Nursing Schools in St. Paul MN

In order to become a nurse, it is important to be knowledgeable and skillful about the profession. Nurses have a major role to play in the healthcare field, as they deal with a number of patients and other members of the healthcare field. If you are interested for this profession, there are various nursing schools in St. Paul, Minnesota. These institutions have several nurse instructors who will guide the students in their education and training. They will help every student to achieve their goal in becoming a nurse. So if you want to enroll in one of the nursing schools in St. Paul, Minnesota, here are some of the institutions that you can inquire with.

Metropolitan State University

The Metropolitan State University School of Nursing is committed in providing a number of undergraduate and graduate nursing programs that gives the students a lifelong career in the healthcare field. The university has flexible degree options customized for individuals who are currently Registered Nurses and those who are still starting in this profession. The undergraduate program of Metropolitan State University, which is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing was developed through the help of Minnesota Alliance of Nursing Education (MANE). Individuals who possess an Associate degree in nursing already can choose a degree called RN-BSN program. The curriculum focuses in providing holistic nursing care which helps graduates provide quality healthcare services to patients. Individuals who also have a baccalaureate degree can obtain the Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing program which can be completed in seven semesters. Meanwhile, a Doctor of Nursing Practice program can be availed by those students who have a baccalaureate or entry level graduate degree.

University of Northwestern

The University of Northwestern offers a baccalaureate nursing program that is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The program has a blended learning formats which allows students to have a face-to-face classroom teaching, as well as online learning opportunities. They will be bounded as well with a Christ-centered approach because the university believes that it would be great to combine faith and career together. Nevertheless, the University of Northwestern offers two paths for their School of Nursing – the accelerated path for Associate degree holder and the traditional path for high school graduates and for those who have no nursing credits. To enroll in the program, completing the admission requirements and meeting the school’s standards are necessary. It can be competitive to gain admission but taking the nursing program in this school provides a real world experience and extraordinary education.

Augsburg College

Augsburg College has comprehensive programs for nurses who wished to advance their careers. These programs are focused in cultivating the nurses to become excellent healthcare providers in various healthcare facilities. Augsburg College offers a RN to BSN program which is designed for the Registered Nurses who want to earn a Bachelor’s degree. They also have a Masters of Arts in Nursing which prepares in-career Registered Nurses to gain more knowledge about transcultural nursing and transformational leadership. The DNP – Transcultural Nursing Leadership program is a post-masters program that puts emphasis in transcultural nursing leadership. There is also a DNP – Family Nurse Practitioner which is a post-BSN Doctor of Nursing Practice that gives focus on integrative primary care of family and nursing leadership. Students who are enrolled in one of these programs will ensure to get quality education and clinical training. They will be exposed to various clinical settings and be equipped with the right knowledge and skills for the profession.

Other Nursing Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Hamline University
  • Minnesota University
  • Saint Paul College
  • Foundations Health Career Academy
  • Catherine University