Top 30 Assisted Living Facilities in Austin

For most seniors, there comes a time when their families can no longer look after them or provide the necessary medical support that they require. It can be a hard decision to leave the responsibility of caring for your loved one in the hands of another, but it is important to remember that each of these individuals are trained professionals with credentials and experience. They specialize in offering your relative the highest standard of healthcare and undivided attention. Assisted living communities take in new residents and treat them as part of their family, they ensure that they can maintain their independence, goals and lifelong passions, while allowing you to keep peace of mind. The caregivers are also extensively more qualified to improve your loved one’s physical and mental health.

Austin is renowned for being an ideal retirement destination, with its sunny climate, countless amenities and attractions, as well as its acclaimed performance venues, recreational and lush, green spaces. It also encourages an active lifestyle, with enticing trekking trails, lakes where you can kayak, over two hundred and fifty parks and a wide array of golfing courses. If this city is your desired retirement location, we have compiled a list of the most conducive and reliable assisted living facilities that are worth a second glance.

30. Live Oak Estates

10212 English Oak Dr, Austin, TX 78748

This long-established senior community is situated in south Austin, near the Southpark Meadows. In close proximity to banks, fine dining options and a variety of cultural and entertainment venues, Live Oak Estates ensure that your loved one receives the care they need and deserve. The staff at this licensed, type-B assisted living facility helps its residents with performing activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, grooming, toileting and dressing. They also offer medication reminders, emotional support and a wide range of amenities. The latter include comfortable bedrooms, stylish furnishing, a nearby duck pond, a recreational room and daily meal and housekeeping services.

The team at Live Oak Estates focuses on maintaining the seniors’ physical health, but also their cognitive function and passion for life. The members put forth a series of engaging and stimulating activities every week such as exercise programs, Tai Chi classes, bingo and creative crafts events. The two owners both hold advanced degrees in physical therapy and have been practicing for nearly two decades.

29. Collinfield House

9205 Collinfield Dr, Austin, TX 78758

This cozy, simple and sheltered assisted living facility is located in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood enclosed by lush, green trees and natural landscape. It is part of this list because of its warm, inviting environment, clean and classy furnishing, but also due to its welcoming, kind-hearted staff. The latter are responsive, empathetic in their interactions with residents and always ready to assist or offer information. They treat seniors with the utmost respect and care, but also ensure that they have independent choice and are as self-reliant as possible.

Collinfield House offers personalized nutrition plans, three healthy, balanced meals per day, a whole host of life-enriching activities, monthly events with the residents’ families and daily exercise classes. They make sure to keep your loved one fully engaged with life and help them strengthen their close relationships. Your relative can benefit from assisted living services, quality living and dining, as well as memory care.

28. Barton Hills Assisted Living

1606 Nash Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Barton Hills Assisted Living is a well-known alternative to nursing home placement and provides a combination of assisted living services, end-of-life care and respite care. Featuring a fire and sprinkler installation and an emergency call system, this facility prioritizes security and supervision. It accepts individuals who need assistance with daily routines, but also those who use devices such as wheelchairs, walkers or canes. The building incorporates semi-private and private floor plans, easily accessible rooms and appliances, large windows that allow a full view and plenty of natural light, as well as a dining room where residents are served three freshly-cooked, nutritious meals every day.

There is a licensed nurse on call 24/7 in case of a crisis situation. In addition, activities which promote physical endurance and recreation are regularly organized. Weekly housekeeping and linen services are also ensured by the staff. The monthly rent cost covers all of the utilities (including heating, water, electricity) except for private phone expenses.

27. Court at Round Rock

2700 Sunrise Rd, Round Rock, TX 78665

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Situated in the unique small town of Round Rock, this assisted living facility offers a calm, friendly environment for seniors who require professional support. In close vicinity to stunning local attractions, dining venues, beautiful landscapes and medical centers, this retirement community puts forth fully furnished apartments with shared and private rooms, common areas for relaxation and socialization, but also spacious, elegant dining rooms where delicious meals are served every day.

Thriving on creativity and diversity, Court at Round Rock has recruited a team of talented, dedicated chefs who ensure that your loved one can feast on the healthiest, tastiest food (with frequently rotated menu options and special accommodations available for various diet restrictions or preferences). Some of the activities of a typical week include Wii sports, fitness classes, music therapy, live performances, games that stimulate cognitive function and brain health, gardening, happy hour and cooking classes. Your relative can benefit from short-term care, assisted and independent living services, but also dementia care.

26. Austin Senior Care

1414 Cardinal Hill Drive Austin TX 78758

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Austin Senior Care is a residential home with a rich culture and impressive history. Offering 24-hour supervision, assistance, monitoring and professional support, the facility has formed an intimate environment and built a solid reputation over the years. Its high-quality care and attentive, proficient staff ensure that each new senior and family member who walks through their doors are treated with compassion, care and dignity. They also provide three home-cooked, tasty meals per day, scheduled transportation and help with medication reminders and administration. Long distance and free local calling is also covered by the monthly rent fee. Additionally, linen, laundry and housekeeping services are ensured on a regular basis.

If you enlist your loved one for this facility, they will be able to choose from shared and private accommodations and receive professional caregiving services. They will also be encouraged to socialize, meet fellow residents and participate in a series of activities that promote lifelong health.

25. The Heritage at Hunters Chase

12151 Hunters Chase Dr, Austin, TX 78729

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Formerly known as Ashwood Assisted Living, this retirement community is renowned for its individualized medical and personal care services, as well as its kind, compassionate and highly trained staff. Using innovative solutions to help seniors with a whole host of chronic conditions, The Heritage at Hunters Chase allows its residents to recover, manage pain and physical health issues, but also thrive and lead rewarding, fulfilling lives.

The team here is committed to offering person-centered, holistic care which ensures assistance with daily living, medication support, a nutritious dining experience, stimulating activities for long-term health and continued contact with the seniors’ families. For the latter, the staff members have created a mobile app that loved ones can access at any time in order to receive updates on the residents’ wellbeing and information on relevant upcoming events. The Heritage at Hunters Chase provides a multitude of lifestyle options, including active adult living, memory care, assisted living services and respite care.

24. Angels of Sunland

3123 Sunland Dr, Austin, TX 78748

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Angels of Sunland is a small, but proficient assisted living facility that puts forth much needed support for both seniors and their caregivers. The skilled, dedicated team offers professional help with completing activities of daily living such as dressing, toileting, grooming and eating, but also provides medication reminders, licensed nurses available on a 24-hour basis, ongoing monitoring and customized care plans. Their aim is to provide exceptional care for the elderly and disabled population, ensuring that each of their residents is treated with dignity, love and respect. Daily meal services, health assessments and regular laundry and housekeeping services are also covered by the monthly cost.

The local community was established in 2007 by an owner who has a wide range of certifications and over twenty years of geriatric experience. Over time, it has become more popular and is now widely-known as a reliable, high-quality option for chronically ill, injured or disabled seniors and their families.

23. Brookdale Beckett Meadows

7709 Beckett Rd, Austin, TX 78749

A leading name in senior care, Brookdale has built a strong name for itself over the years. Since its inception, it has been committed to providing the highest standard of professional assistance in a dignified and loving manner. The staff members receive extensive training and are prepared to handle any emergency or unexpected situation. They also offer your loved one specialized help in order to perform activities such as eating or bathing. Medication support, ongoing supervision and health assessments are also part of this community’s personalized care plans.

The facility at Beckett Meadows is no different – it offers resort-style living, exquisite dining, unique opportunities for socialization and self-growth, but also independent choice and guidance to lead a rewarding, purpose-driven life.
Some of the amenities at Brookdale Beckett Meadows include: private dining room, billiards, Tai Chi classes, weekly afternoon tea, flat screen TV, piano, concierge, whirlpool, cheese and wine happy hour, stunning outdoor spaces and gardens, theater, art studio, therapy room, porch and a comprehensive library.

22. Shady Hollow II Assisted Living

11303 Aloysia Dr, Austin, TX 78748

“No Website”

This residential care home provides a combination of medical and personal care support, as well as 24/7 supervision and monitoring. Dedicated to excellence, Shady Hollow II Assisted Living does not only ensure that your loved one is healthy physically, but also looks after their emotional stability and mental stamina. The staff here offers professional assistance, as well as warmhearted companionship and new, enticing opportunities to form genuine connections. The apartments are fully furnished, have a spacious outdoor area for barbecues and relaxation, private, sheltered bedrooms (where seniors can bring their memorabilia) and a snug, stylish common area where fellow residents can interact. Devotional services are also covered by the main cost, in addition to housekeeping and linen services.

Pet therapy and its overwhelmingly positive effect on mental health are never overlooked at this facility, which allows cats, dogs and birds. Trips or excursions are regularly planned and transportation to nearby attractions is ensured by the team members. Three savory, well-balanced meals are served every day.

21. Southern Hospitality

5000 Shoalwood Ave, Austin, TX 78756

Southern Hospitality is a retirement community that promotes healthy living, strong relationships and purpose-driven activities that help elderly individuals feel empowered, safe and engaged. The small type-B facility has a capacity of fifteen residents, all of which receive comprehensive, professional care on a 24-hour basis. With a caregiver-to-senior ratio of one-to-seven, this residential home offers assistance with performing activities of daily living, support with medication, supervision and personalized care. The apartments are clean, fully furnished and situated in a quiet, friendly neighborhood in Central Austin. Tasty meals cooked from fresh produce are also served every day as part of a therapeutic diet that builds up long-term health.

Each resident receives undivided attention from a licensed, highly trained team of hard-working caregivers. Additionally, they benefit from weekly thirty-minute massages by licensed therapists. Security is a top priority at Southern Hospitality, which is why there are fire and sprinkler systems installed in every room, including in bathrooms and closets. Here are some of the activities seniors are encouraged to participate in: bingo, music therapy, dumbbell workout, movie night, evening blackjack, trivia events and book discussions.

20. Belmont Village Lakeway

107 Bella Montagna Cir, Lakeway, TX 78734

Opening in the summer of 2018, Belmont Village Lakeway is a luxury retirement community that offers resort-style living conditions to seniors all across Austin. With modern, elegant furnishing, spacious private bedrooms, separate baths with easy access, stylish common areas and a wide array of amenities, this senior care facility promotes lifelong health and independence. The team at Belmont Village Lakeway ensures that residents receive professional help with daily routines while still maintaining their freedom. They create the ideal combination of comfort, security, privacy and purpose-driven living. Your loved one can benefit from a variety of services, including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, short-term care, assisted and independent living services.

Here are the main amenities you will find at this facility: medication management, personal care, licensed, professional staff available on a 24-hour basis, personal assistance liaisons on call, fitness center, special dietary accommodations, rehabilitative care (including occupational, speech and physical therapy), free transportation for medical appointments and outings, activities which stimulate brain health, recreation and socialization.

19. Angel’s Place

3911 Sherril Brook Rd San Antonio, TX 78228

“No Website”

Built over an entire acre of land in the serene, strikingly beautiful village of San Leanna, this assisted living facility is unique due to its kind staff and simple, but effective approach to holistic senior care. Angel’s Place includes between five and ten beds, accepting only a small number of residents. This ensures that each elderly individual living here receives individualized attention, sustained emotional support and constant supervision and monitoring. The staff works for additional hours consistently in order to spend quality time with residents, find out what they like, dislike and what they expect from the community.

They accept feedback and adapt their methods to provide the highest quality of care and ensure the safety and peace of mind of the seniors they have been entrusted with. The facility has a wide range of floor plans on display, but also allows personalization (residents can bring memorabilia, souvenirs or objects with sentimental value and decorate their rooms how they see fit). Thorough health assessments are conducted prior to admission, and family members are emboldened to maintain a close relationship with their elderly relatives.

18. Brookdale Northwest Hills

5715 Mesa Dr, Austin, TX 78731

Brookdale Northwest Hills is a renowned assisted living facility from Austin that offers a combination of lifestyle options and types of care. Putting forth luxury apartments with a variety of amenities, the community allows your loved one to keep their independence while helping them to complete activities such as eating, bathing and toileting. The team at Brookdale is kind, responsive, compassionate and trained to manage any issue which intervenes in the seniors’ daily routines, as well as emergency situations. With a licensed professional on-call 24/7 and consistent monitoring that ensures your loved one is safe at all times, the facility incorporates multiple floor plans that you can choose from.

Caregivers also aid with medication reminders and administration, emotional support and encouragement to participate in recreational activities that reduce mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Fitness programs, pet therapy, rehabilitative care, transportation, brain health activities and respite care are all part of the services offered by Brookdale Northwest Hills.

17. Grace House Assisted Living

11825 Bee Caves Rd, Austin, TX 78738

Valuing compassionate and honest communication over everything else, this reliable and highly acclaimed retirement community offers practical solutions for seniors who need professional assistance with daily living. The building is airy, spacious and bright, featuring an elegant, outdoor space for relaxation with a striking green view and a stylish porch. It also includes private bedrooms with simple, but beautiful décor, a cushy, intimate living room and surrounding manicured grounds. All of these elements create a sense of comfort and safety and a home-like atmosphere where residents feel accepted and loved.

The staff at Grace House Assisted Living provides support with eating, bathing, grooming, toileting and dressing, in addition to medication delivery and 24/7 supervision. Three delicious, exquisite meals are prepared by talented chefs and served every day to the residents. An emergency call installation and a wander guard system are also in place for added security. Physician services, housekeeping, personal laundry and linen services are included in the monthly cost.

16. Austin North Assisted Living

11206 Powder Mill Trail, Austin, TX 78750

This type-B home provides quality care to seniors all across Austin, as well as a safe, sheltered environment that ensures residents are looked after and able to socialize. Built upon a new geriatric care model, Austin North Assisted Living offers innovative solutions to some of the most common health difficulties that come with old age. The apartments are comfortable, protected and have easy access (all living rooms, separate bathrooms and hallways are walker-friendly or accommodated for wheelchair transportation). In addition, afternoon tea and three delicious, home-cooked meals are served every day by the staff.

Sprinkler systems and fire alarms are installed in every room, and the backyard is guarded by a large fence. A registered nurse is always on call in case of crisis situations and personal laundry is cleaned by the team twice a week. The facility is licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) and there is no deposit fee required for admission.

15. South Austin Assisted Living

4601 Chesney Ridge Drive Austin, TX 78749

Operated and owned by two medical professionals who specialize in geriatric care, South Austin Assisted Living offers personalized assistance with activities of daily living in a home-like setting with a reduced number of residents. What makes this organization unique is that it only accepts a ratio of one-to-three when it comes to caregiver-patient. This means that your loved one will receive uninterrupted attention, support and care and be able to genuinely bond with the staff and feel loved and welcomed. This tight-knit community is ideal if your loved one does not like being around large groups of people and if they prefer a cozy, small and homey atmosphere as opposed to a hefty facility.

One of the most recent type-B homes in South Austin, the facility is situated in the vicinity of entertainment venues, exquisite restaurants, post offices, banks and a variety of shopping centers. It is also only five miles away from the nearest pharmacies and hospitals.

14. The Plaza at Querencia

2500 Barton Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78735

This non-profit organization is renowned for its excellent living conditions, dedicated staff and extensive types of care offered. It is widely known as one of the most luxurious communities in Austin and allows residents to live day-to-day in vacation locations with breathtaking scenery and deluxe accommodations. The facility is sponsored by the nationally recognized Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporations (SQLC), a leading name in healthcare, and provides families with a wide range of floor plans, living options and amenities. The latter include private apartments with modern furnishing, high-tech appliances, outdoor terraces, fitness centers and covered pool with specialized heating system. There is also a two mile long natural trail for hiking nearby, a woodworking shop and a delightful, lush garden where residents can relax.

The Plaza at Querencia has set a new standard for luxury senior living in the industry. It ensures seniors receive a combination of rehabilitative care, Alzheimer’s and dementia support, assisted living services, short-term care and skilled nursing.

13. Longhorn Village

12001 Longhorn Pkwy, Austin, TX 78732

Longhorn Village bases its practice on three key-components: health, connection and engagement. They look after seniors’ wellbeing from a holistic perspective, ensuring that they are not only physically strong, but also emotionally stable and mentally prepared to handle life’s challenges. This is done through personalized care plans that include a variety of services, well-balanced, nutritious meals, regular exercise, and a series of stimulating activities. Aside from professional support with daily routines and medication, residents also receive move-in assistance, weekly housekeeping services, frequent trash removal, weekly linen services, security and ground maintenance.

The amenities at this facility include: internet café, elegant guest rooms, communications center, business center, walking paths and trails, storage area, theater, woodworking shop, art studio, club room, fitness center, auditorium room, a meditation room, library, concierge and an on-site medical clinic. There is also a heated swimming pool and a blue agave day spa.

12. Westminster – Austin

4100 Jackson Ave, Austin, TX 78731

Westminster is widely recognized for its resort-style living conditions, high-quality medical care and wide array of exquisite amenities. The staff here is responsive, well-informed, calm, patient and ready to assist your loved one at all times. They provide support with performing routine activities, as well as with group transportation and medical attention. Visitors and residents alike report that the team is kind, fully involved and dedicated; that what they do is much more than a job to them and that their main goal is for seniors to feel understood and like they belong.

If you decide to enlist your loved one at this facility, these are some of the services and amenities that they will benefit from: studio, one, two and three-bedroom apartments with patios and balconies, walk-in closets and fully-equipped kitchens, wireless internet, weekly activity calendars, chef-prepared dishes, café for casual dining, nearby walking trails and a dance floor. The building also incorporates a spa and an indoor heated swimming pool, studios for yoga and Tai Chi and individually controlled air-conditioning and heating.

11. Brookdale Westlake Hills

1034 Liberty Park Dr, Austin, TX 78746

Brookdale is a highly acclaimed assisted living organization that offers luxurious conditions and top-notch medical and personal care for seniors nationwide. The facility at Westlake Hills puts forth private, modern apartments with spacious, separate bedrooms and new security systems that use innovative technology. The building has a welcoming lobby where you are greeted by a kind, inviting team of professionals who offer you relevant information on their services, as well as help with admission papers. Once enlisted, your loved one receive daily support with routines such as bathing, eating and grooming, but is also reminded to take their medicine and transported to doctor’s appointments and cultural venues.

This reliable community has a solid background in senior care and gives you the peace of mind that your relative can enjoy the highest standard of assistance in a grand hotel setting. Some of the amenities at this facility include gardening areas (where residents can spend time planting their own herbs and vegetables), spa and swimming pool, wellness center and stunning outdoor courtyards.

10. Ledgestone Senior Living

13150 Four Star Blvd, Austin, TX 78737

Ledgestone Senior Living is a unique addition to our list because of its philosophy. It is not a corporate business interested in profit, but rather a team of kind-hearted individuals who want to make a difference and prioritize their residents’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This community is privately owned and devoted to creating an intimate environment for your loved one that reminds them of home and is built on genuine connection and sincere communication. The trained professionals who are part of the staff go through a comprehensive screening before being admitted and all view their jobs as an opportunity to do good, explore their passion for caregiving and offer families invaluable peace of mind.

With a variety of floor plans and modern apartment settings, the facility assures a combination of independent and assisted living services, along with extensive memory care. The building includes an outdoor gardening area, spacious rooms for relaxation and socialization, a private dining room, casual bistro and a fitness room.

9. Buckner Vila Siesta Home

11110 Tom Adams Dr Austin, TX 78753

“No Website”

This assisted living facility puts forth a cozy, warm home with tasteful décor and high-tech security systems. The building includes shared and separate bedrooms, private baths with easy access, fully-equipped kitchen and green outdoor area for relaxation. There is also a common living room where fellow residents meet, discuss and have fun, but also an entertainment room where your loved one can participate in weekly activities that stimulate personal growth. The staff at Buckner Vila Siesta Home is empathetic, knowledgeable and responsive. They are there to assist your relative with daily activities such as eating, dressing, toileting, moving around, bathing, grooming and incontinence. All of the rooms have easy access and stylish furnishing, including large windows that allow plenty of natural light to come in.

Buckner Vila Siesta Home is a reliable choice that provides a homey atmosphere and ensures that its residents are treated with dignity, care and patience. Seniors here also benefit from individualized care plans and ongoing health assessments.

8. Harbor at Lakeway

300 Medical Pkwy, Lakeway, TX 78738

Operating since 2015, Harbor at Lakeway is a classy retirement community that offers seniors a full-fledged health and wellness package. They provide medical assistance, professional support with personal care, 24/7 supervision, daily meal services, linen, personal laundry and housekeeping services, as well as medication management, opportunities to socialize, contribute and engage in life-enriching activities. The team is also trained in memory care in order to offer undivided attention and specialized services for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or other forms of memory loss.

Harbor at Lakeway has traditional, but stunning interior décor, airy and bright common areas with large windows and a cozy fireplace, separate baths with easy access and walk-in showers, kitchens equipped with microwave and other useful appliances, private bedrooms with double beds and a spacious, chic dining area. There is also a fitness room with gym equipment, a theatre, a barber shop, a beauty salon, a bar and an indoor pool. Pets are also accepted at this facility.

7. Pavilion at Great Hills

11819 Pavilion Blvd, Austin, TX 78759

“No Website”

Located near three of Austin’s major hospitals, Pavilion at Great Hills is a renowned assisted living facility that offers unparalleled care in a home-like, comfortable setting. It is in close vicinity to a large number of shopping centers and restaurants, but also near museums, theatres, cultural venues and stunning local attractions such as Lake Travis. This community promotes patient-centered, holistic health and puts forth a multitude of lifestyle options, including short-term care, independent living, memory care, skilled nursing, long-term care and assisted living. Their services include restaurant-style dining, bi-weekly housekeeping, 24-hour emergency call response, customized care plans, monitoring, transportation and delicious cuisine that uses organic, fresh produce.

Pavilion at Great Hills is an excellent choice for anyone looking to become free of daily chores, to feel secure and at ease, but to still keep their privacy and self-sufficiency. All of the living areas have built-in stone fireplaces and a large flat screen TV.

6. Legacy Oaks

7501 US-290, Austin, TX 78736

Legacy Oaks is a small, tight-knit community located in a quiet, safe and friendly neighborhood. The home is surrounded by green, lush trees and stunning natural landscapes. Located in Travis County, it accepts seniors from all walks of life and with a variety of chronic or acute health conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. The cottage-style environment is perfect for patients suffering from memory loss because it allows them the possibility to roam around and explore without the risk of wandering off. There are specialized security systems in place, as well as trained staff available on a 24-hour basis to prevent residents from becoming lost or confused. The staff at Legacy Oaks is well-known for being patient, understanding and skilled at managing stressful or dangerous situations effectively.

The assisted living facility incorporates a media room, a bistro-café, a beautifully designed inner courtyard, a fitness room with customized exercise programs, but also a full-service salon and an outdoor patio where residents can meditate or relax.

5. Elan Southpark Meadows

9320 Alice Mae Ln, Austin, TX 78748

Elan Southpark Meadows is a luxury retirement community that provides seniors and their families with the highest standard of medical attention and personal care. Featuring resort-style living conditions, the building has private, bright bedrooms with contemporary furniture, spacious common areas, a theatre, an exercise room with gym equipment and a large, deluxe dining room where residents are served three savory, nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day. The team at this facility ensures assisted living services, but also memory care (including specialized emergency response systems, 24/7 supervision, on-call licensed professionals, ongoing monitoring and frequent activities that improve memory and restore cognitive function).

The private residences offer satellite television, restaurant-style dining, free laundry rooms and around-the-clock care. All utilities (including telephone) are included in the monthly cost. In addition, the staff here provides respite for caregivers. Here are some sample events that residents participate in at this facility: meet and greet, musical performance, aquarium visit, tech club, chair yoga, zumba, dog show, pet therapy, boat races, weight training and dominoes.

4. Village on the Park – Onion Creek

11300 Farrah Ln, Austin, TX 78748

This assisted and independent living community from Travis County offers families a wide array of apartment settings and floor plans, as well as the expertise and compassion of a welcoming, skillful staff. Home to over 910,000 residents, Village on the Park is only a few minutes away from downtown Austin and puts forth a large number of excellent signature amenities. These include free wireless internet throughout the entire building, a bistro with daily refreshments, a bright and airy dining room where gourmet meals are served every few hours, a multi-purpose room, 24-hour concierge services, a fitness room packed with specialized health programs, reserved parking, pet-friendly areas and planned transportation.

Village on the Park is a sheltered facility that spreads out across nine acres of land. The surroundings are breathtaking, incorporating landscaped courtyards, scenery views and several walking paths. This residential community offers the ultimate experience when it comes to luxury retirement and is the ideal choice if you are looking for a safe, upscale new home for your family.

3. Brookdale Gaines Ranch

4409 Gaines Ranch Loop, Austin, TX 78735

This assisted living facility is one of the first choices of seniors and families residing in Austin. It offers the setting of a five-star hotel, concierge, gourmet dinner service, flawless medical and personal care, and overall deluxe conditions. Residents report feeling pampered, secure, and no longer burdened by the hassle of troublesome daily chores or the uncertainty of living alone with a tricky or life-threatening health issue. Brookdale Gaines Ranch is part of a calm, welcoming neighborhood and employs highly trained staff that understand the importance of independent choice and individualized care when it comes to senior living.

They take the time to get to know each resident, acknowledge their values, wishes and preferences and provide care in accordance to them, with respect and warmth. Here are some of the services and amenities that you will find at this facility: 24/7 supervision and assistance, restaurant-style dining, private bedrooms where seniors can bring memorabilia, emergency response systems installed in every room, additional safety features built-in (including in bathrooms and outdoor surroundings), private, classy dining room, pool table and a weekly events calendar.

2. Parsons House Austin

1130 Camino La Costa, Austin, TX 78752

Located in a quiet, friendly area with strikingly beautiful landscaped grounds, Parsons House Austin strives to offer seniors a rewarding, purpose-driven life with the comfort and security of a genuine home. The community does not sacrifice privacy or independence, but still manages to create a highly protected, safe environment, ideal for patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or other forms of age-related illness. With a variety of floor plans available, this trustworthy assisted living facility has proven its value and resourcefulness over the years, with hundreds of pleased customers and grateful, happy families.

If you enlist your loved one at this facility, they will receive the highest standard of care and assistance with daily living activities, medication support and emotional encouragement. They will also benefit from scheduled transportation, three chef-prepared meals every day and be able to enjoy playing the baby grand piano, joining the group fitness area, or spending quality time in the common room equipped with a billiards table and three adjoined terraces with rocking chairs.

1. Elmcroft of Austin

7017 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78745

With countless lifestyle options, a multitude of floor plans and an exquisite selection of unique amenities, Elmcroft has consistently been regarded as the number one choice for families of Austin. Since its inception in 2006, the community has provided a safe, loving home to a staggering number of satisfied seniors, focusing on high-quality supportive services and personalized care plans. The latter are designed not only to prolong physical health and boost endurance and strength, but also to assure improved cognitive function and nurture a sense of security, comfort and ease in residents. Customers report receiving assistance, both medical and personal care-related, that is unmatched in terms of quality, as well as genuine emotional support and continued encouragement to get out of their comfort zone, participate in new and exciting activities and build the life of their dreams.

Elmcroft of Austin offers resort-style living conditions, daily gourmet meals, a comprehensive calendar full of meaningful, fun and enticing daily activities, but also private bedrooms that seniors can decorate using personal belongings. The facility puts forth a combination of memory care, independent and assisted living services, respite care and skilled nursing in order to ensure a continuum of care for families and their loved ones.