Phlebotomy Training in Kentucky

One of the most up and rising careers in the state of Kentucky can be found in the exciting medical field of phlebotomy. Professionals in this field are the primary collectors of blood specimens scheduled for donations or laboratory testing. Phlebotomist can work in a variety of locations and can enjoy the freedom to find work most anywhere in the world.

Prerequisites for Phlebotomy Courses in Kentucky

It is not required by state law to undergo any formal classroom education or hold a certificate of competency. That being said, it should be understood that it will be next to impossible to find employment in any medical setting without any proper phlebotomy training. All that it takes to get into many technical schools or teaching hospitals to take courses is a GED or high school diploma. Often, universities and community colleges will require examinations in a number of subjects be taken to determine eligibility into their institution.

Before working in the laboratory setting to get hands on experience and earn successful skin puncture credits, you will need to show that you are current will all of your vaccinations and undergo a physical screening. There may be additional prerequisites for certain phlebotomy training programs.

Description of Phlebotomy Training in Kentucky

Initially, most of the phlebotomy or venipuncture classes you will take will cover topics such as office skill, patient interaction, privacy laws, labeling, and proper blood storage. The courses will move on to discuss the aspects the human body that concern the vein system. The most important part of the training occurs in the office and laboratory environment, where actual hands-on experience is obtained. To earn phlebotomy certification in Kentucky with a nationally accredited agency, a certain number of successful punctures must be earned, and a set number of hours must be spent in an internship or practicum.

Venipuncture is the process of puncturing the vein in order to extract blood for medical testing transfusions or to start an IV (intravenous) line. Venipuncture is preformed in a variety of settings including hospitals, blood donor clinics, community healthcare centers, medical labs and more. In order to work in this field, one must be trained in both the theoretical and practical side of this practice as well as passing a certification exam.  Trained professionals in venipuncture are known as phlebotomists. Although not all states require venipuncturists to have their certification, most medical facilities will not consider hiring anyone who has not passed their certification exam. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure that your venipuncture course is designed to prepare you for certification.

Venipuncture or phlebotomy involves much more than simply learning to draw blood from patients. There are standard steps that must be taken prior to, during and after each procedure. Experienced phlebotomists do, in time, establish their own personal routine that includes these essential elements for every extraction:

  • Patient identification
  • Patient assessment for such things as stress, diet, medications, etc.
  • Review requisition order to confirm required tests, special requirements, etc.
  • Venipuncture site selection
  • Prepare patient, site and all required equipment
  • Perform the blood draw in appropriate container(s)
  • Understand and recognize possible complications
  • Evaluate whether or not rejection or recollection is necessary
  • Collection tube labeling
  • Procedures for sending specimens to laboratory

Expected Phlebotomist Salary in Kentucky

On average, a phlebotomist in Kentucky can expect to earn anywhere from $24-29,000. There is room for potential increases through obtaining certification and licensing through the state agency. Salary is to some extent highly dependent on where one chooses to seek employment and their general location within the state.

Top Phlebotomy Institutions in Kentucky

Phlebotomy Training in Louisville, Kentucky

Spencerian College
4627 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY 40216
(800) 264-1799

Bellarmine University
2001 Newburg Road
Louisville, KY 40205
(502) 452-8357

Phlebotomy Courses in Somerset, Kentucky

Somerset Community College
808 Monticello Road
Somerset, KY 42501
(606) 679-8501

Phlebotomy Training in Pineville, Kentucky

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College
3300 South Highway 25-E
Pineville, KY 40977
(606) 248-3361

Phlebotomy Courses in Florence, Kentucky

Lincoln College of Technology
8095 Connector Drive
Florence, KY 41042
(859) 282-9999

Phlebotomy Classes in Lexington, Kentucky

Spencerian College
1575 Winchester Rd
Lexington, KY 40505
(800) 456-3253

Phlebotomy Education in Madisonville, Kentucky

Madisonville Community College
730 North Laffoon Street
Madisonville, KY 42431
(270) 824-1741

Phlebotomy Courses in Owensboro, Kentucky

Owensboro Medical Health Systems, Inc.
811 East Parrish Avenue
Owensboro, KY 42304
(270) 688-2934