Nursing Schools in Madison Wisconsin

In order to become a nurse, you should be able to complete a degree from one of the nursing schools in Madison, Wisconsin. These schools are often accredited and approved by the Board of Nursing, hence you can take the licensure exam and be able to work as a Registered Nurse. The good thing about becoming a nurse is the outstanding benefits that most employers provide. Apart from the fulfillment you get from helping people in need, nurses are also well compensated. So in order to get into this profession, enroll in any of these nursing schools in Madison, Wisconsin and eventually get a stable career.

University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Nursing

The University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Nursing has a wide range of nursing degree programs from the Bachelor of Science in Nursing to the Doctor of Nursing Practice and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing. These undergraduate and graduate programs allow students to be prepared with the demands of their profession, especially when it comes to taking leadership to the responsibilities and providing high quality care to patients in need. The student life at the university is paired with educational and social resources with supportive environment for learning. Students receive a comprehensive support that includes advising, program planning, financial aid, career services, clinical placements and post-graduation credentialing. They also enjoy the benefits of having world renowned facilities for research and clinical practice, as well as highly competent instructors who are experts in their chosen field of expertise. Getting an admission from the University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Nursing maybe tough and selective but once you are accepted, you will be educated and trained with the best people in the field of nursing.

Henry Predolin School of Nursing

Henry Predolin School of Nursing offers a traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program as well as a 12-month Post Baccalaureate Bachelor of Science in Nursing program which are highlighted by an exceptional faculty, diverse and exciting clinical site offerings and impressive NCLEX passing rates. The school has a small class size which allows students to have an engaging teaching and promote a great and personalized learning environment. Henry Predolin School of Nursing partners with more than 60 communities agencies including UW Hospitals and Clinics, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center and Veteran’s Administration Hospital. Moreover, students also enjoy the state of the art simulation lab at the Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation, which helps them master the nursing skills needed for the profession. For graduate students, the school is also offering a Master of Science in Nursing Administration which has 36 credits offered in fall, spring and summer semesters.

Herzing University

Since nurses have a wide array of career opportunities, Herzing University provides online and on-campus educational options for individuals who are interested with the nursing profession. They offer an on-campus Diploma in Practical Nursing which prepares the students to take the Licensed Practical Nursing examination upon graduation. They also have an Associate in Nursing degree which prepares the graduates to obtain their RN license. Nevertheless, students who are interested in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree can take it at Herzing University. This kind of degree provides a lot of career opportunities and an option to advance their learning through the graduate level programs. Herzing University also offers two different kinds of online Master of Science in Nursing degrees. These are the MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner and the MSN-Nurse Educator program. Graduates from these programs become qualified to work in practice and classroom settings in order to prepare, educate and mentor aspiring nurses.

Other Nursing Schools in Madison, Wisconsin:

  • Madison Area Technical College