Rasmussen College – Ocala Campus

Rasmussen College – Ocala Campus is a nursing school based in Ocala, Florida. There are currently 13 500 students enrolled in this school. Rasmussen College – Ocala Campus is not an accredited college. The school offers following nursing degree programs: Associate, Practical Nursing Diploma and RN to BSN.

  • Student Enrollment: 13 500
  • Type of School: Private
  • College Accredited: No
  • Offers Online Programs: No
  • Degree Programs: Associate, Practical Nursing Diploma and RN to BSN

If you have always wanted to become a nurse or if you have recently decided that nursing is the right career direction for you then look to the sunny state of Florida to get the education required to get your career off to the proper start! A nursing career can bring it many rewards.

Rasmussen College offers its students bachelor’s degrees as well as associate’s degrees in a variety of fields, including nursing. The school has a long an established history, having been around for more than 100 years. Rasmussen College has three campuses. One is in Ocala while the second is in Pasco County. The third campus, found in Fort Myers, joined the others in 2008. All three campuses of the school work towards one purpose for the college at large and all of the students- a strong commitment to growth.

It is worth mentioning that 92 percent of the graduates of Rasmussen College in Florida that have been surveyed have found employment in their field of study or have continued their education in the field they studied in at Rasmussen. Let us now turn our attention to the School of Nursing at this well respected institution of higher learning.

Practical nursing is available at Rasmussen as is professional nursing. The practical nursing program offers diplomas and associate degrees in nursing while the professional nursing program offers bachelor’s degree.

The Rasmussen College School of Nursing does everything it can to prepare its nursing students for their future careers as nurses. Both of the nursing programs available will have a tremendous impact on your life and will also impact the lives of those you will help once you embark upon your chosen career. By choosing to earn your degree at Rasmussen you will set yourself on a course that will be life changing.

Practical Nursing Program

If you would like to enroll in the practical nursing program at Rasmussen then you will attend the Pasco County campus in the state of Florida. As a practical nurse you will perform various duties that will benefit your patients. You will help them take care of their day-to-day needs and you do what you can to help them feel comfortable as they go through the recuperation process. You will also help to maintain a sense of stability and peace of mind in their life as they heal. Patients need reassurance from their nurses along with having their physical needs met.

Practical nurses play a very significant role in the well-being and the quality of life of their patients. Both your curriculum in school as well as your laboratory experiences will do everything possible to prepare you for the rewarding career ahead of you in the medical field.

Professional Nursing Program If you decide to enroll in the professional nursing program at Rasmussen College then this program is offered at the Fort Myers campus, as well as the campuses in Ocala and Pasco County. Those who become professional nurses perform many of the same duties as practical nurses but their work goes one step further. These nurses educate and advise their patients and well as their patients’ families about the illnesses or health conditions of the patient. They provide guidance and suggestions when required. They are also there to offer emotional and practical support to the patients they have that suffer from any conditions that are complex or unstable in nature.

The coursework for a professional nurse-to-be is geared towards helping you learn to work as part of a team. Professional nurses assist physicians in providing care to the patients who are in the greatest need. At the Rasmussen College School of Nursing the focus is on teaching you everything you need to know to become a successful nurse.

Nursing at Rasmussen College in Florida can offer you the experience of a lifetime. The knowledge and skills you learn will make it possible for you to have a positive impact on the patients you attend to and on the healing process as a whole. Whether you choose to enroll in the practical nursing program at Rasmussen or the professional nursing program, either way you have made a very wise choice for your future!