Nursing Schools in Tampa FL

Nurses are in great demand nowadays because of the increasing number of individuals in need of long-term care. Aside from that, the growing population is also an indicator that more people will seek healthcare services at any time. Hence, the state of Florida is encouraging individuals who have the passion to serve the sick and the well to take an eligible nursing program. There are various nursing schools in Tampa, Florida that can make them equip in the real scenario. These institutions will also assist them in becoming a world class healthcare professional who have the compassion to serve the people and the members of the healthcare team.

University of Tampa

The University of Tampa offers baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs to prepare the aspiring nurses in their potential career. They will be educated and trained to respond the healthcare needs in diverse communities, especially in the area of Tampa, Florida. The University of Tampa has two kinds of programs available including the four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and Master of Science in Nursing degree. The Bachelor’s degree is designed for individuals who have no nursing college credit yet. Meanwhile, the Master’s degree is for individuals who have finished their Bachelor program and who wished to undergo a graduate level study in the areas of adult gerontology as well as in family nurse practitioner concentrations. The University of Tampa is affiliated to 120 facilities which will allow the students to have an environment for clinical practice, particularly in the fields of pediatrics, women’s health, adult and family health, and many others.

Jersey College School of Nursing

Jersey College School of Nursing offers both LPN and RN programs all throughout the year. These courses are provided in a comprehensive teaching, divided in clinical and theoretical components. The theoretical components are done in one of the classrooms in the university while the clinical rotations are done in the affiliated medical facilities. Students in the program will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about a number of nursing concepts and skills that makes them equip in the healthcare field. Furthermore, they will be supervised and guided all throughout with the university’s instructors. The instructors are all licensed healthcare professionals who have years of experience in the nursing field. Jersey College is one of the most recognized nursing schools in Tampa, Florida and continues to provide quality nursing education to aspiring students.

Galen College of Nursing

Galen College of Nursing offers four programs dedicated for individuals who want to have a career in the healthcare field. The Dual-Track BSN is a combination of 24-month full time Associate degree and 16 months online Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Students can also choose a Practical Nursing degree in Galen College for 12 months. However, students who have an LPN degree can apply as a Registered Nurse through their dual-track LPN to BSN degree; but for RN’s with Associate Degree wanting to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, they can undergo an online RN to BSN program. This online program is intended for individuals who cannot commit to attend the typical classroom schedules. Galen College School of Nursing is dedicated in providing quality education to their students through rigorous lectures and supervised training. In order to avail the program, interested individuals have to complete the requirements and go through the interview process.

Other Nursing Schools in Tampa, Florida

  • Hillsborough Community College
  • University of South Florida – Main Campus
  • Everest University – Brandon
  • Fortis College in Tampa
  • IIT Technical Institute – Tampa
  • Concorde Career Institute in Tampa
  • South University – Tampa
  • Ultimate Medical Academy
  • Utica’s College
  • Rasmussen College – Tampa Campus