Nursing Salaries by State

Due to the recession, many professions are now offering little, or no, opportunities for salary increases, or any job security. It is a sluggish economy, granted, but not for all professions. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that nurses continue to be in high demand, and salaries in the field of nursing have grown significantly.

Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics feature nursing as one of the fastest growing careers through 2018, with the highest number of new jobs forecasted of all occupations. Mostly due to the aging population, nursing jobs may experience a 22 percent increase in demand. This would could mean over 518,000 new jobs. Most of these positions will be in physician’s offices, hospitals and nursing homes.

In most states it is possible to get a nursing degree in two to four years. Some junior colleges offer nursing programs, or prerequisite course work. Most colleges and universities also offer nursing programs. In addition to a degree in nursing, a state test for certification will be required.

Although the salaries, benefits and job security are very attractive in the field of nursing, most choose nursing for other reasons as well. It can be an interesting and exciting career that offers variety and continuing education. Perhaps most of all, those who become nurses see it as a way to contribute in a positive way and to do work that is meaningful to the lives of others.

Registered nurses are the largest occupation in the healthcare industry. The placements of the post are estimated 2.6 million the salary of a job is based on many criteria’s some of them are the educational qualification of the candidate, the work experience as a registered, the placement, and the need and availability of the registered nurse in the area of appointed.

A bachelor’s degree, associate degree or a nursing diploma is required to become a Registered nurse but to become an advance nurse a master’s degree is required. And as any other fields the candidate holding a higher degree generates a higher amount of salary and delivers a higher responsible job.The job of an advanced practice nurses include nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurse anesthetist and clinical nurse specialists. All the above stated jobs are highly responsible ones and the candidates appointed are offered a higher amount of salary.

Experience also plays an important role in the area of registered nurse salary; naturally as in any other field the most experienced earn the most. Advanced degree nurses earn more than bachelor’s degree nurses. It takes four years to complete a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing and an Advanced Degree in Nursing requires two to three years to come to completion and is done only after completing the bachelor’s degree and a hospital diploma programs take three years. And the candidates who have done the advanced nursing degree are in demand and are paid a higher amount of salary.

According to a standard survey done in the year 2015, there are about 2.6 million registered nurse jobs among which 60% are employed in hospitals and are paid a $63,000 approximately and about 18% are employed as private physician and are paid an average salary of$ 60,000 annually and about 5 % are appointed to provide the service of home health care and in private health care services each, both of the fields earn an average salary of $57,000 and $55,000 respectively. Employment services hired the other 12% there salary varies and depends on the nature of the work and the salary ranges from between $25,000 to $35,000.

The salary of a registered nurse also depends on the need and availability of the job and the location of the job also plays an important role. The areas that pay the higher amount of salary have the demand and the need of the registered nurses and the salary of registered nurse varies on the availability of the jobs.

Nursing Salaries by State

Alabama 44000 27.35 56890
Alaska 5910 42.55 88510
Arizona 49800 34.51 71790
Arkansas 22480 27.34 56870
California 255010 48.68 101260
Colorado 45760 33.65 69990
Connecticut 32440 37.18 77330
Delaware 10370 34.33 71410
District of Columbia 10530 38.25 79560
Florida 168870 30.75 63960
Georgia 68980 30.38 63190
Guam 520 25.7 53450
Hawaii 10990 43.33 90130
Idaho 12140 29.46 61280
Illinois 113040 33.54 69760
Indiana 60890 28.32 58910
Iowa 31630 26.46 55040
Kansas 27200 27.6 57410
Kentucky 43630 28.26 58770
Louisiana 42270 30.03 62450
Maine 14210 30.92 64310
Maryland 51100 35.19 73200
Massachusetts 83780 42.62 88650
Michigan 91130 32.54 67690
Minnesota 59640 34.77 72310
Mississippi 27810 27.39 56980
Missouri 65860 28.44 59150
Montana 9640 30.12 62650
Nebraska 20600 28.35 58970
Nevada 19470 39.16 81460
New Hampshire 12720 32.3 67190
New Jersey 78460 38.38 79840
New Mexico 15110 31.74 66030
New York 171880 37.96 78950
North Carolina 95670 29.07 60460
North Dakota 8370 28.31 58890
Ohio 126270 30.19 62800
Oklahoma 26080 28.39 59040
Oregon 32490 40.29 83800
Pennsylvania 136090 32.47 67550
Puerto Rico 17490 16.51 34350
Rhode Island 11950 36.74 76410
South Carolina 42440 29.38 61110
South Dakota 11950 26.49 55100
Tennessee 55710 27.67 57560
Texas 198650 33.6 69890
Utah 19930 29.33 61000
Vermont 6360 31.65 65840
Virgin Islands 250 22.91 47650
Virginia 63340 31.41 65340
Washington 52880 37.56 78130
West Virginia 20020 27.89 58010
Wisconsin 55460 31.94 66440
Wyoming 4910 29.84 62080