Nursing Schools in Gilbert Town AZ

During the recession period, the healthcare industry is one of the fields that has not been affected. There are several medical facilities that opened and hired a lot of nurses to cater the needs of people in need of short term and long term care. In fact, these facilities are still thriving until now, giving more opportunities to nurses across the globe. If you want a long term career with good benefits and compensation, taking a course in any of the nursing schools in Gilbert Town, Arizona is your first step. These schools have different pathways for the nursing profession, regardless if you are a high school graduate, a non-nursing degree holder or a current LPN. You just have to make sure that you complete the program and pass the licensing exam in order to work as a Registered Nurse right away.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

The Chandler-Gilbert Community College offers an Associate in Applied Science nursing program which is approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing and is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. This kind of program is given for anyone who has an interest of becoming a nurse. Completing the Associate in Applied Science nursing program allows graduates to have an entry level position in any medical facilities and an opportunity to take an advance studies for a Bachelor’s degree. Students in the program are privileged to have the best facilities for learning, a smaller class size and a number of highly qualified instructors. They will be trained about the profession through the combined classroom lectures, laboratory training and clinical practice in a hospital, long term care facilities and many others. They will also have a chance to interact with their instructors in order to address their needs and cope with the demands of the profession. This is made possible by the smaller class size imposed by Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Although the admission process is quite rigorous and limited, students who are accepted will have the opportunity to undergo a high quality training for the nursing profession.

PIMA Medical Institute

PIMA Medical Institute is offering an Associate Degree in Nursing program which has gained five years approval from the Arizona State Board of Nursing. This program provides an entry level position in the nursing field, as it allows graduates to take the NCLEX-RN and work as a Registered Nurse. The Associate Degree will give them a jumpstart in the nursing profession, and an opportunity to work with co-Nurses, LPN’s and other members of the healthcare team. The good thing about PIMA Medical Institute is their investment on advanced facilities and qualified instructors. Students who gain admission from the program will enjoy the learning experience as they go through a series of classroom lectures and simulation training. They will also have a clinical experience in an affiliated medical facility, allowing them to practice their skills with the supervision of a qualified nurse. Graduating from the program is also an opportunity to advance one’s career and take the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in any university or colleges in Arizona.

Other Nursing Schools in Gilbert Town, Arizona:

  • Mesa Community College
  • Arizona Medical Training Institute