LPN to RN programs in Alaska

The state of Alaska lacks Registered Nurses who can be employed in hospitals, nursing homes and long term care facilities. The growing elderly population is the primary reason why these healthcare professionals are greatly needed. Thus, residents are encouraged to gain a degree and become a Registered Nurse in the state. RN’s receive a good amount of salary every year and they have outstanding benefits provided by their employers. If you are a high school graduate or a degree holder in a different field, taking a full time study to become a nurse is a good decision. Even Licensed Practical Nurses who are currently employed can also take LPN to RN programs in Alaska in order to be a qualified Registered Nurses. These programs are offered from different colleges and universities in the state, which can be taken in a full time or part time basis. If you are interested, try to inquire from the LPN to RN programs in Alaska listed below.

LPN to RN programs in University of Alaska Anchorage

Licensed Practical Nurses can complete a LPN to RN program at the University of Alaska Anchorage. This program can be completed in three semesters with an admission process that is selective. Interested applicants have to take into account that meeting the admission requirements will not guarantee them a slot for the program. They will be ranked according to their qualifications and limited number of students will be accepted. Students are highly encouraged to complete the pre-requisite courses while they wait for the admission. The admission pre-requisites for the LPN to RN program include a math placement test or high school algebra, a high school biology and chemistry, current or active Alaska LPN license, UAA admission to a AAS nursing pre-major, completed application form and a standardized exam score for the nursing pre-entrance exam. All the other major requirements of the program are listed on the school’s website. The University of Alaska Anchorage have the best training ground for aspiring LPN’s wanting to become a Registered Nurse. Aside from the modern facilities, they also have instructors who will train and supervise the students all the way until they take the NCLEX-RN exam.

LPN to RN programs in University of Alaska Fairbanks – Chukchi Campus

The University of Alaska Fairbanks- Chukchi Campus offers a LPN to RN program in collaboration with their Allied Health department. This program is designed to equip the students in providing effective nursing services to a diverse group of patients admitted in various healthcare settings. The program provides the students a mix of classroom instruction and clinical practice, allowing them to gain experiences in community agencies, clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. Graduates will be qualified to take the NCLEX-RN that grants a professional RN license to current LPN’s. The admission process is limited and competitive because of the smaller class size implement in the university. Applicants have to submit the necessary requirements and wait for the university’s decision to accept them base on their rank. The smaller class size allows the students to have a personalized and in-depth learning, especially that the profession requires a state exam before they can practice. Recently, the LPN to RN program of the University of Alaska Fairbanks is provided online, which means that all topics are discussed through the aid of the internet. There is also a clinical practice taking place in a healthcare facility.

LPN to RN programs in Charter College

Charter College is an independent and private institution that provides students a career-focused education in the healthcare field. They have an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree which can be obtained through a traditional classroom instruction and clinical practice. This degree allows the graduates to become a Registered Nurse in the state of Alaska with the employment benefits they can enjoy. Students who have no college credits can take the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree, but for those who are already Licensed Practical Nurses, they can undergo the LPN to RN program of Charter College without going through years of education and training. This program is intended for LPN’s who wished to advance their career as a Registered Nurse. The classes are held online and on-campus site, giving two options for aspiring students without adding burden to their current employment status. The admission process of Charter College LPN to RN program is limited and competitive, which mean that students are not accepted right away even if they have completed the minor and major requirements of the school. They will be ranked accordingly and those who possess an exemplary qualification will be accepted.

Other Institutions offering LPN to RN Programs in Alaska:

  • UAF Community and Technical College