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Nursing Schools in Birmingham, AL

When you are a bit confused on which career path to take, consider becoming a nurse. Nurses are in demand and well compensated in the state of Alabama. They are provided with a lot of benefits and career opportunities that would make them grow and achieve fulfillment. Their job might be challenging but once you master the skills and learn the nursing concepts, you will be able to work with ease. Thus, you can start this career by taking a course from the nursing schools in Birmingham, Alabama. These institutions will teach and train you to be job ready especially with the demands of the profession. They will also prepare you for the licensing examination. So inquire from these nursing schools in Birmingham, Alabama and get started with the course as soon as possible.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers undergraduate and graduate nursing programs for students who want to become a Registered Nurse. The university uses state of the art technologies, simulations and unique teaching strategies to prepare their graduates in providing nursing care to families and individuals with different age groups, and to prepare them in pursuing a master’s or doctoral education. They offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program which is intended for high school and transfer students, and a Registered Nurse to BSN program for ADN prepared nurses. For graduates wanting to advance their education, the University of Alabama at Birmingham is also offering a Master of Science in Nursing program which features more than fifteen specialty tracks like the nursing health systems administration, nursing informatics, nursing education, nurse anesthesia, clinical nurse leader and nurse practitioner options. This program is also having two pathways which can be a RN to MSN and an Accelerated Master’s in Nursing pathway. Nevertheless, MSN prepared nurses can also pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice program which prepares the graduates to enhance their knowledge and skills to the highest level and assume a leadership position in various healthcare organizations.

Herzing University – Birmingham

The Herzing University at Birmingham is an established institution for undergraduate and graduate nursing education. They have state of the art classrooms and laboratories, with a solid relationship among employers, medical facilities and community partners. Students enrolled in the program will have an opportunity to undergo a comprehensive yet competitive training. They have online and on-campus training options, which gives a more convenient time for students to work, study and fulfill their commitments. Herzing University offers an Associate or Diploma degree program which gives the students an opportunity to gain entry level nursing positions. They also have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program and two online Master of Science in Nursing programs, which includes MSN- Family Nurse Practitioner and MSN- Nurse Educator. Graduates of the program will learn a number of nursing skills and concepts that are essential for their practice. They will also get the chance to be trained by the expert nursing instructors as they go along with the different specializations of the course.

Alabama Southern Community College

The Alabama Southern Community College offers an Associate Degree in Nursing program which is designed to equip the students to deliver quality nursing care in different clinical settings. Graduates of the program will be able to give appropriate nursing care in hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, community health and other healthcare facilities. Once the program is completed, students will be awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree and may apply for the National Council Licensing Exam – RN. The Alabama Southern Community College is one of the best nursing schools in Birmingham, Alabama for an ADN degree. Students can take advantage on the small class sizes provided by the qualified instructors, and they can make use of the best-equipped laboratories in the state. Interested students for the profession should ensure to meet the criteria of the college before they can undergo their desired nursing education.

Other Nursing Schools in Birmingham, Alabama:

  • Samford University
  • Jefferson State Community College
  • Virginia College