Nursing Schools in Wisconsin

Choosing to become a nurse is a wise choice in terms of the satisfaction and rewards it brings with it professionally and personally as well as in a financial respect. Here we examine the best picks from a list of nursing schools in the state of Wisconsin.

Marquette University

Marquette University in Milwaukee is a favorite among nursing students. The College of Nursing at this school has graduated in excess of 6,500 students. A predetermined sequence of courses is set down for the students who wish to obtain their degree in nursing at this university. This will provide them with all of the credits they require to graduate. Clinical work is also a part of their education as is the practical phase known as the practicum. Some examples of the courses that students would take include introduction to nursing research, nursing care of adults (both theory and practicum), theory of ethics and the essential of gerontological nursing.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Marquette University can be customized by students for any number of things. Examples of this include pre-med, pre-doctor of physical therapy, for any branch of the military, for the honors program or for a psychology double major.

University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh

The University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh, Wisconsin takes in as many as 12,000 students on an annual basis. The College of Nursing has a curriculum that focuses on science and in particular zeros in on theory as well as clinical technique. Students studying here can earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing which takes five semesters to complete and then leads into a practicum that encompasses one whole semester. Nursing students study in diverse areas. They will learn about pediatrics, obstetrics, medical, community health nursing and mental health.

University of Wisconsin at Madison

The University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin is the largest public school in the state. It caters to over 40,000 undergraduates and graduate students. All undergraduates are required to complete three sections that have an emphasis on clinical study, lab work and lectures in a hospital or some other type of health care facility.

As a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison you will learn about biology, patient care, the health care system and professional ethics. You will also learn about human sexuality, community health nursing and a team approach to emergency care. You will also come to learn about the legal and social forces that surround the field of nursing.

There are other nursing schools in Wisconsin worth checking into for your nursing education; however these ones have been rated the top. For example if you do not want to spend very long in school and wish to get your associate degree in nursing then Bryant & Stratton College-Milwaukee West in Wauwatosa is a savvy choice for you. If you would like to earn your master’s or post-master’s certificate in nursing then the Edgewood College in Madison is a good school to apply to.