Nursing Schools- How To Get Into One?

Nursing is one of the most popular and most sought after professions these days. There has been a huge demand for qualified and certified nurses all over the world. As the demand for nurses is on the rise, we see that getting admitted to the many nursing schools and colleges in the country is also getting a bit difficult.

It is very important for nurses to be loving, caring, have lots of patience, good communication skills as well as deep knowledge of the human anatomy and its physiological functions.

So, if you have all the above and much more than the above, then you have come to the right place to know more about the application process for nursing school.

If you have decided to become a nurse then finding a nursing school that will ensure your success in your chosen career is a top priority. This is what lays the foundation for your nursing education. There are many questions you must ask yourself when it comes to choosing a school that is right for you. Not everything is equally important to every prospective nursing student which is why you need to make sure that the post secondary institution you choose matches your most significant criteria.

Finding a nursing school that suits you starts with asking the right kinds of questions. Would you like to volunteer in a hospital and attend a specialized program while you are enrolled in nursing school? Or would you rather earn your degree as a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) and then look for a job after you have graduated?

You then need to look at the financial side of a nursing education. Ask yourself how much you can afford to spend on tuition and what options are available to you in terms of financial assistance (such as grants, loans, bursaries and scholarships).

There is so much involved in selecting a school for your nursing education. You need to decide which type of program you wish to pursue and then look for schools that offer such a program. Research the various programs and choose this first. Do not do the opposite.

Finding a nursing school involves the location of the school. Search for schools in a specific region (be it in your own town, city, community) or in other parts of the state. Then narrow down your choices to the schools that offer the courses of study that are of the greatest interest to you.

Consider the size of the nursing school. Some individuals like small schools that foster a feeling of closeness and mutual connectivity while others prefer larger schools that offer more diversity and the potential for a higher level of intellectual stimulation.

The class sizes are also relevant when it comes to finding a nursing school to suit your needs. As you research various educational facilities inquire about the student-to-faculty ratios for both the classroom instruction as well as the clinical instruction. Keep this in mind- it is more important that the class sizes for your musing courses and your clinical rotations are small in comparison to your prerequisite subjects.

Find out about the NCLEX examination pass rates for the school for the past 5 to 10 years. The school should have no problem providing you with this data. The percentage of students at any given school that have passed the NCLEX exam is a good indicator of how well the course of study is at the school for nursing students. We invite you to browse our site to find the best nursing program for your needs.

Basic Requirements For Nursing Schools

Most of the nursing schools would be looking for candidates who have completed and passed the Test of Essential Academic Skills test. This is a common test that is conducted to test your academic proficiency in subjects like English, Math and Science. The application process for nursing school at times would also want its candidates to pass in another exam called health education Systems exam and most of the topics that are covered in this test are from the subjects that you have learned in your high school.

If you have been enrolled in proper courses in your high school, then you need not worry about admission to the nursing schools at all. It is imperative for you to not just hold a high school diploma certificate but also have taken some of the following courses in order to get admission to popular nursing schools. The subjects in question are:

• 4 years of English.
• 2 to 4 years of Science.
• 3 to 4 years of Social Science.
• 3 to 4 years of Math.

Even though these are not absolutely necessary, but students with thorough knowledge of the above subjects will be preferred to students who are not well versed with the above subjects.

Other Academic Requirements

There are also some nursing schools that might ask to furnish SAT or the ACT details prior to the application process for nursing school. Preference is always given to students who have challenged themselves and performed well in such competitive exams so that the nursing school courses turns out to be a cakewalk for them. A few other nursing schools and colleges would also ask you to provide certificates of nursing pre-admission exam conducted on a national level. All these certificates and exams are called for in order to judge the capability of the student and to find out whether he or she would be able to deal with the nursing school courses.

Non Academic Requisites For Nursing Schools

The application process for nursing school will also need the admission seeker to fulfill certain non-academic requirements in order to be eligible for nursing school admission. Some of the requirements are: proof of immunizations and vaccinations, physical examination by a certified medical examiner, background checks, drug screening test as well as certify that you are capable of performing CPR on infants, children and adults.

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