Nursing Schools in St. Petersbourg, FL

Becoming a nurse requires good education, training and attitude. It takes years of study to master the skills for this profession and hard work to learn the various nursing concepts. However, becoming a nurse starts from choosing a program in one of the nursing schools in St. Petersburg, Florida. Enrolling in a nursing program will help an aspiring nurse to be equip with knowledge, skills and attitude. It will also make him/her qualified for the NCLEX-RN. If you want to pursue this kind of career, expect a roller coaster ride of events. Most nursing schools in St. Petersburg, Florida will give intensive training and education because they want to produce quality healthcare professionals.

St. Petersburg College

Because of the advancement of technology, the baby boomer generation demand more health services. This in turn encourages individuals to take a nursing degree in St. Petersburg College to meet the demands of the ever changing healthcare industry and to sustain the needs for healthcare services in Florida. St. Petersburg College offers various Bachelor’s degree programs that can help aspiring students to have a career in the nursing field. These includes the Associate Degree in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in nursing, LPN to BSN degree and Paramedic transitional Associate of Science degree. All of these programs will maximize the student’s capability to learn and be successful in the healthcare field. St. Petersburg College utilizes innovative learning and teaching technologies, integrate challenging educational opportunities and promote a culture of lifelong learning. Graduates of the program will become qualified for the NCLEX and apply an entry level nursing position in various clinical setting.

Utica College

Utica College has an Accelerated BSN program for students who want to speed up the process of becoming a nurse. This kind of program is offered online and can be completed in 16 months. Even without a prior bachelor’s degree, interested students can apply. They just have to fulfill the required pre-requisites of the course in order to begin the accelerated nursing education. The online program is made up of three components – the online learning, simulation lab hours and hospital clinical hours. The online learning is a series of lectures done in the comforts of one’s home or wherever the internet access is. The simulation lab hours on the other hand, is done in a simulation lab of Utica College where there are qualified instructors who will teach, train and supervise you with a number of nursing skills. Meanwhile, the hospital clinical hours is completed in different healthcare facilities in St. Petersburg, which are also affiliated with Utica College. Successful students will become qualified to take the licensure exam for nurses, allowing them to be eligible in applying various nursing positions in medical facilities.

Keiser University

Keiser University is a private and non-profitable university system that provides a hand-on career nursing education in a small classroom setting. They have weekend and night classes available, online degrees and career focused curriculum. Students who wished to enroll in one of their nursing programs should make sure to meet the criteria and requirements of the institution. The university ensures that students receive quality education based on the programs they are obtaining. They will provide a series of theoretical classes backed up with laboratory trainings and clinical exposure. This will be done within the campus and the school’s affiliated nursing facility. In order to gain admission from the nursing program, applicants should apply beforehand and make sure to pass the qualifications set upon them. Since Keiser University promotes a small classroom setting, applicants should make it a point to enroll before the program availability is closed.

Other Nursing Schools in St. Petersburg, Florida

  • ITT Technical Institute
  • Galen College of Nursing