Nursing Schools in Garland TX

In order to become a nurse in Garland, Texas, it is necessary to complete a degree in any of the nursing schools in Garland, Texas. Graduating from any of these programs will entitle an individual to take the licensure exam and become a qualified healthcare professional later on. However, becoming a nurse is not just about completing a degree, it also includes having the right knowledge, skills and attitude. It may not be acquired in a few days, but the nursing schools in Garland, Texas will train you to become an equipped Registered Nurse. Take time to inquire in any of these institutions in Texas and know how to get started with the nursing program offered.

Dallas Nursing Institute

Dallas Nursing Institute takes pride in providing guidance, compassion and excellence to their students. They offer an Associate Degree in Nursing which makes every graduate a well-trained, prepared and dedicated individual in the competitive world of healthcare services. The degree program has three components – biology, psychology and sociology. All of these will empower the students to jumpstart their career and be able to learn proper patient care, body systems, nursing procedures, medical terminology, patient care assessment, body growth and development, medication administration and many others. Graduates of the Associate of Applied Science degree will be qualified to take the NCLEX-RN and have the opportunity to work as an entry level healthcare professional. They can pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing and later on work as a Registered Nurse in different areas of this profession. The Dallas Nursing Institute does not only give a nursing education for aspiring nurses but they also help them to become leaders in this healthcare industry.

Texas Woman’s University

The Texas Woman’s University has been known for its innovative teaching methodologies in their nursing programs. These programs includes Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BSN, RN to MSN, Post Baccalaureate RN to MSN program, Nurse Practitioner MSN, Nursing Education MS, Nursing Health Systems Management MS, Post MS Certificate and Doctor of Nursing Practice. Students who are interested for this profession should make sure to meet the criteria of the university in order to gain admission. The Texas Woman’s University is one of the best providers of nursing profession in Texas. They have world class facilities and expert instructors who are qualified and skilled in their area of expertise. Graduates of the program are prepared for the entry level profession especially in the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. They will go through series of classroom lectures, simulation or skills training in a laboratory and clinical practice in an affiliated facility of the school.

El Centro College


El Centro College has a lot of degree programs for individuals who want to work in the healthcare field as a nurse. The Associate Degree Nursing is a full time program comprising of classroom lectures, skills laboratory training and clinical experience with rotations in day and evening hours. They also have an Associate Degree Nursing A.A.S. which is a two-year degree program offered in fall and spring semesters. Nevertheless, individuals who want a fast track degree can take a Vocational Nursing certificate that can be completed in 2 sixteen weeks academic semesters and 2 five weeks summer semesters. These programs are provided with the best faculty and staff of El Centro College. Students will be prepared for the profession and be equipped with the knowledge and skills that every nurse should have. They will also be exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a qualified and expert nurse instructor.

Other Nursing Schools in Garland, Texas:

  • Richland Community College
  • Baylor University
  • Remington College