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LPN Programs in Wyoming

LPN Programs in Wyoming

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You will need to complete one year or more of training if you are planning to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Wyoming. The LPN training program you attend will need to be one that is approved by the state of Wyoming. You will need to meet all entrance requirements to be accepted into a program.

You can plan to spend some of your studies in a classroom. You will then have clinical experience where you will gain hands on experience. This will be your opportunity to learn what it is like to work in Pediatrics, Maternity, Psychiatric and various other departments. You must complete all portions of your training in order to be able to sit for the licensing exam.

Approved LPN Programs in Wyoming:

Laramie County Community College

Driving east on U.S. Highway 30 take a right turn on North College Road. Follow the road as it goes south, Laramie County Community College will be located on your right just as College Road turns west. The PN program at Laramie County Community College is a 4-semester course that follows the career ladder concept. Students can complete the first year of studies and opt to write the NCLEX-PN exams, or continue to the second level of studies and prepare for the NCLEX-RN exams.

NWCCD Sheridan College

Northern Wyoming Community College District Sheridan College is located on North Main Street between East Grinnell Street and East Brundage Street, right next to Mint Bar. The degree offered at Sheridan College is an Associate of Applied Science (AAS Degree). However, the students have a choice of exiting the program after the first year with a Practical Nursing (Exit) Certificate. If the exit option is taken, the students are eligible to write the NCLEX-PN exams. In case the student opts to complete the degree, the eventual culmination point is writing the NCLEX-RN exam.

NWCCD Gillette College

Driving due south on South Douglas Highway, keep a lookout for Border States Electric where you’ll need to take a right turn into Sinclair Street. Northern Wyoming Community College District Gillette College will be right at the end of the road. This nursing program is designed on a career ladder system. Students can complete one year of the course and take the NCLEX-PN exams. The program consists of two parts: classroom instruction and clinical experience. Students must display proficiency in both to be eligible for graduation.

Western Wyoming Community College

Western Wyoming Community College has a huge campus located on College Drive covering the entire expanse between Gateway Boulevard and Skyline Drive. It’s easy to reach if you remember that it is right next to Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County. The PN program at Western Wyoming Community College is an Outreach course that can be completed in 3 semesters. The program is only offered as a part-time course and new students are only admitted in the fall semester.