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LPN Programs in North Dakota

LPN Programs in North Dakota

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The board of nursing in North Dakota must approve any LPN training program in order for the program to be fully accredited. Programs are usually designed to last from 12 months to two years. Some programs will result in an LPN certificate while others will result in an Associate’s Degree.

During an LPN training program, you will learn to provide nursing care services to patients of all ages. You will learn about mental and physical health issues. You will also learn how to provide pre and post-op care to your patients. Some of your time will be spent in the classroom. You will also gain a great deal of experience during your clinical studies in various healthcare settings.

Approved LPN Programs in North Dakota:

North Dakota State College of Science

North Dakota State College of Science is located at the intersection of 6th Avenue North and Richland Street near Fairview Cemetery. The LPN program at North Dakota State College of Science ranks Number-1 out of 1,087 nursing programs in the entire United States.

United Tribes Technical College

Driving north on University Drive, you’ll see United Tribes Technical College on your right a little after crossing North Dakota Indian Gaming. United Tribes Technical College offers a 4-semester Associate of Applied Science Degree in Practical Nursing (AASPN).

Dickinson State University

Dickinson State University is situated on Campus Drive just off West 2nd Street and West 8th Avenue. The AASPN program at Dickinson State University does not only focus on the technical aspect of nursing but, being a general education University, ensures a well-rounded professional life for graduates.

Turtle Mountain Community College

Driving north on BIA Road 7, take the first left turn after Barney’s Beach Road, that would lead you straight to Turtle Mountain Community College. Turtle Mountain Community College offers a 69 credit hour pre-nursing course that can be modified to suit the various University nursing degree requirements of students.

Sitting Bull Community College

Sitting Bull Community College is located near the intersection of 92nd Street and Ponderosa Avenue. Sitting Bull Community College offers an Associate of Science degree in Practical Nursing. This 74 credit hour course is designed to create a balanced and holistic healthcare practitioner.

Lake Region State College

Lake Region State College is located just off College Drive near Paul Hoghaug Library. The Practical nursing program at Lake Region State College is an 11-month course where students are instructed by registered nurses to effectively contribute as practical nurses in a variety of healthcare settings.

Bismarck State College

Bismarck State College is located on Edwards Avenue on the Western outskirts of Bismarck. The Nursing program at Bismarck State College is a 1-year certificate course designed in collaboration with other State colleges and prepares students to rite the NCLEX-PN exams.

Williston State College

Williston State College is situated on University Avenue near 13th Street East. The Practical Nursing program at Williston State College is an 11-month course which is taught using a variety of technology. Students must have an email account as come course components may be offered in an online format only.

Dakota College at Bottineau

Dakota College at Bottineau is located on Simrall Boulevard between East 1st Street and East 2nd Street. The PN program at Dakota College at Bottineau is build on the career ladder concept in which students can take the NCLEX-PN exams after 11 months of study, or complete another year to take the NCLEX-RN exams.

Fort Berthold Community College

Fort Berthold Community College is located at the intersection of 8th Avenue East and Eagle Drive. The LPN program at Fort Berthold Community College is a 26 credit hour course exclusive of CAN and CPR Health Care Provider training which must be competed before graduation.