Phlebotomy Training in Montana

If you are planning to be a phlebotomy technician you should prepare yourself and know the task you need to do everyday. Another term for this is blood collection specialist or phlebotomy tech and their main job is in the area of collecting, screening and preserving blood. The daily work of a phlebotomy technician is predominantly hands-on.  So, if you are planning to be a certified a phlebotomy technician then read further to learn more!

If your dream is to be a certified phlebotomy technician but do not know how, I can say that you’re reading the best article about it. In order to be a certified phlebotomy tech you need some things such as completed a phlebotomist-training program and a phlebotomist certification.  So in order to obtain these two things you need to attend a training school. The curriculums of those training schools are the ones that will train you to be a phlebotomist. Now if you already completed it you can take a national exam to get a certificate that will say that you are now a certified phlebotomy tech. On the other hand, before you get the certification it is said that you should have experience of being employed for 6 months or a year in part time basis.

In making your dream into a reality, make sure that after you get the certification you can now take time to look for work. You can ask the school where you train if they can give assistance, or you can also use the Internet and newspapers to look for open jobs in the field that you have chosen. If those things are not enough you can try consulting the American hospital directory and try contacting the human resources and ask if they have any vacant position for phlebotomy tech. Contacting some independent medical labs, blood banks or joining a professional organization can help as well. With patience and doing all of those things will surely help you get hired much faster.

Many Montana residents are looking for a new career in the allied-health industry, but just don’t know quite where to start. Fortunately, there are numerous fields to choose from, and one of the newest and most exciting ins the field of phlebotomy. A phlebotomy professional performs venipuncture procedures on patients in a medical setting or blood donation center. These individuals work closely with nurses and doctors to get patients the testing and help they need to remain healthy. Although there is no legal requirement for phlebotomy certification in Montana, it may be very hard to find employment, as trained persons are most desirable.

Prerequisites for Phlebotomy Courses in Montana

Before you can embark on the path of phlebotomy training in Montana, you will need to have some things in order. First, one must be at least 18 to train, and they must also be high school graduates. A GED certificate will also be sufficient for entrance. Foreign or temporary residents will need to a valid visa. It is important that you be in good health to work in a medical environment, so a full physical will be required. Some institutions will ask you to take a few assessment exams to evaluate your proficiency in certain subjects, but this typically is exclusive to universities and certain community colleges.

Description of Phlebotomy Training in Montana

Once you begin taking your Phlebotomy classes, you will learn hosts of new and interesting concepts. You will become familiar with the types of blood and their compatibility with each other. Safety procedures are covered and include safety, infection control, and disease prevention while on the job. As your classroom knowledge progresses, you will undertake the task of doing skin pricks on real people in a laboratory setting. A certain number of successful pricks and hands on experience is required to become certified by national agencies, so this part of the class is essential.

Expected Phlebotomist Salary in Montana

The average salary that phlebotomy training graduates can expect is between $29,000 and $31,000 per year. As job skills improve and you experience mounts up, additional wages are possible. Some phlebotomists continue their medical training to expand into other areas in order to enhance their wage-earning potential.

Top Phlebotomy Institutions in Montana

Phlebotomy Courses in Billings, Montana:

Billings Adult Education Center

Career Advancement and Community Education Classes
415 N 30th St
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 281-5001

Phlebotomy Training in Bozeman, Montana:

Montana State University
P.O. Box 172220
Bozeman, MT 59717-2220

Phlebotomy Programs in Kalispell, Montana:

Flathead Valley Community College
777 Grandview Drive
Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 756-3822