Top 30 Assisted Living Facilities in Chicago

The demand and popularity of assisted living have only been growing over the past few years. Many seniors nowadays prefer the comfort and freedom of these types of care as opposed to joining a nursing home and losing their independence. This transition is beneficial for both older adults and their caretakers, as assisted living has been linked to increased happiness and improved health.

Although basic services are included in the rent of such homes, the variety of pricing options might be overwhelming and lead to a shaky budget or indecision regarding a final location. In order to avoid confusion, we will take a look at these residences individually and see the perks and features that they bring to the table.

Home for a wide array of iconic food traditions, remarkable collections of art, extraordinary architecture and a rich history, Chicago can be a compelling and decisive choice for anyone looking to settle down. In terms of senior care, there are multiple options worth exploring that bring together quality, reliability and sustainable pricing. Without further ado, the following guide includes a comprehensive list of the most successful, effective and resourceful assisted living facilities in Chicago.

30. Greenview Place

1501 W Melrose St, Chicago, IL 60657

Bringing new, ingenious solutions to Chicago’s elderly population for decades, Greenview Place is an assisted living community that is centered on hospitality, security and comfort. Offering both studio and one-bedroom apartments, as well as affordable pricing, this supportive facility is worth a second glance. Its residents are aided at all times in performing activities of daily living such as washing or eating, they receive housekeeping and laundry services, but also consistent attention from the 24-hour awake staff.

The environment is cozy and pet-friendly, and features an emergency call system for seniors to use in case of a crisis situation. The only disadvantage reported for this community is that the menu is occasionally lacking in options (the meals are not interchanged often enough). Aside from this, Greenview Place is a viable alternative for older adults which ensures that they are entertained through activity centers, outdoor gardens and terraces, a library, club rooms and a computer lounge.

29. Churchview Supportive Living

2626 W 63rd St, Chicago, IL 60629

This assisted living facility is dedicated to providing quality care at affordable prices and allowing seniors to enjoy independence well into old age. With professional staff available around-the-clock and ready to cater to the resident’s every need, Churchview Supportive Living focus on nursing assessments and health monitoring to ensure your loved one’s safety at all times. Fully certified by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family services, the community offers help with daily routines, transportation, varied events and wellness programs, medication assistance and first-rate meal services every day.

The building is comprised of elegantly furnished bedrooms, a spacious, luxury dining room, an exercise and activity room, a rehabilitation therapy center, a library, country store, several comfy lounge areas and a main common room with a baby grand piano and a fireplace for residents to enjoy. In addition, the apartments feature private baths and fully-equipped kitchens that create a reassuring, home-like environment.

28. Heritage Woods of Chicago

2800 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60612

Specifically designed to help low-income seniors of sixty-five years of age or older, Heritage Woods of Chicago is a respected organization that combines residential living with assistance, supervision and support. With certified nursing assistants (CNAs) ready to intervene at any hour, the seniors of this community receive quality, holistic care at an affordable rate. They dine on three nutritious meals per day, relax in lounges, spend time with visiting family and friends, but also participate in a series of indoors and off-site activities that stimulate and entertain them.

Heritage Woods of Chicago puts forth both unfurnished and furnished apartments, all of which incorporate large, classy dining rooms, a welcoming lobby, an outdoor patio and courtyard, as well as a library, a physician office and several activity rooms. Combining supportive care, flexibility and socialization, this assisted living facility can give your loved one the peace of mind that they are heard, looked after and part of a loving community.

27. The Selfhelp Home

908 W Argyle St, Chicago, IL 60640

This non-profit retirement home is exclusively designed to tend to the needs of Jewish seniors living in Chicago. Allowing them to thrive independently, with minimal assistance from a highly trained staff, The Selfhelp Home treats each individual with the respect, kindness and understanding they deserve. Their apartments have luxury kitchens with a wide range of cooking appliances, wooden cabinets and quartz countertops, but also large closets that have specialized storage systems installed. Moreover, the building features a pull-cord notification in every room.

Seniors at The Selfhelp Home are encouraged to adopt an active lifestyle, ask the help of the staff for any issue, concern or inconvenience and to befriend fellow residents with similar interests. Your loved one will also benefit from satellite television and wireless internet at this facility. All of the above services are offered at a fairly low cost, which can also be reduced through their financial assistance options.

26. Victory Center of South Chicago

3251 E 92nd St, Chicago, IL 60617

Committed to changing the stigma and limiting perspectives of senior living and old age, the Victory Center of South Chicago has built a strong reputation over the years that it has worked towards fulfilling its mission. Promising to nurture and celebrate life just as much as we would in our youth, the community has found the ideal balance between independent living and necessary assistance.

With a wide array of studio apartments on display, it has created a comprehensive series of award-winning signature programs, including Lifelong Learning (on photography, literature and culture), Viva! World Tour (teaching foreign languages and showcasing exotic cuisine), See Spot Retire (pet therapy and rescuing dogs who need a caring home), Victory Garden (allowing residents to plant and grow their own vegetables in private gardens) and ArtPath (offering instruction and interactive workshops). These innovative programs, combined with effective care and support, ensure that your loved one will be happy, healthy and striving towards the best life they can lead.

25. Coles Supportive Living Senior Housing

7419 S Exchange Ave, Chicago, IL 60649

Coles Supportive Living Senior Housing is a low-cost option for seniors and families with reduced income that offer high-quality accommodations, reliable care and friendly, well-trained staff members available at all times. Your loved one will be living in a private apartment with a large bathroom, a kitchenette and a specialized alert system in place for emergencies. They will receive professional help with activities of daily living, assistance with medications and support services (including laundry, housekeeping services and three well-balanced meals per day).

This hardworking community also offers a collection of cultural events, social gatherings and other stimulating activities that promote socialization and physical health. Additionally, Coles Supportive Living Senior Housing employs the services of several independent specialists, including a psychologist, psychiatrist, primary physician, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, home health services and outpatient rehabilitation. The staff also keeps you updated on your relative’s condition, emotional state and overall wellbeing.

24. Autumn Green at Midway Village

6700 S Keating Ave, Chicago, IL 60629

Offering an excellent standard of assisted living since its inception, Autumn Green at Midway Village is one of the only communities in Chicago with premium care at flexible pricing. Featuring award-winning programs, devoted professionals and exquisite dining services, the facility ensures medication management, help with daily routines, cable TV, weekly housekeeping, transportation, utilities, individualized care plans and personal laundry services. There is also trained clinical staff, as well as licensed nurses available on the premises 24/7.

Autumn Green at Midway Village is undoubtedly acclaimed for its unique dining experience – talented Chefs meet with seniors and have detailed conversations in which the latter provide feedback, let them know about their favorite recipes and make personal requests and diet adjustments. The food is locally sourced, the nutrient combinations promotes a thriving, healthy body and the cooked, final meals are exceptionally delicious. Here are just some of the events your loved one can choose to participate in at this facility: dancing classes, birthday parties, movie & popcorn nights, art workshops, brain health programs, creative poetry, card games and nutrition classes.

23. Smith Village

2320 W 113th Pl, Chicago, IL 60643

Oakheaven Assisted Living at Smith Village provides your loved one with the help and support they need lead the life they want. With a full calendar of social, educational and cultural events at the seniors’ disposal, the facility allows its residents as much flexibility and freedom as they desire. They can visit any surrounding locations and they receive transportation services. The staff helps them bathe, eat, dress, and take care of personal hygiene, and is also ready to assist if there are any medical issues that arise.

The building has private, one-bedroom apartments with separate baths and a kitchenette, but studio apartments are also on display. Although quality care and a great deal of leeway are provided every day at Smith Village, seniors there know that help is available when they need it. This gives them peace of mind and the opportunity to finally relax and enjoy a quiet time in the comfort of their new home.

22. St. Joseph Village of Chicago

4021 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60641

Leaving behind a legacy of excellence since 1894, St. Joseph Village provides several levels of care, including memory support, assisted living, short-term rehabilitation and skilled-nursing care. Located in the northwest side of Chicago, the long-lasting community provides a home-like environment, life-enriching activities and spiritual guidance for its residents, as well as customized care plans that adapt to changing health needs. Placing emphasis on religious services, the facility also puts forth bible studies, spiritual book discussions, chaplain services, grief support, spaces designed for meditation, apartment blessings, prayer groups and frequent on-site Catholic mass.

Here are some of the amenities at St. Joseph Village of Chicago: large, elegant one and two-bedroom apartments, private and patio dining room, a bistro, game room, library, computer lounge, barber and beauty shop, full-service dining, escort services, hobby rooms, meditation and exercise rooms, courtyard, gardening area, media rooms and a family party area with a kitchenette.

21. Symphony Residence of Lincoln Park

2437 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Renowned for it is five-star dining, holistic approach and innovative continuum of care, this assisted living facility has been active since 1984. Operating from a building that was originally constructed in 1903, Symphony Residence of Lincoln Park offers medication management and professional help with activities of daily living. The reason why the community is highly regarded is due to its additional services and amenities such as wound care, respiratory care, hospice, IV therapy, religious services, outings, respite care, physical, speech and occupational therapy, tube feedings and sheltered memory care units.

The building also incorporates an on-site physician clinic which allows doctors to visit frequently and check up on the overall health of the residents. Other specialists who attend regularly are psychologists, dentists and podiatrists, but also a registered dietician that advises seniors on the best therapeutic diet for them and creates an organized meal plan that promotes long-term health.

20. Eden Supportive Living

940 W Gordon Terrace, Chicago, IL 60613

Eden Supportive Living does not only offer necessary assistance, supervision and medication management, but also a full-fledged lifestyle aimed to help individuals with physical disabilities lead an easy, but purpose-driven life. Committed to improving quality of living, this community is designed to successfully fulfill the needs imposed by most disabilities – their apartments include barrier-free, anti-slip bathrooms, lower windows that allow full viewing, high-speed internet, accessible kitchen cabinetry and individually controlled air-conditioning and heating. All of these elements ensure that residents have easy access to everything and are free to relax knowing that assistance is on hand when needed.

The goal of this community is to provide quality care in a respectful, kind and dignified manner. Moreover, safety is of the utmost importance at Eden Supportive Living. The staff go to great lengths in order to prevent accidents, injury and inconveniences that frustrate patients or interfere with their daily living. The building also incorporates a computer lounge, a fitness center, movie theatre and an art center.

19. Friedman Place for the Blind and Visually Impaired

5527 N Maplewood Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

This supportive living community is exclusively designed for adults and elderly individuals who are have lost their eye sight or are visually impaired. With a highly efficient, warm and compassionate staff (trained to handle emergencies, everyday issues, as well as unexpected situations), the non-profit organization helps sufferers overcome the draining physical challenges that come with blindness. Employing the collaborative effort of professional caretakers, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses, the facility also ensures that residents receive the crucial emotional support they need and deserve in order to cope with their condition.

Your loved one will have a private studio or one-bedroom apartment with a separate bath and a kitchenette, and will receive daily assistance with taking their medication and completing activities such as eating, bathing, grooming, dressing, moving around and toileting. Music events, arts and crafts, concerts and plays are also available for entertainment and relaxation.

18. Montclare Supportive Living Community

4339 W 18th Pl, Chicago, IL 60623

Allowing you or your loved one to maintain an independent lifestyle, Montclare Supportive Living Community is located in the Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago. The institution has been operating since June 2017 and puts forth over 100,000 square feet worth of land with 120 studio and one-bedroom apartments. Quality of life is always prioritized at Montclare and ensured by the ongoing health monitoring, secured outdoor area, nursing assessments, transportation services, mobile alert buttons, spacious dining room, recreational activities and 24-hour staffing.

Your relative will be assisted in their daily routines, receive help with taking medication, be able to eat three delicious, well-balanced meals every day and enjoy the company of friends and family during visitation. They can also have fun in the game room, theater, recreation room, TV lounge, exercise room, beauty salon, computer area, library or by checking out the general store, multi-purpose room and individual mailbox.

17. New City Supportive Living

4339 W 18th Pl, Chicago, IL 60623

New City Supportive Living is a new, modern community put forth by Gardant Management Solutions, the largest affordable senior living provider in Illinois. Offering assistance with activities such as eating, bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, ambulating, oral, hair and nail care, the facility has a collection of private apartments on display, fully furnished and accompanied by large common areas, recreational rooms and other amenities.

Your loved one will receive care to the highest professional standard, as well as connect with fellow residents that share the same interests and experiences. Connection and safety are primary concerns at New City Supportive Living. As a result, the staff is responsive, patient and thoughtful in their interaction with seniors, but also helpful when it comes to providing relevant information, reminders and updates to the resident’s family regarding their relative’s physical wellbeing and mental health. Seniors will also be encouraged to become a part of social gatherings, personal development activities and other entertaining events.

16. The Harbors at the Admiral at the Lake

933 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL 60640

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This assisted and independent living facility is widely-known for its emphasis on emotional wellbeing and easing the transition to older age and a new home. If your loved one is resistant to the idea of switching environments and receiving care or they have certain fears and worries regarding it, the warmhearted, patient staff at the Admiral at the Lake can help them overcome these issues and insecurities and show them that assisted living is about enriching your life and retaining independence, not giving it away.

The facility accepts queries of all kinds and offers comprehensive guides on the amenities and services that they provide, as well as useful resources on how you can help your loved one cope with their condition and moving to a foreign environment. They also receive (if needed) memory support, short-term rehabilitation services and licensed skilled care. Drawing upon a solid, proud tradition of senior living in Chicago, the Harbors at the Admiral at the Lake put forth some of the most remarkable private residences with stunning lake views and cultural locations nearby.

15. Victory Center of Galewood

2370 N Newcastle Ave, Chicago, IL 60707

Constantly working to fulfill their lifelong mission of transforming society’s view on aging, this assisted living community has steadfast dedication and a genuine desire to do good in the world. The Victory Center of Galewood sets the bar higher both in terms of value and innovation, offering excellent senior care at an affordable price. It is nationally recognized for its life-changing signature programs: Viva! World Tour, ArtPath, Victory Gardens, Good Vibrations, Lifelong Learning and See Spot Retire.

The staff at the facility is inviting, responsive, attentive and knowledgeable. If your loved one has any questions and concerns or needs help with completing their daily routine, licensed and well-trained professionals are ready to assist. Similarly, if you want to receive updates about how your relative is doing and adjusting to the new environment, the staff will be there to answer your queries, but also prepared with information about their services and amenities. Lastly, your loved one can participate in a wide array of activities that promote health, mental clarity, emotional stability and personal growth.

14. Brookdale Oak Park

1111 Ontario St Oak Park, IL 60302

Located just nine miles away from Chicago, this assisted living facility offers luxury apartments with one and two bedrooms, full kitchens with a wide range of appliances, cable TV, individually controlled heating and air-conditioning, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows and wireless internet. The staff at Brookdale Oak Park is receptive and indulgent, always looking to exceed their residents’ expectations. They offer extensive information about your relative and allow them as much freedom as they desire. Every single day your loved one will be entitled to transportation and able to enjoy exquisite dining, cultural events, museums, art galleries and downtown shopping sprees.

The building’s restaurant-style dining room has a phenomenal view of the Chicago skyline, but also serves three gourmet meals every day (which can be delivered to your relative’s private apartment when hosting guests). Providing advantages of living that they would never get in their old homes, Brookdale Oak Park features over two hundred amenities, all of which ensure a cushy, convenient lifestyle.

13. Bethany Retirement Community

4950 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

With a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan’s shoreline and a uniquely designed Heritage Garden that showcases a polished, beautiful fountain, Bethany Retirement Community is known by many as “Chicago’s best kept secret”. Their traditional, but lavish furnishing and the magnificent natural setting of the facility are the highlight of senior living in the city. The building features spacious floor plans, highly trained staff that ensures a continuum of care and 24/7 medical assistance (when needed) with an emergency call system.

This community emphasizes maintenance-free living and offers its residents the opportunity to change their relationship with food, brain health and physical activity. As such, here are just some of the personal growth events featured in their calendar: Chair Yoga, Art Class, Wii Games, Ted Talk, Evening Manicures, Origami, Theater Group, Poker Game, Movie Time, Bingo, Boutique Open, Sing Along, Qi-Gong, Holy Communion, Errand Day and Coffee News.

12. St. Pauls House

3800 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

This urban community is a Lutheran-centered facility that has been providing assisted living in conjunction with religious services since 1921. Located in a memorable building with rich history, St. Pauls House focuses on fulfilling the major supportive role in elderly people’s lives as they strive to keep their independence. The staff ensures that your loved one receives assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, eating and toileting, but also medication management and help with any requests or issues that arise on the way.

With one-bedroom apartments on display, there are several private and shared rooms available with traditional, elegant furnishing and essential living accommodations. Featuring an additional memory care unit, the facility also puts forth various programs which counteract and slow down the effects of memory loss. A resourceful Health Care Center is connected to St. Pauls House, providing its patients with comprehensive medical care, rehabilitation services and lifelong skilled-nursing care.

11. Victory Center of Roseland

10450 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60628

A committed provider of excellent senior care, the Victory Center of Roseland allows its residents to completely transform their lives and become the best version of themselves. Having a wide array of studio apartments available, you have the opportunity to choose the location that is the most appropriate fit for your loved one’s medical needs and personal desires. At this dedicated and open-minded facility, your relative will undoubtedly be pampered and emboldened to actively participate in a series of life-changing activities that shape both their personality and body.

Although the luxury apartments and high performance staff provide unique, outstanding services, Victory Center’s strong suit assuredly lies in their signature programs: ArtPath, See Spot Retire, Lifelong Learning and Viva! World Tour is just one of their enticing collections of events, nationally recognized for improving health, connection and happiness levels. In this community, seniors are reminded that the best time of their lives is yet to come.

10. Norwood Crossing

6016 N Nina Ave, Chicago, IL 60631

This non-profit organization is located in the Northwest side of Chicago and has been a solid support for elderly individuals since its inception in 1896. With a primary assisted living plan and two memory care units, Norwood Crossing features life-enriching programs that halt the progression of disease, promote holistic health, allow independence and prioritize their senior’s right to privacy. Catering to both residents with chronic conditions and dementia patients, the award-winning facility additionally offers a combination of speech, physical and occupational therapy, post-hospitalization care, but also meal services and assistance with daily routines.

The apartments are fully furnished, comfortable and secure, creating a home-like environment where seniors feel safe, loved and cared for. The devoted staff ensure an unfaltering standard of excellence when it comes to medical and personal care, as well as a spectrum of stimulating activities such as exercise classes, art programs, book clubs and live entertainment.

9. Brookdale Lake Shore Drive

 2960 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60657

With breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, this assisted and independent living facility offers luxury apartments with award-winning amenities and services. Your loved one now has a cultured and reliable retirement option at hand, which will allow them to thrive and become more engaged with life, all in the comfort of an upscale home. Located in the heart of the city, Brookdale Lake Shore Drive offers a variety of signature programs such as BrainFit (an interactive 90-minute event dedicated to increasing brain performance and improving memory), Brookdale Celebrates (a monthly social gathering commemorating their fifteenth anniversary) and Optimum Life (their primary wellness program that turns lifelong goals and aspirations into a reality).

Here are just some of the amenities you will find in this community: educational events, outdoor gardening, Tai Chi and yoga classes, theatre workshop, live entertainment, music therapy, flat screen TV, fitness center, pool, culinary chef, valet service and private dining room.

8. Autumn Green at Wright Campus

4239 N Oak Park Ave, Chicago, IL 60634

Providing a combination of assisted living services and medication support, Autumn Green at Wright Campus is located near some of Chicago’s most thrilling attractions, including large natural parks, art institutes, museums, glass towers, sports arena, cultural centers and luxury boutiques. Although it is in close proximity to the most exciting amenities, this elegant community offers a quiet, hassle-free life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Your loved one can now relax, become healthier and maintain their independence in the comfort of a first-class, grand hotel environment.

With a wide array of lifestyle options at their disposal, they will be assisted in their day-to-day activities, but also be able to make any necessary or personal arrangements to improve their living quality. The services and amenities at Autumn Green are unsurpassed in terms of quality, effectiveness and innovation. If your loved one wants to enjoy a peaceful time and you would like to see them grow as a person, this facility’s personalized care and wellness program is perfect for your family.

7. Glen St. Andrew Living Community

7000 N Newark Ave, Niles, IL 60714

Security is a top priority at Glen St. Andrew Living Community. With a specialized emergency call system in place, 24-hour awake staff on duty, licensed and registered nursing care available in case of crisis or unexpected situations, this facility offers the very best in terms of safety, while still respecting its residents’ privacy. The members of this small and intimate community ensure all levels of care, including independent and assisted living services, dementia care, skilled nursing and rehabilitative support. The apartments are spacious, comfortable, fully furnished and protected.

At Glen St. Andrew Living Community, your loved one will receive three nutritious daily meals, visits by physical therapists, language therapists and other specialists, as well as the opportunity to enjoy a comprehensive library and a large screen TV area. The facility has a highly effective anti-wandering system in place that prevents residents with dementia from becoming lost or leaving the premises unattended.

6. Brookdale Burr Bridge

6801 High Grove Blvd, Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Located twenty miles away from downtown Chicago, Brookdale Burr Bridge is an assisted living facility that provides excellent medical and personal care for seniors from all walks of life. Priding themselves on their elegant retirement options and unparalleled supportive services, the community offers residents daily savory and well-balanced meals, assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, emotional support and various socialization opportunities. The pet-friendly building features a restaurant-style dining room with music, a fitness room, a library and an internet café.

Aside from these elements, your relative benefits from laundry and housekeeping services, 24-hour supervision, transportation services and a calendar filled with exciting, personal growth activities. The latter include art classes, card and brain games, book clubs, drumming classes, Tai Chi, painting, dancing, live entertainment and cultural events. The apartments are spacious, with modern, ravishing furniture, high-tech appliances and security systems, but also strikingly beautiful gardens and a cozy, sheltered courtyard for barbecues.

5. Covenant Home of Chicago

2720 W Foster Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Rebuilt in one of Chicago’s most famous neighborhoods back in 1997, the Covenant Home is a retirement community that provides residential care, assisted living services, rehabilitative support, hospice and in-home care, catered living, dementia care and skilled nursing. The facility offers consistent support that helps residents lead a healthy, happy and independent life, without worrying about the hassle of cooking, cleaning or maintaining their surroundings. Part of Covenant Retirement Communities, one of the country’s most expansive non-profits for senior living, this organization is a recognized leader in healthcare services that has built an impressive reputation through its unrivalled continuum of care.

If your loved one suffers from a difficult chronic condition, has recently had surgery, injury or is in need of memory or rehabilitative care, the Covenant Home of Chicago is an option worth looking into. Aside from meal services and free, in-depth health assessments, seniors here receive customized levels of assistance that fit their individual needs.

4. Brookdale Des Plaines

800 S River Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60016

Featuring a wide array of floor plan options, luxury apartments and unmatched amenities, this assisted and independent living community is renowned for its grand hotel setting and quality care delivered to the highest professional standard. Located in Des Plaines, Illinois, this Brookdale facility puts forth a 24-hour security system, special menus with specific dietary accommodations, private dining room, postal services, ice-cream parlor, coffee shop, therapy room and social lounges.

Your loved one can relish in the fireside living room, meet like-minded residents who share the same stories and challenges, but also contribute and take part in cultural, practical and educational events that improve mental health and physical wellbeing. Other amenities you will find at Brookdale Des Plaines include: flat screen TV, whirlpool, guest suites, clinic, indoor garage, stylish porch, meeting rooms, arts and crafts studio, game room, indoor pool, bistro, bank, billiards, walking paths, general store, wellness and fitness centers.

3. Sunrise of Lincoln Park

2710 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

Sunrise is internationally recognized for its innovative and unparalleled assisted living services. The facility at Lincoln Park, Chicago, is a pioneer of senior long-term care, offering a wide assortment of amenities. The latter include daily physical, social, spiritual and creative activities, assistance with bathing, eating, toileting, grooming and dressing, 24/7 supervision, medication management, flexible and quality meal services, as well as weekly housekeeping and personal laundry services. In addition, maintenance of buildings and grounds, family meetings and monthly wellness visits by a licensed nurse are also covered.

The kind, helpful and knowledgeable staff members, combined with a luxurious setting and top-notch medical care provide residents with a unique experience at Sunrise of Lincoln Park. Your loved one can come forward with any issue, feedback, request or concern and the caretakers will tend to their questions immediately. You can rest assured that your relative will be heard, respected, understood and accepted in the heart of this compassionate and reliable community. The facility also ensures memory care, respite care, skilled nursing and independent living services.

2. Belmont Village Oak Park

1035 Madison St, Oak Park, IL 60302

Finding the ideal balance between privacy, independence and security, Belmont Village Oak Park is a multifaceted assisted living facility that ensures your loved one is not only physically healthy and vibrant, but also emotionally supported, encouraged and able to take on life’s challenges. The community ensures exquisite, chef-prepared dining, luxury one and two-bedroom apartments, wireless internet throughout the entire building, social, cultural and life-enriching events, but also free planned transportation, a bistro with periodic refreshments and a supervised fitness center.

Belmont Village Oak Park is renowned for its ability to prioritize safety and rigorous medical attention, while still allowing residents to lead private, self-reliant and comfortable lives. To ensure the premises are secure at all times, there is a licensed nurse on duty 24/7, as well as on-site rehab therapy services. Additionally, there is a dedicated dementia care unit, a diabetes center and a Circle of Friends memory support group.

1. Brookdale Lake View

3121 N Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL 60657

This luxury assisted living facility is more of a five-star hotel than a retirement community. Featuring a stunning garden and courtyard, indoor pool, flat screen TV and elegant dining options, Brookdale Lake View should be your first choice if you are interested in offering your loved one the very best of residential living. Accompanied by a warmhearted, reliable staff that allows residents to enjoy every day to its fullest, the private apartments come packaged with housekeeping, linen and personal laundry services, medical monitoring, regular health assessments and assistance with daily routines.

With the entire location ranging up to 1,300 square feet, this facility encourages seniors to participate in a variety of signature programs, including Optimum Life, Brookdale Celebrates, BrainFit and Brookdale Wishes. All of these ensure that your relative is thriving both physically and mentally and that they are fully engaged with life. The number one resort-style choice for your family, Brookdale Lake View provides the ultimate senior living experience for those searching for a peaceful, upscale retirement option.