Nursing Schools in Reno NV

Nurses have an essential part in the healthcare team. They provide a number of nursing care and ensure that patients are safe and secured all throughout the treatment process. However, the problem with the state of Nevada is the lack of nurses. Although nurses receive a good compensation, several hospitals and medical institutions are still in need of these healthcare professionals. Thus, if you are interested with a stable career and well compensating job, take a program from the nursing schools in Reno, Nevada and know how to gain admission.

Truckee Meadows Community College

Truckee Meadows Community College is offering an Associate Degree and Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree to prepare the students in their profession as a Registered Nurse. The nursing programs of the school is a full time course that requires core nursing subjects and general education support subjects taken in sequence. Students should make sure to have a minimum of C grade all throughout the course in order to proceed. They will go through a series of lectures and skills training in the state of the art facility of the school. They will also have a clinical practice under the supervision of a licensed nurse in an affiliated healthcare facility. The nursing programs of Truckee Meadows Community College is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. Graduates of the program will also be eligible for the licensure exam in the state.

University of Nevada

The University of Nevada is one of the nursing schools in Reno, Nevada that offers an excellent nursing education to aspiring Registered Nurses. Nurses have a major role in any healthcare institutions because of their duties and responsibilities, but they have a lot of opportunities waiting for them in schools, hospitals, public health agencies and many others. That is why, the University of Nevada makes it sure to provide quality education to students in order to prepare them for the profession and the career they wanted to have. The baccalaureate, master’s as well as doctoral degrees are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Aspiring students can choose to undergo a traditional Bachelor of Science degree, a RN to BSN degree, or a LPN to BSN degree. However, for those who have a Bachelor’s degree already can take a Master of Science in Nursing degree or a Doctoral Nursing Practice degree.

Carrington College

Carrington College has a program as well for Licensed Vocational Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses who want to take a different level in their career. This program is a Nursing Bridge program or a Registered Nursing LVN to RN degree program, aimed to prepare the students in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge of the nursing profession. Students will be able to communicate effectively to patients, families and other healthcare professionals. They will also display efficiency in information management, critical thinking, nursing processes and analysis of diagnostic tests and results. Carrington College provides a rigorous nursing program that requires three days of on-campus instruction per week and 180 hours of clinical practice. Since Licensed Practical Nurses are already experienced with the nursing profession, their skills will be taken to another milestone, allowing them to become qualified in performing advanced functions like dispensing medication, starting intravenous drips and devising patient care plans. Once they complete the program, particularly the clinical hours of practice, they will then be qualified to take the licensing exam for nurses. Carrington College will definitely ensure that students receive the best education and training, in order for them to be prepared for the good and bad challenges encountered along the way.

Other Nursing Schools in Reno, Nevada:

  • Western Nevada College