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LPN Programs in Washington

LPN Programs in Washington

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You will be able to start a career in Washington as a Licensed Practical Nurse by entering into a LPN training program. It is necessary to also sit for the licensing exam after you complete this course. You must finish all aspects of the course include all classes and clinical rotations. The LPN training program must be one that has been approved by the state of Washington.

You will learn how to perform the skills and duties of an LPN. You will learn to respond in many different situations when working as a Licensed Practical Nurse. It is important to maintain good grades when you are in an LPN course.

Approved  LPN Training Programs in Washington

Bates Technical College

Driving east on South 11th Street, you’ll run into Bates Technical College on your right at South Yakima Avenue. The PN program at Bates Technical College is a weekdays-course in which students get to work in real clinics with real patients under supervision.

Bellingham Technical College

Bellingham Technical College is situated on Lindbergh Avenue just before into runs into Marine Drive. The PN program at Bellingham Technical College is a 6-quarter course in which students are facilitated to develop life-long learning skills and apt nursing techniques.

Big Bend Community College

Big Bend Community College is located at Chanute Street NE near 26th Avenue NE. The PN program at Big Bend Community College is basically part of the RN career ladder course. Students can study for the first 3 semesters and then exit to write their NCLEX-PN exams.

Centralia College

Centralia College covers many blocks of the city, but the main office is located on West Locust Street near Noble Field. The Practical nursing program at Centralia College is highly competitive and only 24 students are selected for admission every session. It’s a 4-quarter course.

Clover Park Technical College

Clover Park Technical College is located at the intersection of Steilacoom Boulevard SW and South Tacoma Way. The Practical Nursing program at Clover Park Tech. is a 4-quarter course. Students are advised that they can be assigned clinical practice sessions at various times of the day.

Columbia Basin College

Columbia Basin College is located on North 20th Avenue right next to Tri-Cities Airport. The PN program at Columbia Basin College is a 1-year, 69-71 credit hour course. It is a well-rounded program that combines core nursing courses and skills with general education.

Everett Community College

Everett Community College is located on Tower Street at the south edge of American Legion Memorial Park. The Practical Nursing program at Everett Community College is designed as an LPN-RN mobility course where students can opt to take their NCLEX-PN exams after 4 quarters.

Grays Harbor Community College

Grays Harbor Community College is situated on Edward P. Smith Drive just off South Boone Street. The Nursing program at Grays Harbor community College is built on a career ladder concept. Students completing the first year and taking one extra credit can exit for the NCLEX-PN exams.

Green River Community College

Green River Community College is located right at the junction of SE 320th Street and SE 124th Avenue. The LPN program at Green River Community College is a longer more intensive course than most in the State with 5 quarters and 105-110 credit hours required for graduation.

Lake Washington Technical College

Lake Washington Technical College is situated in the curve of 132nd Avenue NE and 120th Street NE. The 6-quarter PN program at Lake Washington Technical College is presently only being offered as an evening course that takes 68 credit hours to complete.

Lower Columbia College

Lower Columbia College is located on Maple Street near Washington Way. The stated goal of the PN program at Lower Columbia College is to provide excellence in nursing education comprising of holistic care, accountability and responsibility, and clinical expertise.

North Seattle Community College

North Seattle Community College is situated at the junction of College Way North and North 92nd Street. The PN program at North Seattle Community College is a 4-quarter, 44 credit hour course in which students are granted admission two times every year.

Olympic College

Crossing the Warren Avenue Bridge into Bremerton, you’ll see Olympic College on your left on Chester Avenue. The PN program at Olympic College is a 1-year course specializing in preparing students to work in long-term and acute care, home health, and ambulatory care settings.

Renton Technical College

Renton Technical College is located on Kirkland Avenue Northeast just off Northeast 4th Street. The PN program at Renton Technical College has gone through a restructuring in 2011 and a career ladder concept has recently been introduced with LPN and RN rungs.

South Seattle Community College

South Seattle Community College is situated on 16th Avenue SW near the southern end of Puget Park. The PN program at South Seattle Community College is a 4-quarter, 78 credit hour course. After completion, students are eligible to write the NCLEX-PN exams.