Phlebotomy Training in California

The state of California is indeed one of the best places for practicing the profession of the phlebotomist. After all, the healthcare agencies of this state are, more than often, in dire need of the services of phlebotomists, which means that getting employed would be a child’s play, provided you have acquired the Phlebotomy Certification California and is thus a Certified Phlebotomist, who can easily perform venipunctures, skin punctures and other such blood collection methods.

Now, if you are genuinely interested to pursue the career of the Phlebotomist and enjoy an average phlebotomy salary of around $32000 per annum, then you would better get yourself enrolled in any of the phlebotomy schools, colleges and universities that have earned the accreditation from the California Department of Public Health or, to be more specific, its Laboratory Field Services (LFS) section.

California State Approved Phlebotomist Exam Centers

No doubt, after graduating from one of the state accredited phlebotomy training programs, you would then be anxious to take participation in the state or national phlebotomy certification exam in order to earn the official credentials of a Certified Phlebotomist.

So, for your convenience, we have here listed a few phlebotomy certification agencies, which have managed to be favored with the approval of the California Department of Public Health to administer the phlebotomy certification exam.

  • American Society of Clinical Pathologists
  • National Center for Competency Testing
  • American Certification Agency
  • National Healthcareer Association
  • National Credentialing Agency for Clinical Laboratory Personnel
  • American Medical Technologists

Before you rush on to dig the details of the following California accredited phlebotomy programs, you need to know that these schools, if you are interested to enroll in, would demand you to show a high-school diploma or even a GED certificate as enrollment requirements. So, if you believe that you fulfill these mere requirements, then you may get acquainted with the following approved phlebotomy schools online and regular ones.

Finding the Right Phlebotomy Course in California

Whether you are already in the health care field and looking to change careers or are about to begin your journey to becoming a professional phlebotomist, choosing the right phlebotomy training is crucial. Some of the things that you need to consider before you begin your search are:

Course Delivery Method – Whether you are looking for an online phlebotomy certification class or plan to attend a traditional college will depend heavily on your current personal and professional commitments. Many students are not able to leave their jobs or are busy raising a family and not able to attend full-time classes. Online programs can offer the same high caliber instruction in theory as those of traditional colleges.

The key factor in choosing an online course of study is that in order to be eligible to write your phlebotomy certification exams, students must have a certain number of actual blood draws performed on real patients. For those already working in the health care field, it may be possible to complete your practicum at your place of work. Others will want to make certain that the online institution provides opportunities to train in an approved clinic for their hands-on experience. It is also important to ensure that the program is accredited through one of the professional accrediting agencies in your state.

Tuition – How you plan to finance your schooling is also an important consideration. Many accredited phlebotomy schools do offer financial assistance through student loans for those that qualify. Always speak to an admissions officer at the schools you are considering and ask about their financing options.

Prerequisites – Make sure that you find out what the prerequisites are for each school you are interested in attending. Different states and schools may have their own specific prerequisites for admission into their phlebotomy programs. It is better to find this out before you begin any application process. It may be that there are certain courses from high school that you must have in order to enroll in their program. Once again, speaking with an admissions officer from each school that you are considering will give you all the information you need.

It is important to take some time to do a little research before deciding which school will best suit your needs. The more information you have the better equipped you will be to make the right choice for your future.

One of the most prolific and rapidly growing careers in California’s health industry is the field of phlebotomy. Those interesting in pursing these career opportunities will ideally enjoy working with people and not have a fear of drawing blood, as these are their primary job functions. To work in the state of California, phlebotomist must attend phlebotomy classes and receive certification through the Department of Public Health prior to being employed.

Prerequisites for Phlebotomy Courses in California

Regardless of your experience level in the field, or lack thereof, you will need to have a high school diploma or GED certificate to get started. Many institutions will also ask foreign students to produce a visa for legal reasons. It is common to be asked to submit to a background check and a physical examination prior to participating in the actual process of drawing blood or pursuing in a practicum environment. There are a number of certification levels in the field, and each level requires that the preceding certificate be earned before pursuing further training to achieve higher licensing.

Description of Phlebotomy Training in California

Students participating in a phlebotomy training program in California with no official certification, will begin by earning a Limited Phlebotomy Certificate, which only allows for the performance of vein punctures. After covering the bare minimum requirements, it is advisable to pursue Phlebotomy I Certification from an approved educational facility. You will learn basic anatomy concepts and become quite familiar with the vein system that runs through the human body. Medical terminology will also be covered, and students will learn how to deal with patients and doctors in the office and lab environment.

To qualify for certification a student must: possess a minimum of 1,040 hours of hands on experience, perform 50 successful vein punctures on actual patients, and pass a written examination. After obtaining the basic certification, students may opt to increase their earning and hiring potential by pursing Phlebotomy II Certification, which requires a Phlebotomy I Certification to be current.

Expected Phlebotomist Salary in California

After certification and licensing, the average phlebotomy salary in California is $31,000. These wages will increase in accordance with the level of education that one achieves, and the more you have, the better your salary will be in the early stages of your career.

Top Phlebotomy Institutions in California

Family Health Services Training Centre

When speaking of the reputed phlebotomy programs of California, it would be imprudent not to mention the name of Family Health Services, which, for your information, provides a state accredited phlebotomy online classes to the Californian phlebotomist-wannabes.

Being an online training program, the phlebotomy students would get to complete the theoretical phlebotomy coursework thoroughly online, with the aid of video tutorials and web content. However, for undertaking the clinical phlebotomy practice, the Family Health Services would expect its students to complete an in-person externship program at some clinical facilities.

Californian residents, who would prefer to apply for this online phlebotomy training program ought to know that the Family Health Services have the provision to offer not only a “Basic Phlebotomy coursework” (for becoming a Limited Phlebotomy Technician) but also a “Basic & Advanced coursework” (for becoming a Phlebotomy Technician- 1) and an “Advanced coursework” (for becoming a Phlebotomy Technician- 2).

Once again, to be more clear, let me repeat that this phlebotomy online program, issued by the Family Health Services has been granted the accreditation from the Laboratory Field Services of the California Department of Public Health.

Hence, upon the graduation, students would gain the eligibility to sit for the national phlebotomy certification exam without an inconvenience.

By the way, the Family Health Services also has the provision to offer an accelerated phlebotomy training online program to those healthcare professionals, who would like to add the credentials of a Phlebotomist in their resume and thus boost up their employment opportunities.

Meridian Institute

If you are a phlebotomist-wannabe, residing in the Los Angeles city, then you need to get acquainted with the much reputed Meridian Institute, which has been graced with the accreditation from your California state.

Most of the phlebotomy certified schools provide only the Phlebotomy Technician 1 program but the Meridian Institute provides all 3 types of certified phlebotomy technician programs i.e. Limited Phlebotomy Technician, Phlebotomy Tech. 1 and Phlebotomy Tech. 2 programs.

The Limited Phlebotomy Tech program is just about 80 credit hours long whereas the Phlebotomy Tech 1 program lasts for 168 credit hours, i.e. combining both the theoretical and the externship training hours.

Likewise, there is also the 20-credit-hours-long Phlebotomy Tech 2 program, which is an advanced program meant for the already certified phlebotomists.

The high quality phlebotomy training programs issued by the Meridian Institute encompass the essential courses like Human Relations, Anatomy & Physiology, Ethics, Basic Phlebotomy and Advanced Phlebotomy.

In addition, the Meridian Institute also offers CPR training (i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the EKG (i.e. electrocardiogram) training to its ambitious phlebotomy students.

And, of course, the students, upon their graduation from this state accredited phlebotomy program, would gain the eligibility to sit in the state certification exam, administered by the aforementioned approved phlebotomy certification agencies.

Contra Costa Medical Career College (CCMCC)

Located in Antioch, a Californian town, the Contra Costa Medical College is another reputed educational institution, which has received the accreditation from the state for its high quality phlebotomy tech training program.

At present, the Contra Costa College has the provision of running only the Phlebotomy Tech 1 program, which is indeed good enough for gaining entry-level jobs in the hospitals and other healthcare centers.

During the first 4 weeks of this phlebotomy tech 1 program, the students would get to experience some intensive 80-hours-long theoretical classes incorporating laboratory instructions.

Upon the completion of the classroom teachings, the Contra College would then assign their students to a 40-hours-long externship at some local clinical settings.

Well, the mere fact that the Contra Costa College has received the approval from the California state should convey to you how good the quality of its phlebotomy training program really is. So, be assured that this program would yield you the abilities to perform proper venipunctures and skin punctures.

Upon graduation, you would also get to challenge the state phlebotomy certification California exam administered by any of the above mentioned phlebotomy certification agencies approved by the California Department of Public Health.

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