Nursing Schools in Durham, NC

The nursing profession is one of the most fulfilling and stable career nowadays. Even the recession hit America, there are still a number of healthcare facilities hiring for nurses. Thus, if you want to consider a career as a nurse, getting an admission from any of the nursing schools in Durham, North Carolina is the stepping stone. These schools have approved programs that allow you to take the licensure exam and become a Registered Nurse later on. Although the education and training is not similar, all of the programs will let you become equip with the right nursing knowledge and skills. Check some of the nursing schools in Durham, North Carolina.

North Carolina Central University

North Carolina Central University offers a number of nursing programs to accommodate the healthcare needs of the state and the country in general. They aim to produce nurses who are capable of putting the theoretical concepts into nursing practice, utilizing the nursing process, leadership and therapeutic communication. Individuals who are interested in this profession can choose a pathway that qualifies them. North Carolina Central University offers a traditional BSN program for qualified high school graduates, second degree students, licensed practical nurses and transferees. They also have a RN to BSN program which is offered online in order to facilitate distance learning. Although the course is available via the internet, there are still opportunities for the students to visit the campus. Furthermore, North Carolina Central University also has a second degree Accelerated BSN program which is exclusive for students having a Bachelor’s degree in a different discipline. This undergraduate program can be completed within 16 months of full time study.

Watts School of Nursing

Watts School of Nursing has partnered with the University of Mount Olive in 2004 in order to provide an exemplary education that leads to a Diploma in Nursing and an Associate of Science Degree in Health Science. This partnership has allowed students to receive instruction from the two academic institutions which are both experts of providing quality nursing education. Students complete all the pre-requisite courses in the University of Mount Olive and finishes the nursing core subjects at the Watts School of Nursing. Most of the pre-requisite courses like Anatomy, Physiology, Religion and English are offered online while the nursing courses are offered in a full day time classes from Monday to Thursday. The comprehensive nursing curriculum in these institutions require 18 hours of residency at the University of Mount Olive. Once the degree is completed, they will be eligible to take NCLEX and work as an entry level Registered Nurse. Aside from that, they will also be qualified to advance their learning and take a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in any colleges or universities in North Carolina.

Durham Tech

Durham Tech offers various nursing programs for students who are looking forward to work in the healthcare field. They have an Associate Degree in Nursing which is a five semester credit curriculum designed to prepare the students to assess, plan, analyze, implement as well as evaluate nursing care. The school also offers a LPN to Associate Degree in Nursing program which is a three semester credit curriculum designed for students who are Licensed Practical Nurses wishing to receive further education. For high school graduates, transferees and non-nursing degree holder, Durham Tech has a RIBN Nursing or a Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nursing program which is a four year dual enrollment program. This course is offered in partnership with Winston Salem State University in order to allow graduates to receive a BSN degree after successfully completing the program.

Other Nursing Schools in Durham, North Carolina

  • Duke School of Nursing
  • The University of North Carolina
  • Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia