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LPN Programs in New Mexico

LPN Programs in New Mexico

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You will need to enroll in an LPN training program that meets all standards set forth by the state of New Mexico if you wish to start a career as a licensed practical nurse. The training program must be accredited by the Nursing Board. You can enter into a diploma program or can complete an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

The nursing program will include coursework in the area of biological sciences and other fundamentals pertaining to a career in nursing. You will need to complete many of these courses before you can begin your clinical instruction. You will gain hands on experience to help you master LPN nursing skills and duties.

Featured LPN Programs in New Mexico:

Career Enrichment Center

Driving east on Mountain Road Northeast, you’ll find Career Enrichment Center on your left opposite Woodward PI Northeast. The Nursing program at Career Enrichment Center is unique in the sense that it allows residents of Bernalillo County to graduate from high school with a PN certificate in 2 semesters.

Vista College – Las Cruces Campus

Vista College Las Cruces Campus is located on North Telshor Boulevard near Spruce Avenue. The LPN program at Vista College Las Cruces has an NCLEX-PN pass rate of 93% and provides a solid foundation in child health nursing, maternal / newborn nursing, pharmacology, and more.

New Mexico State University – Carlsbad Campus

Driving due northwest on West Pierce Street, turn left into University Drive after Carlsbad Medical Center. That should lead you straight to New Mexico State University Carlsbad Campus. The Nursing degrees at New Mexico State Carlsbad range from B.S. to Doctorate level.

Luna Community College

Luna Community College is located on Luna Drive just off Hot Springs Boulevard. The PN program at Luna Community College is a 4 credit hour course that nursing theory and scientific principles to provide healthcare for a variety of client populations with various problems.

Northern New Mexico College

Northern New Mexico College is situated very near the fork formed by North Paseo de Onate and North Coronado Avenue. Northern New Mexico College offers a 2-year ADN program. However, students can opt out of the program after one year with a PN certificate.

Clovis Community College

Driving east on Mabry Drive, turn left into Schepps Boulevard after Joe’s Boot Shop. Clovis Community College will be on your right about 500m down the road. The Nursing programs at Clovis Community College focus on providing well-rounded and hands-on education to all students.

Carrington College – Albuquerque Campus

Carrington College Albuquerque Campus is located on Menaul Boulevard Northeast near Digital Arts & Technology Academy. The PN program at Carrington College Albuquerque prepares students for entry-level employment as Practical Nurses after taking their NCLEX-PN exams.

Anamarc College – Santa Teresa Campus

Anamarc College Santa Teresa Campus is located on Airport Road about 500m south of Dona Ana County at Santa Teresa Airport. The Practical Nursing program at Anamarc College Santa Teresa is a 1,455 clock hour course that focuses on body systems, body development, and proper client care.

Dona Ana Community College – Central Campus

Dona Ana Community College Central Campus is situated just off South Espina Street near New Mexico State University. Dona Ana Community College offers a 4-semester ADN program in which students have the option of completing only 2 semesters and graduating with a PN certificate.

Central New Mexico Community College

Driving north on Buena Vista Drive SE, you’ll see Central New Mexico Community College on your left after Isotopes Park. The LPN program at Central New Mexico Community College is a 48 credit hour course that emphasizes a holistic approach to proper client care.

Pima Medical Institute – Albuquerque Campus

Pima Medical Institute is located at the intersection of Cutler Avenue Northeast and Washington Street Northeast. Pima Medical Institute Albuquerque offers a 96-weeks longs RN program. This is a traditional classroom-based program that requires the students to have a computer and internet connection.