Nursing Schools in Stockton CA

Nurses have an exciting career. They can work in various areas like the geriatric, pediatrics, operating room, intensive care unit and many others. In fact, they can choose their specialization and work on what they like for the rest of their lives. However, becoming a nurse requires completion of a degree from the nursing schools in Stockton, California. If you are interested for this career, it is important to undergo a program from an approved nursing school and be able to pass the licensure exam. These nursing schools in Stockton, California will help you achieve your career goals through comprehensive training and clinical practices. Check out these three schools and know how to qualify for their nursing program.

San Joaquin Delta College

San Joaquin Delta College offers an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program that prepares students in acquiring entry level skills and knowledge for their role as a Registered Nurse in various healthcare settings. Graduates of the program will be allowed to take the NCLEX-RN and be able to pursue a Bachelor’s degree later on. The ADN program offered by San Joaquin Delta College is consist of four semesters or two academic years, which also covers a number of nursing topics and skills. Students in the program are expected to attend theory classes, skills training as well as clinical practices in a medical facility. They will be supervised by the school’s qualified instructors and experience the world class facilities provided by the institution. The Associate Degree in Nursing program can be availed by high school graduates or individuals who have college credits in a different field. This program can be a stepping stone towards a Bachelor’s degree later on.

Carrington College

Nurses have different roles in the healthcare field and they often have a direct patient contact compared to other healthcare professionals. If you are eager to start this career, several learning opportunities are offered by Carrington College. The school has intense and accelerated pathway for their Registered Nurse program which can be completed in two years. From a simple to a complex curriculum, students will start with general education subjects like anatomy and physiology, psychology, math and microbiology. Later on, they will focus on the core nursing subjects to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed for the profession. The classes will be a combination of theory lectures, skills training and hands-on clinical practice in a medical facility. However, students will learn to analyze and develop their critical thinking ability together with their leadership skills through the help of the instructors. Carrington College offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program as well as a LVN to RN pathway.

California State University Stanislaus

The California State University Stanislaus is also offering two programs which will lead to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The first program is the RN to BSN track, which is made for individuals who have acquired their Associate’s degree already. This program usually finishes in less than two years, with experience from various specializations in an affiliated medical facility. On the other hand, individuals who are also interested for the course but have no Associate’s degree yet can pursue a traditional BSN program. This program is comprehensive and takes four years of completion. Students who have a bachelor’s degree and who wanted to have another bachelor’s degree in the field of nursing can choose the ASBSN degree program. The college also offers LVN to BSN programs, as well as Master’s degree programs for those who wished to obtain continuing studies credentials.

Other Nursing Schools in Stockton, California

  • Xavier College
  • De Brabander California College of Nursing
  • Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts