Taking the Temperature

There are certain steps that you should follow when you have to take the temperature for your patient.


Knock at the door and say “Hello Mr. Smith, my name is (say at loud your name) and I am going to read the temperature”

Step 2:

Then the resident should go to the wash room and wash his hands, put his gloves on. While the resident is in the washroom he should also clean the thermometer. After putting on the gloves he must also watch the sink and his gloves. 3 cotton balls would be needed to complete this step. Use the first cotton to apply soap and water, just make sure you rinse the thermometer down ways not from its tip. The next cotton should be used with only water to clean the thermometer. And the last cotton to be used for drying the thermometer.

Step 3:

Check your thermometer for any cracks or damages. Make sure it’s functional.

Step 4:

Shake the thermometer to bring it to the lowest possible temperature.

Step 5:

Put it back in its container.

Return to the room, close the curtains, and lock the wheel chair of your patient. Open up the container, place the protector on the thermometer and put it in the patients’ mouth under the tongue on the side. Wait for 5-8 minutes, after that time remove the thermometer and read it. Supposedly it shows 97 degrees, so write on the paper T=97F/O.

Step 6:

Through away the protector and place the thermometer back into the container. You are done with the residence. Before leaving you should ask “Is there anything else Mr. Smith?”

Say good bye, open up the curtains. Go back to the washroom; re-wash the thermometer the same way as you previously washed it. Take off the gloves, wash your hands. And report the temperature to the required doctor or nurse.