors benefit from improved quality of life, the Avendelle team provides physical therapy sessions and regular doctor visits for them.

The house features large, open rooms that provide plenty of space for the elders and their belongings. They have the option to spend some quiet time or socialize in the courtyard and backyard gazebo. The staff comprises of professional and certified individuals who make sure their residents are well looked after at any hour of the day. The other services and amenities this facility offers include: three nutritious meals per day, housekeeping services, social, leisure, recreational, and educational activities, telephone, cable TV and more.

29. North Texas Personal Care Homes

17207 Graystone Dr, Dallas, TX 75248

This faith-based assisted living facility provides a high level of care at affordable rates. Ensuring that seniors are treated with dignity, compassion and undivided attention, the team at North Texas Personal Care Homes offers professional assistance, medication support, constant supervision and 24-hour availability. What is unique about this community is that they accept individuals from all walks of life, who have a variety of chronic health conditions. This includes dementia sufferers, patients whose hearing or vision is impaired, elders with Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, diabetes, incontinence issues and stroke, as well as persons who require mobility assistance, who use canes, wheelchairs or walkers.

North Texas Personal Care Homes puts forth spacious apartments with easy access to all rooms, utilities and appliances, but also uninterrupted care guaranteed by licensed staff members. There is continuous communication with the elderly’s families, visits conducted by physicians and other health specialists, and secure, clean environments where patients are comfortable and at ease.

28. Grace Presbyterian Village

550 East Ann Arbor Avenue, Dallas, TX 75216

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Grace Presbyterian Village is a popular retirement community that offers high-quality care, flexible pricing and lenient accommodations. With a kind, warmhearted and knowledgeable staff on duty day and night, the faith-based facility puts forth several spacious, tastefully-decorated residences. The latter include private and shared bedrooms, separate baths, fully-equipped kitchens and an elegant, classy dining room. Covering twenty-seven acres of land in Oak Cliff, Grace Presbyterian Village is an intimate, good-natured community that treats residents as if they were part of their own family.

Offering on-site religious services, the team acknowledges the importance of the spiritual component in the lives of elderly individuals and focuses on fulfilling it, alongside physical care and emotional support. There is also a terrace for relaxation with a beautiful fountain, a magnificent pond, an adjacent chapel and a green, stunning park nearby. If your loved one is a devoted believer, then this faith-based facility is an ideal choice.

27. Manchester Place Far North Dallas

7701 Queens Ferry Dallas TX 75248

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This residential care home provides both assisted and independent living services, as well as lenient visitation policies and a multitude of amenities and accommodations. Situated across the street from the strikingly beautiful Twin Lakes Park, Manchester Place Far North Dallas has a rich history of dedication to ensuring the highest quality of senior care. The latter involves professional assistance with activities of daily living such as eating and bathing, staff availability 24/7, ongoing monitoring, constant supervision and medication reminders or help with administration.

The apartments are airy, bright and tastefully decorated, with an easy-access design and an emergency response system in place for added security. They have an indoor living area, shared and private bedrooms where seniors can bring memorabilia, an area for socialization, educational and entertainment events, but also a dining room where three well-balanced, tasty meals are served every day. The community is in close vicinity to the city hospital.

26. Avalon Memory Care Royal Circle

7355 Royal Cir, Dallas, TX 75230

Located in a small, quiet neighborhood, Avalon Memory Care Royal Circle is a retirement home that provides quality care for an affordable price. Their innovative method ensures that residents are not only physically healthy and looked after medically, but also participate in a variety of fun, engaging and stimulating activities that promote personal growth, improved cognitive function and mental stability. The staff here is responsive, empathetic and knowledgeable, offering personal care assistance, medication management, but also companionship and emotional support. They are like a secondary family meant to help elders overcome the challenges of old age, as well as make them feel safe, loved and accepted.

At Avalon Memory Care Royal Circle, your loved one will benefit from wellness promotion and exercise programs, recreational events, open communication, comfortable furnishing, in-house medical appointments, semi-private and private rooms, protected yard, covered decks and gardening areas, daily cleaning, maintenance and laundry services.

25. Brookdale Preston

12400 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75230

Located on two acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, Brookdale Preston is a senior care facility that provides independent living, assisted living, nursing care and memory care services. Healthy and independent elders who wish to spend their time and socialize with other seniors are welcome to enjoy the services Brookdale Preston has to offer. Additionally, this community provides quality care for those who need assistance with mundane chores and want to live their life free from having to do those tasks every day. They are also equipped and prepared to meet the needs and requirements of those suffering from memory illnesses or of those who are mostly immobile and need close supervision.

To make sure their residents are well cared for in terms of wellbeing and health, this facility provides various medical services such as: medication support, physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy and nurses on-call. Other services and amenities include meal preparation and service, diabetes diet, transportation arrangements, wellness center, air-conditioning, telephone and internet access, library and many more.

24. Destiny Rose Residential Care

1620 Glen Ave, Dallas, TX 75216

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This retirement community is here to help seniors and families recover or manage a variety of health conditions and troublesome aging effects. The experienced staff focuses on patient-centered, holistic care and is ready to intervene at any time, on a 24-hour basis. Aside from medication supervision, personal care support and ongoing health monitoring, they create and cook three special dishes every day, take care of cleaning and maintenance, but also provide home health services, injections, wound care and transportation to medical appointments or cultural venues.

The apartments have private and shared, fully furnished bedrooms, a snack bar filled with daily refreshments, an elegant dining room, a telephone in every room, basic cable TV, a separate individual closet for each resident and a common area for relaxation and socialization. A licensed nurse is also on-call day and night. Temporary use of walkers or wheelchairs, colostomy care, bladder and bowel incontinence care are also covered by the monthly fee.

23. Autumn Leaves

1010 Emerald Isle Dr, Dallas, TX 75218

Situated in an area that overlooks the scenic White Rock Lake, Autumn Leaves is a facility that offers a wide range of retirement accommodations and services. Depending on your needs, you are welcomed by a team of professional and dedicated people ready to provide you with a lively and comfortable environment in which you feel like home. Whether you or your loved one want to lead a more carefree life without the burden of daily chores or you require extra assistance with various activities and tasks, this community is ready and eager to provide that for you.

The buildings vary between large one or two-bedroom, as well as two-baths apartments. All of them include full-sized kitchens and balconies that have a view of the lake or of the courtyard. The staff is made up only of serious and professional individuals such as registered nurses or advisory physicians. Licensed nurses are on duty on a 24-hour basis in order to tend to their residents’ needs at any time.

22. Sage Oak Assisted Living

5105 Creighton Dr, Dallas, TX 75214

This family-owned facility is committed to providing budget-friendly, but high-quality professional care for seniors and families all across Dallas. With an open-door policy, Sage Oak Assisted Living at Lake Highland has a quiet, convenient location and a beautiful view of a green, thriving and long-standing oak, a symbol of enduring health and strength. The latter is also the main goal of this community – to ensure that elders lead purpose-driven, happy and flourishing lives. This is done through the highest standard of assistance with daily routines, emotional support, brain health programs, therapeutic diets and medication management.

The apartments at Sage Oak Assisted Living are elegant, bright, spacious and secure. They feature fully furnished bedrooms, wheelchair access, separate baths with anti-slip flooring, outdoor patios, an elegant dining room and a common area where residents can meet, interact with one another and share unique experiences. The courtyard and outdoor space also has a pool for the enjoyment of seniors.

21. Manchester Place at Northwood Hills

7109 Spring Valley Rd Dallas TX 75254

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This excellent assisted living facility provides quality, individualized care in the comfort of an upscale residential home. With green scenery and stunning landscaped grounds in the near vicinity, Manchester Place at Northwood Hills values independent choice above everything else. The staff here understands the importance of allowing residents to make their own decisions and have as much freedom as possible, while still having the peace of mind that specialized help is on hand if needed. There is a medical director, an experienced management team, licensed nurses available on a 24-hour basis, a medical assistant and a highly skilled group of CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) at your loved one’s disposal. These knowledgeable, kind and devoted professionals share their expertise and deliver outstanding services both in terms of medical attention and personal care support.

Here are the amenities you will find at the Northwood Hills facility: private and semi-private rooms, separate baths, three savory, nutritious meals per day, housekeeping, linen and personal laundry services, maintenance, green outdoor space for relaxation, common areas with entertainment options and opportunities for socialization, as well as an active calendar filled with cultural, educational and personal development events.

20. Monticello West

5114 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205

The team at Monticello West takes great pride in its innovative supportive care and latest amenities that make up the perfect environment where their residents are able to feel as comfortable and carefree as possible. This facility is located in the prestigious neighborhood of Highland Park close to shopping or entertaining areas. Whether it’s independent living, assisted living or memory care, Monticello West is ready to provide the service to their customers. The employees focus their efforts into keeping every resident happy, healthy and intellectually stimulated. They are encouraged to take part in activities such as games, crafts, exercise, movies and many more.

The other services and amenities they provide include: assistance with medication, personal grooming, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, fitness center, multiple dining venues, computer lounge and two outdoor courtyards where residents can enjoy nature and the beautiful perfume of the flowers. Meals are well-balanced and nutritious and can be served alongside friends or family.

19. Avendelle Assisted Living Merriman

7125 Merriman Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75231

Located near Walnut Hill Lane and Abrams Road, Avendelle Assisted Living Merriman provides high-quality care, affordable pricing and a wide range of amenities for seniors who need professional support with daily living activities. The home environment is spacious, bright and airy with modern, elegant furnishing and high-tech appliances. It features a specialized security system, an inviting lobby, a common social area with a snug fireplace and a mini-library, as well as large windows that allow natural light to come in. Moreover, there is an impeccably clean, fully-equipped kitchen and a quiet, classy dining room. The bedrooms are tastefully decorated and some incorporate a flat screen TV. The bathrooms have easy access, anti-slip flooring, grab-on bars and other tools to help with mobility and safety.

Avendelle Assited Living Merriman offer a combination of assisted living and independent living services, but also visiting physicians and recreational activities and events. Residents are supervised 24/7 and receive three nutritionally-adequate meals per day.

18. Edgemere

8523 Thackery St, Dallas, TX 75225

This luxury retirement community is a popular senior care option in Dallas, offering unique living conditions that make seniors feel like they are residing in a five-star hotel every day. With thoughtful, caring and exceptionally respectful staff, Edgemere is an astonishing sixteen-acre campus situated in one of the friendliest and safest neighborhoods in the city. The outstanding, dedicated team of professionals offer concierge living and a continuum of care which includes home health, personal care assistance and medication support.

Here are the amenities that make Edgemere an excellent choice for upscale retirement: a portabella bistro, private, luxurious rooms with king-sized beds, three gourmet meals every day with restaurant-style dining, a performing arts theatre, indoor swimming pool with heating, European-style courtyards and gardens with beautiful fountains, an outdoor fire pit with a grill, lounging areas for socialization and lavish guest suites for family and friends. There is also an herb garden, a greenhouse, a fitness center, a business center with private offices and high-speed internet access, but also a gift shop, a creative arts studio and several pet-friendly areas.

17. Sunrise at Hillcrest

13001 Hillcrest Rd, Dallas, TX 75240

Sunrise is a leader in providing high-quality care for seniors nationwide. If your loved one needs minimal assistance with performing daily activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, moving around or grooming, then the retirement facility at Hillcrest is a popular, reliable choice. The team here focuses on the concept of holistic health and does not only look after the physical wellbeing of its residents, but also their emotional state, intellectual and creativity needs, as well as their mental health.

Here are some of the most important services and amenities that you will find at this facility: 24-hour staffing, meal services, daily creative, learning, social and spiritual activities, monthly visits by health specialists (including a licensed nurse), weekly personal laundry and housekeeping services, maintenance of grounds, educational seminars for families, scheduled meetings with loved ones and daily trash removal. The apartments are spacious and feature large, immaculately clean rooms with elegant furnishing and useful appliances.

16. Aimee’s House – Chattington

7508 Chattington Dr. Dallas TX 75248

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Aimee’s House at Chattington is a unique retirement home that focuses primarily on the mental health of its residents. Aside from daily assistance with routines, medication support, supervision and ongoing monitoring, the staff at this facility ensures that both residents and their families have peace of mind and reassurance for the future. Mental clarity and stability are most important to aging well given the fact that elderly individuals are more prone to developing anxiety, depression and substance abuse issues. This is why the staff at Aimee’s House spend quality time with seniors multiple times a day, ensure that they follow a therapeutic diet that promotes lifelong wellness and assist them whenever needed using their medical expertise.

Located near Coit & Betline in North Dallas, the community has a reduced caregiver to patient ratio, which ensures that your loved one will receive undivided attention, quality interaction and the highest standard of medical and personal care.

15. Manchester Place White Rock Lake

1438 Tranquilla Lane Dallas TX 75218

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This assisted living facility provides the highest standard of senior care for an affordable cost. Employing a team of skilled professionals, armed with medical knowledge, lifelong experience and compassion, Manchester Place White Rock Lake is widely-recognized for its excellent services. The latter include assistance with activities such as eating, grooming, personal hygiene, mobility, incontinence management, toileting and bathing, but also medication reminders. Additionally, licensed staff is available on a 24-hour basis, constant supervision and security is ensured, and emotional support, alongside healthy coping mechanisms are offered to each of the residents to help them overcome any challenges or inconveniences they might face.

Your family member will benefit from boosted security, social stimulation and a reliable, customized care plan that covers all of their medical and personal care needs. Moreover, their privacy will be respected, they will be treated with dignity and kindness, but also be able to meet and befriend fellow residents who share their interests.

14. Avalon Memory Care – Hughes Circle

5321, 13215 Hughes Cir, Dallas, TX 75240

Avalon Memory Care – Hughes Circle is a small intimate community that looks after seniors suffering from memory illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. The outside grounds have plenty of beautiful greenery and places where the residents interact with their peers or enjoy some quiet time. They can also go for a nice walk along the many paths and outer areas. The backyard of the community is linked to the Northwood Club where the residents can play tennis, golf or go for a swim. The staff is comprised of well-prepared and people-oriented individuals who are ready to assist the seniors with whatever they require. Someone is available at all times in case of emergencies or if nighttime assistance is required.

The residents are served three meals a day that consist of fresh and healthy ingredients. Their special dietary needs are taken into consideration and kosher and vegetarian options are also available. They get to participate in engaging activities such as brain games, physical exercise, gardening, sing-a-longs, or religious services.

13. Manchester Place Preston Hollow

10754 St. Michaels Drive Dallas TX 75230

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Manchester Place Preston Hollow is a senior living community that strives to provide a tranquil and charming atmosphere for elders who look forward to spending their days in security and comfort. The persons in charge of this community understand that in order to provide quality service and make their residents feel like home, they have to be equally as attentive with their staff and not overwork their employees. Due to a reduced staff to resident ratio, the low-stress assistants and caregivers are able to deliver the best of care, companionship, and stewardship to the seniors. This community’s residential care, custodial care and assisted living services allow the seniors to experience a healthy lifestyle in a secure environment and to create new friendships with people who share similar experiences.

The elders get to live a home designed like an actual house which helps them feel more comfortable. Each senior is allocated a bright private room with a bathroom that can be personalized according to their tastes.

12. Adora Midtown Park

8130 Meadow Rd, Dallas, TX 75231

Adora Midtown Park is a new and modern senior care community that has been operating since 2017. Their unique approach to assisted living, physical therapy and skilled nursing services aims to provide a premium level of care in a boutique environment. For recovering patients, on the first floor, the Adora team offers short stay rehabilitation services as a bridge from hospital to home. They can serve patients who need cardiac, orthopedic, pulmonary or injury recovery and rehabilitation. On the second floor the assisted living lofts are located. These are designed for seniors who need assistance with daily living activities and more complex care.

Each residence has contemporary interior finish outs, a private bath, large closets and wood-style flooring. All private suites and bathrooms are designed for all provided levels of care. Other amenities include: on-site visits from specialty doctors, common lounge spaces with large screen TVs, beautiful private garden area and many more.

11. The Tradition – Lover’s Lane

5855 Milton St, Dallas, TX 75206

The Tradition – Lover’s Lane is the prime example of senior living at its finest. Featuring resort-style conditions, a responsive, respectful and caring staff, as well as a wide range of excellent amenities, this retirement community is the ideal choice for all-inclusive elderly care. The building is conveniently located near the central market and has an adjacent physical therapy center with an exciting underwater treadmill. There is also an underground garage for reserved parking, exquisite interior décor filled with antiques and traditional furnishing, and restaurant-style dining with three delicious meals served every day.

The facility also incorporates an indoor spa and pool where your loved one can enjoy a great exercise class or some quiet relaxation time. If they want to become more engaged and active, there is an intriguing events calendar filled with live entertainment, speakers and learning courses. Concierge service, 24-hour staffing, scheduled transportation and weekly housekeeping are also covered by the monthly fee.

10. Windsor Senior Living

7750 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75251

Windsor Senior Living is an established and highly regarded retirement community, renowned for its upscale living conditions and breathtaking outdoor spaces. Featuring a kind, warmhearted staff with solid studies and work experience, the facility puts forth apartments with private bedrooms, traditional, luxurious furnishing (including beautiful art pieces) and easy access. The lounging areas have comprehensive libraries and the festive dining room allows friends and family to accompany their loved one and enjoy gourmet meals prepared from local, healthy produce. In addition, there are fresh fruits, home-baked goods and other refreshments available all throughout the day. The spacious connecting lobby has large windows that allow a memorable scenic view of the outside garden. Moreover, residents can relax in a beautifully designed outdoor space with a fountain, lush surrounding trees and ornamental plants.

The team at Windsor provides the ultimate deluxe senior living experience. All of these exquisite amenities are backed up by a series of engaging activities such as yoga classes, group discussions, billiards, brain games, cooking classes and many more.

9. Belmont Village Turtle Creek

3535 N Hall St, Dallas, TX 75219

Situated in the heart of the Turtle Creek community, this Belmont Village center offers a continuum of life care, including assisted and independent living services, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, but also short stay and rehabilitation therapy (occupational, language and physical therapy). Free scheduled transportation is ensured daily by the staff in order for your loved one to be able to enjoy shopping sprees, concerts, theatre plays, movie nights, art events and other cultural or social outings. The staff also provides delighting cuisine, assuring three chef-prepared, gourmet meals every day. Your family member also benefits from spa and beauty salon services, wellness programs employed by a professionally supervised fitness center, as well as an indoor salt-water pool with a specialized heating system.

Other amenities at this facility include: life-enriching activities, bistro with frequent refreshments, beautiful outdoor dining patio, wireless internet, weekly housekeeping and laundry services, garden terraces and on-site therapy.

8. Acadia Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care

3344 Forest Ln, Farmers Branch, TX 75234

This renowned retirement community offers a combination of innovative memory care and high-quality assisted living services. It is centered on holistic health and does not only seek to improve the physical condition of residents, but also their mental resilience, emotional wellbeing and cognitive function. Acadia Estates helps seniors perform daily functions and activities in a dignified and genuine manner. Aside from personal care support, the staff offer routine housekeeping and laundry services, transportation and customizable dining options (menu selection and bistro options are personalized so that every resident can enjoy their favorite dishes and be protected against chronic illness). There is also an on-site fitness center, a large library, a business center and a gaming lounge.

Some of the activities encouraged at Acadia Estates are: aerobics, balance and flexibility classes, Wii Fit, golf and bowling, Tai Chi, musical events, culinary arts and cooking courses, lecture series, brain games that improve memory, language study, creative writing, volunteering and journaling.

7. Avalon Memory Care – Quarterway Drive

6908 Quarterway Dr, Dallas, TX 75248

Avalon Memory Care – Quarterway Drive is a memory care community in Collin County, in the midst of a charming residential area that has convenient access to various shopping centers, restaurants, and the lovely Fretz Park. This facility tends to seniors who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss caused by temporary illness, surgery or accident. The Avalon team focuses on each resident’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs when caring for them and builds a model of care focused on each individual. The elders receive assistance with daily activities or medication and they are under continuous supervision so any change in their functioning does not go unnoticed. In order to maintain and improve their physical health and cognitive accuracy, the seniors can participate in planned social and recreational activities and exercise programs.

The amenities this facility offers include the following: daily cleaning and maintenance, arrangements for in-house medical appointments, secured yard, covered decks and garden areas, 24-hour staff availability and customized security and fire protection systems.

6. Avandelle Assisted Living Lavendale

7205 Lavendale Cir, Dallas, TX 75230

This excellent assisted living facility offers life care, home health and innovative memory care services, all combined to help seniors create and lead a happy, thriving and fulfilling life. Granting each resident undivided attention, the team at Avandelle begins their process by conducting an overall assessment of the elderly individuals who enlist to become part of their community. After gathering data on medical history, as well as personal information, and getting to know each newly resident, they form a personalized care plan and implement it with the utmost of dignity and loving care. As they build a trusting bond with their patients, they ask for and receive feedback regarding how the facility can improve and make adjustments accordingly, focusing primarily on offering better living conditions to their clients.

Here are the main amenities you will find at the Lavendale center: private bedrooms, 24/7 expert care, supervision and health monitoring, beautiful gazebos, green backyards, housekeeping and laundry services, classy furnishing and spacious rooms with plenty of natural light.

5. Avalon Memory Care – Allencrest Lane

4330 Allencrest Ln, Dallas, TX 75244

Avalon Memory Care at Allencrest Lane has one of the most memorable outdoor spaces and green, strikingly beautiful surroundings of all assisted living facilities in Dallas. With a dedicated team of qualified caregivers, the community places great emphasis on providing care in a respectful, loving and patient manner that allows residents to feel self-sufficient, valued and free to lead their lives how they see fit. Visitation policies are flexible at this facility, as well as meal accommodations (there is considerable leeway for changing up menu options in case of specific dietary requirements or preferences). On-site barber shop and beautician services are also covered by the monthly cost.

The retirement home at Allencrest Lane has private baths with easy access and anti-slip, walk-in showers, fully furnished bedrooms where seniors can bring their personal belongings for decoration, and an overflowing calendar rife with life-enriching activities and opportunities to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

4. Parsons House Preston Hollow

4205 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220

Parsons House Preston Hollow is a community of dedicated and hard-working people who are set on maximizing their residents’ quality of life by going above and beyond to make the most of their every minute. Whether their seniors require (be it assisted living or memory care services), they put together a plan based on the person’s needs, information from their family and their doctors (medical needs, social connections, interests, hobbies and food preferences) in order to maximize the level of care they receive. This plan is reviewed periodically and adapted in accordance to the resident’s needs and requirements.

The elders can enjoy a breath of fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors in the facility’s colorful gardens or socialize with other fellow residents in the common area or in the exterior patio. They are also encouraged to stay active and engaged by engaging in certain events that are part of a specialized activity curriculum. They are served with three fresh and nutritious meals a day and, on top of that, they can enjoy snacks at any time of the day and night in the lovely dining room.

3. At Home Luxury Living

7541 Royal Pl Dallas, TX 75230

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This prestigious assisted living facility is owned and operated by a registered nurse who is committed to delivering a higher standard of senior care than what is currently available on the market. Combining medical knowledge and expertise with a warmhearted, patient spirit, the team at this community offers 24-hour assistance and personal care support, but also medication management and health assessment. Seniors are well looked after physically, but also encouraged to participate in a wide array of social, educational and recreational activities that promote self-development and lifelong health. The personalized care plans ensures that your loved one receives the individualized attention and assistance that they deserve.

Here are the amenities and services of At Home Luxury Living: private, elegant rooms with stylish, traditional furnishing and easy access, nightly turn down services, fire prevention system which includes sprinklers, and several refreshments and snacks (aside from three gourmet meals per day), including afternoon tea, wine tasting and favorite dishes.

2. The Reserve at North Dallas

12271 Coit Rd, Dallas, TX 75251

The Reserve at North Dallas is an award-winning retirement community that offers an innovative, unique combination of memory care and assisted living services. The building has private, luxury rooms with double or king-sized beds, an elegant common area with tasteful design and entertainment options, as well as a classy dining area (that family and friends can also join) and a healthy bistro with daily tasty refreshments, coffee and snacks. There is also a dedicated fitness center with new gym equipment and staff members who teach various exercise classes.

The outdoor space at this facility is breathtakingly beautiful, featuring terraces, stunning views, spacious dining areas, gardens and an exterior patio with a grill. There are multiple computer stations, a movie theatre, a massage room and an art studio. The Reserve at North Dallas is also renowned for its unparalleled memory care program, supported by Brain Health University. The latter creates a social and intellectually stimulating environment that promotes cognitive function and improves memory long-term.

1. The Meridian at Kessler Park

2522 Fort Worth Ave, Dallas, TX 75211

This assisted living community will undoubtedly surpass your expectations both in terms of personal and medical care, offering a wide array of services that not only ensure physical wellbeing, but also maintain mental clarity, memory function, emotional health and strong social connection. All of these are key-components to hearty, happy aging and guarantee your loved one will lead a meaningful, exciting life. With an immense, luxurious lobby that features concierge service and a welcoming, lovely staff, The Meridian at Kessler Park has a unique, upscale design that will impress even the richest of seniors. Stunning rooms with private balconies or patios, exquisite furnishing and plenty of bright, open space are only some of the amenities your family member can enjoy at this facility.

Residents also benefit from local telephone service, all utilities covered by the monthly fee, daily housekeeping, linen and laundry services, but also transportation, gourmet meals and restaurant-style dining. Hearing aid and care, as well as respiratory therapy are included in the price. Moreover, elders at The Meridian have a café, a pool table, a beauty salon, fitness center and a swimming pool at their disposal, for entertainment, relaxation and socialization.