Nursing Schools in Chula Vista CA

Although the economic recession has caused a lot of unemployment in the state of California, several healthcare facilities are still hiring nurses. The growing population who require medical attention allowed the medical facilities to expand and cater more people. The problem is, there are only few nurses as of the moment. So if you want to have a sustainable and well-paying job, the nursing profession is right for you. There are various nursing schools in Chula Vista, California that offers nursing programs with different pathways. Even if you are a newly high school graduate, a LPN or a CNA, you can be a nurse by asking any of these nursing schools in Chula Vista, California and completing the program they offer.

Southwestern Community College

The Southwestern Community College has an Associate Degree Nursing Program which serves the students coming from a diverse population and providing them with excellent education to prepare them for the role as a Registered Nurse and a member of the healthcare team. The Nursing program gives educational opportunities for students to progress from a novice entry level professional to a graduate level of expertise, in terms of their nursing skills, theoretical preparation and clinical reasoning. It also promotes personal growth, community service as well as an opportunity to transfer to advanced nursing programs. The Southwestern Community College ensures that students receive the best learning experience by having a full commitment in providing a comprehensive curriculum. We follow a continuous plan which starts from assessment, planning, implementation and then evaluation. Once the students successfully complete the program, they will be eligible for the NCLEX-RN and work as an entry level professional nurse. They will also be qualified to take a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in variety of nursing schools and institutions.

San Diego State University

The San Diego State University offers a Baccalaureate program in Nursing which started in 1952 and is among the best nursing schools in Chula Vista, California. The faculty and staff is committed in providing excellent learning opportunities for the undergraduate and graduate students to incorporate clinical practice, theoretical lessons, research and service to the school and the community in general. They maintain to provide an environment that could stimulate the students intellectually and make them a leader in providing quality healthcare services. They also promote a nondiscrimination policy for students with different nationalities, religion, sex, age, color, marital status, disability and sexual orientation. Hence, they are open for different kinds of students. The academic programs that San Diego State University provides are Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BSN program, Master of Science in Nursing and LVN to RN program. All of these programs will allow the students to earn a bachelor’s degree and practice as a nurse later on.

University of San Diego – Hanh School of Nursing and Health Science

The Hanh School of Nursing and Health Science in the University of San Diego offers a number of programs like New Health Care Informatics, Master’s Entry Program in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice and International Programs. These programs are provided by the university’s qualified and professional faculty and staff who facilitates a great learning environment for undergraduate and graduate students in the healthcare field. The University of San Diego is one of the tap ranked nursing schools in America, with a high percentage rate of students who passed the licensure exams. They believe in providing a comprehensive curriculum which allows students to stimulate their critical thinking and analysis, giving them an opportunity to become a leader in this field.

Other Nursing Schools in Chula Vista, California

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