23 Best Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers-for Men, Women & Unisex

We all know how important it is to take care of our feet when we’re diabetic, but it can be difficult when shoes are too tight or rub painfully against our toes or heels! Diabetic slippers help alleviate these problems by being fitted with soft padding specifically for sensitive skin. They’re also extra wide to accommodate ankle swelling during high blood sugar episodes. Because they are made of natural rubber, they are more flexible than standard slippers and they have a better cushioning effect.

What are Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers?

Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers are designed specifically for those with swollen feet and/or joints and/or lower limb swelling. They have been proven by recent medical studies to help lessen pain in your feet — as well as prevent ulcers, blisters, infections, and other foot problems that often accompany diabetes — while improving blood circulation.

Another benefit of wearing extra wide diabetic slippers is that they can help you walk more comfortably.

23 Best Wide Width Diabetic Slippers Reviews in 2022

Below, we’ve compiled the top 23 best wide width diabetic slippers to give a more comprehensive review. We hope you can find useful information from our research and make a well-informed decision.

Best Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers for Women

1. LONGBAY Women’s Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

These high-quality, durable, and inexpensive LONGBAY Women’s Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers are perfect for all occasions. The memory foam offers excellent cushioning and arch support while the faux fur lining keeps your feet warm and cozy. Adjustable hook and loop straps means you’ll never have to worry about tightness around your ankles.

The seamless construction makes these diabetic shoes super comfortable to wear, even with sensitive feet.

For women, these slippers are a particularly good choice. This product is of high quality and will not be damaged easily.

The slippers are well crafted by skilled workers with the use of advanced technology.  The memory foam gives your feet the best support and comfort it needs.

2. ZIZOR Women’s Adjustable Strap Closed Back Slipper

The ZIZOR is a women’s slipper that provides comfort and warmth. Its adjustable strap closed-back design delivers an easy-to-use fit for swollen feet and ankles, not to mention it decreases the risk of slips and falls. You even have three layers of cushy memory foam insole that adds extra comfort & warmth. The slip-resistant rubber sole prevents slipping.

It is a versatile, slip-resistant shoe that can be worn both indoors and outdoors. This product can be used by elderly seniors and is made of comfortable suede, Sherpa fleece lining, and three layers of cushy memory foam insoles.

They have an adjustable strap that makes them easy to use and helps to make a comfortable fit that works well when combined with your swollen feet or ankles.

These slippers are machine washable.

3. MISSRAIN Women’s Warm Comfy Wide Diabetic Slippers

These wide diabetic slippers are made of soft velvet (upper) and a warm man-made short plush lining. The lining is knitted terry cloth fabric/plush material with ultra-soft supportive memory foam, furthermore they’re machine washable. Features include:

  • The soles are made of versatile and durable rubber with an anti-skid texture to provide a safe and stable foothold.
  • The slippers are not only for diabetic patients but also for pregnant women.
  • This model is the prettiest one we have at the moment, it combines warm velvet with an easy-on/off design, making this a great choice to wear both at home and out.
  • The memory foam will make your feet feel soft, cool and comfortable.
  • The elastic strap will secure your heel.
  • The Velcro buckle will keep the slipper on your foot.

4. DREAM PRODUCT Women’s Diabetic Comfort Slippers

DREAM PRODUCT diabetic slippers are perfect for those with foot problems or poor circulation. They have a rubber sole to provide better stability and traction, memory foam for comfort, hook ‘n loop closure straps to adjust the fit, and a high ankle cut for full coverage. These slippers are easy to put on or take off and give support when you need it most.

With the cozy plush fleece lining they are perfect for indoors or outdoors with their cushioning soles that offer relief from edema, corns, sores, bunions and swelling. They were designed for diabetic foot problems to relieve swelling and pain from edema.

They provide complete coverage with high-cut ankles for a good fit that can be adjusted with hook ‘n loop straps to give the most support possible.

These DREAM PRODUCT diabetic slippers will make walking much easier. As with all diabetic shoes, make sure they fit properly to ensure comfort and safety.

5. VIONIC Women’s Cedar Lynez Slip On Slipper

The VIONIC Sherpa Shearling Slipper is the ultimate in comfort, and are cosy and durable. The textured molded EVA footbed provides a cushy platform for your feet, and the microfiber fabric makes them easy to clean. It has 3 deep heel cups that feature molded arch support and deep heel-cup comfort to relieve sore feet.

The rubber sole is flexible but durable and has been designed with a stability Sherpa lining for added comfort. The ball-of-foot cushioning also provides comfort as you walk. This means that no matter how much time you spend on your feet or how much support your feet need, the VIONIC slippers can keep up with you. They’re cute enough to wear with a dress, and sturdy enough to take you through the rest of the day.

They’ve got all the details that you want from a pair of slippers, including braided stitching and a faux fur lining to keep your feet warm.

6. W&LESVAGO Women’s Diabetic Slippers

With the soft knitted wool cloth upper, adjustable flap closure and high density memory foam, these slippers can provide extra protection from those painful pinches or blisters. This diabetic slipper will make your foot more comfortable. Some features include:

  • Due to the full coverage style with Velcro closures and rubber soles this diabetic slipper gives you greater flexibility and ease.
  • They are also very suitable for people with flat-foot, hallux valgus, talipes valgus and splay feet, and it’s a good choice to relieve foot pains and help swollen feet.
  • They are very comfortable and will provide more flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • These slippers are suitable for any occasion such as health care professionals or people who are on their feet all day.

7. SILEVRT Extra Extra Wide Adjustable Women’s Slippers

Let’s start with three of the best diabetic extra wide slippers for women. These women’s slippers from Silvert are extra-wide and adjustable for a more adaptive fit. The wide build is ideal for those with diabetes, arthritis and other conditions. The addition of the adjustable strap across the top means that the slippers also adjust with swollen, tired feet.

In addition to the extra-wide build, these slippers have plenty of additional features that can help seniors. The insoles are made from anti-bacterial memory foam for greater comfort and hygiene. The outsoles are skid resistant to add a little more stability to the shoe while walking across kitchen and bathroom floors. Some even wear them in the yard with no problem.

There is also a choice of colours in the material of the uppers with darker black and navy options as well as lighter dusty blue and beige. The downside here is that these shoes can feel a little too large and heavy on good days where feet aren’t so swollen. Therefore, they may not be comfortable to wear for long periods. Some have struggled to find the right fit the first time that they order a pair.

If you are careful about finding the right size, these slippers could prove to be a good fit and helpful piece of footwear. They may not suit all seniors for long-term use. Still, they are adaptive, secure and mostly comfortable.

8. GIT UP Open Toe Extra Wide Women’s Slippers

This next pair of shoes has another adjustable fit with the large “magic buckle” closure across the top. Again, this means that carers can fit the shoe at whatever size is comfortable that day. The adaptive fit means that there is also room for expansion and swelling. A key difference here is that there is also an open toe to let the feet breath a little more easily.

There is more going on with these slippers than you might expect from the sales photos alone. The upper and insole are covered with a soft, plush lining for comfort. This material hides the ergonomic shape of the insole, which also has an anatomical heel cup for stability. There is also a strong, anti-slip rubber sole and a choice of colors in black, powder blue and soft pink.

These shoes are much lighter than the ones above but don’t have so much support to them. Some also say the material stretches out too easily, ruining the secure fit. They would not trust their relative to wear them unaided, especially when walking up and down the stairs.

A recommendation here depends on the purpose of these slippers. The wear and lack of support mean that they might not be that good as a long term solution. For short-term use, or for those in wheelchairs, these slippers are an attractive, comfortable alternative to a more “normal” pair.

9. SECRET Slippers Extra Wide Women’s Diabetic Shoes

This final model in the women’s slippers is one that tries to help a lot of different people. This is an extra wide shoe with a fit that will benefit diabetics and those with swollen feet. However, the ergonomics and shape are also designed to aid those with heel pain, arch problems, Orthopaedic Fasciitis, Edema and more.

It is the little details on these shoes that make them so appealing. The insole is more than just a padded insole. There are the cushioned heel pad and arch support to help users with other medical conditions. The Velcro tabs are a little more strong and supportive than some of the closures in other slippers. The interior is seam-free to reduce the risk of discomfort even further.

Finally, there is a thick, reliable rubble sole. There are some people that have struggled with the sizing on this slipper, with half of Amazon buyers saying that it runs small. There is also the fact that this boxy slipper looks a little more like a medical slipper than something cozy.

Fit and aesthetic issues aside, there really is a lot to appreciate here. They may be a bit more “medical” than some other slippers on the market. Still, they have the features and support that take them beyond a simple extra-wide slipper for diabetics. There is a mass appeal here and these slippers could help a lot of people.

10. GIT UP Women’s Viscoelastic Foam Slippers for Diabetics

Closed-toe to keep you warm, these home shoes look plush and comfortable. Its upper is striped knitted with sweat-wicking properties. Far from waterproof, these home shoes are perfect for walking around the house without putting much pressure on swollen ankles. Relieve pain from arthritis, edema, diabetes, and other types of foot pain.

One of these foam slippers’ best selling points is the highly adjustable strap. You can adjust the hook and loop closure buckles according to your desired comfort. The full closure style ensures adequate stability for swollen feet. And once adjusted, you can slip in and out of the Git-Up foam slippers without much difficulty. Aside from these, the adjustable straps make the slippers suitable for different instep heights. These home shoes for arthritis also feature insoles that are made from high-density memory foam – a type of insole that relieves foot stress and absorbs shock and pressure. The high density helps provide support without it being too soft.

Non-slip rubber soles with 2-centimeter heels provide adequate grip whether you wear these slippers indoors or outdoors. The sole has an anti-skid feature similar to regular slippers that will allow you to go outside your garden or driveway without changing to another shoe or slipper. This does not mean though that these slippers are suitable for all surfaces and weather.

Best Unisex Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers

11. JIONS Unisex Swollen Feet Diabetic Edema Boots Slippers

These unisex slippers are made from a 65% breathable wool upper that is very comfortable. The material is also seamless and the design offers you a smooth and flat sole.

They are also shock-absorbing and have a Velcro closure on the instep and heel for added comfort. A softer insole is included that is made of a breathable design.

Other nice features include an anti-skid rubber outsole to help prevent slipping, a hand-washable design, hook and loop straps to hold your footwear in place, and a seamless padded insole that doubles as a foot brace when needed helps protect your arch.

They are especially useful for those who want to relieve inflammation and aches from swollen feet.

12. LANDEER Unisex Memory Foam Slippers

The LANDER diabetic slippers are of a unisex design, so they are suitable for both men and women. They have a cotton-breathable knitted upper, which can keep your feet dry and free of odor.

The soles of these diabetic slippers are made with high-density memory foam that has excellent cushioning and support. It will reduce pain in your feet caused by diabetes.

There is also a soft rubbery bottom that will not be damaged easily. The top of these diabetic slippers is made with an elastic sponge that is shockproof. It will ensure an anti-skid effect on the bottom of the shoes.

With these diabetic slippers, you will not worry about muscle pain caused by diabetes. You can keep your feet warm in these slippers for winter and cool for summer. These diabetic slippers are lightweight and comfortable.

13. JIONS Unisex Elderly Indoor Outdoor Slippers

Designed for men and women, these slippers are both functional and stylish. They have a wide variety of features that make them the perfect gift for a busy person, or for yourself if you suffer from foot pain or medical conditions. These are:

  • The shoes are made with high quality materials for sturdiness, such as breathable wool and elastic rubber soles.
  • They’re also good for those who have high arches or feet that need extra space.
  • With their anti-skid soles there won’t be any accidents on slippery surfaces.
  • The wide toe area on these slippers is helpful for those who suffer from swelling in their feet, since it allows their toes to spread out more than they would in other styles of footwear.
  • The soles are made with rubber so they’re easy to clean and they won’t absorb sweat or odors.
  • They’re also resistant to both heat and cold, making them perfect for use inside and outside your home.
  • For smaller feet, there’s an option for a non-slip sole, making them the best all-round choice for your needs.

Best Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers for Men

14. LONGBAY Men’s Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

LONGBAY Men’s diabetic slippers are the perfect solution for tired, swollen feet. These fuzzy fleece-lined slippers feature EVA construction for extra cushioning and support. With high density memory foam and an anti-skid rubber sole, these men’s diabetic slippers can also be used indoors and outdoors.

These diabetic slippers are easy on and off with an adjustable Velcro strap. They are available in 3 colors: grey, black plaid and a navy blue stripe design. This slipper comes in 6 sizes to fit all standard foot sizes.

The memory foam is perfect for sensitive or swollen feet, making these men’s slippers ideal for diabetic foot pain as well as other common foot problems like neuropathy, edema and plantar fasciitis.

LONGBAY diabetic slippers are comfortable and machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty.

15. EUROPEAN SOFTEST Men’s 80-D Memory Foam Diabetic Slipper

These comfy and durable slippers are made with two layers of support foams, polyester lining (fleece), and 80-D high-density memory foam. The adjustable strap ensures for a better fit. The EVA for extra cushioning will help relieve foot stress. One of the best features is the anti-slip rubber sole that will give you great traction indoors or outdoors.

The slipper is made with machine-washable materials so it can easily be cleaned. The gusseted footbed will accommodate your feet for a good fit. No matter if you are suffering from a medical condition or want to treat tired, swollen feet, these slippers will do their job better than any ordinary slipper. Also, they are all-season slippers suitable for indoors and outdoors.

This product is very good for people who suffer from corns, neuropathy, and other podiatry problems.

Designed with an unobtrusive hook and loop closure that can be fastened with one hand, its flexible design provides an excellent fit while the minimalistic footprint provides a safe grip on a variety of surfaces.

16. COMFORTFINDS Men’s Open Toe Edema Slippers

The COMFORTFINDS open-toe edema slippers can accommodate swollen feet and ankles, sensitive corns and bunions, or anyone who wants to enjoy a non-constricting roomy, super soft slipper. The adjustable Velcro flap closure ensures a perfect fit. Features include:

  • This footwear is made of high-quality material.
  • Whether you suffer from diabetes, eczema, edema (swelling), sensitive skin (allergies), hypertension (high blood pressure), sensitivity. or any other conditions, these slippers for men and women are designed to fit your needs perfectly.
  • The fully cushioned innersoles are foam-padded to prevent your feet from getting sores and blisters.
  • The non-slip vinyl outer sole allows you to navigate different surfaces with ease.
  • The COMFORTFINDS slipper has a unique toe and heel design.

17. YOUYUN Diabetic Shoes for Elderly Men

These diabetic shoes are designed for elderly men, who have to take care of their feet. This shoe is made of stretchable, breathable and lightweight upper material. They are extra wide and have a Velcro strap for easy adjustment with a hook and loop closure.

These diabetic shoes also have 2 high-cushioned memory foam insoles with 0.2 inches or 0.24 inches height to relieve heel pain. The air cushion design in these diabetic shoes provides shock absorption and better stability, to avoid ankle sprain, foot twist or other accidents.

They also have anti-slip rubber soles, which can reduce the risk of shoe skidding or sliding. Designed with air cushioning, the extra spacer and memory foam insoles with different height insoles make this diabetic shoe more flexible.

In addition, these diabetic shoes are also ergonomically designed to provide better performance and health.

18. MEJORMEN Men’s Diabetic Slippers Edema Shoes

The MEJORMEN Men’s diabetic slipper is designed to provide relief due to diabetes neuropathy. The padding on the insole is also designed to relieve pain in diabetic foot syndrome, swelling or edema. With its breathable uppers and plush fleece lining it gives maximum comfort.

This slipper has a rubber sole that protects you from slipping. The back heel is highly adjustable and will keep your foot in place all day long.

These diabetic slippers are easy to put on and off.

The MEJORMEN slippers are designed to provide comfort for many different foot conditions such as bunions, edema, neuropathy, paresthesia, or post-surgery. They are machine washable and durable, and adjustable to accommodate every foot size.

19. EVGLOW Men’s Suede Leather House Slippers

These slippers are lightweight and are perfect for anyone with flat feet or other ailments. The skin-friendly lining of the slippers is made with micro suede, which allows the wearer to feel warm and comfortable at all times. Some of their features are:

  • The insoles are made with EVA synthetic material.
  • The wide toe box helps to prevent blisters from forming and it is also good for people who have bunions or flat feet.
  • The soles of these slippers is made with MD cushioning, a special material that provides maximum stability when walking on all types of surfaces and terrains.
  • The entire sole is made with a thicker material.
  • The high heel of these slippers is built with a special waterproof platform. This prevents your feet from getting wet or cold when walking outside in the rain or snow.
  • The waterproof platform is also flexible and wear-resistant so that they will not get damaged.

20. SILVERT Extra Extra Wide Men’s Diabetic Slippers

The first of these diabetic slippers for men don’t look that different to some of the ones for women. There is the same approach to the wrap-around, adaptive fit with the simple fastening. The shoe moves with the swelling of the foot and adjusts to different widths. The main difference is that it is shaped for men’s feet and men’s sizes.

There are some interesting benefits here with the comfort and design of this slipper. One of the interesting things is the attention to detail in the materials. The woven fabric on the uppers comes in different patterns, including a blue tartan. The memory foam on the inside is soft, conforming and anti-bacterial. There is also the skid-resistant sole on the bottom. Most find that these slippers are comfortable. However, there is a small minority that would say that there are limitations on how far they stretch. Others note that these – like the women’s pair above – can get a bit heavy.

The pros and cons of this slipper are very much like those experienced with the women’s version of the slipper above. It is great that there are so many similarities. It shows that the same care was given to both sexes. Men and women are just as likely to struggle long-term with these shoes or to find that they get just the right amount of support. Again, the appeal depends on how long they will be worn and the condition of the wearer.

21. COZY ANKLE Men’s Extra Wide Adjustable Slippers

This next pair of extra wide men’s slippers does things a little differently. There there is an adjustable, extra wide fit across the top of the shoe. However, the main adjustable element is around the ankle. This means that the shoe should adapt to swelling in more than one area. Swollen ankles are just as common as swollen feet in many conditions and this should mean some extra relief.

There are also plenty of other comfort features in these slippers that should help users. There are cushioned heel pads, seamless linings and support orthotic insoles. The materials used are also designed to be lightweight, with the thinner rubber sole and the soft, breathable material.

Furthermore, there should be some durability here with the quality of the sole and the stain-resistant uppers. There is a lot to like here, and many wearers find these shoes to be comfortable. However, there are always going to be some sizing issues due to the nature of the product. There is also the suggestion that there is a strong “new shoe” smell to the slippers, which takes a while to dissipate.

It is hard not to recommend these slippers because there are so many positive comments from wearers, relatives and nurses alike. There is high praise for the design and the way that they provide comfort and support where it is needed the most. As long as you pick the right size, and maybe air them air, there should be few issues here.

22. ORTHOFEET Asheville Diabetic Men’s Slippers

Lastly, we have a pair of extra-wide men’s slippers that actually look really good for a pair of medical slippers. This is a slipper with a wide fit that is designed for people with diabetes, arthritis and other foot and ankle conditions that require extra support. There are details to the insole and shape of the shoe that can conform to the user’s foot. This includes the heel pad, the wider toe box and all the foam in key pressure points.

The main difference with this model is the look. This is a leather slipper with a simple strap on the side. There are some nice details in the stitching, the hide color and the soft fleece lining inside. There is a little bit of a heel to the thick sole, which also has enough grip.

The main downside here is the fact that this slipper doesn’t have the full range of movement and adjustments as other slippers in this guide. It won’t adapt to swollen feet in quite the same way. There is also the warning that these slippers can get quite hot because of the thickness of the materials.

A recommendation here depends on the condition in question. There are lots of people with diabetes and other issues that will get great relief from these shoes. The design just adds to that appeal compared to other medical slippers. But, the lack of adaptability is an issue for some people. Be aware of the limitations of the slipper and the greatest needs of the wearer for the best possible match.

23. Extra Wide Men’s Sippers for Diabetic Recovery

This men’s extra wide diabetic recovery slippers by the Secret Slippers Store has a simple yet functional design. The shoe upper is covered by a flap with extra-wide Velcro straps on each side for easy adjustments. The shoe itself looks dainty but these flap and velcro straps allow for expansion especially for wide or swollen feet from peripheral neuropathy, bunions, arthritis, or diabetes. A wide toe box avoids pressure buildup on bunions while velcro straps allow for tightness adjustments on the heel end of the shoe.

An anti-skid rubber sole provides adequate traction and walking comfort without adding too much weight to the slippers. Aside from the rubber sole, the ergonomic design and breathable upper make it suitable for outdoor use. The upper material enhances air permeability and keeps the slipper’s interior odorless while the ergonomic design helps relieve foot stress and comfort even when walking along hard or uneven surfaces. Just like similar house shoe designs, these diabetic recovery shoes do not have much on the support side.

The slippers can be machine washed with a gentle cycle and temperatures that do not exceed 60℉. It’s not possible to dry these slippers on the dryer, though. You can only line or air dry these diabetic recovery slippers during clear, sunny days.