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LPN Programs in Montana

LPN Programs in Montana

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You have chosen a good career if you wish to work in the healthcare industry in Montana and have decided to enroll in an LPN training program. There are various courses you must take and pass when in LPN school. Some examples include: Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology and Nutrition. There will be Nursing Fundamentals courses as well.

You will also spend time working in a clinical setting. You will train under the direction of your instructor who will teach you how to perform various nursing duties. This is your chance to work directly with patients. It is your opportunity to learn what it is like to work under the many demands of a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Approved LPN Programs in Montana:

Flathead Valley Community College

Flathead Valley Community College is located north of the intersection of Highway 93 and Highway 2 and just south of Hutton Ranch Plaza, Target and Home Depot. The nursing program at Flathead Valley Community College places its focus in educating the students in basic knowledge of physical, biological, psychological, behavioral, and sociological sciences as well as nursing procedures. The course is designed around standardized procedures in the observation and care of the injured, ill, and the infirm.

Montana State University-Billings

Driving east on North 27th Street keep to your right when it forks with East Airport Road, Montana State University Billings Campus is located just off 27th Street as it starts turning south. The nursing program at Montana State University Billings offers two options for students. The students can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Practical Nursing and/or an Associate of Science degree in Registered Nursing upon successful completion of the entire program.

Montana State University-Great Falls

Montana State University Great Falls Campus is located right at the junction of 16th Avenue South and 23rd Street South. For the past many years, the NCLEX-PN pass rate for nursing students graduating from the Montana State University Great Falls practical nursing program is a perfect 100%. The program is an intense 2-semester course that prepares students to work as entry-level practical nurses with the ability to give safe and effective nursing care in a variety of healthcare settings.

University of Montana Helena

University of Montana Helena Campus is situated on North Roberts Street and Livingston Avenue intersection, right next to the Ramey Park. The LPN course at University of Montana Helena is a 4-semester course in which students have to complete 51-52 credit hours in order to graduate. The focus of the curriculum is on preparing the students for employment. Practical Nursing skills are taught through a combination of lectures, independent study, simulated demonstrations, and clinical practice under the supervision of qualified health professionals.

University of Montana College of Technology – Missoula

University of Montana College of Technology Missoula Campus is located at the junction of South Avenue West and Stephens Avenue, right next to Spartan Park. The LPN program at University of Montana College of Technology Missoula is a very competitive 2-semester course in which only 20 students are admitted each term. To be admitted, students must possess a high school diploma or equivalency as well as show proof of completing a valid CPR training approved by the American Heart Association.