Nursing Schools in Norfolk Virginia

The advantage of being a nurse is the sustainability it provides. There are several medical facilities hiring nurses every now and then, with benefits and salaries that are beyond average. If you are interested for this profession, be ready for the challenges encountered in the nursing programs. Nursing schools in Norfolk, Virginia are stringent in accepting applicants. Although they are open for everyone, they also want to make sure that their students are qualified to take the course. So if you wish to enroll in the nursing schools in Norfolk, Virginia, give your all and complete the program successfully.

Sentara College of Health Sciences

Sentara College of Health Sciences have nursing programs that are offered all throughout the year. The traditional BSN program is offered once a year while the RN to BSN program is offered twice a year, usually in an online lecture program. Students who want to enroll in the program should commit full time with their daytime classes and clinical exposure. A smaller class size and clinical groups are implemented within the college in order to ensure that students receive a customized learning all throughout the program. The bachelor programs of Sentara College of Health Sciences are accredited by the CCNE and ACICS. These are also approved by the Virginia Bard of Nursing. Graduates of the program are qualified to take the licensure exams for nurses. They will be trained and educated by the best instructors of the college in order to be prepared for their profession, especially in meeting the demands of the community.

Norfolk State University

Norfolk State University is committed in transforming lives and preparing aspiring nurses to be qualified and competent in providing care to patients at different age groups and background. This university is student centered and provides a great learning environment for individuals who want to get a degree in the field of nursing. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program in Norfolk State University comes in three pathways. The first pathway is a second degree for individuals having non-nursing degree. The second pathway is through an LPN to BSN track which is intended for Licensed Practical Nurses who have met the course’ pre-requisites. Meanwhile, the third pathway is RN to BSN track for individuals who have obtained a Diploma in Nursing or an Associate Degree in Nursing. Completing any of these pre-licensure programs entitle the students to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) for nurses. They will also become qualified to apply in any nursing positions of the state.

Old Dominion University

The nursing programs of Old Dominion University is accredited by the CCNE or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, and is approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing. The School of Nursing is recognized for its solid educational programs that prepare aspiring nurses for their professional practice. They offer pre-licensure programs for students with variety of educational backgrounds – whether high school graduates, with a Bachelor’s degree in a different field, an Associate degree and civilians or military who wanted to have a career change. Students in any of these programs are expected to perform well in theoretical classes, skills laboratory training and clinical experiences because of its highly competent curriculum. However, for students who already have a RN license but still wish to advance their career, the university provides post licensure programs which are both nationally and state accredited. Gaining admission from the university is not easy because of the limited slots and competitive enrollment, but students in the program graduate with competence and excellence.

Other Nursing Schools in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Fortis College
  • Tidewater Nursing Institute
  • Norfolk Technical Center
  • Centura College