New Jersey Registered Nurse (RN) Programs

The shortage of nurses in New Jersey is a serious matter. Every person and every institution in the state are affected in many ways because the aging population needs more healthcare services. This would mean that if the number of nurses fall short in the coming years, the healthcare system will not be able to accommodate every resident who requires care and treatment. Hence, the federal state is encouraging its residents, may it be a high school graduate, an unemployed individual or anyone who wants to shift to this type of career, to consider the New Jersey RN programs provided by various colleges and universities. Here are some of the schools in the state where different RN programs are available.

Atlantic Cape Community College

Atlantic Cape Community College is a comprehensive, public and non-profit educational institution that serves Cape May and Atlantic counties in New Jersey. It was named as Atlantic Community College before and later changed to Atlantic Cape Community College. This institution enrols more than 8,000 credit students per year, and creates a lot of opportunities by providing excellent programs and meeting every student’s educational goals. Atlantic Cape Community College believes in five values; integrity, caring, accountability, respect and excellence, making them one of the best schools in transforming aspiring nursing students to licensed healthcare professionals.

The community college offers an Associate in Applied Science in Nursing, which prepares the students for an entry level position as a Registered Nurse. The course has a curriculum composed of classroom lectures or theoretical study and clinical experiences in an accredited healthcare facility. High school graduates and individuals with no college credits are qualified for the Associate in Applied Science in Nursing degree. This will cover most of the pre-requisite subjects necessary for a baccalaureate degree. Graduates will be qualified to take the NCLEX licensing exam and become a Registered Nurse. But they are also qualified to pursue a bachelor’s degree in another college or university in the state.

The nursing program of Atlantic Cape Community College is accredited by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing. Tuition cost is affordable for in-state students, but those who are not residents of New Jersey should expect to pay more.

Bergen Community College

Bergen Community College was founded in 1965 to meet the state’s need for an affordable, convenient and comprehensive higher learning institution. The institution enrols more than 17,000 students per year in different academic degree programs. Bergen Community College has three campuses mainly the Paramus, Hackensack and Lyndhurst. Students who graduated in this institution can utilize state-wide transfer agreement in order to enrol at any New Jersey’s four-year colleges and universities. They can also use the reputation of the school as a top community college in the state to drive them to success. The community college boasts in having cutting-edge facilities, accomplished faculty and opportunities for civic engagement, service learning and cultural awareness.

The Bergen Community College offers an Associate of Science in Nursing that prepares the students for an entry-level position as Registered Nurses. Students will be educated in a classroom, simulation laboratories and variety of clinical settings. They will be involved in different activities that will make them self-directed and responsible students in the learning process. The nursing program utilizes high technology like Human Child and Adult Patient Simulators as well as Computer Assisted Instruction to enhance learning, develop critical thinking and skills mastery in the nursing process. Bergen Community College is committed in providing quality educational programs that develops the student’s knowledge, skills and attitude needed to obtain employment goals and promote personal and professional growth. Graduates of the nursing program will have a greater chance of getting an employment in different healthcare facilities, especially in passing the NCLEX licensing exam for Registered Nurses.

Best Care Training Institute

Best Care Training Institute is a post-secondary institution founded in 1997 at the East Orange, New Jersey. This institution offers the best education to train the students for their healthcare careers with the help of highly qualified and well-experienced faculty team. The Best Care Training Institution believes that students become successful by providing them the right tools, knowledge and skills to promote intellectual interest, develop professional ethics, promote critical thinking and a commitment to a lifetime learning. They offer healthcare programs that are approved by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the New Jersey Department of Education. These programs include a Licensed Practical Nursing, Certified Nursing Aide, Home Health Aide, Phlebotomy and Electrocardiography.

Graduating from any of the programs provided by Best Care Training Institute allows the students to work in the healthcare field. The Licensed Practical Nursing is a good opportunity to jumpstart a career in nursing and it can be used to earn a baccalaureate degree in any colleges or universities in New Jersey providing an RN to BSN completion track. Best Care Training Institute has state of the art facilities that allows the students to receive a good training in various nursing skills and concepts. Students will be exposed in a clinical facility with guided supervision from the best instructors of the institution. A lot of graduates from the Best Care Training Institute passed the licensing exam and gain a good recognition from their employers due to the kind of training they receive from this school.

Bloomfield College

Bloomfield College is a comprehensive liberal arts college that serves 2,000 students per year. The U.S. News & World Report ranked Bloomfield College in the 14th spot in the Most Diverse National Liberal Arts College category. It also ranked 10th in the Most Economically Diverse Institution. Bloomfield College is committed in enabling students to realize their personal and educational goals. They aim to prepare them to achieve academic, personal as well as professional excellence in multicultural and global society.

The Bloomfield College offers the lowest tuition rate for any four-year, private college or university. Approximately 93% of the students receive financial assistance, which makes them a good training institution for individuals who cannot afford the tuition cost. Moreover, the Frances M. McLaughlin Division of Nursing is among the respected departments in the college, with 94% passing rate of the NCLEX licensing exam. Admission usually takes places every fall semester and deadline of application is every 1st of May. The RN to BSN program of the college allows the Registered Nurses to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree in a short period of time. This course is not for high school graduates because it can only be availed by those who have obtained the pre-requisite courses.

In terms of quality education, Bloomfield College offers the best for their students. They have state of the art facilities, experienced faculty and small class size. Students are not only prepared for the advancement of their career, they are also equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude, to make them the best healthcare professional in the state.

Brookdale Community College

Brookdale Community College was established in 1967 through the sponsorship of citizens of Monmouth County. It offers two-year Associate degree in more than 50 programs. Brookdale Community College is a comprehensive, open admission community college that welcomes individuals who are 18 years and above with high school diploma or GED equivalent. This community college provides equal opportunity for all students, regardless of their race, color, religion, age or sex. They provide financial aid to a number of their students, including loans, federal and state grants, as well as private scholarships.

Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field can take the Associate of Science in Nursing degree at Brookdale Community College. The school’s nursing program has a comprehensive and challenging curriculum that meets the requirements for any Associate degree. Graduates will be prepared for an entry level position at any healthcare facilities including acute care hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. Completing the program also allows the students to take the National Council Licensing Exam for Registered Nursing, which is the basic requirement for employment and further studies.

The Brookdale Community College offers the best training experience for aspiring nurses. They utilize an advanced technology in teaching the students about the concepts and skills of nursing. They also have well-experienced faculty and staff who will supervise the students in their theoretical study and clinical practice. Finishing an Associate degree in nursing at Brookdale Community College makes the students qualify an admission for a Bachelor’s degree at any schools in New Jersey. Tuition cost is affordable especially to residents of the state, and financial assistance is always available to qualified students.

Rowan College at Burlington County

Rowan College at Burlington County is among the top community colleges in the country because of its continuing efforts to boost the graduates’ earning power, and reinventing into a national model of higher education for workforce development and academic programs. The college offers a number of certificates, associate degree programs, business training, continuing education classes and career track majors from the Workforce Development Institute. They also bring a modern campus experience to students, with an outstanding faculty who ensures that students meet their educational and professional goals through an accessible and affordable educational program.

The nursing program of Rowan College at Burlington County is accredited by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. It aims to promote self-direction, self-awareness, accountability and critical thinking to students by meeting individual learning styles and developing trust and mutual respect. The Associate of Science in Nursing of Rowan College at Burlington County is a short term degree program that can be completed in 12 to 16 months. Graduates become eligible for the NCLEX licensing exam, and be prepared for the entry level positions that they will assume when they work in healthcare facilities.

The community college has state of the art facilities and experienced instructors who will guide and supervise the students in finishing the degree. Other than the theoretical study, students will also have their clinical exposure in an accredited healthcare facility. Individuals who need financial assistance can apply through the school’s financial aid office. There is a certain scholarship program for students in the community college, depending on their qualifications and availability of financial aid.

Caldwell University

Caldwell University’s core education is the liberal arts curriculum designed to help the students develop their critical thinking skills, acquire civic and moral awareness and appreciate diverse cultures. The university believes that learning liberal arts like humanities, biological and physical sciences, social sciences and mathematics allows the students to develop their whole self. The knowledge, skills and creativity acquired from any of the programs of the university provide a lifelong learning and opportunities to grow and become an excellent professional. Caldwell University offers more than 25 undergraduate and 33 graduate degrees, including certificate programs and doctoral program in Applied Behavior Analysis. The most popular offerings of the college include undergraduate programs in education, psychology and business, but the university’s BSN program is also exceptional.

Through the years, the Department of Nursing at Caldwell University has achieved more than what is expected from them. The passing rates for the NCLEX licensing exam is greater than the national average and graduates were able to secure employment after. This is due to the university’s commitment in providing the best learning experience for their students. Apart from the smaller class size and state of the art facilities, Caldwell University has excellent curriculum that prepares the aspiring nurses for practice in the changing global environment. It has a strong liberal arts foundation which is incorporated in the nursing course work, as well as in laboratory and clinical activities. It also has several simulation activities that develop the student’s clinical skills.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Caldwell University is accredited and approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Camden County College

Camden County College is among the largest and most comprehensive community colleges in the state of New Jersey. It serves the state and the surrounding region, with three campuses in Lakeland, Sicklerville and throughout the county. Camden County College has a mission of providing affordable and accessible higher education, as well as occupational study to those who can benefit. The Department of Education of New Jersey ranked the school among the top 50 colleges for associate’s degrees in Registered Nursing, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing, Nursing Administration, and other related programs. It is also among the top 100 community colleges for overall Associate’s Degree. Camden County College is known for responding the changing needs of the communities and it continuously updates its programs to support the economic development of the area and the students.

The community college offers a Certified Nursing Aide and Multi-skilled Technician programs. These programs are designed to help the students become an eligible healthcare professional in New Jersey. It follows a curriculum that allows the students to study the theoretical aspect of nursing and gain various, skills through the clinical exposure in an accredited healthcare facility. The school of nursing at Camden County College is approved by the State Board of Nursing. It has a small classroom size and well-experienced faculty who will facilitate the classroom lectures and supervised clinical training. Graduates of the program are assured of getting a good training in preparation for the licensing exam and future employment.

College of Saint Elizabeth

The College of Saint Elizabeth is a catholic liberal arts higher learning institution that was founded in 1889 through the efforts of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. This school has a solid foundation of helping the poor and developing a spirit of social responsibility and service. It is also committed in promoting the women as partners in society. The College of Saint Elizabeth offers various programs that meet the demands of the 21st century. The undergraduate programs enable the students to gain knowledge and experiences they require to achieve a full potential in the academic, personal, spiritual and professional aspects. Other programs like continuing studies, graduate studies, and certificate programs are provided with excellent training to help the students achieve their academic goals.

Individuals who want to be a part of the workforce in the healthcare field can study a nursing program at College of Saint Elizabeth. The college has an RN to BSN program that is designed for Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses who wanted to achieve a Bachelor’s degree. This program can be completed within 12 to 16 months, with a type of curriculum that enhances the students’ knowledge and skills in nursing. The Nursing Department of College of Saint Elizabeth is committed in educating the healthcare professionals to become leaders in the spirit of social responsibility and service. They have a number of well-experienced instructors who are licensed and who delivers the excellent education to students. Graduates of the RN to BSN program become qualified to sit for the NCLEX licensing exam to work as a licensed nurse in New Jersey. The nursing program is accredited and approved by the State Board of Nursing and Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.