Phlebotomy Training Online

A phlebotomist is someone who is trained in drawing blood from patients as prescribed by a doctor usually for testing or transfusion and is sometimes referred to as venipuncture. Most hospitals, medical labs, community health care clinics and in some cases private physicians’ offices routinely employ phlebotomists. Due to the relatively short period of time it takes to be trained, more people are increasingly choosing online phlebotomy training as a means to entering the healthcare field.

Phlebotomy training online can be an ideal choice for those who are not able to attend traditional classes at a college or learning institute. When searching for online phlebotomy classes, it is essential to choose a program that also offers hands-on internship modules especially for those who have no previous experience in the field. This is an extremely important factor to consider as professional certification requires a predetermined number of venipunctures, skin punctures and a certain number of hours of practical training before taking the certification exam.

Who Should Take Phlebotomy Training Online?

Anyone in the medical field or even a layperson who has an interest in the proper procedures for drawing blood and has a high school diploma or GED can take online phlebotomy training. Online classes are commonly taken by healthcare professionals who need to upgrade their skills, those who wish to refresh existing skills as well as students whose goal is to become eligible for phlebotomy certification. If certification is what phlebotomy students are seeking, it is essential that they also receive hands-on practical training in a medical facility. Those who are already working in the field of healthcare where practical training can take place are ideal candidates for online phlebotomy training.

Since the practice of phlebotomy involves more than just the drawing of blood, accredited classroom training is an essential component in becoming a certified phlebotomist. Some of the courses covered in online programs include:

  • Introduction to phlebotomy
  • Pre-analytical errors and how to prevent them
  • Medical terminology
  • The difficult patient
  • Radiation and chemical exposure
  • Composition and hazards of arterial blood
  • Skin puncture techniques for infants, children and adults
  • Safety and legal issues
  • Accidental needle stick procedures
  • Phlebotomy organization
  • The laboratory
  • Customer Service

Since eligibility for certification entails very specific requirements, it is highly recommended that you contact one of the recognized certification bodies in the United States before enrolling in any online phlebotomy program whether online or at a traditional college. More detailed information can be obtained by visiting the websites of one or more of the following certification organizations:

It is also important that any phlebotomy training online you may be considering will adequately prepare you to take your certification exam as well and the program be professionally accredited. The certification bodies above are an extremely useful resource in answering any questions you have about the validity of the course you are planning to enroll in. Another key factor to verify is that the school or institute is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and that the program is run in accordance with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. For more information, you can contact them through their websites at:

Since it is not possible to learn how to draw blood through an online program alone, these courses are generally taken by those with previous experience to refresh their skills in proper vein puncture techniques and procedures. Many professionals also make use of phlebotomy training online in order to learn new procedures as well as the latest technology that is being used. Students who are studying for their certification exams also find online phlebotomy programs to be an excellent study tool.

Some of the more popular phlebotomy training online programs include:

If you are looking to augment your studies for certification, are in need of a refresher course or are a practicing professional who wants to learn about the latest technology or newest developments in accepted procedure, phlebotomy training online may be an ideal solution. The key to finding the right program lies in researching your options.

It is important to visit the websites of a number of schools that offer online phlebotomy courses and request as much detailed information as you can. Find out from the various certification agencies what their specific eligibility requirements and costs for taking the phlebotomy certification exam are. These agencies can also let you know if the courses you are considering fall into the category of recognized programs. It is also recommended that you verify each school’s accreditation standing. The following links will provide you with useful information on school accreditation:

  • Alternately, you can go directly to to perform a more comprehensive search by filling in the name of an institution and your state to get information on a particular school.

With the increase in today’s aging population, trained professionals in the healthcare field are in high demand. Training to become a certified phlebotomist can provide you with exciting and challenging career opportunities and can also prove to be an excellent portal into other areas of healthcare. Remember to do your research and request as much information from as many training institutes or colleges as possible. The more knowledge you gain about phlebotomy and the varied learning options that are available, the better equipped you will be to make an informed decision.