Nursing Schools in Anaheim CA

Becoming a nurse is not an easy choice. The working demands and stress levels are great because of the responsibilities given to you. However, nurses are well compensated. In fact, they are one of the highest paid professionals in America, even when the economic recession hit in 2007. Thus, individuals who are interested in this profession should consider any these nursing schools in Anaheim, California. Apart from getting the best education, students will be trained to be fully equipped in the real nursing setting. These schools may have varying programs and training styles, but they will ensure that their students are job ready in the future. Take a look in these nursing schools in Anaheim, California.

West Coast University

Students interested in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree can finish this program within 39 months. West Coast University offers this course to help provide students the necessary knowledge and nursing skills to assist their patients in achieving optimal health. This Bachelor’s degree program integrates decision making, critical thinking, leadership and management techniques with legal, moral and ethical principles associated with outstanding care in various clinical setting. Students enrolled in the program will go through theoretical classes as well as clinical rotation in acute and long term healthcare facilities which also includes community setting. Since the degree program covers a wide array of nursing topics and skills, graduates will be prepared to work in different field like pediatrics, gerontology, medical-surgical nursing, community health, psychiatric/mental health and home care nursing. Nonetheless, the West Coast University also offers programs like LVN to BSN, RN to BSN and RN to MSN.

CNI College

CNI College offers various healthcare programs like Vocational Nursing, Associates Degree in Nursing and RN to BSN Online Degree. Individuals who have the desire to work in the healthcare field can take any of these courses at any time of the year. CNI College is dedicated in providing high quality academic educational opportunities in the field of healthcare for the social, intellectual and professional growth of students. These programs are conducted by the school’s licensed nurses who are not only qualified to teach but are also well-experienced healthcare professionals in the state of California. Students will undergo series of lectures, skills training and clinical practice in a healthcare setting. Although they will be supervised by their instructors, these students will be pushed to their limits to become an independent nurse in the future. Vocational nursing graduates as well as the Associates degree graduates can pursue continuing education to learn more and become a well-equipped Registered Nurse.

California State University – Fullerton School of Nursing

The California State University –Fullerton School of Nursing has a lot of healthcare programs for individuals who want to work and grow in this field. They have entry programs through entry-level freshmen, LVN to BSN, CSUF BSN Student pathway, Entry Level MSN and Accelerated BSN. The school also has RN to BSN programs which can be obtained via online or campus based classes. Apart from that, graduates can also pursue continuing studies through the university’s MSN programs and Doctoral programs, which covers the field of leadership and management, nurse educator, school nursing, nurse anesthesia and women’s health care. Becoming a nurse does not just stop in one degree. It involves series of education to sustain one’s knowledge and improve one’s skill. To gain admission from the California State University – Fullerton, it is necessary to complete the requirements of the program and pass the interviews or exams to get a slot.

Other Nursing Schools in Anaheim, California

  • North Orange County Regional Occupational Program
  • American Career College – Orange County
  • Everest College – Anaheim
  • Summit College – Anaheim
  • Casa Loma College – Anaheim
  • Bethesda University