Nursing Schools in Lubbock TX

There are several nursing schools in Lubbock, Texas that can help you become a Registered Nurse. These schools have qualified instructors who will educate, train and supervise you with the basic knowledge and skills that every nurse should have. It usually takes time to complete the program but it is a sure guarantee that graduating from it will make one eligible for the licensure exam. So if you are interested for becoming a nurse, check these nursing schools in Lubbock, Texas and see how they can help you become a healthcare professional.

Covenant School of Nursing – Formerly the Methodist Hospital School of Nursing

Covenant School of Nursing or also formerly known as the Methodist Hospital School of Nursing is one of the nursing schools in Lubbock, Texas that is committed in producing highly skilled and qualified nurses who have the passion and dedication to serve the patients and provide quality care to various clinical settings. The full time and accredited diploma programs of this institution are given to students in a classroom, laboratory and clinical settings. The school ensures to give supportive learning environment in order for every student to succeed and become a qualified nurse in the state. They have world class instructors who are experts in their field of specialization, and a Covenant Medical Library that provides support to students learning. The Covenant School of Nursing is a member of the Covenant Health, the largest health system in the region, employing a number of healthcare professionals. Graduates of the program will have the chance to apply and work in their healthcare facility and become one of the best nurses in the state.

Lubbock Christian University

The Department of Nursing in Lubbock Christian University offers a RN to BSN and MSN degree. Undergraduate and graduate students who wished to gain any of these degrees can be assured of getting quality education because of the university’s professional and expert faculty, offering a hybrid teaching which is a combination of classroom teaching and online classes. These faculty and staff are dedicated in forming nurses who will be able to provide excellent nursing education and quality healthcare services to individuals, family and the community. The RN to BSN and MSN degrees are designed to cater the schedule of employed students. Lubbock Christian University has flexible class schedules and a small and friendly learning atmosphere. Students who graduate from these programs are able to receive quality education and become prepared in the challenges of the profession. The RN to BSN and MSN degrees are accredited by the ACEN or Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

South Plains College

South Plains College is one of the best nursing schools in Lubbock, Texas that offers an Associate Degree in Nursing program. This kind of program is a two-year curriculum that is designed to prepare students in becoming accountable, responsible and excellent beginning practitioners who can provide direct patient care to various age groups, ethnicity and background. This program is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. Students who complete the curriculum will receive an Associate of Applied Science degree and become eligible for the State Board Exam (NCLEX) for Registered Nurses. South Plains College offers quality nursing instruction ranging from classroom setting, laboratory simulation and clinical practice. Students enrolled in the program will be educated and trained from the school’s expert and licensed instructors, and they will be exposed to various clinical set-up that includes hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities and many others.

Other Nursing Schools in Lubbock, Texas:

  • Texas Tech University
  • Vista College