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Nursing Schools in San Bernardino CA

When it comes to career stability and demand, the nursing profession is often included on the list. There are several medical facilities in need of nurses nowadays because of the baby boomer generation who needs long term care. If you want a challenging, fulfilling and well compensating job that is considered to be recession proof, take a program from the nursing schools in San Bernardino, California and make sure to complete it with good grades. You will definitely have a lot of opportunities waiting especially that the profession itself has different specializations. The nursing schools in San Bernardino, California will help you achieve your career goal and be a job ready as soon as you get your license.

San Bernardino Valley College

San Bernardino Valley College provides a comprehensive and quality nursing education to aspiring students who want to become Registered Nurses. The Associate of Science degree is one of the pathways towards a nursing education which is accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. This course provides a series of classroom lectures combined with laboratory training and clinical practice. Students of the program will have an opportunity to know more about the profession, especially the skills required from them. They will be educated, trained and supervised by the qualified nursing instructors of San Bernardino Valley College. Aside from that, the school is also following a smaller class size to accommodate the needs of the students who are new to the nursing profession. The admission process of San Bernardino Valley College is competitive and requires students to complete the requirements and pass the interviews or exams given to them. However, getting an admission gives them a chance to be trained by the school’s quality nursing education and training in a span of months.

California State University San Bernardino

The California State University is one of the nursing schools in San Bernardino, California that offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing degree programs for interested individuals who want to become a Registered or who want to advance their career in the profession. The Department of Nursing of California State University is also offering a generic pre-licensure BSN program and RN to BSN program which is offered through distance learning. Students in the program will get the chance to learn more about the nursing profession through combined classroom lectures, laboratory skills training and clinical practice. The faculty and staff of the institution fosters student growth and lifelong learning through personalized teaching and rigorous nursing curriculum. They make use of contemporary teaching methodologies which is very helpful for students to become knowledgeable and equipped about the profession. Whether you are a high school graduate, a non-nursing degree holder or a healthcare professional, there is a nursing program appropriate for your learning needs. Just make sure to complete the program in order to qualify for the licensing exam and be able to work as a Registered Nurse.

Loma Linda University

Loma Linda University School of Nursing offers the students an excellent Christian education that embraces the importance of holistic care for the mind, body and spirit. They provide a wide range of nursing degree options that meet the national standards and they partnered with LLU Medical Center which provides an exemplary setting for student nurses’ clinical experiences and their research focused PhD program. Completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the best step to become a Registered Nurse. It allows the nurses to practice their profession in variety of clinical setting like schools, hospitals, clinics, medical offices and nursing homes. However, before completing the Bachelor’s degree, students have to take the pre-requisite courses at any regionally accredited university or college. The admission process is quite meticulous as the university provides a smaller class size for their nursing programs. Students have to take and pass the TEAS and the Critical Thinking tests in order to gain admission. If they wished to take further studies, Loma Linda University – School of Nursing is also offering Master of Science in Nursing programs and Doctor of Practice in Nursing programs.

Other Nursing Schools in San Bernardino, California:

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