Phlebotomy Training in New Mexico

With so many hot professions available in the allied health care industry, it comes as no surprise to see more and more people seeking out phlebotomy training in New Mexico. A phlebotomy technician is responsible for performing vein punctures on patients in a doctor’s office, hospital or blood donation center setting. Because of the intricate nature of this field, it is a good idea to undergo formal training to acquire the skills you need to be successful. Although it is not required by law to possess phlebotomy certification in New Mexico, the best employers will not give much consideration to candidates without it.

The phlebotomy job can be best described as a task that involves the extraction of blood and blood sampling. The blood specimen is drawn from the capillaries, arteries and veins of animals and people. After the blood is extracted, it is put in tubes and then stored and taken safely to the laboratory.

From there, the blood analysis is performed in a well-equipped laboratory. In order to be a qualified as a certified phlebotomist you should be able to collect and take care of various medical instruments such as needles, cotton, syringes and other blood collection devices. You will also be required to verify and maintain the records of your patients.

Prerequisites for Phlebotomy Courses in New Mexico

To enroll in a fascinating phlebotomy training program, you only need to a few prerequisites in order. You should be at least 18, have proof of residency, and have graduated from high school or received a GED certificate. This is enough to get you into a hospital or technical school, but many community colleges and universities will ask for additional criteria to be met prior to enrollment. You will need to have a full physical, a background check, and current vaccinations for either type of program entry due to the nature of the field.

Description of Phlebotomy Training in New Mexico

Once you are done with enrollment, you can get started taking phlebotomy classes. Training typically takes anywhere from two to four months, depending on the facility. You will learn the various types of blood, their compatibility, and transfusion information. You will likely be learning some basic medial terminology and computer skills to enhance your experience. Students will participate in a variety of in-class lectures, and some programs participate in out of school activities.

Getting into the lab will likely be the most exciting part of your training experience. You will get to test your skills in a real medical setting performing vein punctures on patients. A certain number of hours must be spent performing successful pricks to qualify for phlebotomy certification in New Mexico.

Expected Phlebotomist Salary in New Mexico

The job of a phlebotomist is very important in the medical industry, making it an in demand career. Anyone interested in taking up phlebotomy as a career needs to know how worthwhile the job is in terms of pay. Presently, the their salary is becoming more and more appealing to those interested in joining this medical line. The US bureau of labor has faith that this career has a bright future and its demand will keep on rising.

The salary of a certified phlebotomist will depend on several factors. Any person with the ambition of getting employment in this field will go through training, which can last either between one or two semesters. The salary is based on your training which means the certification level, and the number of years you’ve been in the field will matter. Do not forget you also have to pass a state exam so as to meet the requirements of becoming a phlebotomist.

The salary for this profession varies from state to state. You can calculate your expected pay by browsing online for sites that display contrasting salary scales for different positions. As you peruse through the phlebotomist salary scale in your local area you will notice that the more experience and training you gain, the higher the salary will be. For a general pay scale, you can expect your salary to range from $22,000 per year, and as high as $44,000 annually depending on your experience, certification and your location.

Phlebotomist in New Mexico can expect to make an annual salary of $32,000, and wage typically increases with experience in the field.

Each phlebotomist job description has a different title and a different salary for each title. Take note that your salary scale goes up as you get a promotion to the next title. Government and private hospitals do offer different ranges of salaries. The salary also includes retirement pensions, health insurance, holiday, paid sick and vacation leave.

You will agree that taking this career path offers you the ability to earn more, have a diversity of medical training, along with the ability to get started right away with a new career. Joining the medical industry within this field is not that hard and the above facts concerning phlebotomy training should give you the motivation and information you need to get started.

Top Phlebotomy Institutions in New Mexico

Phlebotomy Programs in Gallup, New Mexico

University of New Mexico
200 College Road
Gallup, NM 87301
(505) 863-7598

Phlebotomy Courses in Albuquerque, New Mexico

University of New Mexico School of Medicine
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
(505) 272-5434

Central New Mexico Community College
525 Buena Vista
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(505) 224-5021

ATI Career Training Center
4575 San Mateo N.E. Suite G130
Albuquerque NM 87109
(888) 209-8264

Phlebotomy Programs in Las Cruces, New Mexico

American Red Cross Association
1301 East Griggs
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Phone: 575-526-2631

Phlebotomy Education in Farmington, New Mexico

San Juan College
4601 College Blvd.
Farmington, NM 87402
(505) 566-3855

Phlebotomy Classes in Roswell, New Mexico

American Red Cross Association
1400 West 2nd Street
Roswell, NM 88203
Phone/Fax: 505-910-4197