Nursing Schools in Jersey City, NJ

There are several nursing schools in Jersey City, New Jersey that will help train every aspiring individual to get a degree and become a Registered Nurse of the state. The good thing about becoming a nurse is the enormous career opportunities that one can take. Nurses are not only needed in hospitals, they are also hired in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, clinics, schools and other business companies. They can work in different areas of specialization and receive a good amount of salary every month. So for those who want to be in this profession, they are encouraged to enroll in any of the nursing schools in Jersey City, New Jersey to jumpstart their career.

New Jersey City University

New Jersey City University offers an Accelerated BSN program which is an innovative opportunity for college graduates to earn a degree in nursing. This kind of program is intended for them who have gained a bachelor’s degree to another field of study but wanted to become a nurse. The Accelerated BSN curriculum takes twelve months to finish and requires a full time study. It covers various core nursing subjects which makes students prepared for the clinical practice in various healthcare settings. Since the students in an Accelerated BSN program has completed pre-requisite courses already, they do not need to re-take it again. The admission process in this kind of program is limited and competitive because of the school’s mission to provide individualized learning to aspiring nurses. Nevertheless, applicable tuition and fees, uniforms, books and medical supplies would approximately reach to 2,500 USD and students should pay all these expenses.

Jersey College School of Nursing

Jersey College School of Nursing has various programs for individuals who want to earn a Bachelor’s degree. To be considered for the program, enrollees have to meet the minimum requirements. The admissions department has certain standards to make sure prospective applicants are fully equipped to complete the program. Jersey College School of Nursing is dedicated in educating professionals who embody the nursing profession and will provide competent skills in the healthcare field. The college offers a traditional BSN program and LPN to RN program. Since there is a competitive acceptance process in Jersey College, applicants should expect to undergo interviews and exams. Meeting the criteria for the admission process does not guarantee acceptance to the college. However, being accepted in the program allows students to get the best learning experience for the profession. They will be trained and supervised by qualified instructors who are well experienced and licensed for their chosen specialization.

Saint Peters University

Saint Peters University offers a BSN program that prepares graduates, high school and transfer students to gain a breadth of knowledge, skills and attitude needed for the professional nursing practice. They provide a unique academic experience, grounded with a well-rounded Jesuit education in order to develop a culture of excellence and caring nursing values. Saint Peters University has Associate, Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. Each of the undergraduate programs provide a detailed coursework with opportunities to take special programs like study abroad, honors, internships and student-faculty research. Students will be exposed in a varied clinical setting, making them a well-rounded nursing student prepared for the challenges of the profession. They will then be eligible for the NCLEX-RN and have the opportunity to apply in any nursing special areas. Gaining admission for the program is not an easy process because of the competitive curriculum. Students have to make sure that they are qualified and capable to complete the program.

Other Nursing Schools in Jersey City, New Jersey


  • Monmouth University
  • The College of New Jersey
  • Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing