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LPN Programs in Maine

LPN Programs in Maine

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You will need to apply to an LPN training program in Maine if you want a career as a licensed practical nurse. Find a program that is fully accredited by the state and that will allow you to sit for the licensing exam after you have finished the course. There will be classroom instruction as well as clinical experience when attending an LPN training program.

Most LPN training programs last for about one year. Some courses take longer if you are going on a part-time basis. When training as an LPN, you will learn to safely and effectively carry out nursing duties. You will have Anatomy, Biology and other science courses. You will study pharmacology. The training will provide you experience working with children, working in the maternity wing, working in the area of psychiatric nursing and many other areas of specialty.
State Approved LPN Programs in Maine

Central Maine Community College

Central Maine Community College is located between Turner Street and Pumping Station Road right on the scenic shores of Lake Auburn. The Nursing program at Central Maine Community College is a multiple entry/exit course in which the students can ok towards either PN or RN programs.

Eastern Maine Community College

Traveling on Hogan Road turn into the side-lane near Quirk Auto Park, you’ll reach Eastern Maine Community College just before the road ends. Graduates of approved PN programs can apply for the RN program at Eastern Maine Community College and work towards their NCLEX-RN exams.

Northern Maine Community College

Northern Maine Community College is nestled in the rectangle formed by Edgemont Drive, Central Drive, and Airport Drive. At Northern Maine Community College students are prepared for the NCLEX-RN exams. You may either enter in the first year as fresh students or second year as graduate practical nurses.

Southern Maine Community College

Southern Maine Community College is located right at the tip of Simonton Cove on Fort Road. The Nursing program at Southern Maine Community College prepares students for the NCLEX-RNs and combines nursing courses with general education courses to produce well-rounded graduates.

Intercoast Career Institute

You can find Intercoast Career Institute right in front of Sable Oaks Golf Club on Cummings Road. The PN program at Intercoast Career Institute is a 4 consecutive term, 1,530 hours course with practical clinical experience given at healthcare agencies in the local area.