NCLEX Exam for Nursing Schools

NCLEX Exam for Nursing Schools

The nursing profession is growing popular among job seekers and is also the first choice for individuals who wish to make a career in health and allied sectors.  It gives a great amount of satisfaction once an individual clears all the tests associated with the nursing degree program and understandably so.  But unless a student passes the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) test, the student would not be deemed a registered nurse and would not be able to practice. Passing this test enables an individual to practice as a nurse throughout the United States.

NCLEX-PN  and NCLEX-RN- Whats the difference?

The NCLEX Nursing examination is conducted at the national level by a council formed by the nursing boards of all the states.  The NCLEX examination essentially comes in two forms. The first one is called NCLEX-PN and this is essential for those who wish to practice as a vocation or practical nurse.  The other test is called NCLEX-RN and this is essential for those who wish to practice as a registered nurse.  The examinations are conducted separately by each state.

The NCLEX exams are conducted in a systematic manner and everyone has to pay a fee for taking the examination.  In case a student fails the examination, the student will have to wait a good forty five to ninety days before they can take the examinations again.  The number of times a student can take the examination is decided by each state separately.  The contents of the test are also different for different states with the proportion of fill in the blanks questions and multiple choice questions varying.  The highlight of this exam is that it is computer based and the computer arranges the questions on the basis of how the candidate has answered the previous questions.  This is done in order to make this exam a learning experience for the students taking the test.

The students are advised to take this exam seriously since the time spent in preparing for the exam and the fee paid for the exam is quite high. It is highly advisable for all students to take NCLEX examination immediately after the program at nursing school, since all the contents and topics would be relatively fresh in their memory.  There is plenty of help available in the form of books and study groups.

Now let us take a brief look at the contents of the NCLEX exam or in other words the topics on which the questions are based.  A lot of questions would be based on how to prevent infections and the steps required to do so.  It is essential that a patient is always made to stay in a healthy environment and definitely there would be questions based on that.  Formulation of patient care plans and care management would also find abundant space in the question paper.  Again there would be questions on how to treat a disease right from its early stage to advanced stage, the various side effects and the line of treatment prescribed.  Not only the patients, but also the relatives of the patients need to be educated on the various aspects of the patient’s illness, how they need to cope up and help the patient in speedy recovery.  Questions based on this topic form an important section of the question paper.  Definitely, this exam will thoroughly check the student’s knowledge regarding nursing topics and prepare them well for a nursing career.