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LPN Programs in Nevada

LPN Programs in Nevada

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You can earn an excellent income and have some great opportunities working as an LPN in Nevada. The first thing you will need to do is to find an LPN training program that has met all standards set forth by the state. If you do not attend an approved program, you will not be able to sit for the licensing exam.

An LPN program generally lasts one year or more. You can receive a diploma, certificate or even Associate’s Degree in Nursing. The training will provide you with nursing related background courses. You will also be provided with the clinical experience you need to be well prepared for a career as an LPN.

State Approved LPN Programs in Nevada:

College of Southern Nevada

College of Southern Nevada has a sprawling campus that is located on West Charleston Boulevard, right next to Desert Willow Treatment Center and Rawson Neal Psychiatric Hospital. The PN program at College of Southern Nevada is designed to impart both classroom instruction and clinical experience. The main focus of the course is on adult health nursing (including gerontological nursing), mental health nursing, and family health concepts. The aim of the program is to make the graduating student a skilled and knowledgeable technician in the field of practical nursing, and enable the student to work with patients of all ages in a wide variety of healthcare settings including clinics, hospitals, offices, schools, home health, public health, military, and Federal Government.

Kaplan College LPN Program

Kaplan College is located on West Sahara Avenue right between Mount Everest India’s Cuisine Las Vegas and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The LPN program at Kaplan College Las Vegas is developed keeping in mind the fact that as modern technological advancements in medical science have increased the life expectancy of an average person in the States, the need to take care of age-related health issues of the increasing senior generation has to be addressed as well. The program combines classroom instruction with laboratory and clinical training under the supervision of renowned physicians and registered nurses. The graduate is trained to stand out and excel in all areas related to nursing and contribute effectively and professionally in a wide variety of healthcare settings.