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Online Master of Science in Nursing

Online Master of Science in Nursing

Getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree online is a very viable choice for experienced nurses working full time in a hospital or medical clinic. This option becomes twice as good for working nurses with families to look after at home too.

For many registered nurses (RNs), getting their nursing master’s degree is simply another step forward in their nursing career. Getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree (MSN) online lets them gain the qualifications to move into nursing positions with more responsibility.

Many nurses with a master’s degree become Certified Nurse Practitioners. This can include becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Certified Midwife, a Clinical Nurse Specialist or an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Other nurses go on to open their own medical clinics or healthcare facilities. Of focus on hospital administration and healthcare management.

Getting a MSN degree online is also the best way to move into nursing and healthcare administration. It prepares you for greater responsibility and leadership roles within the healthcare system. In turn, this can lead to a higher salary and also put you in a position where you can really influence the direction of healthcare and leaving a lasting nursing legacy.

Once you have obtained your Master’s Degree in Nursing, you will have many more career options and the chance to earn a higher salary. So getting a Master Degree of Science in Nursing degree online is a really a good move if you want to take your nursing career forward but your days are already full.

How To Go About Getting a Master of Science in Nursing Degree Online

Getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree online has a number of advantages over studying at a nursing school or college. The most obvious and appealing is that studying online saves a lot of time and you can fit it around your busy day.

There is no need to drive to classes and you can study from the comfort of your own home any time day or night. If you have children, you can put in a few hours study when they have gone to sleep. And you have the option of studying late into the night or early in the morning depending on your hospitals shifts.

Another great advantage about getting a MSN degree online is that online nursing programs today are just as good as going back to nursing school. Many of the country’s best and fully accredited nursing schools and universities have adapted their courses to perfectly suit the digital world.

What Can You Expect Getting a Master Of Science In Nursing Degree Online?

The classes you will undertake while getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree online depend to a large extent on what you are specializing in. But expect to learn about advanced nursing theory and practice, healthcare administration and both the legal and moral issues associated with medical care.

When you are getting a MSN degree degree online you will enjoy full access to your course and notes wherever you can get online. Basically this means that you can study anywhere that you can get an Internet connection. You’ll be able to stay in touch with your course supervisors 24/7 and also interact with other students all over the country whenever you like, particularly if you have questions you want answers for.

Digital material and electronic nursing textbooks put everything you need to learn at your fingertips. You an carry all your lectures notes around with you on your iPad or PC too for easy access wherever you feel like studying. Online blackboards, virtual classrooms and discussion boards will bring you together with other students to share information and compare course notes.

Most of the best online nursing schools and degree programs no longer require any campus visits at all and encourage practicums and clinicals to be completed in the hospital where you are already working for even more convenience. These are all great reasons to study for your MSN online.

Getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree online usually takes between 18 months and two years depending on which State you live in. But you must already be a fully certified registered nurse (RN) and already have your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree which takes four years to obtain and is often referred to as a RN-MSN program. You can also gain credits for your nursing experience but expect to spend around two years completing your online course to receive your MSN.

It is also common for students interested in getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree online to enter the master’s program with an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field. This puts them at a slight disadvantage in the initial stages because they also need to complete their undergraduate nursing studies beforehand before they can move on to their higher level of nursing education.

These students are usually required to complete their clinical hours in a hospital on-site to obtain the necessary experience looking after patients and working with physicians that is common for all nurses. Until you have that experience and get a nursing certificate in your State you will not be able to practice as a nurse.

But for experienced nurses who simply want to move their career forward and get more out of their BSN degree, getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree online is the perfect solution. Most of the coursework is an extension of what you have already learned so your nursing knowledge can be put to good use. And a lot of the study is academic so there is not need for you to be physically on-campus anyway. You can be studying at home when you have a few hours spare or even at work when there is some quiet downtime.

Also, getting a MSN degree online is a lot less expensive. You can expect to pay about 30% less for studying for your MSN online than you would attending a private nursing school, college or university. Once you have completed your online MSN course you can take the American Nurses Credentialing Center and American Nurses Association examinations to obtain your MSN degree and really boost your nursing career.

This is why getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree online is probably one of the best career choices you can make as a registered nurse.